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Submitting Assessments

Adventure Hire company is a business based on WA. The essential and main business of this company is to provide the vehicle to the entire tourist. It will cover the several locations. In recent time, it also essential to undertake the SWOT analyse for knowing its opportunities and threats that are available outside as well as strength and weakness available inside of the organization. In this report, discussion is carried on the marketing tactics plan that will explain how the tactics will cover the legal and ethical requirements. Besides this, a marketing plan is also presented in the end with the help of marketing plan and marketing scorecard.

Adventure Hire company is business that hire the vehicles to customers. It mainly deals in hiring various kinds of vehicles to the entire tourist who comes for adventure. It provides services in various areas such as covering Part to the West and Esperance. Besides this, it also provides its services in the region from Perth to Meekatharra, Kalbarri, and back to Perth. In addition to this, it mainly provides services to the overseas visitor who comes into WA for their adventure trip. To these visitors, it provides the survival kits also in order to keep safety with them. However, the main focus in given on the vehicles that are used to bring the adventure in their trip.

The main organizational objective of Adventure Hire is to provide the best services to the visitors who are coming from outside and want to enjoy the trip. Besides this, it also has objective to increase its market and customer base in the upcoming years by providing best products and services to customers. It also has objective to retain the customers for long time by availing its product as well as services (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart & Wright, 2017).  Besides this, it has also some monetary and measurable objectives that are required to be achieving in the certain time frame.

It is true that Adventure Company hire the vehicles to customers. Therefore, it might possible that visitor hire those vehicles in the remote areas in which more chances of damage to the vehicle presents. Therefore, damaging of vehicle is the potential risk associated with the hire company. In terms of returns, it might possible that it get the bad reputation due to its visitors. In addition, there is also the possibility of vehicles being worse in some of the remote areas. In addition, the risk of uncertain return is also included with the adventure hire company.

Business Description

Strength- It has wide range of vehicles to serve the visitors. It is serving well to all the visitors in their adventure trip. By ensuring the better customer service in its company, it can increase its strength in several areas (Bull et al, 2016).

Weakness- It does not have strong brand presence over the visitors. It can lead to down falling in the visitors as well as brand reputation of Adventure hire Company (Rossi, Lipsey, & Henry, 2018).

Opportunities- the “survival kit” that it is offering offers several opportunities to the adventure hire company to market its products in other market segment. Besides this, it can also add several new services in order to tap the market.

Threat- Increasing competition and changing demand of customers in the top most threat for the company. Besides this, the damage to its business reputation due to its visitor can also become the threat for company to grow further. Due to this, it is required to keep the strong base of its strategy (Phadermrod, Crowder & Wills, 2019).

It means the difference in the actual performance of employees with the desires performance (Ennew, Reed & Binks, 2013). By performing the performance gap analyse, it will figure out how much allocation of resources are needed in order to improve the performance. By stating the specific target goals according to goals of company, it will analyse the recent business processes. By making a template of two columns that will be divided in current state and future state, it will analyse the gap in the skills and position of the organization.

Pricing strategies is one of the bases for growth of any company. Adventure Hire Company does not compete mainly based on prices. It is competing in the market based on its services. Therefore, customer attention is one of the biggest Mantra of Adventure Hire Company. After the few years, it will also use the competitive pricing strategy. In this way, charging of fewer prices as compare to the competitor will help in increase its customer base (Ngai, Tao & Moon, 2015).

The major promotional technique of Adventure hire Company is to promote the WA as Road Trip State. In order to promote its Company, it is also welcoming overseas visitors and provide them adequate resources while making adventure trip.

People- people are significant ingredient in providing recruitment and training to the right staff. Therefore, it will hire the competent and skilled workforce because customers always make judgement based on service and delivery. It is the reason because people are few element of service from which customers can see as well interact. It will therefore include the staff with appropriate attitude, skill, and knowledge regarding the quality service (Argyris, 2015).

Organizational Objectives

Process- This element in the marketing mix looks at all those systems that are used to deliver the service. Therefore, it will keep the fast processing of service in order to delight the customers and amazed with its service. This will also promote the consistent service on part of Adventure Hire (Kotler, Burton, Deans, Brown & Armstrong, 2015).

