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Destination: (5AS)

Discuss about the Destinations and Attractions for Development of Services.

The idea of destination development can be identified as a process of coordination and development of services, facilities and amenities that assist the host community to provide an excellent experience to the visitors and improve well-being of the residents. However, attractions are the potentiality of a certain destination to be developed. It holds a major role in decision-making in destination development. Hence, this report will explore the attractions of Brisbane as a destination market. Moreover, it cannot be denied that the socio-political environment or the external environment is largely responsible for the status of future growth of this market. Hence, a candid discussion will explore the future potentiality of this destination.

Brisbane can be identified as an important tourist spot with almost “4.6 million domestic” and “0.9 million international visitors” (Ashworth & Goodall, 2012). This particular destination that is widely popular and recognizable in the realm of tourism industry due its scenic beauty. In the context of 5 As of tourism, the following can be discussed for Brisbane.

Here in Brisbane, a number of hotels and holiday villages are available, which is the primary necessity for the tourists.

Brisbane is a populous tourism destination. It is accessible via local transportation services for the domestic visitors and the works as a point of accessibility to the international visitors.

Brisbane is mostly rich with manmade amenities. However, those facilities are mostly developed around the natural resources (Buhalis & Wagner, 2013). Here, the name of South Bank Parklands, Portside Wharf, City Botanic Gardens and many more.

Brisbane is rich with tourist attractions. Both the natural and manmade attractions are there in Brisbane. Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, Museum of Brisbane, Brisbane Forest Park and River walks along Brisbane River, Nudgee Beach and many more can be identified as some of crucial tourist attractions.

With the growth of this tourist spot, a large number of inhabitants maintain their business process surrounding this destination in order to keep their daily lifestyle (Candela & Figini, 2012). Not only the regional businesspersons, but also a large number of external inhabitants enter into the spot for maintaining their daily livelihood.

While conducting effective demographic market segmentation, it has been observed that Brisbane is not possessed with the visitors of a particular age group. Modern Art, Museum of Brisbane, Brisbane Forest Park and River walks along Brisbane River, Nudgee Beach is the primary attractions of Brisbane. Therefore, most of the family members come to spend their leisure hour with their children and other fellows (Figini & Vici, 2012). The modern art and museum has been considered as one of the most attractions for the adolescence that helps to enhance their knowledge and mental skill. Brisbane River is very much attractive for the new married couple. As a result, a large number of new married couple is observed to choose Brisbane as their holiday destination (Fotis, Buhalis & Rossides, 2012). This particular tourist spot is affordable for medium cost visitors as well. Therefore, the range of target customers is high in level. In this kind of situation, the regional community as well as the government should take a major initiative for providing effective services to the visitors.


In addition, the government should look into the fact that any kind of political chaos can hamper the mind of visitors. Therefore, the local community should maintain a peaceful environment within the city. The businesspersons should render varieties of local products so that they can promote their business process in the hands of those visitors (Goodall & Ashworth, 2013). While planning the city for making a tourist spot, the stakeholders had only concentrated to focus on family visitation. Family members are the primary source market of Brisbane. Apart from family members, new married couple, friend circles, individual visitors, professional photographers also tend to enter into this particular holiday destination (Jacobsen & Munar, 2012). While making effective market segmentation, it has been evaluated that neither the government nor the local business persons have focused on geographic and psychographic market segmentation. With the help of psychographic market, segmentation helps an individual to understand the culture, belief and values of the target customers.

While going through the different stages of destination development this particular study has focused to discuss some of the most relevant theories that intimately help in destination development. As per the theory of Swarbrooke, it can be noted that the purpose of making a mere place to holiday destination would be successful only when the visitors would show their interest for visiting this particular place (Kozak & Martin, 2012). Visitor attraction is one of the most important factors based on which the success of regional businesspersons are highly dependent. Side scenes, gaming zone, place for recreation, various innovative products provided by the local businesspersons are the primary source of attractions based on which a specific visitor tend to show their interest for visiting the holiday destination (Mason, 2015). That is the most important reason due to which the government of Brisbane should take a major initiative for developing the destination spot more effectively.

