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You are required to select a hospitality organisation of your choice and undertake a critical and reflective evaluation of its business strategy.

 The assignment requires you to evaluate two aspects of the business strategy of the organisation, one at a time, in the following order:

  1. The business positioning strategy of the organisation.
  2. The existing and future development strategy of the organisation.

Strategies of positioning the business

The Jones Lang LaSalle is a firm managing the non-manual services and speculation, contributing specialized possessions and property to the businesspersons who wants to invest and occupy possessions. The JLL Hotels and Hospitality group has record of more dealings in real estate advisory than any other groups of hotel and hospitality. The team of 350 strong teams situated in more than twenty countries have records of closing a 5300 number of advisory and valuations of property and assets. The head-office is located in Singapore. Worldwide investors visit the JLL to give a perfect form to their schedule, customize their portfolios and increase the values of their possessions. JLL is one of the leading agencies of real estates and covering possessions of all forms and dimensions. The specialist advice given by the JLL is a production- leading inquisitor. The JLL’s execute their wide range of valuation of hotels, property directorate and the counsellor services throughout the life process of the hotels. They facilitate the hotel contrarian, property holders and speculator achieves vast returns on their properties compared to other property advisors throughout the world. They use their expertise regarding capitalist marketing and industrial knowledge of worldwide relations when any businessperson approaches them for buying or selling of hotels. The JLL’s executes the designed strategies of investments that lead to persistent and market-based returns within the lifespan of the hotel. The professionals of the JLL’s rely more on the inquisition factor of the firm, deal with their connections with the worldwide real estate dealers, and convey their area of expertise with them. JLL has a span of 200 years in history starting from the year 1783 and presently continuing in a rapid flow. In 1783, the JLL started as a shop dealing with auction of properties and possessions, by Richard Winstanley that turned into one of the leading hospitality group of companies.

The specialization of this particular company is enhancing the maximization of profit, crisis management and asset management. The company has experts who deal with the strategies of hospitality and services of hotels from small-scale projects to the large-scale projects. The quality of the advice renders better quality of services and the increasing change in the market value; the hotel industry and the entrepreneur adapt and work accordingly with the strategies (Bharadwaj, El Sawy, Pavlou and Venkatraman 2013). The dealers need facilities that are flexible, trustable and well-maintained hotel properties. The client selects this particular company because the counsellor approach and customer relation is better than any other leading hospitality groups. This company pursuits an advisory suit for hotel, which includes; best use of services and techniques, has an attentiveness, studies about market and practicality in strategies, advices regarding the transactions, industrial structuring, consulting about the development of the company, selection of the entrepreneur and negotiation regarding contracts of hotel. The clients have the assurance about the global reach of the company, the scope of representing the well-being of the company and the dedication of the owners in achieving the best results for the company.

Marketing Mix (4P)

The 4P is of marketing are the Product, Price, Promotion and Place. The marketing mix of this particular company is-

Product: The Company is an expert in real estate business and are able to control the market and render descriptive advice. The company offers expertise financing of real estates in many parts of hotels and hospitality segments that includes; obtaining financing and repeated financing of portfolios and assets, financing for construction, capital raising for debt, strategies of structuring and funding, circling credit facilities, net sales and joint ventures and asset management programs (Omar, Leach and March 2014). The company uses a particular process of competitive auction and creativity in structuring to achieve the highest level.

Price: This particular company is engaged in a well-managed contract, which makes a rapid difference in the financial performance of the investment and claimed value of the hotel. The administrator of this company has expertise in broad and depth experience of asserting the preference of the company and the detail about the interests of the owners. . This also includes the review of capital expenses, the formation and inscription of ownership, the central and official structure, the survey framework, review of the brands.  

Promotion: A wider perspective of utilizing the property along with the market value turns to an easy work by following the strategies of the company. The banking professionals of the investment for the company’s real estate agencies communicate with the owners, investor and loan holders across the globe with financing of debt and impartiality. The aim of the company is to authorize capital at the minimum cost and best available terms. The company helps other public and private companies, individuals of high worth, different developers, finance managers and the administrators of different real estate and hoteliers. Every investment made is a unique one; this is the guideline that the company follows and coordinates their own solutions to manage deals with the client (Grover and Kohli 2013).

Place: The focus of this company is remodelling innovative solutions of business to convert the dreams to reality. According to market analysis, 50% of world’s population lives in cities (Chang 2014). These particular company works with the authorities of the city and governments of the districts and helps the developers create a renewable and dynamic project that attracts the employees and residents for investment. The services the company provides are the broad discussions about the market condition and deals with the requirements of the investor (Slack 2015). The company gives the full knowledge about the process of development of strategy. The company has analysis of the financial state of real estate agencies market values.


