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Quality Customer Service

Discuss about the Business Management for A Case Study on BizOps.

Quality indicates the standard of some products or services. The quality customer service facilitates the consumer to obtain any products or service related support. Moreover, the particular service facilitates in resolving the customer’s query in an effectual manner. By providing the enhanced quality customer services, the organization can easily increase their brand value in the large domestic area. The quality customer service depends on several factors including reliability, competence, delivery and solutions. In this context, the customer services of BizOps are unable to satisfy their customers in the market. Consequently, it could cause for reducing the sales revenue.

There are different service standards for the quality assured customer service. These standards of services are provided below:

Reliability: The quality service system provides the reliability to the customers for delivering enhanced solution so that they can engage in the business for a long

Competence: Customers expect competent delivery of the services. for delivering the competent service, the employees are needed to be provided enhanced training session.

Delivery: The delivery of the service should be provided to the customers in a simple form so that the customer can easily avail the service.

Solutions: the Quality service includes the documenting of customer’s complaints. Moreover, they need to track the resolving process of customer’s query.

Two approaches of the customer service standard are effective communication and listening to the toughest customers. The customer service team needs to uphold effective communication with the customers so that they can understand the query in an effective manner. On the other hand, the effective communication facilitates in enhancing the customer engagement in the business. Aside this, the customer service team should provide high importance to the toughest customers for obtaining valuable insight. On the other hand, it insists the management pushing them in providing the best possible solutions to that particular customer.

The equal employment opportunity legislation is one of the major factors for the enhancement of the customer services. By employing all sorts of skilled and talented people, the organization can easily enhance their workforce diversity that indeed facilitates in improving the productivity. Besides, equal employment facilitates the organization in involving employees of different culture and different background. Consequently, it becomes easier for the customer service team to deal with different types of customers. For instance, sometimes, customer support team faces challenges in providing the right solution to the consumer due to the language barrier. Hence, equal employment would facilitate the organization to diminish these barriers and enhance the standard of support system.

Service Standards for Quality Assurance

Anti-discrimination law creates huge impacts on the customer service. According to the law, the right people needs to be treated on an equal basis regardless of age, sex, race, ethnicity, nationality, disability, etc. with the involvement of this particular law, the organization could be able to deliver high quality flawless services to the people belonging to the different community. In a successful business, the prime motive is to achieve the high sales revenue within the certain timeline. Consequently, the organization needs to expand their business to all communities. Hence, the people from different cultural background become loyal to the particular brand after obtaining enhanced customer services from the company.

Competition and customer protection legislation act suggests the fair trading policy as well as customer protection legislation. The Australian competition and consumer commission (ACCC) administrates the particular legislation. With the involvement of the legislation framework, the consumer can file a case against the organizations delivering wrong product or services. Hence, it insists the organizations provide the high quality service to the customers for upholding the brand popularity in the business. On the other hand, this particular legislation facilitates the customer to obtain trusted services from the organization.

The privacy legislation acts 1988 is an Australian law regulating the personal information about the individuals. According to the law, Personal information must be handled with privacy. With the involvement of the personal information act, the organization could protect the individual information of the customer. For availing the customer service, consumers are often required to provide their details to the organization. Hence, the organization is bound to protect that data securely. Sometimes, the organization often misbehaves with the customer’s information, as they utilize those private data to another purpose. Hence, the particular legislation act facilitates the organization to enhance the standard of the customer service in an effectual manner.

Industrial relation act is the management work related obligations and rights between the employers and employees. Through the engagement of the particular legislation, employees can share their ideas with the management. Hence, it becomes easier for the organization to uphold better understanding with the employees of the business. The particular legislation facilitates the employees of the organization to convey customer’s feedbacks and queries to the management. Consequently, it would facilitate in enhancing the standard of the customer service process.

Work and safety legislation suggests that the employer or the business needs to comply with these laws for ensuring the health safety of the workers or staffs. The wok and safety legislation influence the organization to maintain a healthy work environment in the business. If the workers or staffs are not engaged in the healthy work atmosphere, they may not be able to provide high-class services to the customers. Consequently, the standard of the customer service would not be enhanced in an effectual manner. In a healthy work environment, employees would be more active for delivering high quality service to the customers. Hence, it can be assessed that the work safety legislation has a huge impact on the customer services.

Effective Communication and Listening to the Toughest Customers

The environmental issue could create huge challenges for the organization in delivering high quality customer service. In business, three may be different issues related to work environment including unhealthy workplace, improper work location and lack of work life balance. Due to these issues, most of the time employees are not able to deliver good customer services. Consequently, it reduces the business efficiency. On the contrary, the healthy work environment always influences the employees to solve all customers’ query effectively.

Codes of practice indicate the general guideline for achieving the standards of health, safety, and welfare needed under the work health and safety act. For executing the business in an effective manner, the organization needs to follow the particular codes of practice. According to the guideline, the organization is bound to provide sales support to the customers if required. On the other hand, the particular method facilitates the organization to execute the customer services process in a systematic manner. The guideline says that the customer expectation is the most important factors for running a successful organization. Hence, the customer service facilitates the organization to understand consumer’s expectations.

