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Case Study on Bespoke Threads-tailor-made for success;

After reading the case study on page 99 of your text AND placed on Moodle;

  1. Would you recommend that Alison keep operating as she is, or should she expand via franchising? Explain your reasons.
  2. What are some of the personal problems of growing the business further?
  3. Is Alison more likely to fail than a bespoke clothing business operating out of a shop? Why?

Research: Students need to support their analysis with reference from the text and a minimum of eight (8) suitable, reliable, current and academically acceptable sources –

Sources such as Wiki…,,, etc. are not considered acceptable sources and should not be used – reliance on such sources will result in a Fail grade.

Presentation: Report format – 2300 - 2500 word Word.doc or Word.docx. Word count applies to content only, not title page, executive summary, table of contents and reference list). Responses should have a title page attached reflecting the content and the author, executive summary (not compulsory), table of contents, introduction, suitable headings and sub-headings to cover the relevant content and elements of analysis, conclusion, recommendations, reference list/bibliography, appendices (if relevant).

Recommendation to Alison for Franchising

In order to make a business successful, an entrepreneur has to ensure that they are successfully able to manage on the operational front well. As a business is not a single entity but instead as social entity, any business will be greatly affected by the economic events in the environment in which the business functions and shall also be affected by the life of the entrepreneur (Baum, Frese and Baron, 2014, pg. 73-98).

Moreover, in case the business is in the form of a partnership, the enterprise needs to suit the needs and requirements of all the partners in order to ensure a long term successful enterprise. In order to understand the underlying business concepts more effectively, it is crucial to understand the concepts with the help of a case study. For this reason the case of the `Bespoke Threads` will be used and the situation of Alison will be used to analyze the prospects of business.

Recommendation to Alison for Franchising

From the given scenario, it can be clearly understood that in order to be successful in the long run of the business, one needs to have a proper plan laid out. In order to begin something of her own, Alison decided to get into the bespoke fashion industry with the help of her partner (Storey, 2016). As they had no prior idea about the clothing business, they hired outside people to handle the front. Although this provided to be a bit expensive in nature, it worked out well with them and the business made continuous profits and was operating quite well. Moreover, when they thought they could further expand their business and obtain the knowledge of a third partner, they decided to hire a partner (Baum, Frese and Baron, 2014).

However, the partner was not able to manage the business well and based on this the business collapsed and the organization had to be closed. However, the zest in Alison did not die and she continued to function from her house. It was her hard work and knowledge which helped her to function well from her home. In fact working from her home helped her further as she was able to cut down on a large number of costs. Moreover, even when the country was faced by an economic crises, the home business continued to flourish. This was more suitable to Alison who had a family as well. On a good note, the business of Alison has spread out considerably and reached to its maximum capacity. She could have considered employing staff however, she knew it wouldn’t have been possible to manage the staff that way. Hence, she has been considering to give out for franchising (Beaverstock and Budd, 2013).

For this reason, it could be recommended to Alison that instead of continuing to conduct the operations on her own at her place, she can give out the idea of the business for franchise and in return gain considerable fee (Parker, 2018). This is being suggested because, as stated in the case study, her home business has been operating at a maximum capacity and any change being made would lead to inefficiency in the operations and would ultimately bring out the quality as associated with her brand name. Hence, giving out the business for a franchise would be considerably a good option. Moreover, the other reasons for franchising her business have been given as follows:

Problems associated with growing Alison`s business further

Reduced pressure on her: As given in the case study, as her business has reached its maximum capacity, she is already under a lot of pressure. Giving out her business for franchising would assist her to ensure that she can balance her personal life well as well and continue maintaining the quality if her business.

Ensuring quality: If she works more than her efficiency capability, the quality of the business is bound to suffer (Hoy and Stanworth, 2014). This is because, she will single handedly not be able to manage all the aspects of the business and moreover, in case she is able to the quality of her services are bound to suffer. Hence, in order to avoid this, she needs to give out her business in the form of franchising.

Cost effective expansion: Moreover, considering the advantages of franchising the business, the franchising procedure serves as a cost effective expansion technique because as franchisees may handle the funding and research involved for the expansion, and thus Alison will not be required to invest her own capital or the additional funding required for the same (Fan, Kühn and Lafontaine, 2017, pg. 2082-2125). Moreover, she will also not be required to put in human efforts for the same.

Support in marketing:  The marketing done by the franchisee will help Alison to market her business as well. This is because in franchising the name of the business will be the same and hence, when the franchise will be advertising for their own business, Alison`s business would become popular too (Schaper et al., 2014).

Additional source of revenue: As Alison will become a franchisor, she will be receiving additional income from the franchisee in the form of royalty as per the agreement made during the legal regulations (Wynarczyk and Graham, 2013, pg. 451-470). The royalties are generally paid monthly and this will be beneficial for Alison.

 Acquiring talent managers:   The different talent managers who will be investing in the franchising business, will have an interest in its success and will handle all the additional responsibilities like workforce management and operational management as well. Had Alison expanded on her own, she would have to invest her interests in all domains effectively (Brenkert, 2017, pg. 85-128).

Scalability: Alison will also be able to successfully able to manage the size of the franchise agreement and she can set the terms on her own will.

Additional assistance: Lastly, giving out the business in the form of a franchise will also help Alison in situations where Alison may not be able to contribute well. In such a case, the talent manager, will successfully able to assist Alison in her operations.