In order to draw the attention international visitors, the theory of Doxey is highly important. As per the point of view of Doxey, regional customers are not sufficient in order to make a holiday destination and their businesspersons successful. The business experts would be able to earn more revenue only when people from different geographical boundaries would show their interest for visiting the destination spot (Mowforth & Munt, 2015). In addition, the holiday destination like Brisbane would be popular only when the international customers would know the spot. However, in order to draw the attention of tourism operators, the country has to focus on some of the major factors. The community people have to be accustomed with the several languages in order to interact with the visitors effectively. Without making an effective communication with the international customers, the people would never be able to draw the attention of customers. The regional culture and belief should never be restricted and imposed within the mind of international visitors. Otherwise, the visitors would not be flexible in interacting the effectively with the local people.


As mentioned by Munar & Jacobsen (2014), it is important to identify the external environmental variables for projecting th future status of the destination markting. In cours of that it is needed to make a PESTLE analysis to examine the political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental situation of a certain market.

As mentioned by Murphy (2013), with the privatization policy of airlines and railways the government is supporting the tourism industry by increasing efficiency. Moreover, the government is also providing financial supports to a number of tourist attractions in Brisbane and Australia itself. Moreover, the political stability that the country is maintain can b identified as a positive mark in the growth of the destination marketing in Brisbane.

As discussed by Mutinda & Mayaka (2012), the international visitors consumed almost $ 30 billion in goods and services produced by the Australian economy. It is almost 12 % of Australian export. Hence, it can be said that the economic situation of the tourism in this country is strong enough. It can be identified as a positive sign for sustainability to the stakeholders. 

As opined by Navickas & Malakauskaite (2015), the country is now experiencing an increase in the aging population. It will be helpful for the prosperity of the heritage and health tourism. However, the increase in the work hour, will affect the in-house tourism business negatively. On the other hand, the cultural mixture in demography will brought visitors from overseas countries.

With the hug expansion of the technology and its usage, the future of destination marketing in Brisbane can b identified as a positive on. As mentioned by Navickas & Malakauskaite (2015), from management and the visitors’ point of view, the online ticket, hotel booking, information gathering and many more is extensively supporting the future potentiality of Brisbane as a destination market.

As mentioned by Murphy (2013), the Government has clearly mentioned that in order to run the business process in the land of Brisbane, the businesspersons would have to maintain certain rules and regulations strictly. Without following the legal procedures, not a single businessperson would be able to run their organization successfully over there. Legal procedures include maintaining government taxation policies, participating in various plans and policies implemented by government and many more.

Today it is a worldwide-discussed issue in destination marketing. As mentioned by Murphy (2013), in Australia, the environmental laws are strict. The “Nature and Ecotourism Accreditation Program (NEAP)” is aiming to attend a sustainable tourism environment in Australia. Moreover, the country is heading to adopt the hydrogen and electric vehicles, which will be the future vehicles in tourist destinations like Brisbane.



This particular study has provided an in-depth understanding and knowledge about the importance of attractions for the development of destination. A tourist spot or the holiday destination can be developed by investing sufficient expense for the betterment of the destination spot. Destination development is the primary concern for this particular study due to several reasons. Different levels of stakeholders can get high benefits and facilities after enhancing the level of attraction in the destination spot such as Brisbane. Different kinds of stakeholders tend to show their interest to expand their wings in destination spot when this particular place is endowed with immense opportunities and development.

In order to draw the attention of visitors, Australian government has taken major initiatives in order to enhance the beauty of city more effectively. Australia is possessed with a large number of wonderful holiday destinations where visitors show their interest for spending money in order to spend leisure. Therefore, while dragging the attention of tourists towards the scenic beauty of Brisbane, the business experts, the community people, the government has to play a major role for developing the spot in terms of both beauty and facilities. This particular study has provided detailed insight about the important of destination for making a tourist spot more attractive and magnificent.

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