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Business Activities To Achieve Result

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Describe about the Managing Business Activities to Achieve Result.




Zurich insurance group deals with the providence of insurance and other financial services to different individuals and business. Zurich group developing themselves with 130 years of experience in their background, which made them one of the biggest insurance providing group in the world. Their business is expanded among 170 countries all over the world with 60,000 employees. The transaction is done between the 300,000 clients all over the world through the telephone and other online activities. The providence of policies are limited to the properties, cars, accident and life. The potential factor behind their aim is that, they provide financial support to the person or business when these are facing some circumstances. In case of the life and health insurances, people get assurance about the financial support if there is any accidental case or they are not in proper state to do work.

Interrelationship between the process and functions of Zurich Insurance Group:

Missions and Aims:

According to the context of the report, the aim of the Zurich is to maintain the quality of their services. Their service generally includes policies and financial support to the business or to the individual at their circumstantial situation. The Zurich is focusing only into the quality they are offering to their customers for making their organization differentiated from other competitive service providing companies. Mission focuses on the core building block of any organization, here this is clarified by the organization that they are totally dedicated to bring themselves to the position, where they are considered as the best global insurer according to the measurement of their clients (shareholders, employees and customers). There are five major elements, which are the considered as the code of conduct of Zurich: Centricity of the customer, honesty, superiority, creation of values in a sustainable manner, group work (Kirkbesoglu et al.2015)

Objectives and culture:

The main objective of Zurich is to take care of the risk factors of their clients i.e. their shareholder, individual insurance holders. The organization continuously scans the risk scenery for the identification of the risk elements emerging from different issues. There are specialized expertises to help the clients with their issues related to risks.

In case of the service industries, cultural impact is very crucial for them to be involved into their objectives and goals. Nothing is different in case of Zurich also. The organization supports the arts and culture with the excellent audiences. The concept of Zurich from the cultural perspective is that, they supports cultural and artistic atmosphere, as they belief that it is quite mandatory for the working environment. According to the business point of view, clients get more attracted by the cultural perception of the company.


Justification of processes to cope up with the objectives:

There must be some sort of implementation of ideas to maintain the position in the competitive market. The following can easily explain the methodologies involved into the fulfilling goal:

Expectation of the customers: The expectations of the customers in case of Zurich easily meet as Zurich always focus on:

1. The clear identification of the customer needs,

2. Effective procedure and planning,

3. Collection of the right resources for the particular job,

4. Providence of the employee training to make the employee customer focused.,

5. Appropriate target setting,

6. Measure of the progress

The main target of Zurich is to maintain their quality of the product. This quality delivered to their customer is known as the iQUALITY. This aspect defines what is known as the quality in Zurich.  The employees are always reminded that quality is the key part of the interaction they are doing with their customers. The rule followed by the employees of the Zurich is that, the trends going in the market have to be examined by the employees to consider the developmental aspect of the organization. The customer expectation can be easily meet by finding the beneficial rights and elements, analyze the demands of the customer while considering their competitive alternatives (Henschke et al. 2013)

Control of Quality: The process maintaining quality also involves the control of the quality. Zurich not only introduces the different aspect for inventing quality among their services but also they invest their time in different aspects of controlling it. This can be done by collecting the feedback response of the customers. Zurich check their providing if they becoming sub-standard to their customer or not, as this will harm their image in the market (Neto et al. 2012)

Evaluation of the processes:

The above mentioned processes are implemented by the Zurich Insurance group to attract their customers and improvise their business goals in the competitive market. They are mainly focusing in the sector of the controlling the quality of services and meeting the expectation of their customers. This company is based on the providence of insurances to the individual and business holders in their circumstantial situations. They follow iQUALITY control which is totally invented by their employees for maintaining their customer demands in various situations. This approach is much improvised in terms of competitiveness of the marketing. Maintaining the quality of services are very crucial for the getting the attracted towards the customers. Zurich understands their customers by analysing various situations of circumstances. Another additional approach, which is followed by the Zurich, is the TQM. This is the base on the any quality management process. Which guide the organization from different perspective of problematic situation? This aspect is the strong point of Zurich. According to the research findings, it is totally not possible to remove the errors from a business process. At this state of situation one organization should have to check the errors first and then have to recognize the factors those can be improvised and changed for the betterment of the process. According to the judgment of the outputs of Zurich insurance group, their effective measure is the five WHY approaches used to eliminate the errors from the strategic business process. According the above mentioned process involved into the improvement of the developmental aspect of Zurich, it is clear that, all the policies well designed considering the customer demands, which make them appropriate in competitive market (Yakob et al. 2014)

Designing of plans by production manager

Planning is an activity that is managed by the production manager. Managing production includes determination of schedule of production, sequence of production etc.