Problems associated with growing Alison`s business further

As stated in the previous section, it was given that Alison should probably expand her business and give it away for franchising (Nijmeijer, Fabbricotti and Huijsman, 2014, pg. 62-83). However, if Alison adopts the franchising option or may decide to expand the business on her own, she might face the given problems:

Advantages of franchising

Personal life: Expanding her business more than what it already is would have a deep impact on the personal life of Alison. As given in the case study, Alison already finds it quite difficult to manage her business from her own (Drucker, 2014). Moreover, in case Alison decides to expand her operations, she would be then required to look out after two branches more than one. This shall allow her very less time for herself and lead to health complications as well.

Limited access to funding: Expansion is a costly procedure. When a business plans to expand, they need to ensure that they have adequate funding to meet up with all the related costs associated with it. In case Alison, decides to expand her business, she would be required to invest her limited funds for the welfare of her organization.

Balancing her life: As Alison has a family to look after, managing the expansion single handedly will make it difficult for her to manage her life with their family like husband and children. If she is always involved with the business, she may miss out on the little pleasures of life with her family (Kuratko, 2016).

Coping with the fear of failure: Alison may not be successful in expanding her business enterprise. She may try to expand it but due to certain unforeseen circumstances she will not be able find success (Gani, 2014). Hence, not only she will lose out on her resources in this manner, she will also have to bear the psychological barrier of a failure. Hence, in such a scenario, she needs to consider this dimension.

Lack of assistance: As Alison has to look after the business single handedly and without any assistance, there are high chances associated with failure (McAdam, 2013). This is because, her existing business already occupies with most of her time but in the future if she decides to expand, she will not be able to manage both the businesses well.

Keeping up with the business market: The business environment is very dynamic in nature and for this reason, it changes very often (Godlovitch et al., 2013). Due to this, it may become difficult for Alison to keep up with the business market and adapt to the change in the new trends which may take place. A majority of this can be contributed to her single operational plan.

Less control over franchisee: The franchisee pays the royalties to the franchisor but may be required to manage the business enterprise on their own. Hence, Alison would then have no control over the business of the franchisee.  If the franchisee is not honest in nature they may try to deviate Alison`s business towards their own one.

Regulations: Moreover, there are various legal obligations associated with the franchising and Alison would be required to get her business registered successfully in order to ensure its success. This may serve to be costly in nature as well.

Reasons while Alison is more likely to fail than a proper bespoke store business


Although a home business has several advantages associated with it like low cost required, easy management, less overheads costs and other associated advantages. It can be agreed that Alison is more likely to fail than a bespoke business which operates in a shop. The reasons for this failure may be contribute to the following factors:

Home business is impacted by household distractions:  The business which is based in the household has high chances of being affected by the different events which tend to take place in the household of Alison. As she has a small son, she needs to devote her time to her as well which may act as a barrier for her in achieving operational efficiency.

Less professional: Although it is cost effected in nature, a store or an office in the house may not be as professional as having a formally located office ( ,2018). It is all about the perspective of the employees and as in this case it can be observed that the customers visiting Alison’s home may feel that she is not professional and this affects the brand name of the company she operates in.

No walk in traffic: The stores generally face a limited amount of walk in traffic. The walk in traffic can be described as the traffic which is faced by the firm from the customers who often visit the store in lieu of trying the products which are provided by the store and thereby this increases the chances of the customer conversion rate.  However, this is not the case for the business which Alison runs from her house and when faced by this, she might not be able to convert the customers as there will be no walk in traffic at the stores.

Expansion is limited:  As Alison has her options limited, the expansion aspect of her business is quite limited in nature (Lee et al., 2015, pg. 28-37). She has no employees, no assistant and other such resources, hiring them would increase the costs of her business and hence, she would not be able to expand the business extensively as trusting extra employees is not recommended.

Continuous presence: Moreover, the home business might fail because it requires her continuous presence (Dees, 2017, pg. 34-42). A bespoke shop will be open even when the owner of the shop is not present. However, in case Alison is not present at her house then, she will have to close her home store as well. This could lead to a loss of customers and thereby increase her chances of failure.

Hence, from the given analysis, it can be rightfully said that if Alison`s home based business is compared to that of a shop based business of the bespoken wear, then due to the given reasons, Alison`s business is more likely to fail.


Therefore, from the given analysis on the difficulties of a startup, expansion possibilities, home run business and the management aspects, it can be rightfully stated that running a business empire is not any easy task. Partnership does allow the enterprise to divide the different opportunities which are available with the company, however, in case the partnership is dissolved, the entire business can suffer. It also highlighted the advantages of giving the business for a franchising and the various opportunities a firm would receive in lieu of that.

Moreover, it assisted in understanding the manner in which a home run business is likely to suffer more than a store running the same business. Hence, Alison needs to make the correct decision after consideration of the different factors which are available in the given report. The following section would provide certain general recommendations which can be adopted by an entrepreneur to succeed in their business.


After analyzing the case study was based on Alison`s bespoke store and home business the following recommendations can be made:

  • Alison should not further stress herself and in case she is evaluating the different business opportunities as available to her, she needs to ensure that she is successfully able to give out the business expansion idea in the form of a franchising so that it can reduce the business pressure and even have other financial benefits (Burns, 2016).
  • Moreover, Alison also needs to ensure that although the home based business may seem to be a viable option at present, in case of the product business she runs, she may be required to shift her operations to professional office soon. Although it may add up to the costs, they will also add to the welfare of the organization as well as the society at large.


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