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Presenting Situation

Discuss About The Enforcement Administration Diversion Control.

 Social work ethics make it is essential to examine the environmental and situational circumstances of the patient to determine the right causes and treatment for their conditions. Chantel is a 28-year-old lady who has been visiting the social work clinic for the last 6 years. Although she has been a frequent visitor to the facility for the last 6 years she lacks confident in the officers at the facility illustrated by the fact that she keeps wondering who could be listening to their conversation outside the room (Larkins, et al., 2015). She is determined to ensure that no one listens to their conversation shown by how she wonders whom the woman that comes into the room to get a chair is. She asks her social worker whether there is a code of silence in the room. The clinician assures her that all the activities that take place in the facility are confidential and that the clinic does not share information acquired about the patients under any given circumstances (Lakea, et al., 2017). She says she often fears that at times people might be able to read her thoughts. She is not sure whether it is because of her illness and therefore she has to change to be sure all the time.

Chantel says her first time to come at the facility was not out of her personal initiative. She says she was well. She says her mother thought she was sick but she was well. The patient believes she was well until her mother came up with the idea that she needs to see the physician. The physician suspected she had schizophrenia (Grossi, 2012). At the time of the diagnosis of her disease, she did not know what it meant. She spent a lot of time in the hospital undergoing treatment and injections. In the course of her medication and in the middle of her hospitalization she discovered that she was talented (Frew, 2011). She created creative artwork and harnessed a passion she hopes to nurture. Her doctors said her artistry accrued from her medications. Chantal has read a lot of material about the drug ‘ecstasy’. She is convinced that it is good for her and aspires to use it to alter the symptoms of her condition.

Locating Chantal in the social context requires placing her into the society in which she lives. Her boyfriend would make her take more and more of the drug every week with the promise that everything would be fine after taking it. There are a growing number of people with Depression. Dealing with such people depends on the social arrangements that touch on work, medical care, income support, and family relations. In the beginning, they would take six doses of the drug each day and the more they took the more they need to take to remain high. The patient hallucinated in which she saw and felt like an angel (Englund, Rydström, Dellve, & Ahlstrom, 2016). Various social factors shape most of the aspects of mental illness. Some of the elements include household patterns, ethnicity, social class, race, and gender. Social institutions also play a significant role in influencing disability patterns (Choi, 2015). Some of these facilities include healthcare organizations, labor markets, social security, and disability systems. Chantal started taking ecstasy at a tender age under age under the influence of her boyfriend, Jim. The patient says she had a great time using the drugs. Her drug addiction led to the birth of her child, Sophie. Coping with the disease requires the efforts of more than the patient, the health institution, and the family members, as the issue affects an entire community.

Locating the Person in a Social Context

Chantel is an only child to a mother and father who together have a strained relationship. Her mother is a great artist and she learned her art from her mother. The mother is also a kind person and understanding. She has always understood through the crazy things that she has done in her life (Boyle, 2017). Her mother is her greatest source of inspiration and tries to get her to rehabilitation. Her mother is the only reason why she agrees to go to rehabilitation. The mother believes that the daughter can get the help she needs. The mother is always ready to help her daughter no matter the distance (Boyle, 2017). Depression is a feeling of melancholy and severe despondency. Possible reasons include a combination of social, psychological, and biological factors. The profound sense of loss can lead some physical symptoms (Boyle, 2017). Some of the symptoms include lack of sleep, lack of concentration, reduced energy levels, low self-esteem, and suicidal thoughts. Talk therapy and medication play a significant role in the rehabilitation of patients.

Based on the manner in which Chantel expresses her ideas and her opinions it is evident that she has a vague idea about what is going on with her life but she lacks the willingness to change for the better. The state of an individual’s mental health is defined as a state of health of the mind that allows someone to thrive and flourish. She demonstrates great understanding and recollection of the events and does not forget the intricate details of her situation no matter how farfetched they are (Australian Nurses Credentialing Centre, 2016). Mental health is an essential medical factor that affects many societies around the world. Good mental health means more than the absence of mental illness or discomfort. The number comprises 3.4 million individuals in the Australia. Different ethnicities, communities, and social classes respond variously to Depression in response to recognition of psychological symptoms, willingness to ask for help and stigma perception. It incorporates social, psychological, and emotional well-being of an individual. It determines the relationship with other people, stress management, and decision-making processes (AACN, 2011). A school environment is an essential place where mental health is of primary significance to enable the learners to study and understand, as shall be explained below. More than 13% of Australians aged 71 years and older are likely to have Depression (Watson & Hoefer, 2016). The formation of Depression later in life is complicated by the connection between the varying ways in which individuals and families define the condition, how families take remedial action and evaluate its significance, drug use, symptoms, and occurrence (Australian Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration Diversion Control Division, 2016).

The current level of functioning for Chantel is at it a bare minimum from a social worker’s perspective. Although she has vivid recollections of the events of her life, certain aspects of the same still remain vague to her mind. A social worker can easily see that she struggles to maintain her composure and to keep up with the events around her environment. The facility not only equips clients with education but it also provides them with knowledge about how to use the training to improve their lives and stay clear of mental illness (Rochow, 2013). The students have many options to choose from regarding recreational activities, games, and innovation. The school provides innovative meditation avenues through programs created by the Guiding and counseling department in collaboration with the chaplaincy ( Revisor of Statutes Minnesota State , 2016). Overall, stigma, cultural differences, and social inequalities play a significant role in shaping how individuals perceive depression. While some societies recognize it as a mental condition for which patients need to seek medical care, others hardly regard it as a disease and wait for it to go away ( Revisor of Statutes Minnesota State , 2016). Lifestyle changes are increasing cases of depression in societies across the world. The burden of depression rests on the community, the family, and the individual suffering from the condition.

