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Overview of Mango


Describe about the case study of Mango?

This assignment deals with the online shop Mango. I have chosen this company for analyzing digital marketing activity of this company. Mango designs and manufactures clothes and various types of accessories for men, women as well as kids. This company is founded in Barcelona. Mango has created more than 2000 stores among 107 countries. This company has aimed to open more stores across the world. Mango also provides online shopping facility to the customers (, 2015).

On the other hand, Mango also offers franchise through various countries of European Union and other continents, like Asia, USA etc. Mango provides a unique collection of products and concept of those products are very effective among the customers. In-house technology of Mango is very unique that attracts the customers in order to shop from the products of Mango (, 2015).

As Mango offers extensive products through its websites and other websites that offer online shopping facility to the customers the website needs to very efficient and attractive. On the other hand, for providing marketing activity through online media various necessary activities have to be taken by the company. Therefore, this assignment has discussed some issues and overcoming factors of digital marketing of this company.

Mango offers an extensive choice of products. Mainly Mango offers clothing products for men, women and kids. Different types of dresses have offered by this company. However, shoes, bags and other accessories of women have also sold by Mango. Apart from selling clothing accessories, it also offers bags, leather goods, hats and belts for women. This company also offers clothes, accessories, bags, leather products, sunglasses and belts for men as well as kids. Mango also offers winter garments for men, women and children.  Mango tries to design its clothes in accordance with the latest trends of the market. On the other hand, Mango also tries to focus upon the demand as well as need of the customers.

As defined by, Shaffer (2014) target audience is the specific group within the market for whom the marketing message of the particular product of the company has been aimed through advertising and other promotional tools of marketing. Every company has particular target audience within the operating market. Several factors are there to determine the target audience of the particular products.

Figure 1: Target audience formation

(Source: Sribnyak, 2012, pp-45)

As stated by, Jinnai (2014) demographic factors relate to the gender, age, education and income of the people. By considering these socio-economic factors a company can be able to understand the target audience of the specific market segment.

By considering demographic factors, the target audience of this brand is women who are fashion conscious as well as trendy and highly educated. The age group of those women is 20-35. Mango has focused upon the urban young women who are also concerned about their career.

As defined by, Pant et al. (2014) VALS theory refers to the factors of value, attitudes and lifestyles those have influenced the psychographic segmentation of the audience. VALS refers to a method of research that is mainly used for doing market segmentation by psychologically.  This helps in the process of segmenting the target audience or the product. Key dimensions of VALS framework are resources (vertical dimension) and motivation (horizontal dimension). Therefore, vertical dimension of this framework targets those people who have such economical and social resources, like education, income, respect etc. On the other hand, the horizontal dimension of this framework presents the motivations. This framework helps as a tool for determining the target audience of a product or the position of the particular company within the competitive market.  

Products offered by Mango

Every individual customer have different Val factor. By determining these factors a company can be able to draw its targeted audience.

For the case of Mango, women who lead a high lifestyle are the main targeted audience of this company. Women who are trendy and choose only high class branded products are mainly the high income women. These high class women are the targeted audience of Mango.

On the other hand, Durkin (2013) stated that, geographic segmentation can be a useful strategy for segmenting the market. Locating the cultural diversification of different geographical area is also an important task for the marketers in order to know the segmentation of market. Mango has targeted the urban customers of Malaysia in order to implement digital marketing strategy of the company. This company has also targeted this population of this geographical area for delivering the products.

According to Gupta et al. (2013) the positioning of brand describes the difference of the brand of the competitors within the same market segment. Every company needs to position the brand of the product of the company. A company should make the brand different from the other brands of the same market. At first, Mango should recognize the competitors of the market. There are other clothing manufacturers in the market who offer same types of clothing as well as accessories for men, women and kids. Mango therefore should check the position of those competitors within the market. This company should therefore take extensive techniques of advertising and other promotional tools in order to implement the strategy of branding within the competitive market sector.

There are some issues on the website of Mango. For delivering the products through online medium a company needs to maintain a well-designed website. Customers often face some problems in order to shop from the website of Mango. There are some issues for providing online shopping experience to the customers.

There are some issues of customer service in the website of Mango. Some customers often have lost money while buying from Mango. Several people have to face damage while shopping the products of Mango. However, Mango has not provided any compensation to those customers who have lost their money in order to buy products of Mango.  However, many customers have not found perfect size of the clothes. Customer service also has stopped to reply the customers. Customer service is therefore very poor (Vermeulen, 2014).

On the other hand, there are problems regarding refunds of the products. Canceling the order and tracking order is also very difficult for the website of this company.

On the other hand, Alavi and Ahuja (2014) stated some problems regarding communication and interaction with the customers and the company. Once the products have been dispatched for the customers no additional information will be given by the company. Company does not take part in the process of communication.