This particular company has a strategy to render advice to small-scale business to large-scale business to maintain the position of the company. The advice mainly focuses on addressing the opportunity and gaining the price along with the flow. The points that the advices mainly cover are; imply research on the aimed locations, studies on the utilities of important assets, support the intervention of the valuation of the clients, expand contacts in terms of the capital (Rothaermel 2015). This particular company has a gross market of almost 350 hotels and professionals of hospitality. This particular company provides the clients strategies of real estate business and worldwide knowledge of management. The process of operation in this company covers allotting a specific criterion and searching in the market the databases and networking of the competitors. The process also covers assessing a better match for the company and having the record of the company’s performances. These also negotiates the economical terms of the company and ensuring the owners about the profits and have an uncompromising attitude for the disposal of future assets and working with the legal team of the company.

SWOT Analysis

The company takes much time for providing the requirements. The amenities, entitlements and the policies affect a lot on the well-being of the company (Solomon  2014). The company has less transparency in their connections with the international clients. The company records to have less innovative skills comparing with other company’s of the same field in other countries. The company sometimes seems to have a doubt about their own capabilities regarding the expansion of business.

The aim or opportunities of the administrators are to increase the performance of the company and value of the assets. This is by referring to the easily accessible way along with minimizing the risk and announcing conditions for the operator and owner relationship. The investment sales of the company do not only deal with finding buyer for portfolio but initiating an increasing competitive process, those supplies the greatest return timely (Morris, Schindehutte,  Richardson  and Allen 2015). The process includes the access of the strengths and the weakness, the marketability and the monetary worth by assessing the market and recording its marketing strategy. The process also reviews the types of buyer and potential targets and the parameters of the lenders. The company produces materials that compel the market and connections with it (Li and Tan 2013). This particular company records unparallel investment sales recovering the complete range of hotel and accommodation portfolios from luxurious to mid- ranged facilities. The worldwide network has access to the largest group of investors either traditional or non-traditional.

The managing of the huge real estate business turned to be riskier for this company few years back. The company was at that time in need of a project manager who would head the projects and deals of the company and represent the company’s interest in diverse projects. Construction and control are the ways used by the project heads to help their clients.


· This company renders advice to small-scale industries.

· The company implies research on market and keeps updated news of everything.

· This company allots specific criteria that is useful for keeping records and the data bases of the company.


· The company is time consuming in providing the requirements.

· The company has less transparency in relation to the international clients.

· The company does not maintain the specific skills while expanding the business.


· The company produces materials compelling the market connections.

· The company invests for recovering the wider range of hotels.

· The company provides access to the large number of investors globally.


· It had been tough for the company to manage the whole business few years earlier.

· Needed a project manager for help

· Adapted several ways to help the clients

 The procurement of the developer is advisable strategy of the company. The company consulted more than 300 projects in 100 cities taking into consideration the urban areas and the districts. The positioning strategy of the company focuses on the preferable knowledge of the market. The infrastructure of the company covers housing facilities to university building, helping to determine the competition level globally. The company understands the potential in their area, determines the development, and ensures best connection with the market to boost up the value of strategy the consulting team is rendering. The risk management of the company is the biggest duty of the administrator. The positioning strategy of the company helps them to achieve the desired goal. The company has an attitude of pride as the trusted consultant for more than hundred consultants of the area giving a particular focus on increasing capital and reporting the financial needs of the company.

The experts of the company propound the client a methodical approach for managing their own properties and improving the business opportunities. An asset management strategy includes the review of budget and economical performance of the company, the criterion opposing the appropriate competitive levels. The conditions of the market of the real estate services and its impact on the direction and control of the business, identifying the destitution, refunding and renovation in terms of times.

There are no other providers, who have the same number of professionals, which this company puts up to work for addressing the needs of hotel management. The company provides access to the team of expertise to the client approaching them. The experts guide the client to meet their goal and manage the operating system, plan the control, architectural facts, engineering and construction (Goerzen, Asmussen and Nielsen  2014). A project manager takes care of the accountability and client management of this company. The design and building of the accommodation of real estate ventures from the starting until its end along with the covering of every detail of the requirements is an easy work for this company.


The workplace strategy the company develops, pillars the changing nature of the work, helps in the clients business in adapting the market conditions and economical priorities. The uncertainty of commercialization pressurizes the costs of the company (Wei,  Samiee,  and Lee 2014).  The growing agendas of the company and the increasing market competition are also part of the flexibilities of the company. The strategy of this particular company utilizes compact budgets and occupies challenges that render long and short-term business ideas. This company has a roadmap on how to transform the work, utilise the space and increase the interest of the employees (Xinzhi 2016). This particular company has a management of the spirited changes in the communication ideas and surviving the changes of the workplace. This company pursues a wide history of many achievements and is famous as one of the leading company within the globe with large range of hotels and hospitality groups.

