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Discuss about the Conceptual Framework For Business Process.

Business processing Engineering can be defined as the method in which various organization analyze or study the present or current process of business and easily aim in developing new methods which can be used for improving productivity, involved or operation cost and efficiency for an organization (Scheer, 2012). It also aims on the fact that organization can easily achieve their goals. It also focusses or address on the fact that organization can easily achieve or look for overall kind of improvement.

In the coming pages of the report a case study has been chosen on e-school application which relates to the use of business process engineering. After that full attention has been given on intention and contents of the article. All the important factors like survey, case study, observation, experiments and other kinds of methods associated with it. An attention has been given on the various kinds of issues and problems which is highlighted by the author. A brief comparison with the other paper on the topic of business processing engineering has been provided. The paper chosen for this report is the requirement or need of e-school application which offers services to various kinds of information society.  

The paper mainly addresses a conceptual type of framework which is needed of engineering methods for e-school application which generally offer various kinds service to information society. The e-school application can be defined as the fusion of electronic business and context of mobile business (Van Der Aalst, 2013). This model mainly consists of three dynamic of web interface and SMS interface. Implementation of this kind of service mainly requires accept various kinds of changes in the school business process which supports it.

This paper mainly addresses the need or requirement of engineering framework which mainly aim in overcoming the feedback loop and process of business. The framework provided in this paper mainly addresses on the fact of building an application which mainly surety of the fact and looking into the fact of identification of various process of business processes changes and various kinds of models related to it (Weske, 2012). The framework also focuses on the idea of efficient deployment of various kinds of services and its future development on the business processes. Various kinds of analysis are done by a business processing engineers so that organization easily achieve long term goals.

Case study: E-School Application

Requirements engineering has developed a model which can be used as a software engineering considering the fact of systematic way of earliest application of software development. Components of various kinds of engineering model generally consist of development of requirement and its management (Zur Muehlen and Recker, 2013). In this paper the conceptual framework mainly addresses a design for coordinating the various kinds of activities required of engineering and also ensures the kind of development required for development of some specific application.

Efficient capturing the various kinds of business process which support development of application which is considered to be critical for development of software requirements. The following case study is chosen for fact that it has increased number in exchanging various kinds of notification with respect to various kinds of information system. SMS and mail services are considered to be main or ultimate method of notification assets which mainly provides support for rich interface. The following paper mainly addresses issues of traditional school and aspects of e-school.

Various kinds of educational system in summation of core activities of teaching and learning focus which generally depends on various kinds of business procedures. The procedure generally falls on scope of various processes of business. There are generally a large number of issues which generally lacks the architecture of e-school which is according to technical standard, lack of conditions, process of business. There are large number of gaps between small and large schools.

Business process capture, analysis and development of model focus on initial boundaries of school. In this phase the initial boundaries of the business process are checked and a basis idea of the process is needed. For proper definition of the vison of the application and its need to be done (Chung, Nixon and Mylopoulos, 2012). Various stakeholder’s requirements are gathered and given to individual kinds of users so that it can easily provide high level of specification. In the prototype phase, a proper kind of prototype phase is designed and implemented as per need of the requirements. The prototype focus on gathering and verifying the needs of the user. Trial work is considered to be important for both functionality of application as well as verification of performance. The only method to have process changes is to accept the changes of the process directly from the various actors. The various kinds of service and improved processes are used and set into motion for usage. 

Issues and challenges with traditional school processes

In the case study a very important factor is highlighted that how the teachers make changes regarding the records of homework assignment. Every school have highlighted some of the issue related to tracking of data and drawing attention when it is considered to be important factor. This particular type of factor is considered to be bit time consuming (Röglinger, Pöppelbuß and Becker, 2012). One risk which is associated with the various kinds of usability of service is generally related to simplification of procedure. It will help in overcoming additional features or work for the teachers. In case of dealing with service requirements a whole set of future which mainly taken into consideration.

The key idea or logic behind the initiation of e-school system is to provide gradual support for the school process and changes which is needed or required for successful integration and adaptation. The process which is generally assumed to impact the need of set for a particular application (Dumas et al... 2013). And any kind of improvisation in school business is considered to be an extension of various processes of school and it should make use of traditional school processes and it should also notify various kinds of services related to it (Harmon, 2015). An important factor which is to be noticed is the introduction of business process which will not decrease the amount or level of usability.

