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Prepare a CV for a specific advertised job role. Within your CV, you should demonstrate an understanding of the importance of skills and knowledge for working effectively. The focus of your CV to the specific role should enable you to do this.

Write a reflective review about your skills, knowledge and experience that will put you in good stead for the selected job role. Reflect on how you gained these skills, knowledge and experience; how can you use them in the job role and; what new skills, knowledge and experience will the job role enable you to gain.

Demonstrate that you have undertaken an appropriate range and level of research in addressing the above.

CV for sales assistant job role

Employability is a part of the skill which is important for attain the targeted job. It contains set of behavior and skills that keep importance for every kind of job. An employability skill is the synonym of soft skills foundations skills and work skills.  The importance of employability skills has more important now days because in competitive environment, employers of the private as well as public company require an employee who has the ability of flexibility. An employee should be capable to take initiative step instantly and should have the ability to manage the situation with multiple natures at once. It is described as the skill of transferable which is necessary to being employable. The curriculum vitae for sales assistant have been mentioned in this report which shows the skills and qualification of sales assistant. Self assessment of sales assistant has been mentioned in this report which will helpful for further studies. The job profile of sales assistant has been chosen for making the curriculum Vitae. Along with that there are so many skills will be discussed in this report which will be helpful to know the depth of the profile of sales assistant (Buenviaje, del Mundo, Añonuevo and Martinez,  2015).

Adam Cruise

Sales Assistant                   

Personal Statement

A communicative, presentable and sales hungry individual that can flourish in any fast paced and commission based retail environment. Being reliable, Adam enhances the ability and meets the sales target by showing enthusiasm. He has the ability to handle the multiple situations, with a bias for an actions and showing interest in the professional development. He treats every customer with friendly nature and gives specific details about the products and services. He is currently looking for a job change to develop the scale of his knowledge in a retail career within an advanced thinking and successful company.

History of  Career

Store – Retail

SALES ASSISTANT          November 2012 – Present


· Greeting customers with smile when they enter in to the shop.

· Providing reliable service to consumers.

· Handling high level of maintenance across the sale store.

· Having effective knowledge about the products and services.

· Providing guidance and assistance to the customers.

· Operating the transactions of financial and managing the inventory.

· Answering queries and resolves the issues of consumer regarding products and services.

· Liable to helping customers to find the products as per their desire

Fashion Store – Clothin

SALES ASSISTANT June 2011 – November 2012

Key skills and Competencies

· Good communication skills.

· Effective numeric skills.

· Bold awareness in commercial.

· Effective knowledge of computer and retailing software.

· Able to maintain high standard of visual retail.

· Attractive marketing skills in which customers can get attract.

· Able to accomplish the task within time frame.

· Always well dressed and presentable

Academic Qualification

Birmingham North University - 2007 – 2011 - Retail B A (Hons)

 Sales & Marketing - Diploma

Birmingham South College - 2005 - 2007- Diploma in Commerce

Personal Details

D.O.B.: May 1st  1985

Driving license: Yes

 Nationality: British

The profile of sales assistant is responsible job for any company. It is required that he should have numerous skills such as data entry skills, customer focus, administrative skills, team work skills, writing skills, computer operating skills and problem solving skills. Self assessment is considered as the tool which is helpful to analyze the strength and weakness of an individual. There are so many situations come while working. It is required to have the number of skills in sales assistant because to handle the problematic situation, sales assistant should be perfect. It is the skills of sales assistant will help to handle the records of data base through inputting voice and bill-back data. The skills of administrative in sales assistant will be helpful to forward relevant information summaries by evaluating and consolidating. A data entry skill is necessary skill for sales assistant for handling the calculations and inventory management in the particular business. It is the skill which enhance the importance of sales assistant in the business because due to data entry skills one can find out the problems regarding inventory by investing the history of data (Collet and Hine, 2011). With the help of researching promotion details, the resolution regarding promotion allowance can be done in smooth way.

Time management is integral component in every business. Sales assistant should be perfect in manage the time because he can perform wide amount of work in a short span of time by adopting the time management. Sales assistant should perform each task within specific time and do not try to stretch it unnecessary. Each and every activity should be prioritized by sales assistant; it will facilitate to accomplish the activity on time. Customers are the key success for every business (Cottrell, 2015). It is the Moto of the profile of sales assistant to make his customers happy by providing efficient services. In addition, knowledgeable skills facilitate to know about the products and its services along with rate. Customer focus skills of sales assistant concern the demand of customers and give the relevant and genuine information about the product and services. To gain a competitive advantages, Microsoft skills is playing a crucial role. With the help of it, sales assistant can perform its role inefficient way and represent the products in that way so that the promotion of the products can be done impressively (Rao, 2014). There are so many situations come in business such as discount, prepaid amount, installment and so many in which numeric skills are required. Numeric skills define the instant capability to resolve the calculations. Team working skills enhance the productivity of employee and encourage them to accomplish task or goal.  Team work skills of sales assistant can lead employees in clear path where they help each other to attain the decided goal. Problem solving skills has the ability to understand issues through dividing into smaller parts, and recognizing the key issues, initiations and recognizing solutions (Sinclair,  Allen, Davis, Goodchild,  Messenger, and Turner,  2014). In the CV of sales assistant, duties, key skills and competencies has been mentioned which will be helpful to know behave and passion about the job role.