There are many goals and objectives that are implemented by the production manager in order to produce goods that are good in quality and quantity services. The main objectives of production manager are:

To produce right quality: the quality of product that is produced depends on the demand and needs of the customer. The engineering department or the product design specification helps in transforming the needs of the customer. The cost superiority trade off helps in determining the quality of the product. The quality of the product must be within pre-establishment cost (O'Sullivan et al. 2013)

To produce right quantity: the number of products that are produced by the organisation should be in right number. If the number of product produced is less in number as compared to the demand, then there will be shortage of products.

To determine production schedule: time is one of the most important factors that helps in determining the effectiveness of production manager. There are many factors that determine the appropriate completion of production on time. For achieving the objective, the production manager must implement rules for optimum utilization of inputs. manufacturing

To determine manufacturing cost: the cost of the product is established before its manufacturing. At the pre-established cost, it is the task of the production department to produce or manufacture products.



In order to meet the demands and expectation of the customers and to ensure the fact that the customers of Zurich brand have positive experience, it focuses on

Identifying the needs of the customer: it is one of the most important tasks before the production manager. The needs of the customer should be identified in order to fulfil them. The quality and quantity of product that is produced depends o the needs of the customer. Therefore it is one of the prior tasks of the production manager to know the requirements of the product.

Planning and process that must be effective: the production manager mush involve in planning and implementation of policies that are necessary for proper production of products.

Right resource or the job should be kept in right place: the use of resources should be done by the production manager. For achieving the objective, the production manager must implement rules for optimum utilization of inputs.

Setting up targets that must be appropriate: the target of the Zurich brand must be kept in mind before implementing polices and rules. The setting of proper targets helps in proper production. As production depends on the target ordered by the customers. : The number of products that are produced by the organisation should be in right number. If the number of product produced is less in number as compared to the demand, then there will be shortage of products.

Implementation of strategy

Many different types of forms are accepted by the organizational system. For example, an organization like Google can use simple post it reminder or a form of routine or schedule that is assumed by the company. It is very much important to have challenging goals and objectives that can be acknowledged. It is not always good for an organization to set goal and objectives that are unachievable because that can discourage an employee. The earlier set objectives of the company act as a guiding factor. In this type of organization, emphasis is firstly offered on the setting of the objectives (Slack 2015)

 In order to make the system effective, it is the task of the leaders and employees to comprehend the objectives of their task. The manager of the Google Company does not have always gasped of objectives on which they work. Sometimes they have to work for implementing or setting objectives. The corporate leaders of the company participate in financial marketing, human resources, innovation etc.

There must be a good relation between the employees of the organization. For having good relation many strategies are followed by Google. The strategies include:

  • Proper communication

  • Know about the customers

  • Live for the complaints of the customer

  • Building trust among the customers

  • Improvement of customer service

  • Practise of inbound marketing

The policies or the rules that are implemented should be done inherently in order to avoid duplication and it is very much essential to have an operational manager.Operational plan through effective planning


The production manager took the responsibilities of operational plan. For example, Google has appointed a production manager. It is the task of the production manager to inform the employees of the company about strategic plan. This is helpful for Google as the plan helps in increasing the return to shareholders. The first step that is taken by the production manager is to cut cost. Layoffs are avoided in the next step and it is the task of the production manager to increase the cost by three per cent. It was asked by the manager to help him in planning an operational plan for achieving the goals and objectives of the company. The operational plan that is made by the production manager is very much helpful for Google.

The operational plan that is implemented, have detailed information about the operations of the employees. The operational plan includes the daily tasks that are completed by the organization and its staff. The operational plan that is implemented by the production manager of Google includes:

  • To know the strategies and task that have been undertaken

  • To know the persons who have undertaken those tasks

  • To know how much time is needed in the completion of a single task

  • To know how much resources are required in order to complete each strategy.

