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Developing and Communicating a Vision


Write a report about the "Completed Integration and the Road to Mastery". 

To: Course Coordinator

Cc: Lead Lecturer

Bcc: Tutor

Subject - Completed Integration and the Road to Mastery 

Dear Sir,

I am a student of our esteemed institution have completed my project by doing various analysis on the below 4 points that describes Developing as well as Communicating a Vision, Self Motivation as well as Others, Power using and Influence Ethically and Effectively and Agreement Negotiation and Commitment Negotiation. After completing my project I have developed a fair sense of Management and the various functions and roles a manager has in an organization.

I hope we would like my assessment and help me further develop my management qualities for a better future.

Thanking We


Define vision?

A vision is a big scenery of the manner things probably to be. It is one’s promoting image of what are we functioning towards.

Such as, we might have an image of every different methods we need our neighborhood to be better. We may ask for a neighborhood that will have streets clean. We might want others to look out at each other due to which crime rates will be low. We might look for a neighborhood where  people may know each other much better so that together they can solve problems.

Once all the pieces are put together the vision will be: A friendly, safe and clean neighborhood in which together differences are worked out, support and know each other very well.

Our total vision is like a advertising board: It is an image of our perfect neighborhood or people in area that transports our ideas from one place to another powerfully yet accurately and very quickly.

Once we get a vision, we inform people about it and to lead them we use it.

If our vision is that chord touching one and if it can be well communicated people will join the communication.

According to the word in the Syracuse Cultural Workers, states that no matter what our attempts is to inform, to inspire is our ability that may turn tides.

Central role of a leader is sharing the vision -- what things might be like is an image given by a vision. It inspires them, raises hopes as well as expectations. People are more likely to work on something when they are inspired.

Each and every time. Tell people what are we looking for when we are talking about our group or organization. The more we practice it the more people will willingly join we and support we.

Its important to talk about one’s vision even before planning an organization or group. A community of people is created who moreover knows the persons idea and might support him as when one communicates to others. 

Dream Huge

The first step is dreaming. We should dare and go ahead with dreaming about what we can do and what we can possibly accomplish. We shouldn't be afraid of big dream. We can every time lower down to face the realities of the circumstances, but dreaming huge allows us to imagine about opinions that might not seem probable, yet are possible in fact. Big thinking always forces us to think for long term which is always good and beneficial.

Developing own personal vision

Self-Motivation and Motivating Others

How we might star developing a vision?

Everyone have their personal vision(Fecher & Patt, 2011). Everyone have an image in their minds regarding what they want to have in their future life. Most probably we would like to get a good job, or get some more time to think about our requirements or become a very influential person on our community.

Our future planning is a vision of our own life. And where we want our group or community to be is the vision of that community or group.

Get response for our vision

We must talk with people about our vision as much as possible. We should portray them our thought and our big future dream("Give feedback and get feeds", 2013). Then observe whether the people are responding to our vision or are giving any importance to our vision.

Secondly, our vision will change somewhat after getting the responses from the people regarding our vision. We may feel to include few of their thoughts in our own. The rest’s ideas will make our vision stronger.

After reshaping and testing our big picture, we should start developing the details. We need to portray people about some specifics regarding what it will give in everyday life(Greco, 2011). We also should tell people what we will do to reach there, i.e., developing a plan. People assume our huge image as a worthless mirage if we do not supply them few ideas as how we feel things will change.

As a front runner, we must help people take our vision and make it their own. This is very important to make everyone work together for a common goal. Members must have a common vision and should posses the ownership sense to become a part of a group(Froyen, Feldman, & Singh, 2010).

People may not agree with every details of our vision so as to follow our guidance. They will posses different thoughts regarding how to use a vision. Everyone should share a vision and goal in order to accomplish a work.

A person’s enthusiasm and creativity are closely linked. Having motivated workers is significant for the long period achievement of mostly every organization(Motivating Self and Others, 2016). 

