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1. Analyse the current network topology implemented at ‘Lucent Pharma’ and identify five major vulnerabilities that exist in the network. You are also required to provide sound reasoning behind these identified vulnerabilities. 

2. Place the following security devices/controls, bearing in mind that these devices do not compromise either the network performance or the security of the network:
a. Firewall

c. Honeypot
d. Routers/Switches
e. Other devices that may add value to the ‘Lucent Pharma’ network

3. Explain/Justify why these devices were placed in the chosen locations in (2)? (5 marks for 2 and 3)

4. Does the Lucent Pharma network require segregation into multiple domains (i.e. requirement of VLANs)? If yes, please add these additional sub-networks to yourtopology.

5. Create a set of firewall policies and a set of firewall rules that should be implemented by the network administrator for firewall(s) placed in the network. Policies must be sound and robust to cover the cyber-security of the entire network.

6. Create a set of IDS/IPS policies and corresponding rules that are to be implemented by the network administrator. Policies must be sound and robust to cover cyber-security of the entire network.

7. Devise ten security policies that are essential for the Lucent Pharma network. Hint: You may refer to security policies from the SANS (SysAdmin, Audit, Network, and Security) website. However, you are required to draft these policies on your own, i.e., to be written in your own words.

8. Design the ‘Proposed Secure Network Design’ for the pharmaceutical firm preferably in Microsoft Visio. An image of this design must be appended to the report.

Missing patches

 It is found that the vulnerabilities that are mainly associated with the network of Lucent Pharma are generally elaborated below:

Missing patches: The fix on the server can be missed which helps in allowing unauthenticated charge into the web application related network. The rouge insider can take this as preference. It is analyzed that to stay away from this sort of difficulties and vulnerabilities, it is particularly needed to be cautious amid the utilization of the patches to the whole servers. It is recognized that the system security related practices or steps should be utilized by updating the Operating System for the recent patches of security.

Default passwords: It is recognized that passwords are not ordered inside the area of network vulnerability and thus it is identified that there are number content management framework, database servers and web applications that are arranged by utilizing number of default or feeble passwords. This sort of issue can be settled by directing appropriate test frequently while considering usage of secret word administration. It is recognized that gate crasher is lockout for characterizing number of fizzled login endeavours.

Firewall run bases misconfiguration: One of the most unsafe and greatest presumptions is misconfiguration of the firewall. It is recognized that because of misconfiguration of the firewall number of genuine security related issues and difficulties can happen inside the framework. It allows passage of unapproved clients into the web condition that further can cause number of cyber security and moral issue because of abuse of essential and additionally classified data. It is discovered that the end goal is to determine this issue to execute the security arrangements successfully.

Remote access: Wireless Aps helps in giving proper connectivity to the clients with proper vicinity inside the whole system. It is found that remote tacks by ward drivers can make number of huge changes inside the system. This kind of vulnerabilities should be settled in network to secure the private information of the organization successfully.

Use of USB flash drives: The usage of USB flash drivers is considered as the most widely recognized procedure with which the system of the association can be infected. The end goal is to determine the security vulnerabilities and to use appropriate security related arrangements inside the organization.

The various types of security devices as well as controls that are mainly used within the network are elaborated below:

Firewall: Firewall is characterized as one of the framework that is used to keep unapproved access from a private system. It is distinguished that firewall helps in keeping the unapproved web clients to limit the information access from the private system that is associated with the intranets. It is identified that that firewalls are arranged into packet sifting, circuit level gateway and web application firewall. It is discovered that the guidelines helps in selecting whether a packet can have the capacity to pass or it can be obstructed. Normally firewalls are put between the systems that are trusted when contrasted with the system.

Default passwords

IDS/IPS: IDS and IPS are the procedures that especially supportive in deciding the event that mostly happens in the system with a specific end goal to distinguish the indications of various infringement, occurrences and in addition inescapable dangers for the security strategies of the organization. The IDS for the most part works for distinguishing interruptions and differing sorts of arrangement related mistakes that influence the organization including infection and malware injection. It is recognized that IDS for the helps with furnishing the system with a level of preventive security against different sorts of suspicious exercises. IDS assist in accomplishing the target with the assistance of early warning that aims at system administrators. Additionally,  IPS is one of the device that help in controlling the entrance to IT organizes for protecting the entire system from various types of attacks.

Honeypot: Honeypot is a decoyed PC framework with a specific to trap programmers for different eccentric or new hacking strategies. They are intended for drawing in for misdirecting programmers and additionally distinguishing different kinds of malicious activities that are performed over the web. There are number of points of interest of honeypots. It is recognized that honeypots gives ease when they are utilized. Another huge favourable position is that are used in order to get information that are very much profitable for uncovering the motivation of the hackers.

