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About Travelport Locomote

Discuss about the Business Model Canvas Analysis Of Travelport Locomote.

Travelport Locomote is an organization which is simple in operations and provides a travel platform for the corporate travellers. This organization mainly empowers the travel managers so that they can drive the change and further achieve a leap in the program efficiencies. The app does not only provide an online booking platform it further powers the workflow and the features related to a corporate travel. The app provides customised deals for the various levels of officials which can suit their specific needs. Globalisation has caused many expansions in the businesses of various organizations. This has led to the establishment of offices of the organizations in various countries (Ltd, 2018). These changes in the business environment further calls for a lot of travel for the business officials. The app provides travel packages to the officials of various levels according to the costs that are permitted by their organizations. The business travels have become an important of the business operations in the modern economic environment. The app helps the business executives in planning their business trips by keeping a control on the costs incurred. The company offers an intuitive and simple platform which is designed for the new working process of the organizations in the modern environment (Joyce & Paquin, 2016).

Key Partners

·         The content creators or the users who write reviews of the hotels are important for the companu.

·         The hotels, restaurants are major partners of the business activities of Travelport (Dudin et al.,  2015).

·         The travel management companies related to corporate travelers.

·         The travel experts who provide tips to the customers.

·         The travel agencies who wish to expand their business related activities.

Key Activities

·          Enhancing the positive effects of indirect networks by the fresh reviews provided by travelers.

·         Enhancing the experience of the customers.

·         Providing value to the platform with the help of the technological innovation (Toro-Jarrín, Ponce-Jaramillo & Güemes-Castorena, 2016).

·         Improving the app and increasing the content.

·         Developing the partners and acquiring platforms.

·         Enhancing the value proposition.

·         Increasing the visibility of the app in various search engines.

·         Observing the steps taken by the other organizations.

Value Proposition

·          The vision of the company is to deliver the experience that can redefine travel related to corporate needs.

·         The company is driven by the passion to provide best services to the corporate customers.

·         The value provided to the travelers is related to the reduction of costs related to corporate travel (Vargas, Calva & Camacho 2015).

·         The value proposition of the company to the hotels and other organizations is related to getting listed for corporate travel options.  

·         The hotels enlisted in the app have the opportunity to increase their revenue.

·         The good reviews provided by the corporate travelers improves their reputation.

·         The hotels can use the app for advertising purposes (Aversa et al., 2015).

·         The ability to provide special deals with the help of the app.

Customer Relationships

·          Increasing the trust of the corporate travelers.

·         The genuine reviews by travelers in the app helps in creating loyal customers.

·         The incentive related policies of the app for the hotels who are their partners.

Customer Segments

·          The app serves both the sides, the travelers and the hotels.

·         The travelers are segmented based on their levels in the organization.

·         The supply side of customers are segment based on the various levels of hotels (Plenter et al., 2017).

Key Resources

·         The ratings provided by the travelers are one of the major resources of the app.

·         The list of the partner hotels.

·         The major resources of an app or webpage are the customer experience reviews.


·         The webpages of the company.

·         The app of the organization.

·         The sales team of the organization.

·         The advertisements in the search engines.

Cost Structure

·         The expenses related to operating of the app.

·         The costs related to selling of the services and promotional activities of the app.

·         The costs related to the development of the app.

·         The costs related to acquisition of the partners of the app.

Revenue Streams

·          The first major revenue stream of the app is related to the profits gained from the partner hotels.

·         The advertising revenue is related to the promotions of the various hotels in the app.

·         The revenues earned from the subscriptions of the corporate travelers.


The key relationships between the nine building blocks of business lie in the ways by which the various areas of the company support each other. The key activities of the company support the customer relationships that are developed by Travelport Locomote. The promotional activities of the company help in acquiring customers for Travelport Locomote. The resources that are possessed by the company will also help in improving its goodwill reputation in the market. This will further assist in the expansion related operations of the app. The company can increase its customer base by providing enhanced services to the present customers (Fritscher & Pigneur, 2014). The customer segments of the company are related to the revenue streams and the ways by which it operates in the market. The revenues of the app are generated from the partnerships of the various hotels and restaurants and the corporate travellers who book packages in with the help of the Travelport app. The value proposition of the app is related to the services provided to the customers and packages designed for the corporate travellers. The costs related to various operations of the company includes the maintenance of the app. These costs are related to the amount of profits that are earned by the app (Gonçalves & da Silva, 2017).

Business model canvas of Travelport Locomote

The major factors behind the success of Travelport Locomote are the personalized services provided by the app to the various levels of business professionals. The trust that the customers or the travellers have on the company is a key to the success of the organization in the industry. The ease and outlook of the website of Travelport helps in attracting corporate travellers towards the app. The app provides services which are personalized for the various levels of business professionals. The executives are able to control the costs related to their business trips. The reason behind this offer is the increase of globalization and global offices in the various countries. The costs related to the trips are also scrutinized by the organizations and the Travelport app helps in maintaining the costs (Fritscher & Pigneur, 2015). The flexibility related to various modes of payment provided to the business professionals is another reason related to the success of the company. The app also aims to manage the quality of the various services that are provided to the corporate travellers. The attractive offers and discounts provided by the app on the packages designed for the business executives also contribute to the success of the company within a short span of time. The app also provides solutions to the travellers to reduce the travel cost related to business operations. The safety measures related to business operations are also taken by the app (Ghezzi et al., 2015).

The major issue that can be faced by Travelport in the market is related to trust that needs to be gained from the customers who are not used internet based services. The security related issues that can occur in the online transactions can be a major issue for the app while providing services to the corporate travellers. The officials belonging to the senior  management levels are dependent on the other employees of the company or the travel desk for their bookings related to corporate travel. They are however less likely to use to the app to book their travel packages. The quality of services that are required to be provided to the corporate travellers need to be maintained as they have a certain level of travel related preferences. The company will be required to take special care about the packages that they provide to these corporate travellers (Zolnowski & Böhmann, 2014). The app is quite new to the market and they need to give a considerable amount of time to establish their operations in the industry, this can be an issue related to the revenues of the company.

Key Partners

The changes that can made in the business model includes, the increase in the number of partners or channel of the company. Travelport can make alliances with the travel desks of the business organizations so that can direct access to the travel related needs of the executives of the different levels. The app needs to give more importance on the feedback that is gained from the travellers and the reviews that they provide. The reviews can act as major resource of the organization and help in acquiring customers. The company needs to increase its promotional and advertising related activities so that they can create the awareness of their brand in the minds of the consumers. The revenue streams of the app can be increased with the increase in the number of partners. The customer relationships can be maintained by the app by keeping contact with the customers and maintained their records. This will help Travelport Locomote in getting knowledge about their preferences and designing their services accordingly.


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