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You are a manager in a large private company.  The industry and the job titles are Manufacturing - Automobiles

Welder. You are to prepare a report for the CEO of your company, who has asked you to identify a key job in your company that you have concerns with staffing in the future (3 to 5 years).  Remember that the CEO wants not only the following questions answered, but also wants you to be presenting a strategic recommendation.

For this assignment you can use any resources/sources, but you must clearly reference where the information is from.  Use APA format. Reports that do not reference the sources of information will be considered to be plagiarized.

  • Present a job description (overview of the position, duties and job specifications).  Your task is to present a quality job description and this description must be OHRC compliant.  It is strongly suggested that you use a job description that has followed the PAQ format.  (This document can be single spaced)
  • What do you identify as the largest challenge in staffing this position in the future (3 to 5 years)?  
  • What is one recommendation you would make to the CEO to ensure that you have the correct level of staffing within this position in the near future.  Be both convincing, professional and strategic.

Key Challenges in Staffing Welders

To The CEO,

Subject:  Hiring for the position of welders

Date: Wednesday, October, 10th, 2018.

Over the last few decades hiring for the position of welders have become an increasingly challenging tasks. It is presumable that these challenges will go on increasing in the future, and there will be an acute shortage of skilled welders in the market, leading to a very high demand, reduction in retention rates of welders, increase in fluctuations in the market and a surge in the salaries for the welders. Moreover there also exists an aversion among many students for taking welding as a subject and career, which is further fostered by a lack of adequate welding courses for college students. Due to this it is important to have a clearly outlined job posting and understanding of the future challenges to hire for this position. The repost therefore addresses these aspects followed by some key recommendations that can help to support adequate staffing of welders which have been develop through the collaborated efforts of all of my groups’ members, including the Human Resource Manager, Human Resource Executives, Operations Manager, Chief of Staff as well as myself. Hoping this report would be helpful to you.


Age: Over 20 years

General Responsibilities:

Performing skilled welding of automotives as well as heavy machineries. Reporting to the Operations Supervisor/manager.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Performing all kinds of welding operations such as Stick, TIG, MIG, Plasma Arc, Cutting Torch, and Carbon Arc gouging
  • Brazing and wielding all types of materials and knowledge of the proper kind of welding rod that is needed
  • Maintenance of proper fabrication and welding supplies
  • Skills in machinations
  • Inspection of vehicles as well as equipments for safe and dependable performance
  • Performing repairs and maintenance work both under and over the equipments
  • Replacement, removal and repair of faulty parts to keep the equipments operational
  • Using different cutting tools for fabrication and repairs
  • Assisting the mechanics to complete the work orders for vehicles as and when required
  • Coordinating with supervisors and informing them of the parts that needs replacement and updating on the inventory
  • Repairing damaged body parts
  • Performing routine inspections and maintenance work of heavy, light and special equipments
  • Maintenance of a safe, clean and organized workplace in accordance to the safety guidelines
  • Helping in the training and orientation of equipment and vehicle operators.
  • Analysis of failures of devices and making recommendations for improvement to prevent future failures
  • Providing advices to the staff for metal repairs
  • Ability to read and interpret manuals of equipments, factory diagrams, blueprints, technical manuals, plan drawing/sketches.
  • Individuals are expected to work in a team and meet the organizational objectives
  • Showing effective workplace behavior
  • Ability to show ethical and professional code of conduct
  • Welding: Thorough understanding about gas welding process, metal inert gas (MIG), arc welding, welding tools as well as other equipments to make structural repairs to automobile components and machinery. Strong knowledge on the principles and operations of oxy acetylene torch and air carbon arc cutters.
  • Safety: Strong knowledge is needed about occupational hazards, occupational health and safety and OSHA standards. Should be able to follow all safety precautions. Should have knowledge about national guidelines on workplace safety and operations of welding equipment, automobile and heavy machinery.
  • Decision making: Should have logical reasoning skills, should be able to judge a situation through good observation and analysis.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Should be able to work as a part of the team, help to promote teamwork and team cohesion. Should be comfortable working in a culturally diverse workplace and team.
  • Time Management: Should be able to plan and follow work based on a schedule or routine. Should have the ability to provide estimates on the expected time of completion of a work. Should be able to prioritize and schedule tasks on a daily basis.
  • Computer literacy: Should be able to use computer and Microsoft Office applications (such as MS Word, MS Excel and MS Outlook).
  • Welding automobile parts, repairing manufacturing units
  • Communication skills. Should have the ability to communicate information in an effective manner (verbally as well as none verbally). Should have presentation skills. Should have good active listening skills.
  • Numeracy Skills: Should have the ability to perform simple mathematical calculations.
  • Diploma in Welding
  • 2 to 5 years of experience
  • Pre employment medical checkup is mandatory for everyone including testing for substance abuse
  • Basic background verification
  • Routine testing for alcohol or illicit substances
  • Should maintain a complete set of tool box and hand tools
  • Should be able to cope with a physically demanding work
  • Should have the ability to climb tall structures, balance weight, climb ladders, crouch or crawl.
  • Should be able to lift weight, push, pull or carry objects weighing 5 to 15 kg.

