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Discuss about the Cybercrime And Its Impact In The Current World.

This report aims at delivering aspects related to the cybercrime and its impact in the current world. Technology has been continuously evolved with the passage of the time that has contributed in the better facilities and labour less working for the execution of several aspects (taylor, Fritsch & Liederbach 2014). For example cloud computing, IoT, Wireless network and many more. However, there is always dark side of a bright object and that is what can be described as the cybercrime for the technology advancement. Personal and sensitive information are being collected for the effective and fluent working of the technologies empowering the real time data collection and execution. However, these data and information are vulnerable to cyber-attacks that is capable of exposing and manipulating the personal information of the individual that will lead to certain security and privacy issue of the individual accessing the technology. Certain preventive measures can be taken in manner to cope up with the unwanted activities that has also been proposed in the report.

Cybercrime is a field that play a very vital role in the concept of the internet. Most of the people have very limited knowledge about the concept of the cybercrime and the direct impact it has on the world of internet. Cybercrime can be considered to have a severe impact on the life of individual and relating to it their society (Broadhurst et al. 2014). There can be different terms, which can be applied to the concept of then cybercrime in order to explain the concept.

Cyber law are a set of law, which govern the cyber space. Cyber space can be considered as a very wide term, which manly include networks, computers, data storage devices and software’s (Owen, Nooble & Speed 2017, p. 35). The main example of the data storage devices may include USB disks and hard disks. The law, which directly encompasses the rules of conduct, are as follows:

  • These types of laws are forced over certain type of territory
  • The laws have been directly approved by the government and
  • All the people at that particular territory obey this type of law

The cybercrimes area acts, which are unlawful where the computer is, used either as a target or a tool or both. The growth, which is in the sector of electronic commerce (e – commerce) and the concept of online trading of shares, has directly led to a phenomenal spurt relating to the incidents of cybercrime (Brown 2015, p. 55). The concept of the electronic signature are used for the purpose of authentication record, which are electronic. The digital signature can be considered as one of the type of electronic signature. The concept of the digital signature directly satisfies three major goals relating to the requirement, which are message authentication, signer authentication and the concept of message integrity.

Cyber law

There are different reasons which can be stated that why the concept of the cyber laws are important. The main reason for the need can be stated to be in order to cope with the cyberspace (Arief, Adzmi & Gross 2015, p. 74). Some of the points in this context are explained below:

Cyberspace can be stated to have a dimension, which is intangible that is very much impossible to regulate and govern using the concept of the laws, which are traditional.

Cyberspace can be considered to have a complete disrespect for the boundaries relating to the jurisdiction.

The concept of the cyberspace directly handles traffic, which is gigantic. The traffic can be considered to have a volume, which is high.

A software or a movie can be pirated across the world seconds after the release of the movie.

It can be stated here the cybercrime comes in different forms and have different types of approach in order to achieve (Sun et al. 2015, p. 72). The types of cybercrime are stated below: 

Email spoofing: These are a kind of emails, which seem to be originated from an actual sender but it is generated from some different origin (Kirwan 2018). They are aimed at achieving personal information of the sender so that they can be used for some sort of illegal activity.

Forgery: postage, counterfeit currency notes and revenue stamp etc. can be forged using the means of sophisticated computers, scanners and printers. Outside many of the institutions sale of fake mark sheet are majorly seen which can be considered as one of the types of the cybercrime.

Online gambling: There are thousands of website, which involve the game of gambling where people invest lot of money (Lagazio, Sherif & Cushman 2014, p. 63). Actually, it can be stated here that these type of website make the concept of the cybercrime more enlarged.

Sales of illegal articles: This concept majorly include the sales of weapons, drugs and other illegal items over the concept of the internet. They usually come across the people by means of publishing advertisement over the internet. One of the biggest example that can be stated here is that most of the online illegal articles sales are going on in the name of sailing other item. It is seen that cocaine is being distributed with the name of honey attached with it.

Denial of service attack: In this type of attack, it is seen that the user’s system is flooded with request which origin from different locations (Snail 2014, p. 32). In this type of action, it is seen that the system of the user does not perform the activity, which the system is intended to perform. The attack is mainly done due to factor of achieving the control over the system of the user so that data or information can be obtained from it.