Physical evidence- This element of marketing mix include from where the service is delivered. This element will help the company in distinguishing its services from its customers. It will use the best prices and establish the positive experience from customers (Drucker, 2016).

In its market segment, it has targeted those people who are active to make adventure trip through the hiring company. It majorly caters to these people only. However, the major target customers are the overseas visitors. The entire tourists who come in WA to explore the road trip are major concentration of Adventure Hire Company. In this way, all the public who are coming for taking adventures trip by hiring vehicle are under its target market.

In today’s time, most of the people attached with the social media sites in order to go through any company. Therefore, it can start the social media sites of its company and share the experience of visitor by hiring their vehicle. This will attract the more customers to avail their services for better tourism experience (Parmenter, 2015). Posting open questions, interaction and ask for customer opining will prove to be fruitful for Adventure Hire Company in its marketing.

It is true that quality information is also hard to find in these days. Therefore, by offering the informative content will boost the Website of Adventure Hire Company over its competitors (Bezjak, 2019). The adoption of this marketing strategy will help the company in increasing its marketing and customer base in the upcoming years. It can also do the attract with some hotels and resorts that will market its vehicles to the visitors who are interested to hire vehicle. This will lead to market its hiring company in the mind of that entire tourist. This will also help in achieving the overall objective to provide best services to its customers.

It is true that only formulation of marketing strategies is not enough. Therefore, it is also essential to measure the marketing performance through number of tools. The first way to measure the performance is by viewing number of visitors who click on the social media sites during a given period. If the views on page is higher than the unique visitors, there is an indication that the audience if finding content as engaging. Besides this, conversation arte is also one such way to measure the organizational marketing performance. By marketing its services on the social media, it can check how many people are reverting their queries and sharing their experience. This can also prove to be effective for measuring its performance in marketing. In addition to two of these measures, what retrain it is getting by investing in any product or services also tend to show the marketing performance. It is true that every company make investment in it marketing activities. Therefore, measuring the return on that investment is the best way to measure the performance of company in its marketing.

SWOT Analysis

Marketing plan is required to implement on time with appropriate budget. Every organization relies on their marketing team to market on time and coordinates with all the promotional activities in the allocated resources. 

Work schedule is an essential task of any company in to attain the marketing objectives. The work schedule of Adventure Hire Company includes the sequence of action to be done, due date for each of the actions as well as estimated cost for that action.


Due date

Estimated allocation

Allocation of products and services

4 march


Brief to the marketing team

5 march


Division of responsibility to the respective employees

6 march


Email drafted for required vehicle

7 march


Review of email and sent to legal team for further approval

6 march


Report of successful as well as unsuccessful email receipts

10 march


Result of direct marketing

31st march


Total expenditure for the activity

$ 350

Work schedule names the person outside and inside the organization who are accountable for the implementation of promotion strategy. It has discussed the dates regarding the time taken by each of the activity. All these things are consulted with the responsible owner regarding the due dates before implementation. It is done to make sure that each person will meet their task on due dates. Regular communication will also be ensured with the contact person at the time of campaign. This will maintain the worksheet of all people current projects. Besides this, it will also follow a procedure for accountability. It will start with conduct of an audit for identifying the data, alignment, as well as process gaps. It will use the audit for identifying and adding the right systems and talent as it do not know its current state. After this, designing of clear and effective standard of performance will be selected. This will help in enabling the marketing to measure its effectiveness, impact, value, and efficiency. After this, it will engage the leadership team as well form the strategic partnership with team of IT, finance, service, and sales.  After the engagement of team from diversified marketing field, it will create and align the processes, practices, and policies for ensuring the linkage between marketing programs and objectives with the business results. At the end, it will develop the multi-level dashboard in order to report the performance as well as results. Inclusion of all these things in the tactical plan will ensure the smooth functioning in the organization.

The main purpose of monitoring mechanism is to effectively implement all the rules. In this regard “adventure hire company” will apply all the rules according to laws of the WA Government made for tourism promotional campaign for WA. The monitoring mechanism will also recognize the social, economic, and cultural features that are existing in the WA state for tourism. Besides, the panel of experts will review and provide the suggestions as well as feedback for any further changes.

