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Identify the key objectives (not more than four) of your field trip to Hanoi, Vietnam. What do you and your team want to achieve through this visit? Please explain why you think that those are suitable and achievable objectives for your team?

Consider the size and composition of the team. Who will be included and why? Your objectives should guide your team formation. Please be clear and detail about the skill sets of the team members. Please note that you don’t need to identify real people.

Describe all the activities/preparations that are needed to be made before you and your team leave Australia. Also, you would need to detail what needs to be done in terms of ensuring access to the field sites, when you are in Hanoi, Vietnam. These are all about in preparation of your (your team's) visit to the Hanoi, Vietnam and accessing the field sites there.

Please plan the trip, consider you are the leader of the mission, outline necessary steps you need to be aware of, and prepare yourself and the team members for the visit to Hanoi, Vietnam. Please keep the objectives of your field visit in mind to prepare yourselves accordingly.

Following issues should be addressed in the preparation plan.

  • Characteristics of field site
  • Collaborating institution
  • Formalities & Logistics
  • Safety and security
  • Health fitness and stress
  • Implementation plan
  • Family & responsibilities

Please ensure that your responses address the context, settings and adversities into account. Please note that we are not interested in what one generally does before going abroad for field work. We are interested to know about your preparation for going to Hanoi, Vietnam in early August 2017 for the ongoing rabies outbreak there. Therefore, your responses will need to be context and settings specific.

Number of Objectives



Objective 1

Increase in the human vaccination coverage

Increase in the human vaccination coverage against rabies will be effective against rabies control under two distinct situations: (i) protection to the vulner able group of population who are at an increased risk of development of rabies (pre-exposure vaccination) and (ii) prevention of the development of clinical condition of rabies after the exposure has occurred following the bite of the infected animal (post-exposure prophylaxis) (World Health Organisation, 2018).

Objective 2

Increase in the public awareness about rabies

Education about the rabies disease will help to increase the public awareness against rabies especially in the rural areas of Vietnam, Hanoi and this will act as an effective means of eradiating canine rabies (Meslin & Briggs, 2013). Increase in the public awareness about the consequences of rabies will increase the tendency of accepting rabies vaccination. Furthermore, increase in the public health awareness will also increase the footfall of taking booster dosage of rabies vaccination. WHO (2018) highlighted that period booster dosage is not recommended for general traveller. However, the group of population who are prone to the rabies viral exposure (scratch or bite of dog) must receive two-booster dosage of rabies vaccination for the effective eradication of the disease.

Objective 3

Protection and vaccination of dogs

According to the study conducted by Fitzpatrick et al. (2014) in the rural area of Tanzia, annual canine vaccination campaign in the sub-Saharan Africa is a cost-effective way of reducing rabies. Fitzpatrick et al. (2014) further highlighted that annual canine rabies vaccination help to reduce the health burden of rabies dramatically. Since that majority of the human cases of rabies in Vietnam are occurring as a result of dog bite or from the contact with the infected dogs, mass dog vaccination can be regarded as one of the effective method to prevent rabies in humans (Jibat, Hogeveen & Mourits, 2015).

Size of the team: 5

Rationale: According to Perovi? et al. (2016) maximum of 5 to 6 members is both cost effective and favours productivity when campaigning for disease control program in some outstation

Team composition

Team member

Rationale and Job role

Skill set required

Team leader

Will be responsible for proper logistics throughout the one month long field trip. He or she will help to proper convenience and meeting the basic amenities of the team during their stay in Vietnam, Hanoi

· Effective team management skills

· Effective leadership skills : Servant leadership

· Prior experience of travelling overseas before

Communicable disease expert

Will help to increase the public health awareness via educating the mass about the process of disease transmission and the fatal effects of the disease

Proper knowledge about viral vector borne disease and the process of disease transmission

Veterinary healthcare specialist

Will help to increase awareness about the canine vaccination and thereby helping to reduce the multiplication of the viral growth in the host

Veterinary training

Well-acquainted with veterinary vaccination concept

Community health nurse

Will help to arrange community based public health awareness program

Poster presented and power point present and effective community engagement

Culturally competent nurse

Help to understand the gap in the knowledge about rabies and its infection among the rural population or Vietnam

Cultural competency, effective communication skills in both English and colloquial language of Vietnam

Assistant public health professional (over 18 years)

To assist all the healthcare professionals in the work process

Effective team work and ability to work under pressure

Population: Vietnam is a beautiful country, filled with cultural history and heritage. Hanoi is the second largest city in Vietnam and is boosted with the ever growing population. However, the estimated population is difficult to determine in a conclusively manner. The average estimated population is 7.68 million people and the population density of the city is 1,979 people every square kilometre (World Population Review, 2018). This high population rate is equipped with high rate of domestic animals and this is the main reason behind the high rabies infection among the Hanoi population residing in Vietnam. According to Lee et al., (2018) rabies has been one of the notable diseases for more than 40 years in Vietnam. During the last five years, an average of 350,000 people has been bitten by rabies infected dogs causing 80 reported casualties per year. So in order to protect my team member from any impending threats to rabies, I will propose for rabies vaccination of all the members of the team before our visit to Vietnam. The proposal will be made to the funding authority, School of Medicine at Griffith University.

