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Description of the Problem

Discuss about the Coordinate Implementation of Customer Service Strategies.

The two problems that the company is facing are the issues of stiff competition and lack of information about the tastes and preferences of the customers. The stiff competition may be as a result of the emergence of other market players or other rivals adopting strategic policies that have made them more efficient.  The customers, on the other hand, may have changed their tastes and preferences which can be as a result of more uncontrollable factors such as inflation or unemployment.  It is imperative that the problems are looked into so that the expectations of the company are solved (Tseng et al. 2011). There is need for various steps to be taken so that the firm is assured of its survival in the ever competitive market

The options that are available for the company include, carrying out market research on the market segments so as to establish the new needs and preferences of the potential customers (Goetsch & Davis, 2014). The investigation of the needs will make the company strategize on what to do so that it customizes the goods to correspond with the requirements of the potential customers. The assessment of the market can also make the company develop more products that the competitors are dealing with and are being preferred by the target segment (Kiel, 2014).  Moreover, it is imperative for the ABC Company to seek more information about the competitive company that they share with the market segments so as to establish the processes that they are engaging with so as to gauge on the policies that they can put in place to ensure that they acquire a competitive edge in the market. The last option would be to make changes in the training and development procedures that would make the employees more competent in the context of creating an organization that is customer centric.

The research and development of the trends that are occurring in the market segment will encompass the allocation of funds to the research and development department that will, later on, appoint individuals that will engage in the market survey for a designated period of time9 Mac Cormack, 2013).The researchers will then report on their findings which later on will be used by the organization to formulate on the feasible policies on how to better satisfy the needs of the customers.  Also, it may also carry out benchmarks with some of the market players so that the employees can exchange information on the strategies that they are using such as technologies that make their goods to be of better quality (Johnson, 2016). Training and development may be carried out where the company may agree to be training a specific number of employees to say ten per week on quality customer services. It is also ideal for the company to contact some of the customers and inquire from them their take on the goods and services of the company.

List of Options or Alternatives for Solving the Problems

The aptest course of action would be adopting a customer relational marketing that aims at ensuring that customers are satisfied to the maximum. The wants and the needs of the customers are prioritized in every decision that the company makes (Galbraith, 2011).   The customer is supplied with sufficient information about the company, availed to quality goods and services and given an opportunity to be time averse. Also, the company must ensure that the lifestyle and the culture of the customer are fully incorporated in the delivering of the services.

The strategies that will be involved will be those that ensure that customers have an opportunity to interact with the customer service givers in the case of any inquiries. In addition, the customers should be able to access information about the company through the company website, and they can make their orders (Greaney, 2015).  Moreover, the company will ensure that customers are given experiences such as self-service and the ability to use credit cards for the payment of services because most of the customers are trendy. The costs that will be incurred will be those to do with employing more competent staff workers that can help in conducting the customer care services.  There will also be costs associated with the managing of the websites and the transportation costs of delivering the ordered goods to the customers.

The staff that will be involved in the new strategy will involve the customer caregivers and the human resource manager who will help in the coordination of the services of the personnel (Brown & Brown, 2014).  The customer caregivers will have the role of listening and responding to the customer complaints and responding to them in the most appropriate manner. The major role of the human resource manager will be to ensure that the right personnel is recruited and placed in the right jobs.

The interventions will be fruitful in the sense that they will ensure that customers are retained through the provision of the quality services and goods. In addition, the company expects that its sales will improve through the blending of the customer values and expectations with the objectives of the company (Wieseke et al. 2014).The outcomes that will be experienced if the expectations are not met is the fact that the company will make losses because of the increased costs that were added to its budget. Also, the company will experience stiff competition from other competitors who were also adopting the same strategies.

Processes used to Generate these Alternatives

The legislation that can apply in this case could be the government reducing the value added tax that is included in the consumer goods and services (Debruyne, 2014).  The legislation will make the goods and services to be cheap, and this will make the products of the company to be more appealing to the customers.

As a customer, are the products of the company meeting your basic requirements?

As a company, do you think we understand your wants?

Do you think we are doing everything in our capacity to satisfy your wants?

 If we were to advance our services as a company what are your suggestions on what we were to change on our products?

 As a customer, do you think that we are effective in our service delivery?

 If you were to access information about another product from another company will you prefer that product to ours? Why?

 In your view, what scores between medium, low and high, would you rate our goods and services?

 The survey was conducted through availing the questionnaires to the customers via their emails, and others were handed to the customers when they visited the stores to purchase goods. After filling the questionnaires, the customers sent them to the email of the company or dropped them in the collection containers at the organization (Dale, 2015). The collection of the questionnaires lasted for two weeks. The questionnaires majorly targeted the customers of the company that was both from within the locality of the organization and those that were from other states.

The questionnaires were given to about 1000 customers, and a total of 842 responded and delivered their responses to the organization. The percentage of those that responded was 84.2% that was a meaningful number to base the views of the whole population of the market segment. The 1000 customers were to act as the sample size.  It was a good achievement for the company for it was able to acquire information from a large number of correspondents (Minarti & Segoro, 2014).   

The outcome of the survey indicated that 79% of the customers felt that the company was sensitive to their needs, wants, and expectations. 18% of the customers suggested that the company was not conversant with their wants and that amendments were to be made on the service delivery. 3% of the respondents were indifferent on the goods and services of the company; they were not sure on how to rate the company's performance on customer services. The customers depicted that the corporation was in a good position though a lot was to be done on developing the products so that customers were more confident.

Course of Action Based on the Best Options Outlined

The survey was conducted within a designated time frame.  The survey worked within the budget, and thus there were no added costs to the operations of the company.  The survey was effective in that it was able to be done in the time frame and the target number of customers was met with a very small disparity. When the questionnaires were received back, the suggestions of the customers were received positively. The questionnaires were assessed, and the responses were presented in the form of graphs that helped in the analyzing of the data that was gathered. The major shortcoming of the survey was the limited resources that denied the company an opportunity to have more responses from the potential customers.  The figure that was targeted was 1000 which could have been larger were it not for the inadequate resources of the company.

In addition, there were some questions that were not comprehended by the respondents, and thus the responses that were given were insufficient for an informed analysis. It is evident that the customer’s preferences and wants are dynamic and that the company should implement more robust ways that will help in the integration of the customer needs, wants and expectations of the production process. The survey was a success given that it availed information that was sensitive to a customer and product centric organization.


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