The case study in the paper mainly addresses various kinds of notification services which are generally based on notification services which are generally depended on school depended exchange of information at any point of time by making use of various kinds of service related to SMS messages. This particular type of service enables a fast and easy way of information exchange between school, parents and students (Rosemann and vom Brocke, 2015). The content in the notification is generally about assignment of students, absence of students, general notification about various kinds of activities like meeting between parent and teachers. Broadcast capabilities are generally making use of distributed dependent architecture.

Bidirectional communication provides a platform where parents can easily ask for some particular information which they sometime look for like information about the children given or provided by students. Data entry is generally achieved by making use of various secure kinds of web interfaces (Jeston and Nelis, 2014). This particular services enables customizing various kinds profile of customers and receiving information about their interest. Notification service user include various kinds of teachers as a content of administrator, students and their parents. All the registered employees of school are generally responsible for providing or entering information related to school (Rebuge and Ferreira, 2012). The job role of the administrator of the system generally depends on the model of business.  

Framework for Business Process Engineering

Two new methods have been found for E-school notification has been discussed in the case study. In the service development model, it is concluded that notification service is very simple and easy to use  (Eastman, 2012). Only software development process is needed for required for it. With the help of conceptual design of framework several stages of requirement engineering were generally defined. Each and every stage of this model is generally defined as goal and techniques of requirement elicitation (Reay, Ramshaw and Harvey, 2013). The ultimate notion of notification service is the limitation of SMS and other kinds of Web services. The service claims to provide more user friendly and extensive method of communication which is limited to extensive medium of communication which is generally considered to be opposite of inherent limitation of SMS. This particular service provides web interface for provider of content and user for various kinds of services.

Various kinds of education system provide addition to core value of activities of teaching and other kinds of learning. This procedure generally falls under the method or process of school business process (Chang, 2016). An example of traditional process of business can be defined as the roles and responsibility of students to perform all the task and doing all sort of home works. There are large number of issue which are discussed in the following case study are

  • Lack or absence of general type of E-school system of architecture which generally works according to the technical standard and current process of business
  • Absence of condition, rules and regulation which is generally used in e-learning and e-teaching mode of teaching.
  • Analysis of any kind of gap present which is generally present in big and large kind of schools.

Apart from this parents are considered to be a part or mode of communities which focus on the fact that that parent can easily get information related to their children.

On comparing this article with the other article is it observed that the case study is different but the idea about business process engineering is same. Business processing engineering can be easily stated as the method by which organization can easily work and develop some kinds of new methods which can be used for improving efficiency and various kinds of cost which are generally involved in it (Laguna and Marklund, 2013). After comparison it is analyzed that method of adaptation or implementation of business process engineering is different in the case study but the notion or goal is same in both the research study. In one of the case study the origin of BPR and key concepts, BPR as a radical change, BPR and TQM has been discussed in this case study. While on the other case study an analysis has been done on the framework which consist of framework like capability for capturing and checking the business process and development of model (van Dongen, Dijkman and Mendling, 2013). A business driver for the process of business is generally supported for development of application.

Comparison with other research studies


From the above discussion it can be concluded that this case study it can be easily concluded that this report is all about Business Processing Engineering. In the beginning pages of the report a proper definition of BPR (Business Processing Engineering) has been provided.  In the discussion of the report an idea has been provided regarding the conceptual kind of framework which is needed in E-School applications. In the case study section an idea has been provided regarding requirement engineering. Two of the important factors like SMS and email services has been discussed in the report. In the observation part various kinds of various kinds of education system and teaching has been discussed in details. In the experiment portion of the report certain number of problems have been discussed like methods used by teachers for having correction regarding the assignment. The ultimate idea behind the generation of e-school system is give or provide regular support for various kinds of processes and changes which is needed for proper addition or integration. In the other method section an idea has been provided regarding bidirectional communication. Later on in the finding section two of the E-school notification that is service development and SMS web interface has been discussed in the above pages.


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