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1. What appropriate sources could you use to gather background market information?

2. Identify two methods for information collection and collation tools. Highlight a positive and negative aspect of each.

3. What reporting formats could you use for market research documentation? Give an example of a use for each.

4. What organisational and legal requirements are applicable to the gathering of relevant data and productions of reports?

5. Suggest a hypothesis related to your industry sector or position.
6. What options could you choose for quantifying data?
7. Suggest a type of market research methodology and explain how it works.
8. Select a method of data extraction, collation and analysis that you could use in your current position.
9. Give an example of how market research plans could identify potential respondents and their requirements.
10. Identify respondents in line with research and organisational requirements.
11. What is your organisation’s agreed search methodology for recruiting respondents?
12. What resources could you need to prepare and arrange for data gathering?
13. Suggest a survey tool you could utilise and the information you could gather by using it.
14. What checks could you use to verify the quality of data and information? Why is this recommended?
15. Suggest three ways of summarising data and information.

Research Objectives

Marketing tools are used by businesses to attract more customers in order to increase sales and revenues. All marketing activities rely on promotion tools to increase customer base and improve sales. Barbarossa and Alberto note that many purchase instances are so common that shoppers do not have to conduct many cognitive activities. It is often difficult to influence consumer behaviour such as switching from one brand to another or increasing the quantity of purchase. The use of marketing tools to influence consumer behaviour is a growing area of research. In order to better understand the phenomenon, it is essential to research on how consumers respond to sales promotions. The primary purpose of this paper is to explore the effect of various marketing tools on consumer buying behaviour.   

Research Objectives

  1. To find out the impact of different promotion tools on consumer behaviour
  2. To find out the customers’ fondness on various promotion tools

Research Background

Impact of Promotion on Consumer Buying Behaviour

Businesses in various sectors use promotion to inform consumers about what they offer. The aim of the promotion is to attract more customers and retain the existing ones and to increase sales. Niazi and his colleagues noted that promotion could be a powerful tool for influencing consumers’ buying behaviour. Many consumers can change their perception on a particular brand based on promotion tool used. Consumers often shift to products that are on promotion due to many reasons such as price, convenience and needs satisfaction. Firms currently apply several selling incentives and methods which significantly affect consumer buying behaviour.    

Consumer Attitudes towards “Buy One Get One Free” Promotion Strategy

Many enterprises apply a promotion strategy where a customer is guaranteed an additional item for free upon purchasing a certain quantity of the product. When additional items are given for free, consumers tend to be influenced to purchase more especially when the product is valued by the customers. Solomon, Rebekah and Josephine noted that a large package and effective advertising helps in making the promotion more appealing to customers and hence, influence their buying behaviour. The free or bonus package is what inspires a consumer to make the purchasing decision.    

Consumer Attitudes towards Coupon

Coupon is a promotion strategy where customers are given vouchers to purchase products at a normal price. Coupons are meant to assist consumers in buying the products they want. Coupons can significantly influence consumer behaviour, especially during product trials. Research has shown that coupon can be used by producers to communicate to consumers and can be a strong tool that influences consumers’ buying behaviour. This tool creates brand loyalty and can influence a customer to switch from a certain brand. According to Mendez and colleagues, coupons are effective in influencing brand switching and consumer purchasing decisions. 

Research Background

The physical surrounding of a business can be a powerful tool for attracting customers. Shopping centres are currently applying state-of-the-art designs to ensure that the physical surrounding is appealing to customers. A friendly environment is likely going to motivate and influence consumer buying behaviour. Research by Mendez and colleagues revealed that attractive physical surroundings send a strong message to consumers and can significantly influence their purchasing decisions.    

Research Methodology

A descriptive research approach was applied. The primary purpose of descriptive research is to provide knowledge about a current situation with reference to the past. 

Fifty respondents were requested to participate in the study in order to collect useful information regarding consumer behaviour. The respondents were mainly students and ordinary shoppers who were willing to participate in the study. Non-probability sampling technique was applied in selecting the sample for the study. Three variables were used in gathering the data: university students, working professionals and business people. A questionnaire was used as a tool for data collection. After explaining to them what the study was all about, each of the respondents was given a questionnaire to fill.   

Research Findings

The participants’ profile such as age, gender, education level, and income was recorded in the table below. An equal number of men and women were selected, and the response was 100% in both sexes.  




Percentage (%)









15-25 years

25-35 years

35 and above








Below 15000



45000 and above









When asked about their attitude towards the promotion of buying a certain amount and being given a free package, the respondents replied that this strategy could affect their buying behaviour. Most of them stated that the free package motivates them to buy even more than what they had intended to buy because most of these promotions have a deadline. On the issue of coupons, only ten out of the fifty respondents stated that it influences their purchasing behaviour. When asked on the effect of physical surroundings, forty respondents stated that they are influenced by this factor. They argued that they like shopping in a serene and beautiful environment.   


Four promotional tools that have the potential to influence consumer behaviour were identified. It is imperative to note that physical surroundings are a situational factor which has a significant impact on consumer buying behaviour. Based on the findings of the study, it is apparent that physical surroundings and free packages, as well as coupons, have a crucial role in consumers' purchasing decisions. Free promotional packages have a positive correlation with consumer buying behaviour. Physical surroundings also play a major role in influencing consumer behaviour. It was revealed that an appealing environment attracts consumers especially the business class who love being associated with luxury and quality things. Consumers tend to believe that the physical surroundings of a shopping centre speak volume about the quality of products or services offered by the business. The promotion tools such as buy one get one free can persuade a customer to purchase more than what they had initially intended. It also creates product awareness and increases brand loyalty. Through this technique, businesses can keep their existing customers and attract new ones. The study further revealed that consumers, especially college students, enjoy shopping in a serene surrounding with good lighting and music. This confirmed previous research done by Mendez and his colleagues who found out that music has a significant impact on the consumers’ mood which can, in turn, influence their buying behaviour.


Marketing communication has an important role in business as it has a direct impact on sales and revenue. Sales promotion plays a crucial role in the generation of revenues and applying marketing tools can make the promotion even more effective. A sales promotion tool cannot be effective unless it addresses the interests of the consumer. Consumer buying behaviour can only be influenced if their needs or requirements are met. It is imperative to note that quality is relative and as such, firms should take their time to understand what their consumers need and apply promotional tools that will touch consumers’ hearts. Sales promotions are not only efficient in achieving short-term sales objectives but also improve cost-effectiveness. It can, therefore, be concluded that customers tend to have a positive attitude towards different promotion tools that influence their purchasing decisions. Consumers can be motivated to purchase more through different marketing elements such as sales promotion tools and other marketing strategies.

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