Climate: Hanoi has typical climate of North Viet Nam with tropical monsoon filled with hot summer, heavy rainfall and cold winter. Ha Noi receives relatively high humidity and rainfall. The month of May to September remains hot and rainy and dry winter lasts from November to March. April and October is the transition seasons which constitutes autumn and spring (Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, 2018). Since our team is visiting during August, we are expected to encounter humid summer along with winter. Thus the main precautions that must be taken in order to avoid climatic calamites include use of cotton garments in order to beat humidity and use of umbrellas in order fight against (Appendix A: clothing details). We will also try to avoid outdoor based community health programs in order to avoid unwanted disturbances from heavy rainfall.

Local living condition: According to the reports published by the World Health Organisation (2011), Vietnam still face several challenges with water and sanitation issues along with lack of proper awareness in the hygiene related behaviours. So in order to cope up with the scarcity of water, our team will ensure zero water wastage long with the promotion of the basic hygiene needs among the local population.

The funding agency is School of Medicine at Griffith University. However, it is unlikely that the head of the other organisations that we are planning to collaborate will be available for meetings during a massive outbreak. We will select another representative from the same organisation as our point of contact. This person will be elected directly via contacting the organisation through email. I will use my Griffith email account for any kind of official communications (Appendix B: email details).  The main target organisation during our visit in Vietnam will be National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology Vietnam (NIHEV). According to Viet Nam News (2018), NIHEV is working in close association with the Vietnam government in order to ensure proper supply of vaccines in the rural areas of Vietnam.  Another target organisation will be Asvelis Veterinary Hospital in Ha Noi.

Preparations Before Departure

Formalities that should be done while visiting to Vietnam include

(i) Obtaining research Visa from the Vietnam government via stating the actual purpose of visit.

(ii) Obtaining permission from the Vietnam government to work in Hanoi towards the prevention and eradication of rabies.

There non spot flights from Vietnam to Hanoi one from Sydney and another one from Melbourne. Griffith university is located in Queensland and thus take connecting flight from Queensland to Sydney or Melbourne and then directly to Hanoi.  We book our lodging centre within the vicinity of National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology Hanoi such that it will be easier for us to contact and communicate with the personnel from NIHEV and execute our tasks. We will mainly take local bus or other local transportation facilities in order to reach that rural population in Vietnams. Taking public transport will further help to reduce the overall expenditure of the tour.

In order to ensure proper safety and security all the team members will be vaccinated with rabies vaccines in order to reduce the chances of rabies infection. Though Hanoi has medical facilities and pharmacy shops but we will carry our own first aid box in order to deal in emergency situations during odd hours. In case of extreme emergency we will seek doctors advice.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2013), it is not recommended that person’s suffering from any health issues like hypertension or diabetes or communicable disease to attend any kind of health-campaign field trips. Before initiation of the journey, a detailed health check-up will be done for each of the team members from any public funded hospital in Australia. The team will carry the health fitness certificates with them in order t avoid any complications during immigration.

Dressing equipments

Medicines for fever, cold and cough

Medicines for stomach upset and gastritis

Medicines for allergic reactions

Antiseptic ointments

Common First Aid Requirement

(Source: Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, 2014)

In order to reduce the stress the team will undertake sort week-end visits to some to the notable places in Hanoi however; such short trips will be self-financed. These short trips during the weekends will help to reduce the stress level and at the same time will help team to know more about Vietnamese culture.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Hoan Kiem Lake

Temple of Literature, Hanoi

West Lake

Table: Places to visit in Hanoi Vietnam

(Source: Hanoi, 2018)

Proper implementation of plan will be done under proper funding that will be obtained from Griffith University. Flight tickets will be booked via university travel agents and accommodation will be booked via the team leader (myself) via credit card that has been issued by the university. Flight tickets will be booked only after visa confirmation.

Since the entire team will be away for a month family responsibilities will be compromised. From my part, I will ensure to clear my financial payments and bills through online transactions or request my other family members to do it on my behalf. I have also issued internal credit card from my bank in order to avoid complications during emergencies.


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2013). CDC health information for international travel 2014: The yellow book. Oxford University Press.

Fitzpatrick, M. C., Hampson, K., Cleaveland, S., Mzimbiri, I., Lankester, F., Lembo, T., ... & Galvani, A. P. (2014). Cost-effectiveness of canine vaccination to prevent human rabies in rural Tanzania. Annals of internal medicine, 160(2), 91-100.

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Meslin, F. X., & Briggs, D. J. (2013). Eliminating canine rabies, the principal source of human infection: what will it take?. Antiviral research, 98(2), 291-296.

Perovi?, S., Radovanovi?, S., Sikimi?, V., & Berber, A. (2016). Optimal research team composition: data envelopment analysis of Fermilab experiments. Scientometrics, 108(1), 83-111.

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