Staffing for the position for welders is becoming increasingly difficult and time consuming. Discussed below are some of the future challenges for staffing in this position:

Reduction in the number of skilled welders: It is expected that there would be a reduction in the number of available skilled welders across Canada because of a current shortage of skilled welders and also since not many people take up welding jobs as a profession, thereby leading to a very slow and disproportionate increase in the number of professional welders. Ones the existing welders reach retirement age, the shortage would become more acute (Cohen, 2015).

Reduction of retention rates of welders: Due to the high demand for welders and steep competition among employers, skill welders often end up changing several jobs very fast and companies find it increasingly difficult to retain the skilled welders as they constantly get offers from competing companies for better salaries (Omar et al., 2017).

Increase in the demand for welding jobs: Over next 3 to 5 years, the demand for experienced and skilled welders is expected to shoot further up because of the shortage of welders as well as the rapid development and industrialization, especially in automobile industries. The industrialization would require more usage of machineries and thus would need more repair works and thus workers who can repair the machines (, 2018).

Strategic Recommendations for Addressing Staffing Challenges

A surge in welder salaries: A surge in the salaries of welders is also likely to happen in the next 3 to 5 years because of the shortage of skilled welders. The surge would also be caused due to the competition from other companies who offer better salaries. Additionally, there would also be competition from international businesses. The welders also have wider opportunities for industries apart from automobile (such as shipping, aviation and construction) which would also increase staffing challenge for automobile industries (Miller & Henderson, 2018).

Occupational Hazards and Health Risks: The welding jobs entails working at high risk of work hazards mostly related to burns. The welding machines works at very high temperatures ranging from 3,000 to 20,000 degree Celsius. Contact with such high temperature can cause serious damage and accidents can be debilitating or even deadly. There are also health hazards related to inhalation of fumes and airborne particles. The high noise environment can also cause hearing problems. Due to such stressors fewer people wants to take up welding jobs which can further challenge the staffing (Onawumi et al., 2016; Abdull et al., 2015).

Shortage of College Welding Programs: Currently there is a shortage of college based welding programs that can help students to acquire necessary skills for the job and thus increase the number of skilled welders in the country. However, due to the lack of adequate number of program, a shortage of welders would occur and the existing number of welders would not be able to meet the increase in demand for them (Swift, 2018).

In order to maintain the correct level of staffing, the following recommendations can be made to the CEO. These recommendations include:

  • It is essential to have a clear and unambiguous business plan for both short term and long term which can orient the employees and help them understand the expectations of the organization. This clear understanding would prevent people leaving their jobs because of confusions and ambiguity in job roles during the selection process (Nikolaou, & Oostrom, 2015).
  • Evaluating Employee Performance: This is vital to quantify how much each employee has contributed to the workforce and hence allow a scope of comparison. Evaluation also can help the employees to assess their own performance and thereby improve their skills. Additionally, evaluations and performance reports can help in the rewards and recognitions for the employees (Shields et al., 2015).
  • Rewards and recognitions: Employees with the best and most outstanding performances can be given appraisals and rewards, which can motivate them to work to their best abilities. Also through recognition, they would also build up a positive career image thus help to increase loyalty to the company (Malik et al., 2015).
  • Having effective healthcare policies: Because of the health risks related to the job, having effective healthcare policies that can provide a comprehensive care for the employees is vital, which can also act as a reassurance to the employees and thus help to retain them better (Messersmith et al., 2018).
  • Training programs and workshops: Training the employees on new welding technologies and equipments can also help to develop their skills and improve loyalty of the employees and support employee retention (Terera & Ngirande, 2014).
  • Understanding the needs and expectationsof the employees and addressing them appropriately is an important factor that can help in better employee retention. This helps the managers to understand the mindset of the employees, helping the managers to make decisions accordingly (Malik et al., 2015).
  • Helping the employees to achieve their career goalsis also another aspect which can help to earn their loyalty and respect and thus help to retain them. Through the assistance, the employees can improve their knowledge and skills and thus also helping to improve workforce skills (Shields et al., 2015).


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