Therefore, it is very much needed to implement the operational planning properly. This is because it helps in increasing the production of the company which will in return help in achieving the objectives of the concerned company (Manzini and Accorsi 2013)

Quality Standards for Zurich Insurance group

There are several ways to manage the quality. The quality s measured at the end of process to make sure that no sub processes reach to the customers. This process is known as quality control.

The method is mostly used in production manufacturing. The process includes testing a sample of the product. Putting things at the right place will be costly. It must be ensured that there must be extra product in order to replace the faulty ones. Cost is also associated in terms of managing and putting the products at the right place (Bagnis et al.2014)

iQuality standards are not enough to maintain the quality control approach, in a service industry. This is due to the reason as many services are only realised, as they are delivered to the customers. For example, Zurich can only deal with a claim policy when the customers of thee company claims. Due to the reason, business uses other ways for managing the quality.

The quality standards for Zurich insurance group are:

Assurance: one of the main approaches is providing quality standards. Quality is not considered as the last processes but it is very much important for Zurich insurance group. This is for meeting the demands and expectations of the customers.

TQM: total quality management is necessary for Zurich insurance group. The aim of the insurance company to have Zero defects in their overall process. TQM helps Zurich insurance group in improving both the customers and processes in the business.

Quality: Zurich insurance group have an approach to use all the above methods. Firstly the insurance group uses IQUALITY to embody with TQM in order to bring life n the minds of the customers. The second step taken by Zurich is to manage the sampling of customer care such as benefit statement provided by the customers. The experience of the employees will be helpful in measuring the standard quality.

Demonstration of quality culture

In order to maintain the quality of the processes, a business needs some key measures that will be helpful for them in meeting the standards.. for example, it depends on the measurement that how a company respond to the queries of the customers. Zurich’s UK life deals with million calls, emails and letter in a month. This is done in order to answer the queries of the customers. It is very much important of a business to capture regularly the products in order to review the results of the quality. review of the product helps in identifying the problems and the preventive measures that will be helpful in preventing the problem. Identified problems may can arise many problems. Quality framework is used by the Zurich in order to review the results regularly. The insurance company uses many measures that will be helpful and some of its measures are set by the outside bodies such as BSI. UK Zurich is regulated with the help of the Financial Services Authority. This set some rules and regulation in order to cover all the aspects of insurance business (Thornton et al. 2016)

Zurich measures

The measures that are taken by the insurance company go beyond the requirements and standards of FSI. The company aims to became the best insurer, which is measured by all the stakeholders if the company. One of the most important aspects of customer focussed business is to know the levels of customer satisfaction. Large customer satisfaction is reflected through repeated business. The company involves in market research with large number of customers. The employee of the company who undergoes market research explains the manager about the different facts. They explain how the company is meeting the demands of its customers. Zurich uses some independent measures for meeting the expectations and demand of the customers. Customers are asked to rate the performance of the company as Zurich has a customer impact scheme. The ratings of the customers are positive, and they show that Zurich has aligned to the objectives of the business.

Another measure take by the company is known as inward awards. The measure helps in measuring how well the business of Zurich is delivering. Recent Zurich got a number of awards that clarifies the quality of processes it provides to its customers (Maercker et al. 2013)

Report to the manager

It is a report written to the customer care of Zurich insurance group foe wider implication of proposed changes. Zurich insurance group deals with the providence of insurance and other financial services to different individuals and business

There are wide implications of the strategies that are discussed. The implication helps in managing the quality of the processes. It requires huge investment in the field of management system. The costs that are required for running the large scale customer service are very much significant both in time and money. The future business must be made more quality conscious. As it helps in business recognizing the investment of the customers properly and benefit them by outweighing the amount of cost they have invested. Quality of the product also provides benefits to the business. The Zurich insurance company gain efficient processes. Some benefits cannot be measured but they are important for adding values within the business.

In the financial market, product and services are very much similar to customers. It is necessary to produce positive experience among the customers. This will be helpful in renewing the policies and services. New policies will be helpful in changing or renewing old policies. Managing quality should not disappoint customers.

It is concluded that a quality of a product does thing what it supposed to do. the main task of the product is to meet the needs and requirements of the target market. There quality of a product depends on the expectation of customers and here few new policies are recommended for future use.


Risk assessment

Proper analysis and evaluation will be carried out on the requirements of Mr. Audesi, who wants to open a restaurant in the heart of London.