Performance Gap Analysis

It is true that marketing department has to drive the work schedules for promotional strategy in order to keep the contact with suppliers and the responsible owner in another department. No assumption will be made regarding that this activity will be completed by any department. Timely phone calls as well as emails will be made in order to monitor the responsible owner in other department. This will also assist in focusing them on the promotional activity. Besides this, the marketing team will be made responsible in identifying which department will collect the data as well as outcomes of the promotional strategy.

It is true that the marketing mix uses the broadcast media (such as radio, television), the marketing will ask to the media buying in order to provide the frequency and reach of the promotional message. It will also take care of the ethics and legal rules in its promotional mix. The messages that are sent will also be legal by using appropriate media. The marketing team will also assist in this process by ensuring all the guidelines within the organizational procedure and policies.

Adventure Hire Company will have some specific policies regarding how the information will be used in promotional activities. In its policies, it will not include following parameters for promotion of its products or services:

  • Discriminatory stereotypes and language
  • Gender biasness
  • Will not charge unfair or discriminatory prices for the vehicles.
  • Comply to the legal rules of government made for the concerned business

The exclusion of such measures will clear that it has complied the ethical and legal requirement. It will regularly keep checking the employees that they are working legally or not. If not, it will take immediate action for that and will improve that.

Tactics plays an essential role in the organization in monitoring and evaluating the progress of employees as well as organization. Monitoring helps in checking the accuracy of all inputs and predictions from the analyses (Fox, 2016). By making the tactics in the organization, they come to know to know what goals it has to set for employees as well as for organization. In this way, proper scheduling of activities and task helps in providing a basis on which employee’s performance can be evaluated. A required budget can also be prepared by which concerned strategies of organization will be taken (Blumentritt, 201).6 By the use of those tactics, it becomes easy to know that objectives are achieved in desired budget or not. However, it is proved that tactics plays an essential role in the organization to review the performance against objectives as well as budget (Effing & Spil, 2016).

  • The objective of marketing strategy is to provide the better customer services to all those people who are hiring vehicle. The awareness will be created using social media sites such as company official website, Facebook and by creating a page on instagram.
  • The goal is increase the customer base and increases the sales in the upcoming two years. It also has projected growth in the sales if company in coming 3 to 4 months.
  • It is suing various promotional mix strategies and pricing strategy in order to support the goal of company (Meredith, 2016).
  • It will achieve the objective by synchronisation of activities in the organization. It will make use of different insights and strategies in order to achieve the success in organization. The tactics have budget of around 10 lakh.

Pricing Strategies



Target time frame for finishing the activity

Key performance indicator

Marketing objective 1: increasing the market penetration


The referral campaign for customer- providing discount of $100 to the customers for verified lead

Pay per click and SEO



100 new customer by the 30 June

2  per cent increment in the sales revenue

Marketing objective 2: Market development

Campaign on email- offering of bundle- targeting new market


120 new customer by the 30June

Marketing objective 3: retention of customers by improving the customer satisfaction

Feedback survey of customers- automated email to customers regarding its services. Besides this, it will also call the customers (Wilson, 2016).

Phase 1: June-November

Phase 2: February-May

20% increase from the phase 1 to phase 2 of customer who will refer the services of us to other people.

20 per cent increment in the customer who all will refer us to the other people from 30 May last year to 30 May this year.

Increment in the market share of the company

Till the 30 July

Expected to increase the 20 per cent market share of the company. This will help the company in gaining the competitive advantage (Belton, 2017).


In the limelight of above discussion, it can be concluded that Adventure hiring is one of the best hiring company based on WA. It provides various kinds of services to the people who come for tourist purpose. It provides services several parts covering Part to the West and Esperance. In addition to this, it mainly provides services to the overseas visitor who comes into WA for their adventure trip. Besides this, formulation of tactical plan also helps in various aspects. Through this, it becomes easy to allocate the necessary budget. The setting of certain mechanism also ensures the requirement legal and ethical. In addition to this, formulation of effective marketing plan with the estimated budget and activities will help in measuring the results after completion of certain time limit.


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