The author of Matching Motivational Strategies with Organizational Contexts Terence Mitchell states that a series of actions that report for an individual's intense manner, management, and resilience of effort for achieving a goal is known as motivation.

  1. Intensity: describes how hard a person tries
  2. Management: describes the extent the referred is channeled
  3. Resilience: a measurement of a person’s effort maintaining.

Victor Vroom's expectancy theory is one of the most widely accepted theories of motivation. On the strength of expectation and followed by the given outcome as well as the attractiveness the outcome will have according to a person decides the person’s tendency to act(Baumann & Bonner, 2016).

Stating differently, when calculating whether or not to give high energy to a work, we question ourselves:

  1. Can we get the job if we make the effort?
  2. Will my effort be rewarded by the people who reward work of the employees after getting the job?
  3. Will my goals and needs be satisfied by the rewards or are the rewards attractive?

Till today, most of the research supports this theory.

Stating that particular and challenging (but attainable) goals leading to higher performance is the essence of this theory. What should be done and how much power should be given are the things goals inform the employees (Hsiaw, 2013). Along with expectancy theory, Goal-setting theory is consistent and is seen as a subset of it. The gist of goal-setting theory is that:

  1. Performance is increased through specific goals.
  2. Results are higher of difficult goals than easy ones.
  3. Lower feedbacks yields lower performance than higher feedbacks.

Using Power and Influence Ethically and Effectively

Status and money cannot motivate everyone. Challenging jobs are not needed by everyone.. Maximizing employee motivation requires designing schedules of works, benefits, plans of compensation and so on is needed to maximize the employee motivation so as to show the various needs of workers(Niewold, 2011). New commers might look to the option of taking extended leave for prolonging their overseas family visits. Some employees emphasize on securing the job rather than over pay.

Employees must get various benefits in order for motivation. This is coherent with the other theory called expectancy theory. Along with the goals of employees organizational rewards should be parallel. 

With college or university degrees many worker in today’s workplace are well trained and professional. These kind of workers give a lot of fulfillment from their functions and likely to be paid good(Katz, 2013). This derives that promotion and money are likely not so much important in their priority list. This type of worker’s motivation requires an approach different from typical low-skilled worker motivating process.

Some guidelines to keep in mind if we're trying to motivate professionals:

  1. Giving challenging projects to them.
  2. Autonomy to follow their interests must be given.
  3. In the ways they find productive should be the way they structure their work.
  4. Through educational opportunities they should be rewarded.
  5. Reward through recognition.
  6. Displaying our sincere interest in what they're doing.

For the most part, every time we oblige some person to complete the process of something, we have to negotiate. Each choice depends on upon endless supply of advancement. We and our partners negotiate about commitment, needs, time ranges, interest, assets, deliverables and unmistakable conceivable results. As an official, we have to ponder our own particular inspirations driving interest, other than the interests and needs of our gathering and the individual members(Negotiating Agreement and Commitment, 2006). We should be a force judge to juggle all these interests, particularly while working in or dealing with a multi-disciplinary get-together.

A champion amongst the most key parts of being a center individual is to have the capacity to begin an open converse with others. Without exchange, there will be no base for strategies. There are three key conditions exploring the completed center to have a sensible exchange: to have a shared objective, to regard each other and to see each other. The four principles of effective negotiation

Fisher and Ury's first principle is to separate the general open from the issues. Individuals tend to twist up personally required with both their issues and also with their positions. They tend to take responses to those issues and positions as personal attacks. Purposefully separating the comprehensive social undertaking from the issues allows both parties to address the issues while keeping up a standard relationship, and it is also useful to get a clearer perspective of the issue. 

The system for negotiation should focus on the parties' unbelievable circumstances, instead of their positions. The position is based upon a key interest. Attempting to pick fluctuating positions prescribes that no short of what one get-together will "lose" the asking. Decisively when an issue is depicted nearly as the parties' key slants it opens a perfect way to deal with figuring out how to regulate find to find an answer which satisfies both parties' interests. 