Risks are an unavoidable part of any business. Risks are divided into two categories that are controllable and uncontrollable risks. A business plan is analyzed to discuss and evaluate the risk assessment factors. The evaluation and discussion of those risk assessment factors will be helpful for Mr. Audesi.

The various risk and challenges are:

Market risk: it is a usual factor that market may not grow as expected for a start up business. Therefore, it may cause cash crisis. The entrepreneur may be helping in supplying the product and services to a single consumer and the business of their customers is subject to economic environment. As a result, hostile environment will slow down affecting the business (Pichler et al.2014)

Competition risks: in a growing market, low entry barriers attract customers. It is the task of the existing players to retain customers. They do it by superior service or by program related with the loyalty of the customers.

Risk related with technology: entire business of this era is revolutionized by the internet. with the help of the internet a customer can measure prices or compare services that are related with quality service etc. manufacturing paradigm is already changing with the help of the 3D printing. As a result, cost will be lower even if a single piece is manufactured.

Risk related with finance: cost of finance go high or low according to the supply rate.

Management related risk: the serious threat to management is caused by the mal-practices, theft and non-compliance of statutory requirements.

Regulatory risk: The laws that are made by the government affect financial viability of the business.

Safety and healthy regulation

The risk assessment shows the kind of approach that is selected by the business. Risk assessment act as a guide in order to think some of the hazards related with the restaurant business. The risk assessment policy is applied in food preparation and food service areas of the restaurants. Taking an example, of a restaurant, health and safety regulations are applied.

Noma is a renowned restaurant of Denmark. The restaurant has well known policies that help in spreading safety and healthy environment (Stier 2013)

To identify the hazards in the restaurant Noma, it is the task of the manager to do the following things:

  • Provides maintenance in catering and hospitality

  • Monitoring kitchen, stockroom etc

  • Communicate with the staff of the restaurant

  • Analyses the accident book, in order to know and understand the different types of risk that can occur.

This is helpful in spreading safety and healthy regulation throughout the restaurant.

Health and safety policies:

Health and safety policies are very crucial for starting a restaurant. Health and safety program is defined as the process of considering the safety and health measure of their customers. Here the concerned organization is Noma from Denmark. They mainly follows seven step measures for maintain their safety and health measures. These are discussed as follows:

Developing a safety plan while considering the controlling of hazardous condition: As the organization is concerned about their customer demands and other activities for maintaining a restaurant in well designed manner.

Inspection of the Workplace: The hygiene can be maintained by monitoring the equipments used in the restaurant.

Providence of training to the worker: The business of restaurant requires well trained employees to entertain their customer according to their demands. In this matter Noma is at its best.

Interaction between the worker and higher authority: This aspect is very important to maintain the co-ordination between the employees of Noma and they follow it regularly, which make them perfect among all their competitors.

Investigation of the incidents: Noma always keep check on the events happening in the organization for correcting the errors and adding up the innovative ideas.

Maintenance of records: The record is also very crucial for maintaining the health and safety measures of the organization. The different kind of erroneous issues regarding safety and health measure involve the customers. They can blame the restaurant for providing bad service to them.

Safety measures: Safety should the first consideration of any restaurant owner for their consumers. Commitment to the safety measures is mandatory to the business of the restaurant. The customers mostly get attracted to the safety and health measures of the restaurants (Siqueiraet al.2014)

Training guidance for the employees:

Training is very essential for setting up a restaurant. Proper training to the employees makes the image of the restaurant good in front of the customers. Well-behaved employees with particular sense of approaching the customer make them perfect in their business. The basic concepts of behind the guidelines for the employees of a restaurant are: proper handling of food, well behaved attitude towards the customer, quality of the food, atmosphere of the restaurant, decoration of the place, and at last the location of the restaurant. These above mentioned factors should be maintained to achieve success in the competitive market. the most important aspect among these all are the quality of food and the location of the restaurant. The food served to the customers should be in good quality; decoration of the food sometimes attracts the customers, so it is necessary to decorate the food properly. Alcohol plays an significant role in the liability of the restaurant. Therefore, it is necessary for the employees of the restaurant to know the age limit of the customer before serving alcohol. Behaviour of the employees must be decent and disciplined as according to the rules and regulations of the restaurant (Schermel et al.2013)


It is concluded that a quality of a product does thing what it supposed to do. the main task of the product is to meet the needs and requirements of the target market. There quality of a product depends on the expectation of customers and here few new policies are recommended for future use.


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