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Strategic Communication in Bio-x Company

Discuss about the CARSO Procedure in Process Optimization.

Strategic communication is a communication strategy followed for the purpose of properly communicating about any concept, process or information that might create satisfaction in achieving the long term strategic goals of the company (Botan et al 2010).  For strategic communication various global network assets are being utilised because it helps in co-ordinating various actions as well as activities which poses some valuable significant subunits.

According to the International Biomedical research council, it is was found that Bio-x carried out innumerable public sector research utilising different forms of biomedical science just for achieving the goal of developing the Biomedical science cluster as the fourth most valuable pillar of the Singapore economy. Mosquito borne disease that is common is the Dengue fever still remains the most intractable problems in Singapore as well as globally. From news articles, information has been gathered that the company has introduced several public health warnings as well as different mosquito control system which would help in controlling the disease to a great extent (Curtiset l 2010).  The company has even carried out laborious mosquito trapping, has brought into focus and even utilised different forecasting models and most importantly carried out frequent unreliable human blood testing to determine the level of blood platelets that is very much necessary to detect the presence of dengue at the initial stage within individuals. Advancement in technology has helped the company to introduce new technique of collecting mosquito saliva from the field in order to monitor mosquitoes. Information from a new journal named “Scientific Report” in 2014, demonstrate that Bio-X Company did organise a mosquito surveillance trapping program for the purpose of retrofitting the mosquito traps with Honey cards. From the company websites information was gathered that for detecting the dengue or other viruses that is spread out by mosquito was clearly understood through the transmission cycle which is further helping scientist to develop understanding on complexities behind mosquito bite diseases and according to which the scientist are also impose control over the outbreak of disease in Singapore (Daymon et al 2010).  News articles even demonstrated that the company took up the initiative of carrying out virus hunting through mass collection of mosquitoes to search for traces of virus that would act as anti-oxidants for preventing the spread out of the disease. Recent news report published in “The Gazette” have clearly demonstrated that Bio-x have awarded patent required for the development of innovative formula that would be included in the mosquito repellent as well as shower gel. Recently information demonstrated in the company’s website it was found that the shower gel would form protective layer when used by altering the pheromones and that prevent biting of female mosquitoes limiting the spread of dengue fever. This shower gel would also help in restricting the spread out of Zika and Chikungunya fever.

The Success Story of Bio-x Company

Lin (School of Medicine), would be speaking about some topic:

  • Biotransformation innovation made by Bio-x Company
  • Preventive measure to limit the spread out of Dengue as well as other mosquito bite diseases
  • Initiatives taken for limiting and preventing the spread out of Disease in Singapore.

Most research organisations are found to work in collaboration with many agencies for the purpose of making promotion of science, technology and innovation. Research organisations at times are notice to make some sections of the company website accessible to the staffs so that feedback could be gathered by them from the community. Most importantly even after the introduction of several digital media platforms research organisation still opt to utilise different print media like making new releases for announcing their innovation (Edwards 2006).  Different web portals in name of the company are estimated to provide different publicly accessible information where the research organisation could post the information about innovation to let people know.

Mr Lim ChuanPoh (Chief Executive Officer of National Environment Agency) – is proud to make announcement on the new innovation made by Bio-x Company for restricting the spread of mosquito biting disease especially limiting the spread out of Dengue, Chikungunia and Zika fever in the community of Singapore.

It is completely an innovative formula of mosquito repellent introduced in the form of shower gel. This formula is completely odourless, non greasy substance and is also safe for use of babies.

When applied in bath or shower, the use of this shower gel would form a protective layer on the skin by making alteration of the pheromones that though attracts bath female mosquitoes but prevents it from biting and in this manner it would help in limiting not only dengue but also Zika and Chikungunia fever also.

Although most of the mosquito repellent innovated by Bio-X company is derived from 100% natural plant based material, this would prove to be the most effective one as it could be used even during bath or shower because this gel continues to let the protective layer stay for 12 hours once it has been applied.

From next week onwards the new shower gel would be available in leading pharmacies of Singapore. The gel would be available in the market in 350ml as well as 950 ml bottles which would be priced as S$7.99 and S$17.99 respectively.

It is made up of 100% plant based materials which would not be harmful for use for any age group.

To respected Chairman, CEO, Excellencies, intellectual delegates, honourable ministers and other ladies and gentleman today’s platform is of great honour to me. It has given me the chance to speak about the constant struggle being made by the Bio- x company of science, research and technology for holding mosquito bite diseases at a bay and limiting the spread out of harmful disease like Chikungunia, dengue and Zika virus especially in the living community of Singapore. This programme is a great platform to provide thanks to the company for bringing changes in the lifestyle behaviours and accumulate enough money for introducing new products that would act as mosquito repellent.

Mosquito Repellent Innovation by Bio-x Company

But at times it is important to make a step backward and celebrate the new innovation brought in by the company through its spontaneous research and development.

Through this platform it time for every single personalities present in this public event to thank Bio-X company and celebrate its commitment towards millennium development goals made by focusing on energy level, creativity and scientific and most importantly accumulating money to bear the biggest challenge of reducing the threat of mosquito oriented disease spreading throughout Singapore.

We can celebrate the saved life of about 21,000 children dying every day suffering from dengue, 60% dropdown in maternal mortality due to infections caused by Zika virus and 85% reduction in number of Chikungunia sufferers.

For limiting the spread out of infectious disease all of us resent here cannot develop a trust on past to make better future planning and in such a situation Bio-x has brought up changes in humanity inhabits and new multiple opportunities to limit the spread out of mosquito bite diseases. It has helped in reducing the chances of getting affected by mosquito bite disease through the new product development that is a “Mosquito bite repellent” which could be used as a shower gel. This is significantly reduced the high chances of abnormalities among the newborns. Today due to successful research and development regarding limitation of mosquito bite diseases Bio-x has brought up safe, low costing and effective vaccines that would help in making life long protection of diseases like Dengue, Chikungunia and Zika virus.

Therefore, I would like to welcome the recent external evaluation made by the company to limit the spread out of disease making it a safe place to live in. This evaluation should be continued by BIO-x as a tool under WHO authority and outmost co-ordination.

A secondary research process was undertaken to accumulate information from various sources mainly from company website, journals that has been published by the company on the current subject , magazines which has published articles regarding the subject discussed has also been a major source of information for gathering information. In the assignment, a public event was demonstrated where several famous personalities where invited to attend the event and this personalities were found to provide speech on how Bio-X has carried out research with use of science and technology has been a major source of information to evaluate the selected subject more critically (Eyrich et al 2008).  Bio-x contribution as announced in the event by senior minister of the state of health also brought in focus innumerable information which proved as the valuable information relevant to the topic.



Strategic communication helps an organisation to develop a conceptual shade which further allows the organisation to properly evaluate the messaging efforts made by the organisation. This further increases the strength and capability of the organisation to distribute valuable information following a particular style (Grunig 2006).


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