Two techniques of the customer behavior are cultural and social factors. The cultural factors of the consumer behavior indicate the sub-culture and the social class. On the other hand, the social factors include reference group, family, and roles and statuses. These factors have been influencing the customer behavior in an effective manner. For instance, the customer always purchase product as per their cultural needs. Sometimes, customers stick to a particular brand, as they trust that brand completely. Hence, the customer’s purchasing process depends on different techniques.

Two techniques for identifying the customer’s need are accumulating customer feedback and identifying their preferred shopping method. By accumulating the customer’s feedbacks, the organization could easily obtain the information about customer expectation. Consequently, it would facilitate in improving the production accordingly. On the other hand, the organization needs to identify their customer’s buying process whether it is online or offline. It would facilitate in enhancing the business effectiveness on the most used purchasing platform. However, customer feedback is the most authenticate method for accumulating different information regarding the business.

Public relation and customer service belong to the different categories of responsibility. It can be assessed that the PR and customer service are the two face of an organization. Although the public relation and customer service have different goals, both are essential for the organizational success. The goal of public relation is to uphold the good reputation of the company in the market, whereas the customer service aims to keep customer satisfy. Sometimes, the unhappy customers smear a company’s reputation. Hence, this particular situation indicates the intersection between customer service and public relation.

Equal Employment Opportunity Legislation

Product promotion and customer service are the integral part of the business. product promotion facilitates the organization in smearing their product information across the large marketplace. On the other hand, the customer service is process of providing after sales support to the customers. Customer service process facilitates the organization in enhancing their loyal customer’s base. Consequently, these loyal customers would promote the particular brand in the market by different activities including word of mouth or referrals etc. Hence, it can be assessed that the product promotion and customer service are correlated.

For handling customer’s complaint, the organization needs to record customer’s voice carefully and let them finish. On the other hand, it is also important for the customer service team to identify their customer whether the customer is aggressive, high roller or meek. Without listening to the customer, the customer service team would not be able to identify the issues. For dealing with the angry customer, the support team needs to apologize and take the complaints without making any conflicts.

For providing the special support to the customers, it is very important to keep in touch with the customer. Sometimes, the customer is unable to understand the product features in a proper manner. Consequently, that particular customer seeks extra help from the customer support team. Hence, the support team should have to provide assistance on either online or offline platform. By providing the extra assistance to the customer, the organization can easily maintain a loyal relation, and it may help in the future business expansion.

For providing the effective customer service support to the customer, the organization needs to accumulate the mathematical information including telephone number, cost of the product etc. sometimes, it is needed to calculate mathematically whether the warranty period of the product is still exists or not. For executing the profit making business, it is necessary to accumulate mathematical information in an effectual manner.

Two physical and human resources required for providing the customer service are office or service center and some potential skilled employees who can deliver high quality services to the customers. Moreover, an enhanced infrastructure is required for delivering the high quality services to the customers.

For obtaining the customer feedback, an online survey would be executed so that a large number of a customer could participate in the process. On the other hand, store visitors also could take participate in the feedback process. For online feedback accumulation process, Facebook or Twitter can be utilized.

The customer service review can be conducted through different processes including customer’s feedback and sales analysis. In the customer feedback process, the organization can understand whether the consumer is happy with the service or not. On the other hand, sales analysis can facilitate in understanding the effectiveness of customer support system. If customer service is proper and effective then the sales of the business will automatically take a height.


The vision of the organization is to deliver quality customer service. The organization has both standard order and special order delivery system. By delivering the product on time the organization tries to improve its business opportunity.


The particular planning would facilitate the organization to understand its key development area in the business. While conducting this plan, different factors of customer service program have been analyzed in an effective manner. on the other hand, the planning would facilitate in reducing the key issues in the business. Moreover, BizOps could understand their key areas for improvement.


Specific: the objective is to deliver the high quality customer support to the consumer.

Measurable: The enhancement of sale would facilitate to understand the achievement.

Achievable: By accumulating customer feedbacks, support team would understand the needs of the consumer.

Realistic: The particular objective can be achieved within a certain timeframe.

Timely: within 1 year, the particular goal needs to be achieved.

The customer can be categorized into different sections including age, sex, and other demographic factors. On the other hand, the customer can be segmented depending upon their purchasing behavior including loyal customer, existing customer, etc.

Customer feedback:

For creating this particular plan, all secondary data has been employed in the research. With the involvement of different types of data, the particular plan has been executed. The customer feedback process facilitates in enhancing the business opportunity in an effective manner.

Gap analysis:

In the BizOps’s customer service process, the main issue is that the organization has faced difficulties in dispatching the products within the proper timeframe. Consequently, their delivery time exceeds and it causes the customer disengagement in the business. If the customer service team actively dispatches products, the customer can obtain their goods within the given timeframe. Therefore, the execution process in the business is wrong.

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