Personal Information

The Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program is a program by the United States Department of Justice that seeks to further the mission of the Department by the increase of public safety. The program achieves this fete using innovative collaborations of cross-systems for individuals that have a mental illness (Pearce, 2006). The program is aimed at assisting individuals who encounter the adult criminal system of justice or the juvenile system. The program is specifically aimed at reaching out to people with mental illness conditions. People who can apply for this grant are limited according to the states from which they come. Units of local government are also designed to reach out to the needs of these individuals (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, 2016). Indian Tribal clans that are recognized by the Federal government are also used. The Indian clans ought to be determined by the secretary of the interior. Bureau of Justice Assistance only accepts applications demonstrating the joint administration of the joint project.

Various factors contribute to Chantal’s social behavior. She is disturbed by the fact that her father travels all the time and hence she never gets to see him all the time. She lacks the love of a father and the support of her family. The father is a businessman involved in constant travels. She says her father is a good grandfather to her daughter. The father likes to spend time with her daughter giving her all the time she needs to do her errands. She has begun some art classes.  She is enrolled to the guitar lessons as well. The father seems angry about something all the time and this gets her worried. She feels like he has something troubling his mind. Chantel demonstrates an affinity to hard work and determination. She is willing to work hard and change the circumstances of her life. She is stressed by her love life and her family situation, both of which lead her to the same direction of drug abuse and delinquency.

By the end of the clinical social work sessions, Chantel is expected to have abandoned some of her old habits and adopted others for proper recovery and healthcare. The primary factor in place to support positive mental health for students in school is the guiding and counseling department. The Department works closely with the chaplaincy to ensure that mental health needs of every child are catered for at all times. The chaplaincy is the religious arm of the school management, which accommodates social group societies such as the Australian Union and the Young Christians Association (National Plan and Provider Enumeration System , 2016). The two entities collaborate with the counseling department to organize for religious services for all students to uplift them, improve their morale, and keep them occupied with positive thoughts and activities. The counseling department provides counsel to the students and sits in disciplinary committees to help identify the issue the students face and decide the best ways to assist them. Some of the stressors for mental health include stressful exam situations, students’ confinement in classrooms for a long time and the availability of a hereditary psychological health complication in students (Minnesota Board of Nursing , 2016). The justice system has, for a long time, failed to view people with disability as credible sources of information and this factor has mostly worked against the deliverance of justice. In applying for this grant, only one application is considered by any one applicant. All the other applicants are postponed as sub-applicant of the grants. The law allows an entity to be to be considered as a sub grantee. The applicant ought to be an entity that would have more than one application. The applicant ought to have primary responsibility for the application. Juvenile or criminal justice agency is responsible for the arrest, enforcement, detention, probation, incarceration, defense, prosecution, or the parole of the criminal relating to the particular crime committed. A mental state agency is an agency contracted by the local government and responsible for the delivery of mental health services to the justice agency whenever they are needed. The agency is responsible for occurring mental health challenges and in the justice system. Crime rates increase and decrease base on the criminal system in place for security.

Person Understands of their Situation

Conclusion about the Problem

Disorders for substance abuse are also considered in the application. The merit of an application including available the solicitations can get some of the factors that determine the rate of criminal delinquency. Crime in any given area rises and falls depending on certain specific factors. In all my shameless pieces of life that were constantly filling with pain and regret every step of the way, they knew not how to look down upon their selves and feel sorry for my hopeless life. Through leaps and bounds, they learned to look up and face the world even when there was nothing at all to be seen. They learned to search the little gentle treasures that were hidden in the horizon, searching that one day I should find. People with disability go through difficulties within the system of justice. Applicants are expected to register with the grants website before submitting their applications.

The social facility seeks individuals who have responsibility and those that are keen on the equality of gender. The more gender balanced an organization, the better their chances of survival in the industry. One agency is charged with the duty of submission of the applications for the grant. The lead agency in the application must be a state agency. Being a state agency is a factor that is highly sought in the market. The agency recognizes the needs of people with disability when it comes to seeking the same services of social justice. Justice is the core business for the agency as this is the main factor that determines their existence. People with disability face many issues of discrimination and injustice. People with disability who encounter the justice system are in constant need of attention and care to facilitate fair treatment by the justice system. Many of them require assistance in communication services to assist them in accessing the law and applying the law to their cases.

 Plans for the patient must entail elaborate lay out for how she will acquire help though non-medical means of rehabilitation. Therapeutic activities like painting and art must suffice. Commission for human rights requires that all people with disability be accorded direct and deliberate assistance to aid in their peaceful transition into the justice system (Minnesota Board of Nursing , 2016). Many of the crime offenders who happen to be people with disability receive deliberate preferential treatment to facilitate their ease of stay at the facility and to assist them to function properly within the facilities. When their hearts could not hold those tears anymore, they let them go (National Plan and Provider Enumeration System , 2016). They let them go with all the pain that came with them. They remember how they struggled through the thorny pebbles bare feet every sunrise, each sunset, all in the hope that our generations may be saved from the calamities of their fathers. The only way out in the arena was books, books, and more books. So even when the teacher beat them up to the verge of dying, they knew it was ok because every great guy had been through that.

Current Level of Functioning


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