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Business Capstone Project : Part Of Business Research

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Describe about the Business Capstone Project for the Part of Business Research.



Chapter 3

Data Collection and Analysis

Introduction to Data Collection and Analysis

Data collection and the analysis of the data are the most important parts of a research (Andrews and Herzberg 2012). A research cannot be complete without the data or the figures that will help in proper completion the research work (Englander 2012). Improper data will lead to faulty results (Erickson 2012). The researcher should be able to select the correct participants. There can be various consequences if the data is not collected in a proper manner:

The research questions, which are the help the readers to get an idea of the research work will not be answered accordingly

The researcher will not be able to validate the study with the inappropriate data

The findings will be distorted and the resources that have been collected for the research will be wasted

It will mislead the future researchers and they might use the present research as the source of secondary data for their further study. In addition to this, the gaps that will be pointed out in the research work will be different from the one that would have been if the data was correct

The decision will be compromising as far as the public policy is concerned

Can harm the animal for human participants

However, it is important to maintain integrity while collecting the data and quality assurance and quality control is necessary while collecting the data (Ritchie et al. 2013). A researcher need to carry out certain quality to see that the data that are being collected has certain quality (Wilcox et al. 2012). Some of the failure of the quality assurance activities can be listed in the following manner:

Indecisiveness about the timing, type of participants, method that will be required to review the data

The list of items that will be required in the research work in not complete

The description of the instruments that will be used to collect the data is not mentioned properly as it should be done to complete the research work

Improper identification of the strategies or specific content that will help in training the employees to collect the data

Improper instructions and making adjustments in the equipments that will help in data collection

No backup plan for not making the changes in the document that will help in proper investigation of the product

Quality control is mainly are the activities that person should take into account while carrying out the interview of the participants (Cohen, Manion and Morrison 2013). Quality control mainly involves the activities or the actions that will be put to use once there is any problem arising in the data (Creswell 2013). Some of the problems that need a prompt action from the part of the researcher have been listed below:

Error in individual data of the participants

Systematic errors while carrying out the research work

Violation of protocol by any of the participants while the research is going on

Problems with any individual who is either a participant or helping in carrying out the interview

Problems in the site where the data collection is going on

Any case of fraud

Any kind of scientific misconduct while the interview is going on

For the present research as well, the research will keep in mind the actions required while collecting the data. The types of data that will be collected to complete the research work and the types of data analysis that will be used for the present research has also been mentioned accordingly.


Data Sampling Method

The data to complete the research will be collected both with the help of primary sources as well as secondary sources (Fowler Jr 2013). The secondary sources will be the research papers of other authors who have carried out studies on similar topics (Weigold, Weigold and Russell 2013). In addition to this, other online data like the blogs by any authors or the facilities provided by various restaurants if available online would act as the secondary data. On the other hand, the feedback of the customers will act as the primary data. The customers will be the parents of the kids who are coming to the restaurants with their family. They will be asked about the facilities provided by the restaurant to make the place better for the kids. The stress will be mainly on the food provided by the restaurant as well as the furniture for the kids. The sample for the primary research will be chosen based ion family visits to the restaurant. Only those members will be interviewed who will say that they have kids and they have faced issues with the kids. In addition to this, the managers of the hotel will be interviewed to know about the facilities they provide to the parents of the kids. Three managers will be questioned who are working in various managerial positions in the restaurant. The interview of the managers will be helpful in understanding the steps taken by the restaurant owners to make the kids comfortable in the restaurants. The amenities also help the parents to have family time in a tension free manner. Fifty customers will be interviewed to understand the problems they face with their kids. The feedback of the customers will be taken with the help of questionnaires. The questionnaires will be close-ended along with multiple-choice answers. The feedback of the managers will be taken in form of open-ended questions. As they have to describe the steps taken by the restaurant to support the kids, close-ended questions will limit the feedback of the managers (Witwer et al. 2013). The feedback of the managers will be recorded in the audio format. The managers will be explaining a number of facilities for the kids and hence, it will be difficult for the interviewer to keep a track of their feedback. Moreover, the manager might not have time to write their feedback in paper or through e-mail. However, before the recording proper permission will be taken from the managers (Chan, Fung and Chien 2013). Ninety-five percent accuracy levels can be guaranteed from the data collected. The limitation will be the personal choices of the customers for any restaurant that might not have good amenities for kids but have other facilities that have been able to impress the customers. On the other hand, experiences will also act as a problem. The restaurant might have good amenities for the kids but due to some problems that customers might have faced some other time but not in the similar context. Due to the past experience they can give negative feedback, which might make the result inaccurate (Kitchin and Tate 2013).