Switches/routers: It is identified that both switch and routers are PC organizing devices that aides in permitting more systems that are required to be associated with different PCs, arrange devices and different sorts of systems. It is distinguished that capacity of switch are unique and they are coordinated inside single device. Switches are associated at least two sensible subnets that does not delineate a solitary interface of the switch. Switches are considered as the workhorse that aides in exchanging packets of information between different systems to set up and manage legitimate correspondence between the hubs inside an internetwork.

The reasons for placing the security devices within the networks are elaborated below:

Firewall: Firewall will be used inside the system for limiting unapproved clients section inside the private system. They are utilized as a part of the system of Lucent Pharma so the clients of web cannot straightforwardly have the capacity to enter inside the private system of the organization that is associated with the intranets. It is discovered that every messages and data should be passed through the firewall so the data or message that can make digital security related issues can be blocked and in this manner. They help in accommodating in constraining the entrance of the system for permit access through secure validation based logins.

Firewall run bases misconfiguration

IDS/IPS: Both IDS and IPS are put inside the system with the goal that they can have the capacity to examine the sings of event of various sorts of infringement and security related occurrences. IDS are set so that they can have the capacity to stop the occurrences while IPS by ends up one of the parts of the system. IDS and IPS continually visit the system and recognize different sorts of possible incidents and logging data about team and generally helps in playing role in preventing the incidents. Furthermore, a portion of the systems use IDS/IPS for deciding diverse sorts of security related approaches.

Honeypot: Honeypot is one of the PC frameworks that set up for acting as legitimate imitation to decoy the cyber attackers and for recognizing attempts of unapproved access inside the data framework. It is comprises of number of applications, PCs and information that aides in empowering the conduct of the framework that gave off an impression of being a piece of the system that secluded and observed appropriately. It is discovered that all communication with suitable honeypot is observed to be threatening. They are used for drawing in the aggressors with a specific end goal to think about the examination about their developments. 

Switches/routers: It is recognized that switches are used to associate the server. It is discovered that a switch general serves as one of the controller that help in empowering legitimate organized devices properly. The switches help in saving money and helps in improving the profitability of the representatives. On the other hand, switches are f used for checking the source helps in checking the IP with a specific end goal to look into the destination of the entire attack.

 It is found that Lucent Pharma requires appropriate network segregation into number of multiple domains that thus the utilization of VLANs are quite necessary. It is discovered that larger systems of PC for the business frequently set up the whole VLANs to re-partition their systems for enhancing traffic management. It is found that few system assists in supporting virtual LANs that generally incorporate both Wi-Fi and Ethernet. It is discovered that VLANs helps in conveying legitimate security advantages to the bigger systems keeping in mind the end goal to permit appropriate control the devices over local access. WI-FI helps the systems by using remote access in supporting the VLAN's.

Transparency of physical layer: It is discovered that VLANs are needed on the present physical topology over which the whole system is altogether associated.

Remote access

Security: It is recognized that separating system that have sensitive data that  helps in limiting the odds that gained by the people to get to data when they are not approved to see it. This is useful just because of the usage of VLANs very useful in securing the information and data of the organizations.

Cost: It is recognized that division of VLAN to little VLAN is considered to be less expensive as switches are much more costlier than the routers that are used.

Broadcasts: As one of the fundamental component of VLAN does not helps in passing broadcasting various traffic to nodes are not a part  inside the VLAN and it helps with lessening the broadcasting. It is discovered that entrance records helps in giving legitimate system administrator a proper route for controlling the movement of the system. It is found that an entrance list is one of the tables that are made by the network administrator for tending to the entrance of the whole system.

Performance: It is discovered that appropriate checking of the system use for the most part helps with enabling the system to make legitimate network administrator for  limiting the quantity of router hops for upgrading the clear data transfer capacity for the different clients of the system.

Departments: The different branches of the organization have substantial number of system clients for the most part set VLAN or VLANs are associated crosswise over different divisions that is predominantly devoted for specific sorts of workers.

Firewall is considered as one of the component that is fundamentally intended for controlling the stream of whole web convention or electronic gear. Firewall are for the most part used for looking at the whole system movement keeping in mind the end goal to uphold different sorts of strategies that is subject to guidelines The strategy proclamation of the firewall to give suitable direction on the required firewall. It is discovered that a system firewall is required in every network where the classified information handled .It is discovered that both the host firewall arrange managing assurance to the working condition with the goal that excess of control is given if the extra security that is given is imperilled or comes up short. It is found that appropriate awareness for the most part raised on the significance of a legitimately arranged firewall.