Key skills and Competencies

  A generic skill is important to remain competitive and to acquire new knowledge and innovation not only for professional life but also in daily routine life. It is considered as the core skill and it involves communication skills, problem solving skills, team work skill, flexibility, Microsoft skills, numeric skills and many more. These skills are evaluated and monitored during working time in anywhere. It is necessary to develop the skills appropriately to get the desired profile. The major point of sale is that it can be utilized and refined all the time and along with that it readily transfers skills to new experiences and situations (Spreer and Rauschnabel, 2016).

The curriculum vitae of mine have been made for an aim to get a job of Sales Assistant. I have interest in selling jobs because it helps me to connect with new customers with different personality that enhances my communications. Sales job is quite a targeted job and I love to accept challenges and crack a target by performing efficient skills of me. I like working in a target field because it keeps me focused to know myself that how I am progressing. Targeted jobs facilitate me to take new challenges to prove myself. I am very talkative personality and I have skill to force someone for anything. It is the skill of my which make me perfect for the job profile of sales assistant. I enjoy talking to people and this is the only reason that makes me able to talk with customers in easy manner. Apart from that I have experienced in same field which enhance my confidence to increase the sales and analyze behave of customers. I am enough efficient about the process and procedures for maintaining the environment clean, opening up till work. there are so many skills can be found in me for the profile of sales assistant such as flexibility, time managing skills, communication skills, problem solving skills, numeric skills, Microsoft skills and teamwork skills. These skills play a vital role for the profile of sales assistant because to sell a product to new consumer or new product to exist customer, these skills are inevitable. These skills will improve if I work in same filed for a long time. The profile of sales assistant makes you aware about the latest trends. Along with that I am the person who makes fun with others for which the workload does not take place as a burden.

As a sales assistant I will be responsible for routine management of the till in the absences of my supervisors. My nature is calm, joyful and sophisticated and because of this I am able to handle the problematic situation in calm manner because I do not react instantly, I understand the problem first than react as per nature of problem. This nature will be helpful to maintain the goodwill of the organization as well as mine for a long time (Reegård, 2015). I am Enthusiastic, motivated and dedicated in my work. I consider my profits and benefits in the context of company’s benefit. In the role of sales assistant, I will serve services to customers and provide recommendation not only about the products but also the commodities that they might desire to buy. I will include responsibility in the period of my service such as getting the store ready for innovations including products and services, advice and guide the customers that what they want to buy and what will suit on them, making stamped bill for customers, cashing up and dealing with consumers who want to exchange the products due to some genuine reason. I will take delivery of products on the request of customers and manage the stock in efficient way.

Academic Qualification

These key skills and competencies will facilitate me to sustain a job of sales assistant (McDonald and Derby, 2015). I have observed during performing my task that training and development skills, decision making skills and innovating skills are necessary element to have in the sales assistant job. It is required because the sale market has numerous competitors who can be benefited by using these skills.  I will attain these skills by evaluating the trend of market in appropriate manner which will help me to know the demands of customers. I will explore the market and as per the research will try to bring different product in the market which will be able to increase the competitive advantage. If I get the opportunity to work ahead as a Sales Assistant, I will certainly enlarge the scale of my training and development so that I can make aware of my colleagues and followers about the choice and demand of the customers along with the mission and vision of the company. Decision making skill is essential component of skill to grab the opportunity in the competitive environment by taking instant decision. It is the skill which enhances the productivity of the employee for a long time. These skills, knowledge and experience will be enabling me to gain job role (Messum, Wilkes, Jackson and Peters, 2016).


It has been concluded that employability skills can be demonstrated in the term of transferable skills required by an individual to make them employable. Employers of the company outline a set of skills regarding good technical understanding and knowledge of subject that they want from an employee. There are so many skills have been mentioned in this report for the job role of sales assistant. Communication skills, database entry skills, problem solving skills, team building skills and Microsoft skills are considered as important skills that should in the sales assistant of the company. Curriculum vitae of the profile of sales assistant has been given in this report which enhance the better understanding about the job profile of it. The self-assessment is considered as important for an individual because it helps to know about the strengths and weaknesses.


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