Data Analysis

The data will be analyzed with the help of narrative technique as well as using statistical methods. The feedback of the customers will be analyzed with the help of the software SPSS (Myers 2013). A co-relation analysis between the feedback of the customers and the services of the customers will be analyzed in the data analysis section. If the customers are happy regarding a particular service as asked to them, the positive reply will indicate that the restaurant is doing well (Gelman et al. 2014). On the other hand, the negative comment will indicate that the services provided by the restaurant are not up to the mark. The statistical methodwill be useful for any researcher who is taking into consideration a huge amount of participants. The feedbacks of the participants are given a code and the code is matched with the software. The feedback of the customers is limited to giving answers to multiple-choice questions. They are not allowed to give descriptiveanswers that are being that re being asked to them. As the numbers of participants are huge, it becomes difficult for the researcher to analyze descriptive data. The analysis with the help of statistical data could be useful to support the narrative analysis of present in the research. The statistical method is most useful for nay researchas it give the exact result to the questions. For the present research the feedback of the managers are narrative and to support the feedback of the managers, the statisticalanalysis of the customers’ data is would be required. The managers are talking about the facilities that theyprovide to the people who are coming to the restaurant. To validate whether the feedback of the managers are true, the feedback of the customer will be useful for the present research.

The narrative research can be defined as the approach to analyze a data that mainly depends on written, spoken or visual data (Riff, Lacy and Fico 2014). The narrative approach mainly focus in the experience of the individual that they have faced in personal or professional life (Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault 2015). The focus of this kind of research is on the story or narrations that the participant talks about and the ways that an even might have happened in the organization (Schmidt and Hunter 2014). Narrative approach can also be real world measures when the approach is mainly focused in real life problems. However, the narrative approach might not stand alone to help the researcher reach a proper conclusion of the report (Baskerville and Wood-Harper 2016). A narrative approach should take into consideration some of the facts or figures (Edwards and Lampert 2014). A research can be considered complete once they have certain data to proof that the research is correct (Ioannidis et al. 2014). The audience might be required to give a validation of the data that have been analyzed with the help of the narrative technique (Kruschke 2014). If a person is speaking about the problems or events then the feedback of the customers might be required to validate whether the data presented by the person is correct (Kruschke 2014). In addition to this, the narrative technique might have high level of inaccuracy. To save the name of the organization, it might happen that the person will give biased answers (Haberman 2014). However, to understand a problem or a topic in a proper manner, narrative technique will be useful for the research (Silverman 2016). The narrative method will help in understanding the feedback of the managers and the problems that they are facing in the organization (Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault 2015). The managers will describe the services that have been already taken into account by the restaurant (Brown 2015). The managers will also throw light on the actions that have been taken into account for future development and make the atmosphere of the restaurant kid-friendly (Bryman and Bell 2015).

The secondary data will be analyzed with the help of the descriptive method (Kabacoff 2015). The secondary data will have the evaluation of the papers that have been done by the authors (Keenan, van Teijlingen and Pitchforth 2015). Hence, it will have the feedback of other customers who have been to the restaurant and have faced issues with the child facilities (Cressie 2015). Thus, descriptive method will help the researcher to compare the data that have been presented in the paper that have been presented in the paper (Male 2015).


Conclusion to Data Collection and Analysis

The research is mainly based on an Indian restaurant where the faculties for the kids like proper furniture and proper food. The data will be collected from the customers as well as the managers of the Indian restaurant at Harris Park. The feedback of the customers will be quantitative in nature and will have close-ended questions along with multiple-choice answers. On the other hand, the feedback of the managers will be taken with the help open-ended question where the managers will be giving their feedback in a descriptive manner. The secondary data will also be analyzed in a descriptive manner. The data analysis will also be different for various sources. The feedback of the managers will be analyzed with the help of statistical and the feedback of the mangers will be analyzed with the help of the narrative techniques. The analysis of the secondary data will take into consideration the descriptive method to explain the data interpreted by the previous researchers.

