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1. Explain the mechanism used in MIG and TIG welding operations and the parameters affecting the performance of the two operations.

2. Investigate and provide at least two good examples where MIG welding has been used and elaborate whether this welding method suits the application and provide suggestion for improvement (if any). Repeat this activity for TIG>

Mechanisms of MIG and TIG welding

This is an arc welding process in which the joining aspect is generated by heating the work on the metal to be joined. The welding hardware comprises of predominantly welding force source, links, wire feed instrument having pair of wire driving rolls and electric engine, welding firearm and wire anode wound spool, dormant protecting gas chamber, and weight controller, stream meter controls to manage the present, terminal wire and gas(Palanikumar,Latha,Senthilkumar & Davim 2012).

The welding weapon comprises of two current channels for protecting gas and a wire manage tube which is gone through welding spout. Not at all like TIG welding where non-consumable filler bar is utilized, MIG welding utilizes consumable filler material on the metal work piece. Likewise, welding light is supplanted by welding weapon in this kind of welding to sustain guide current to the metal work piece. The welding weapon which holds and feeds the anode and gas might be air-cooled or water-cooled. The spout utilized can be either straight or slanted for accommodation to weld complex shapes and unpredictable joints (Mueller 2012).

These two kinds of the welding are affected by the angle of the weld and also the availability of the stable temperature to ensure that the weld does not take a different form

As a trade for the age-old stick welding technique, MIG welding is undoubtedly a standout amongst the most effective welding shapes in the business, and it happens to be an acronym for Metal Inert Gas. The circular segment is struck between the tip of the wire as it rises up out of the light, and amid this procedure a protecting gas will be radiated in light of a legitimate concern for forestalling oxidation. Most MIG welding sets give a setting that allows the wire speed to coordinate the voltage, and one of the greatest advantages is the usability

The areas of the applications of this kind of welding include the sector of the motor vehicle repair. The repairs can be on any vehicle whether small or large.

MIG/MAG welding is utilized in little repair shops or organizations, as well as in huge parts of the welding business. For instance, in the assembling procedure of pipelines this strategy is as important as in the ship building industry, sheet metal industry, and the generation of weight vessels or steel structures. Not to neglect to say the car business and the utilization in the home change part.

Elaboration of the areas of application of the MIG welding

As adaptable MIG/MAG welding seems to be, so confounded it can now and then be. In any case, it is as of now the most broadly utilized welding process. MIG/MAG welding is a mechanical insurance gas welding technique, where an electric circular segment, affected by inactive gas, consumes between the wire terminal and the work piece. The mechanical included wire cathode will be utilized as filler material; it softens amid the welding procedure in their own electric circular segment. Contingent upon which materials are handled separately, extraordinary gases or gas blends can be utilized in MIG/MAG welding.

As opposed to the metal inactive gas welding, where a functioning protecting gas is utilized when welding certain materials, amid Metal dynamic gas welding a functioning defensive gas, for example, carbon dioxide or argon-carbon dioxide blends is utilized. This is proposed to ensure the fluid weld pool against outside impacts.


Figure 1: sample of MIG welding (Mueller 2012).

The TIG welding is used in the places that need hard facing. It has been used in the reinforcement of the worn out surfaces .In the cases where the two surfaces cannot be joined, proper fillers can be used to achieve the objective (Venkata & Kalyankar 2012).

TIG welding is frequently utilized for occupations that interest brilliant welding, for example:

Areas of application TIG welding is often used for jobs that demand high quality welding such as for instance:

• The offshore industries for ship building

• Combined power and heat plants

• The petro -chemical industry

• In the food industries

• In the chemical industries

• In the nuclear industries


Figure 2: sample of TIG welding (Mueller 2012).

Description of Hazard and Safety


Suggested Solution To Hazard

Type of Control


Eye damage: welding normally creates sparks that pose physical hazard to the operator

Use of the protective goggles and dark shades

Wash eye with enough water and

Perform first aid


Chemical exposure: Exposure to chemicals like argon, carbon monoxide may expose the welder to breathing complications

Exposure to chemicals like carbon monoxide gases can be prevented by use of the proper ventilation

Use of nose masks may help

In case of suffocation of the carbon monoxide gas victim in a properly ventilated area and perform first aid


Arc flash: it ban result into the burning effect through ultra violet radiation

Use of personal protective equipment’s including the gloves and aprons.

Perform first aid in the cases of burn.


Fire Hazards: sparks from the welding may cause fire that can consume the whole workshop

Keep inflammable materials away from the welding area.

Clothes of the welder should be free from the grease.

Use of the fire extinguishers


Electric shock: It is usually generated from the necked wires

Clothes and gloves should be in dry condition

Insulation of the welder from the underground through use of the mat made from the rubber

Switch off from the main switch while waiting for the maintenance

(First copy)

During the workshop operation, I found the following safety   precautions to be useful:

  • The welding should not be done in a room that has got wooden floors. If this has to be done then floors must be protected with means of the fabric that is resistant to fire.
  • The hot metals that have been welded must be marked using soapstone
  • Always ensure that there is a very suitable fire extinguisher nearby all the times.

Welding is very important activity in the today life. In the ship building for example the main strategy is weld repair and any failure of the welding system will definitely lead to the sinking of the ships. In the building and construction industries, welding has enabled joining of the metals while retaining their strength.Welding has therefore ensured that the engineering strengthen of the materials are maintained (Meena, & Azad 2012).T

The welding is done to ensure that the engineering properties of the materials are not compromised during their applications. The areas of applications will include those that requires high safety standards like for the case of the of ship building. In the workshop I was able to confirm some of the importance reasons why welding is done.

Examples of MIG welding

Welding has been found to be one of the most critical activities that are used in the everyday life. In the ship building for example. Whenever there is a failure in the system of welding then it is very definite that the whole system will fail. Some of the processed of the welding have been fabricated so the operators only need to counter check what they have done against what has already been set. The expectation of the quality of the weld has never been higher. From the work that I did in the workshop, a number of methods were used and various safety standards were followed to ensure that there were no injuries and damages in the prices.

(Second copy)

My work in the workshop was guided by several safety measures that I found very useful. The safety measures included the following:

  • Always ensure that any assemble part that may lead to mistaken welding
  • All flammable materials should not be kept in the workshop for welding
  • Never leave a hot rejected electrode stabs on the fire since fire can easily occur.

Welding has got very many benefits in various places in the handling of fuels and other components of the petroleum, proper welding will ensure that there are no leaks that can easily results into the accidents. In the building and construction industries, there is need to use very lengthy structures without interfering with their strengths and properties. In order to achieve this, the welding process must be used (Kumar, Maheshwari, Sharma, & Beri 2012).

  • To maintain the properties of the construction materials
  • To join two or more parts that would otherwise been difficult to achieve using other methods
  • It is a means of repairing components

Welding is basically used in the building and construction sectors where they play a major role in ensuring that safety is maintained. In the workshop, there was provision of the materials that allowed for the practicing of the welding. The importance of welding and how to come up with a perfect weld was properly covered. The possible safety measures that are required during welding were properly observed. It was generically a perfect moment to gain experience.


Kumar, A., Maheshwari, S., Sharma, C., & Beri, N. (2012). Machining efficiency evaluation of cryogenically treated copper electrode in additive mixed EDM. Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 27(10), 1051-1058.

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Venkata Rao, R., & Kalyankar, V. D. (2012). Parameter optimization of machining processes using a new optimization algorithm. Materials and Manufacturing Processes, 27(9), 978-985.

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