In this era of globalization, the business grounds are facing competitions as burl of activities and multi-cultural corporations. This results in the institutional structures of the businesses increasing the demand from those corporations. There is also a raising need of the thickness of the institutions and market systems. In the past years, the company in the driven city of investment, Singapore provides the businesspersons with the efficiency in the environment of the business (Kozlowski, Searcy and Bardecki 2016). This company states the need to optimise itself by knowledge of economy that will render a more flexible relationship with the clients. The JLL group has few future strategies followed with the strategies that many other business of Singapore follows. There are certain implications of the future development strategy of the company, those are;

There is always an importance of imperative strategy regarding the open markets. The company tends to deepen the links with the global partners to adjust for more opportunities in the global market. The company wants to strengthen the cooperation between the investment and trade policy by working with partners enhancing the both components. There is also an indication by the company on lessening of the tariffs by the economic community and partnership. The company is arranging joint ventures to deliver benefits for continuing to explore more opportunities. The company is enhancing new networks for the innovation facilities to the companies by linking up with the global partners and markets to initiate the global alliance (Hesping and Schiele 2015). The partners of the company work with this particular company to expertise their innovations. The global alliances works as the focus of the company and other Singapore based businesses in collaboration with their partners globally. The company acquires more knowledge about the global markets by regular connections with the other countries. This company follows the development leadership initiative to expose the powers of the leaders in assuring the qualities of their assignments (de Villiers, Rinaldi and Unerman 2014. There are few adaptions of the internalization programmes, which develops the bridge to the global market. The economic and trade associations controls the business to gain insights of the market.

In this rapid pace for development, the workers of this company initiates in developing their skills to stay intact. Learning is a process throughout the life; following this, the company adapts job demands and transforms their economy (Roberts, Sykes and Granger  2016). To facilitate the promotions of the skills the trainers moderates the technological programmes of training. This particular company builds a bridge between the promotion and utilization of the skills by linking the requirements of the job with the other companies (Darkow 2015). For making the labourers more efficient, the improvement of the experience of the users and clients is necessary according to the company.

This company is developing more ability to organise ideas and finance for creating values. As the completion is increasing the capabilities tends to grow a lot among the business. The strengthening of the innovations entitles the establishment that are economic oriented with technical expertise and increasing business networks that instincts in having better commercialization of the findings of research of the business (Cummings and Worley 2014). This company tends to help other companies in assisting targets and internationalizing their brands with access to technologies and networks.

The digital age is helping new industries to grow and transforming the existing ones with a new looks. Digitalisation will offer the business to reach out to the global markets and build their own vision (Tzortzaki and Mihiotis 2014). The digital age will provide the company with better economic opportunities by acquiring the technologies and enhancing their capabilities. The data can be an important asset for the company in continuing the productivity (Chang 2016). The subject matter experts of the company will support the technologies from the point of expertise and finance.

The capacity of Singapore seems to flourish in future of the overseas economy and create more opportunities. The business of the city needs to develop more by that time with sufficient growth of industries internally (Byrch, Milne, Morgan and Kearins 2015). The company is developing an intention to build partnerships for transparency in the market for reinforcing the commercial activities. To reduce the congestion, utilisation of the empty space by using logistic systems for urban is necessary. Building the connections with the global market helps in making the business famous all over the globe and place the name of the company in a top most place.

The company should amend an approach for the industries to focus on the potential to develop the future amenities of the company. There should be an adjacent approach between the industries to support the power of persons in the hospitality sector. A good business has a continuing strategy that is the result of the effort of the several teams but does not have technical nightmare. It is always business oriented and not technology oriented maps. A number of organisation plans does not include the risk management. It is always advisable to have a backup plan that will help during the risk management. The plan must include all the functional areas and renders guidance on the times of risks. It is always advisable to have record of all the documents and transactions data for future use.

The multipliers will support the enterprises to optimize the company’s place in the global market. They will enhance the lead role in ranking the industry globally. The multipliers need to support the company in taking and managing risks. The rise of the global expenditure due to the changes might provoke the company to review the tax system. There is also need of growth in commercialization for which paying attention to the company’s assets and liabilities is must. The country should also put up their effort to gear up the position of the company in future. (Buckley, Burton and Mirza 2016)

The information technology department of a country can provide enormous facilities to a country but at the same time represents the weakness of the country. At times in case of global markets, the employees work a lot more and that leads to the effectiveness of the business. The extended spare time threatens the survival of any business. The value of the spare time in the current form of business is too high for the superiority of the business. The process vast number of business undertakes now is always availability of the employees, which states that the business is always under continuation and that leads to lessening of data loss (Acs,  Szerb, and Autio 2016). This results in the increasing interest of availability of the business solutions, which are continuously working. The planning, methodology and implementation of the business systems due to unscheduled spare time is an IT problem and requires a fix. In today’s world, the low cost networks are ever-present for the point of business necessities (Beamish and Lupton 2016). A large number of the service providers simplifies the demands and lessens the cost and business continuation.


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