Chapter 4

Discussion of the results

Discussion on Hypotheses

H0: There is no need to take care of the food and furniture for the children in a restaurant

H1: There is a need to take care of the food and furniture for the children in a restaurant

After going through the literature review, it can be said that alternative hypothesis that is there is a need of different furniture and different needs for the children who are going to the restaurant. The null hypothesis has been rejected and the alternate hypothesis is selected mainly because of the fact that the Indian restaurant has thought of the family bonding, the health of the children and the problems they face while having food at a restaurant.  In addition to this, the food habits of the children have also been taken care by the restaurant owners. The children are not able to reach the table due to their height. In addition to this, the food habits of the children should be taken care by the restaurant authority. The Indian restaurant can design their food in such a manner so that the children are attracted to their food and eat healthy.

Discussion on Literature and Research Results

The literature review mainly talked about the facilities and amenities that are required by children but at times are overlooked by the managers of many restaurants. At times, the marketing of the products is mainly based on grown up customers but they tend to forget that children are important customers any product. The example of McDonalds will be perfect in this manner. The happy meals are mainly directed towards the taste and preference of the children. Toys and gifts that are given with the meals will attract children. Foods like burger, pizza, chicken popcorns are favourites among the children. however, while marketing the food for the children, the marketer should keep in mind that children will eat less than the adults, hence the portion of products have to be designed for the kids should have small portions of food. for example if any offer for the adults have large cold drinks then the offer for the children should have small or medium cold drinks. The main setback that has been found is that the junk foods are quite favourite among the kids but the parents of the children are mainly concerned about the health of the kids and they do not let the children take junk food. Thus, the companies who are marketing junk food might face concerns from the parents regarding issue of health problems while marketing the products. The Indian restaurant, which is mainly thinking about the choices of children, might face issues, as they would not be able to make the westernized products like pizza and burgers. Hence, they have to market the foods by keeping in mind the appearance of the food. Kids are mainly attracted by the appearance of the food as they have little knowledge about the nutritional value of the food. Indian foods look traditional and the kids get attracted to the westernised food like the burgers, pastries and pizzas. The children do not like the Indian sweets. Thus, the Indian restaurant present at the Harrispark should give a different look to the food and make the nutritional food look good for the children. In addition to this, the sweets could be given a colorful appearance so that the colourful appearance attracts the children. In that way, the children will get the nutrition in the form of good-looking food and the business of the Indian restaurant will flourish accordingly.

The literature also discussed about the spices that are being used in the cooking of the food. Many Indian families re well-acquainted in using spices while having the food. On the other hand, the many families ado not have spices in their food. However, spices should not be used in the food for the children. Hence, the restaurant owners should introduce food that is less on spices. As the literature review suggests food like sweet potato, flaxseed, yogurt and tofu should be given to the children who are coming to therestaurantforhaving the food.

TheIndian restaurant at the Harrispark has taken into consideration the Indian culture while creating the ambience of the restaurant. It has decorated in such a manner that the children will be able to sit with their parents on the ground. Many children face problem because they are not able to reach the table due to the height of the table as well the distance of the table from the chair. It makes the dining even more difficult for the children. Indian holds the ancient ritual of sitting on the ground and having the food with family. However, nowadays the situation is entirely different for the restaurant present in the Indian market. Once a child will sit in the ground the problems of reaching the table will ultimately would not be there for them. They will be able to sit and have lunch or dinner with family as well as they will learn the age old tradition of India.

Many restaurants have furniture that is mainly for the entertainment of the kids. They might not be there for any useful purpose but the kids will be entertained with the furniture. Due to this reason, the restaurant should be spacious enough so that things could be accommodated in the place even if it does not have direct link with the business. Once the kids will love coming to the restaurant. The parents will feel free to come to the restaurant. Eventually, the business of the restaurant will be enhanced accordingly.



Since, the business of operating a restaurant is completely based on the customers, it is important for the managers of the business to adopt effective measures that will help the business to achieve high level of customer satisfaction. In order to meet the objectives of the business regarding establishing a successful kid friendly culture, where the needs of the kids are met, there are certain strategies that have to be implemented into the business.

Promoting the business of the restaurant helps the managers to increase the sales and the profitability. The company can promote effectively by offering a “kids free eat day”. Thus, it helps to boost up the lunch or the dinner sales. In the opinion of (Keenan, van Teijlingen and Pitchforth 2015), as mothers wants to treat their child specially, it is important for the managers to focus on the mothers by providing healthy food and services to the children. Developing a coupon strategy is also an attractive method to increase the sales. It helps the customers to repeat visits as the coupon offers combination meals that are even consumable by the children. Furthermore, the restaurant can offer small gifts or presents to the children, that will make the children ask their parents to visit the restaurant again. A variety of games and interesting contents that are based on take home menus can be offered to the customers. This will help to increase the customer satisfaction and thereby increase the sales. In the modern era, technology has become an interest for all. Even the young generations are highly motivated by the use of technologies and constantly use the technology of their parents. Therefore, the managers of the restaurant business can consider providing digital entertainment to the customers and especially the children.