Generation of  more options results in bigger chances that the correct solution might be discovered. Part of the negotiation process is to generate more options before a solution is decided (Sonnenberg, 2012). Four obstacles were identified by Fisher and Ury for generating creative options: Parties might decide prematurely on the option, they may even plan on narrowing their choices in search of the single answer, the problem is defines as in win-lose terms, expecting that the only choice are win for one side and lose for the other. Then again a party may presume that it is up to the following side to think about a solution to the problem.

To resolve differences care should be taken by parties in using objectives criteria when interests are directly opposed. The relationship between might be destroyed due to the battle between the parties due to the differences. Also, its not efficient and is very unlikely that wise agreements will be produced by it. Decisions on the basis of rational standards make it very easy for parties on agreeing on the result and continue their good relationship.

Agreement Negotiation and Commitment Negotiation

Just 30 percent of change tries inside affiliations genuinely succeed. That is a staggeringly low number. Orchestrating change is a key achievement variable in sensibly dealing with our family and adjusting our business targets. How we control change ought to be sharp of the way of life that we have or yearning to have. Individuals have disconnecting inspirations so we have to envision changes to our joint exertion and pick how we will manage those changes. We general regard that affiliations are going to change after some time: There will be force turnover; the economy will change; new open deliberation will enter the business center; we will see new advancement. By what system may we need to manage those changes? Might we need to drive changes through the association, do we require an all the all the furthermore gathering approach or do we require something in inside? Change is troublesome for most relationship since they don't see the "What's in it for me?" guideline (Implementing and Sustaining Change, 2009). Right when something changes in our affiliation, our accessories are all going to need to see what is in it for them. We have to see the central focuses to each of those frill social affairs and the animal circumstances to the relationship with everything considered. This will pull in we to have a smoother move process since individuals inside and outside the affiliation will understand why the change is being had and how it influences them. We have to listen to our extras and show others how its done. Our change affiliation framework ought to fit in with the way of life that we have made and be clear with the qualities that we are affronting on the association. This sends a method on message to our clients, suppliers, money related qualities and particular enhancements; that we recognize and take up with change and have obliged it with our corporate DNA. Our capacity to agree to changing circumstances may even change into a high ground. Here are two questions to consider when embarking upon a change initiative:

 Clear vision can be created if we know what our organization must look after the execution of the actions. Its obvious that the after the improvements the organization would change hence we must be clear regarding how the improvement might look both externally and internally(Rydén & Sydner, 2011). Once we receive the vision behavioral goals setting helps us getting there. In any strategy or change which is rolling out people must be able to see them in it. Clarity is provided by creating behavioral goals. Dramatically our rate of success will go up when we have expectations set clear for our workers and how things will improve can be communicated.

Taking part into initiative of the organization by all levels is an important aspect for implementing change successfully. We need to think on how to create the introductory step to get success(Alexander, 1985). By portraying personal benefits and self interest of the change people must be approached. Multiple stakeholder community that will be jammed will be comprised in every initiative change. We need to address the needs of each of those groups – How they will be jammed? Changes they must make? Through implementation of change what benefits will they get? In the process change how can we involve them effectively? Support will be increased when the above question of a stakeholder group is answered and inviting them for process participation of making change. Establishing credibility and support can go a long way by encouraging discussions openly as everyone expects to be heard out.  


The above analysis of 4 different aspects to manage an organization or to get introduced to management clearly state that a manager should always posses these above four qualities.

The strength of my project is that it easily defines the above points which must be a part of an excellent management and the assessment also states the functional activities of the above points.

My assessment can be improved if I would have provided with more information and time to study and do research on the above topics.

According to my expectation the marker would find my assessment important and distinctive and would comment well on it.

According to my knowledge I am not being able to score my assessment but would like to say that I have done my research and went through all the facts and gave my best to the assessment.  


Alexander, L. (1985). Successfully implementing strategic decisions. Long Range Planning, 18(3), 91-97. 

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