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Function of Executives of Coco-cola

Discuss about the Corporate Strategy on Human Resource Management.

This report critically analysis the role and function of Coco Cola manager in Australia. Additionally, it also discusses the challenges that face by managers in the current changing period. Along with this, it also demonstrates the impact of values, ethics, and diversity of Coca-cola culture. At the same time, it also shows the behaviors and performance of Coco-Cola executives. Further, it discusses Organizational theory as well as it also presents the organizational ethics and ethical practice.

There are three kinds of roles that are performed by Coca-Cola managers such as interpersonal, informational, and Decision role. It will be effective to meet the specified goal along with gaining the profitability of Coca Cola (Beardwell, et al., 2014).  These roles are discussed below:

In the interpersonal roles, each level of Coca- Cola manager gives their contribution in business operation to meet objectives. Due to this, top, middle, and down level of managers effectively communicate with each other to perform different activities such as planning, organizing, directing or leading, and controlling (Brewster, et al., 2017).

Informational roles can also be effective to operate the business. Additionally, there are three kinds of roles that will be considered by Coa-Cola like recipient, spokesperson, and disseminator role. Moreover, through recipient, a manager receives data regarding the operation activity of Coco-cola. Besides this, from the utilization of disseminator role, executive of Coca-Cola moving the data to subordinates. Afterward, the spokesperson will transmit the data delivery in outside of the company.

In the decision role, Coca-Cola considered different activities like entrepreneurial, negotiator, resource allocator, and disturbance handler role. It will be appropriate to decision making about the business activity of Co-Cola.

The executive of Coca-Cola can perform different kinds of managerial function in the business operation such as planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017). These are discussed as below:

Planning can be important to identify what will be done in future. In this step, the manager of Coca-Cola explains which activity can be imperative to complete the task in upcoming period. Coca-Cola can incorporate some activities named enhancing advertising, sales staff, and inventory. An executive of Coco-Cola can use each activity to effectively accomplish the task of organization.

In this step, a manager can organize material and each activity of Coca-Cola on behalf of their plan. They also assign the activity to the subordinates to perform the task (Friedman, 2016). 

Challenges faced by managers in current changing business scenario

Staffing can also be important for a manager to run the business operation in long term. Manager recruit, select, train and develop the employees to meet the goal of Coca-Cola. In addition, it can be said that human resource department is significant to complete the task in specified time and cost.  

An executive of Coca Cola is needed to more focus on leading the employees as compare to the planning, organizing, and controlling to accomplish the objective of the company. Directing can include some factors such as motivation, guide, communication, and encourage. It requires executives to assist the employees to solve problem appropriately (Gitman, et al., 2015). 

Controlling is crucial parts of managerial function because of effectively operates the business and meet the goal of Coca Cola. Additionally, it can also be said that the manager of Coca-Cola can control all the activity of subordinates to complete the task in less time as well as manage the issues at the working place. Along with this, the controlling process can also be effective to mitigate the issues regarding the conflict and make a positive environment.

In the current business scenario, Coco Cola managers have faced many issues in an organization such as management of resources, increased competition level, market research, and consumer loyalty. Others challenges are uncertainty, regulation, and risk management, problem-solving, and addressed appropriate staff (Jaques, 2017).

Values can play an imperative role to make a positive image of Coco-Cola in the marketplace. It demonstrates image as combined sets of management values that orient its team and lead their predictions and divisional actions. Moreover, it can illustrate that an appropriate value can support to increase the productivity, efficiency as well as creativity at the working place.   

Ethics can also be vital for a company along with workers it is because it leads to increase the productivity of company in long-term. In addition, it can also be said that ethics could be a principle to regulate the behavior of workforces at the working place. Ethics can direct impact on both small along with the large organization. In addition, it can be said that the unethical behavior of a firm can direct impact on the financial situation of Coca Cola. In oppose to this, it can be illustrated that there are some elements which are same in the company like psychology, medicine, and law (Pimenova, et al., 2016).

Diversity also influences the performance of Coca Cola. In additionally, diversity can be occurred by the different interest of people at working place. It can play a major role in creating the complexity to accomplish the task of an organization. At the same time, it can also be said that Coco-Cola can use many strategies to reduce the diversity issues at the working place along with focusing on change the diversity issues into the strength of the company (Purce, 2014).       

Role, behavior, and performance of managers within that organization

There are some activities that will be considered by the executive of Coca-Cola. These are discussed as below:

  • The executives can help each staff member in their daily activity in order to accomplish the aim of the organization.
  • Managers also play an imperative role to determine the responsibilities and roles of employees to decline the complexities regarding the work. At the same time, it can also be said that clear role can enhance the productivity of Coco-Cola in long-run.   
  • It selects an appropriate candidate from the interview method to perform the activity of an organization.  
  • The manager of a company can also offer training and development to their employees for improving the skills and improve the situation of the company (Rozman, 2017).

The organizational theory could be used by Coca Cola to deal with problems of working place (Storey, 2014). Henry Feyol determines many theories related to the organization are deliberated as below:  

S. No




Diversification of work

Theory of diversification of work can support to classify the job of the workforce that could reduce the extra effort of workforces. Along with this, it can also help to increase the employee productivity in the upcoming period.


Top management or expert

It can offer responsibilities regarding their work. In addition, it can also be said that without expert subordinates cannot accomplish task appropriately. 



It can be effective to guide the employees towards their role to accomplish the objective in the limits. At the same time, it can also be said that the discipline can direct impact on the productivity of Coca-Cola.



Main head of the company can direct the organizational function.



One main head of the company can make the same objective all members of the organization. 


Diverse interest of workforces

In a group, each member has different interest regarding the same activity. It can directly impact on the working style of the workforce. It could also create difficulties to meet the same organizational objective of the company. Hence, it can create the major problem for Coca-Cola in Australia (Thompson, 2014). 



Compensation can also impact on the image of the organization. It could be appropriate for both companies along with workforce.  



It demonstrates the level of performance which could be depending on the performance quality of managers as well as company size.


Scalar chain

It presents lines of managers from top to low level.



From this theory, a manager can able to select an appropriate person for performing the organizational activity. Since a right individual could make command on the function of management.    



A combination of justice and harmony towards the workforces can support to make a positive environment at the workplace.    


Stability of tenure of personnel

Through this theory, the employee cannot be frequently terminated, transfer, and change who have appointed in the organization to perform the task of an organization (Voinea, et al., 2015).     



In this theory, an organization allows to each employee for contributing their innovative idea to meet the organization goal. It will be a direct impact on the growth of business in long run.


esprit de corps

Harmony could be important for a company to inspire the workforces to work with the team and meet the specified goal (Wynarczyk, et al., 2016). 

  • Organizational ethics and ethical practices can support to make a favorable relationship with the society.
  • It can also support to keep moral courses in unexpected movements.
  • It can support to the company for robust teamwork and efficiency.
  • It will also help to the workforce to improve the growth and productivity systematically.
  • Ethical practices in an organization can eliminate the possibility of crime.
  • Ethical programs could support to manage the values linked with strategic planning, diversity management, and quality management. In addition, it can also be said that such activity can be more beneficial than other (Schwappach, et al., 2015).          
  • It can also promote to make a positive image in the market. Consequently, it will improve the financial condition of the company in long-run.


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that managers play an effective role to manage each activity of Coca- Cola. Managers play an imperative role to accomplish the task of Coca Cola in long-term. It can also be summarized that the organizational theory can support to gain the efficiency as well as the growth of the company in long-run. Finally, it can be interpreted that ethical practices, values, and diversity can influence the performance of Coca- Cola in long-run. 


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