However, the focus of the business needs to be providing kid-friendly food and furniture. The business has to introduce new recipes in the menu that are in more demand by the children. The presentation of the food needs to be more innovative that helps the business to attract the children and grow their interest towards the restaurant. Moreover, the quality of the food needs to be good such that the parents are satisfied with the food. Moreover, along with the food, the furniture of the restaurant needs to be based on the needs of the children. The chairs and tables of the restaurant should come with safety measures so that the children do not fall from seat while eating.

Chapter 5:


The study deals with the topic accommodating the need of the children in the Indian restaurant. from the study, it can be inferred that as the restaurants in India are mainly based on family-oriented culture, the businesses have a high scope of developing if the needs of the children are paid special attention and the meeting the needs. The successful meeting of the needs will help the organisation to achieve higher level of customer satisfaction. The parents are able to enjoy the food and take full pleasure of the environment and the ambience only if their children remain engaged. The engagement of the children will help to avoid disturbance and making of noise. Thus, it can be observed that the suitable measures taken by the restaurant to provide accommodation of the children need in the business will help to achieve customer satisfaction and thereby increase the productivity of the restaurant business.

However, it is important for the restaurant business to implement effective strategies to promote the unique kid friendly culture in the restaurant. The promotional strategies will help the restaurant to attract more customers towards the brand. The incorporation of child friendly furniture in the restaurants such as high raised chairs will help the children to have their food easily. In addition to that, the restaurants can arrange special food for the children that are healthy and therefore the parents feel highly satisfied. The introduction of certain foods such as flaxseed, tofu, sweet potato and yogurt helps to create a more effective kid friendly atmosphere in the restaurant. From the data analysis of the survey performed on the customers and the managers of the restaurant, it can be stated that there is a positive impact of the introduction of the kid friendly culture of the restaurant on the customers. The customers are highly satisfied with such environment and therefore visit the restaurant even in future. The company is thus able to establish a brand image on the customers. The furniture of the restaurant is to be designed in a manner that will be able to create a kid friendly environment and meet the needs of the kids. Thus, the restaurants in India need to implement effective strategies that will help to provide the customers with a kid-friendly culture in the restaurant. 


Future work

There is a huge scope for the researcher to carry out further work in the future regarding this topic or carrying out a research related to this topic. As the researcher faces a number of issues and limitations that hinders the quality work of the research, there is a chance of working on the research in future to improve the quality of the work. The limitations are influences that the researcher is unable to control and therefore, it hampers the outcome of the research in spite of the various precautions undertaken. The limitation of the study places restriction on the conclusion of research work. The researcher is unable to carry out a proper research, as there was limited time available. Moreover, as the researcher carries out both secondary as well as primary research work, the limitation to the work increases. The researcher is unable to force the respondents from taking part in the survey and neither can rely on the outcomes obtained from the respondents, as there is no certainty. Moreover, the managers of the restaurant did not disclose the loopholes of the company and therefore detailed analysis of the research was not possible. Furthermore, due to limited time, the researcher could not carry out the research on a higher sample size and thus it can be assumed that the individuals apart from the respondents, who were surveyed, had different perception regarding the accommodation of the needs of the kids in the restaurant. Therefore, there is a chance of achieving a completely different outcome, when a different market or other groups of respondents are selected to carry out the research. On the other hand, while carrying out the secondary data collection, a number online journals and articles could not be studied due to the requirement of subscription.

All these limitation increases the scope of the study in the future. The researcher in the future can consider a different company in order to analyse the need of the children in the restaurant. The researcher can further consider a different group of respondents to understand the perception of the individuals regarding the need of the children. Furthermore, the researcher can consider a larger sample size that will help to carry out a more elaborative study. Moreover, to make the study more effective the researcher can use strategically effective tools and techniques to analyse the outcome. This particular research will help the researcher in future to achieve information regarding the topic. Thus, the research in the future will become more concrete and effective. Therefore, it can be stated that there are a number of opportunities for the future scope of the study considering either a different business group, location or a different target customer.



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