Need of cyber law

Virus/ worm attack: Virus can be considered one of the attacks where the system or files in the system gets attacked to the virus in which it abrupt the normal functionality of the files. The attack in a way goes and is attached to other files in the computer system and directly infect the overall system. Few of the example of the type of attack is the love bug attack, which affected at least 5% of the computers all over the globe (Vincent 2017, p. 27).

Trojan virus: This type of attack can be considered one of the attacks in which a program is involved which aims at gain the control of the system of the user. The control is gained by means of passive activity (Holt & Bossler 2018, p. 23). The aspect states that he is the original user of and gains the overall access over the system.

Web jacking: This term is derived from the term hi jacking which means the hacker gains the control of another website and controls the overall working of the website. This is done for the aspect of monitory advantage and data gain. One of the example of this type of attack is when the hackers of the Pakistan hijacked the site of the MIT (Ministry of information technology) and some obscene matter were directly placed into the website.

Logic bomb: These can be considered as event dependent program, which implies that these programs are directly created to do some type of task only when certain type of event takes place in the system of the user (Sunde et al. 2017, p. 78). This type of event are termed as trigger events. One of the example in this case are the virus, which can also be termed as logic bomb.

Following is the list of the measures those could be effectively applied for the prevention and mitigation of the cyber threats:

Encryption: It can be described as one of the secured method for the exchange of information that allows the user to encrypt the files with unique code that can only be opened after entering the unique cryptographic key.

Using Update Software and operating system: The software and operating system being utilized by the employees for executing the operational activities should be updated and of the newest version (Weulen et al. 2018 p. 97). This will protect the system from previous threats those have been identified already and the software company itself provided patches.

Types of cybercrime

Using two-step verification method: One time password is another secured method for entering the network or the database that will allow the user having both the verification code and password to enter he database and access the saved data or information.

Using Antivirus and Anti-Malware: It is the software being made available by the third party that allows the system detect the malwares and viruses and delete them before they could affect the systems’ data or information (hui, Kim & Wang 2017, p. 497).

Training: Proper training should be given to the individuals about the type of attacks and how to keep the password safe and not passing to another individual who is not trust worthy. As, it could be used by other individual for personal benefits through affecting the privacy and security of the real owner.

Secured Network: The user connected to the network should be well secured as a small window could allow the intruder to enter the network and access the data or information saved in the system or systems (Durrett et al. 2017).

Physical Security: Physical security is another measure that should be given priority while talking about the cyber security. The individuals should keep the mobile devices or systems physically secured and not allowing any individual to access the hard drives or another sensitive part of the system (Jhaveri et al. 2017, p. 68).

With the passage of the time certain issues associated with the cyber security will be identified as deeper, the humans will enter the technology advancement. Very current example is the spectre and meltdown that has been identified as the most insecure section within the CPU and could possibly allow an unauthorized user to enter the system and access the data and information saved in the system. For the companies and organizations cybercrime such as Ransomware attacks have been the greater concern that needs to be excluded as that happened in the WannaCry Ransomware attack. This is capable of enclosing all the files and data stored by the organization in the systems and could possibly affect the whole enterprise in negative manner. Most of the appliances are being utilized through the IoT for the advancement and automation however; these devices can easily be hacked by an intruder through simple programming and hacking. In future everything will be automated and so the threat of the cybercrime will be enhanced. Currently the users are paying for the services and technology and in future, it is being expected that the individuals will be paying more on the security than the investment made on the technologies. Currently various IT companies such as Intel, Google and many others are working together to fight against the cybercrime and present the world a threat free place where every individual can live freely. The IT sector will be emphasizing on the elimination of these threats and paying more attention on the cyber security than presenting new technologies.

Methods and mode of committing cybercrime


The above report concludes that cybercrime has been a growing threat in this digital world that needs to be assessed properly and effectively in manner to conserve the privacy and security of the individuals. Every individual in the present time is connected to the network through somehow and are vulnerable to these data breaches and intrusion. Statement can be made that with the growth in the technology, certain threats will be increasing and so will the preventive measures to fight against these unauthorized users. The above mitigation strategies are effective for the growing threat of the cybercrime however; prediction should be made considering the future threats those could possibly affect the data and information of the individuals. It can be recommended to always use the original operating systems, keeping firewalls updated, using anti-virus, and does not completely rely on the third parties. The above report presented the aspects related to the cyber law that can be applied for the transparency in the system and enhancement in the security of the individuals sharing their information to the internet. It could affect the economy deeply and so it is important to implement the mitigation strategies in an effective and efficient manner.


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