Rule set 1: Responses to inward demands must be permitted. It is discovered that in most execution, it is especially attractive to enable the reaction to appropriate interior demands with a specific end goal to accomplish data. It is discovered that in powerful and also stateful firewalls, the most effortlessly refined by coordinating the movement into active demands inside legitimate state table. It is found that in basic bundle separating, this must for the most part be expert with suitable lead for the outer sifting in setting to switch.

Use of USB flash drives

Rule set 2: The firewall must not be available specifically from the general population arrange. In the event that the programmers get to the firewall specifically, at that point can have the capacity to alter or erase the whole standards and for the most part helps in permitting undesirable movement. In this manner, firewall must not be permitted to access from different systems specifically.

Rule set 3: All the activity must be permitted out from the put trusted network. It is not viewed for limiting the system. It is important to limit the active movement unless separate switch is designed for taking care of the whole activity. It is discovered that expecting that the hazardous movement is inbound and screening the activity for the most part works for the whole firewall. It is found that this level of trust is thought to be fine for the vast majority of the associations. In the event that the work associations for the most part require legitimate control over bound activity then it is very important to use appropriate separate switch.

Rule set 4: It is discovered that the rule set for the basic transport protocol information is predominantly utilized. It is found that the packets are principally represented by legitimate standards all together or permit the firewall and additionally to rout all around arranged SMTP portal. It is very important to email movement server. It is discovered that a portion of the programmers for the most part tries for camouflaging hazardous bundle to trick a firewall.

IDS are considered as one of the best possible mechanized framework that principally supportive in breaking down and in addition deciding the whole system movement because of number of exercises that can coordinate through various examples of malevolent exercises. The end goal to decide and to break down the activity, number of polices are well as necessities that are produced by the system administrator with the goal that the security of the system is kept. The strategies that are should have been created inside the whole system are recorded.

1) The perimeter firewall should be situated between the switch and the router.

2) Inbound and outbound of the whole system must be limited and in this way must be subject to the arrangement of the system that is principally decided with the assistance of the methodology of hazard evaluation that is essentially used.

3) Restricted information must be hold by the framework for the inbound and inbound activity with the goal that it can be effectively confined shape the business to work al other outbound and inbound movement.

Security Devices and Controls

4) Proper update is required in the design of the firewall for effectively refreshing new kinds of vulnerabilities that are fundamentally recognized.

5) Proper checking of IDS and additionally IPS must be done suitably so as to confine the information effectively.

6) It is important to attempt chance examination all together t recognize the inner and in addition confined framework and IDS and IPS.

7) Both IDS and IPS must help in limit the information condition for appropriately arranging the caution of staff for different presumed bargains.

8) IPS and IDS must be legitimately benchmark with the assistance of the marks so as to stay up with the latest.

The security related issues, which are associated with the system of Lucent Pharma, are elaborated below:

Sys administrator: The whole obligation of system is reliant on the Sys Admin. The role of the sys is according the elements of the framework with the goal that the whole system is appropriately planned for work. In the event that any sort of security issues for the most part ascends inside the system then it is the obligation of Sys administrator to determine the security related difficulties adequately with the goal that the framework will be kept secured. Legitimate security related approaches are required to be used by the sys administrator to keep the whole system secure.

Network: Audit plays an essential role in networking. It is discovered that the strategies that are used inside the devices must per properly performed for the system needs. This idea used with the goal that the individual could have the capacity to take mind the whole system viably. In the event that is discovered that any sort of blunder that is found inside the system must be properly useful in securing the system. Suitable arranging is required to be performed related mind approach to manage the progressions that are required to be one inside the system.

System: The strategy, which is connected with the system helps in reflecting that the packets are moved in the system can be accessed effectively. The motive that is available for the system is to diminish the time that is related with the packet delivery. It is important to secure the whole system adequately so none of the action can make negative effect on the system.

Security: Security is found as one of the fundamental viewpoint of systems administration. As there are number, attacks are done on a regular routine on the system and accordingly the whole elements of the system got influenced. Proper number of policies needs to be utilized for securing the entire system.


Scanning Server

TCP SYN scan

Enable OS detection and version detection.

Quick scan 

Scan a single port

Scan a range of ports

Scan all ports

Answer to question 4

Command used to scan server

Sudo nmap

IP address of the server

Ports open in the server

22 – ssh

25 – smtp

30 - http

Sunning Web server

Http Server, port 30

web server version in use is patched



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