According to, Shi (2014), there are also lack of facilities of web chat with the customers. They cannot participate in the process of chatting with the service providers of the particular company. This company does not offer the facility of web chatting among the customers. On the other hand  Chaffey and Patron (2012),  stated that, the communication as well as interaction is very useful and important things to do. A company who delivers products through online medium should provide better communication medium for the customers. Therefore, this company has not focused upon the factor and medium of communication.

Target Audience of Mango

Position of the sale button is not effective for the customers. Place of the sale button should be on the right side of the page as per the advantage of the eye of human being. Present placing of the le button therefore irritates the eye of the customers. They often do not find the sale button in the website of Mango. Therefore, they miss the features and advantages of sale of various types of products. The logo of the payment method should be put on bottom right. The logo of the site should be big in size. Therefore, big size of logo will provide a clear picture for the customers.

However, Durkin (2013) argued that this company also has a problem with delaying the refund for the customers. Many customers have faced problems regarding refund activity of this company. Mango has delayed refund for more than two months. This happens only for the lack of communication activity and refusal of helping customers.

Website of the Mango therefore lacks from EVENTS and CONTESTS button.

Position of the logo of payment method and social media icons are not so effective for the eyes of the customers.

No feedback form is presented in the particular website of Mango.

This company does not provide any newsletter to the customers. Providing a newsletter help to subscribe this and will be able to provide more information to the customers about their company and products.

By analyzing several issues of digital marketing of Mango, the author has come to the conclusion that major problems of digital marketing activities of Mango are related to the problems of effective customer service and lack of communication activities through the website that help in order to shop products through online medium. Refunding activity is also very problematic of this company. Effective refunding process does not take place within this company as because there is lack of communication within the process of online shopping.

For these problems of digital marketing of Mango, author has recommended some improved techniques for providing better service to the customers.

Recommendation 1:

This Company can use effective technique of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). According to Hemann and Burbary (2013) with the help of this process a company can manage effective interaction as well as communication with the existing customers and future customers of the company. Mango can take the strategy of CRM for managing the relationship and interactions with the potential and loyal customers as well as new customers. Implementation of effective CRM therefore helps to improve the profitability of the organization. Therefore, Mango can utilize the advantage CRM software in order to record a database of customers. This software can also record the interaction of customers over the mail, phone calls and different channels of online medium. Most of the CRM software includes marketing automation, sales force automation, contact center automation and location based services (Communications, 2015)

On the other hand, Springer and Carson (2012) argued that, effective use of Electronic Customer Relationship Management is necessary for the company. Electronic Customer Relationship Management therefore offers all functions of customer relationship management with effective use of online environment.  Information Technology is very important as well as necessary for engaging the customers with the business activity of the company. Electronic customer relationship management has the concerns about maintaining effective relation with customers (Wolny, 2014).

VALS Framework and Target Audience

Recommendation 2:

Mango can utilize the benefits of different social media. Effective utilization of social media therefore maintains relationship with the customers. Now days, use of social media has increased a lot among the people. Therefore, Mango can create a page on Face book, Twitter and describes about their products and other necessary information. Therefore, using social media can benefit the company in order to maintain the effective relation with the customers (Kozinets, 2014).

Recommendation 3:  

For those who sell products through online should effectively use a well-designed e-commerce website. Customization of the website is very much necessary. Website must be easy for all the users of the particular company (Tkachenko, 2014).

Some features of the e-commerce website are recommended here:

Recommendation A: The button of EVENTS and CONTESTS should be placed on Mango sites.

Recommendation B: Mango website should provide the logo of different payment method and icons of different social media on the bottom right side of the page.

Recommendation C: Feedback form should be there within the website. It will help to provide feedbacks and comments of the customers about their service or products. More or less all online shopping websites provide feedback form for the customers. By using this feedback form a customer can provide feedbacks about the service. This will also help to improve the service of the company as per the requirements of the customers.

Recommendation D: Mango should put a newsletter on the top of the website. Customers will be able to see the newsletter about this particular company. This position of newsletter will help the customers that they don’t have to scroll down the page for seeing the newsletter. Newsletter will provide information about the new products and offers of the company. Customers can see these by opening the page.

Recommendation E: Web chat facility should be there as the customers lack this facility on the webpage of Mango.  

Proposed web link:


This assignment has dealt with the aspect of digital marketing. I have taken the case study of Mango in order to understand the products, target audiences and issues of this particular company. Therefore, by this analysis, I have founded that, this company is facing some problems regarding the process of digital marketing. This company lacks from interaction and communication with the online customers who buy products from their website. On the other hand, customers of Mango also suffer from delaying the refund. The e-commerce website is also not effective of this company. However, I have also recommended some effective technique for designing the ecommerce website of this company.

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Old web page:

Proposed web page:

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