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Students should be able to demonstrate their achievements in the following unit learning outcomes:

a. Analyse and discuss the significance of VPN for contemporary organisations and how it addresses their concerns and security issues.

b.Explain the role of VPN, its limitations and works done to address these limitations as well as to supporting the security of businesses and corporations.

Concerns of Organizations

The virtual private network has the ability to extend a private network into the public network. The VPN also enables some feature for the users like the user can be able to send data and receive data across the public network as if the devices are connected directly with the network those are private. The application that is running across the VPN is highly beneficial because of the security, functionality and for the private network management. In the report history and the background of the technology will also be discussed. The challenges and the drawbacks that are raised with the VPN in the organizations will be stated further. The mitigation techniques with the issues also are given in the report further [1]. Use of VPN helps the contemporary organization while establishing communications with the employees of the organization. The vpn make sure that the communication that is made on the network must be secured so that any kind of threat cannot affect the organization. There are many alternatives that have come into the market which provides the similar protection to the communication in the network. The vpn allows the users to use remote technology to access the applications of the organization privately and securely. To make sure that the communication is secure there are several methods that are used like unique methods of identification, passwords and tokens to gain the VPN access. It plays a significant role in a organization for the application and for the use of the resource [2]. VPN act as the private network for the user those are using public network. The system of the VPN is classified by many features:

  • To tunnel the network traffic tunnel protocol is used
  • The connection is site to site or network to network
  • Location point of the tunnel termination
  • Security levels provided
  • Simultaneous connections numbers
  • To connect the network OSI layer is used

VPN can only make the connection secure but it does not make the connections totally anonymous, though there has a certain level of privacy in the network. VPN uses the encryption techniques and tunnelling protocols to allow the remote access that is authenticated. It prevents the confidentiality of the communication that was established.

The main concern that contemporary organization facing when they establish communication with their client or employee. The main concern is with the securities that need to be maintained while the communication is made. The main reason behind the security is to safe the data from get breached. Data breach and voiding the data confidentiality are the main issues that are growing over the year in the computer networks. The companies are using th3e VPN to provide security in the network communication [3]. The vpn not only provide the security in the network for a secure communication but it also provides several different advantages in the computer networks.


The concerns of the contemporary organizations are mitigated by the use of VPN. Vpn is basically a private network. Many networks have inbuilt VPN in them which provides the network security. There are two ways to connect the VPN into the computer networks. It uses a client server architecture where the both end is used for the communication security. In the side of provider there is a RAS (Remote Access server) and on the client end there is client software. These maintain the connection to the VPN. The client software connects with the Remote Access Server by the use of tunnel protocol [4]. VPN mainly use two methods for security one is Tunnel connections another is Packet Encrypting. By the help of these two mechanisms the VPN is able to provide a secure communication while the contemporary organization connects with its client and employees.

There are many advantages that a VPN is providing to the computer network connections. The most beneficial advantages are given below:

Private browsing:

The private browsing features that are in the browser inbuilt are not works in a proper way. The in build private browsing only stops the data from stored in the local devices or in the computers. It does not prevent the internet service providers from logging user’s activity. The vpn protects the data from the internet service provider as well. The IP address of the user is disguised by the VPN, which is the unique number for the internet user. By this process the websites will be unable to track the IP address of the user [5]. There are many big websites in the internet that spy on the activities of the users and because of vpn it can be prevented. This is the way how the VPN provides secure browsing for the internet users.

Safe Data:

It is the main problem that all the contemporary organizations face these days, that is the data security. The the connection is properly encrypted by the VPN so it cannot be break that easily. The applications of the VPN will be able to provide that security so any data will not be leaked or can be used by other people who are unauthorized.

Geo-Blocking and Censorship:

The geo blocking is feature that is used by the websites. The website first identifies the address of the user then hides content from the web site accordingly. And censorship is possessed by the government. By installing the VPN both of the above problem can be solved. It will hide the location of the user and the user will be able to see any content from anywhere in the world if the content is prohibited then also they will be able to access the content [6].

Issues with VPN

Secure Public Connection:

Public connections are the most dangerous connection for establishing the organization communications. The public connections are risky because there are lot of compromises in the network and those are easily vulnerable. The sensitive data that are used in the remote communication can be revealed easily. VPN protects these public connections and after that the connection acts like the private connection. Again the VPN provide the same mechanism as earlier which is the encryption technique to secure the data in the computer networks [7]. The vulnerabilities will not be able to exploit the connection as the connection is secured by the VPN.

The VPN provide one system by which the internet service provider will not be able to see that from where the data are coming from and which data is used by the users. Network throttling can be avoided by the use of VPN. In the countries that are having net neutrality, it is going to help a lot to the people and the organizations of those countries.

The VPN provides a lot of benefits for the organizations but there are many things that the VPN does not cover. It is needed to keep in mind that VPN only provides a secure connection with privacy it does not make the connection anonymous. There are many VPN providers who keep the information of the user original IP address and many other data. The issues that are associated with VPN are given below: 

VPN Client Issue:

The first issue that is associated with the VPN is with the application of VPN. The problem is that the VPN client app will not start up. Sometimes rebooting might not able to solve the problem. One solution that works all the time is uninstalling the app then again install. This mainly happens because there is a chance that the app does not installed properly. Reinstalling usually fixes the issues with the VPN [8]. There are another chance that the app may be out dated then it will not work properly. In this case updating the app will be perfectly ok and the performance of the VPN will also increase.

Server Issues:

There is a issue of server overloading in that case the VPN will not be establish a connection in the VPN server. These servers can handle limited request of connections at a time. Once the limit is filled then no request will be accepted in the server. These can be solved if the VPN provider has multiple servers. If one server is full then another server can be connected and it will work absolutely fine.

Brute Force Attack:

Many of the VPN providers use the old tunnelling protocols and those are highly vulnerable it can be easily cracked through the brute-force attack. To mitigate this risks VPN service provider must use the new and updated protocols so that it will be secure from the any kind of attack. 

Passive Monitoring:

Passive monitoring is a technique where the hacker monitors and collects the data of the user that are unencrypted. DNS hijacking is also done by the hackers where the hackers the hackers redirect the user approach to a popular website server like Facebook or Google. These not only affects the computers but the VPN when used in the Smartphone’s they are also exploit by the hackers. For this HTTPS connections needed to be use because the researches stated that these HTTPS connections has the less possibility of hacking [9].


From the above discussion it can be said that the VPN provides the solution to the contemporary organizations and the problem they are facing while communication with their client and employees. The report stated that the VPN has the ability to create a private network on the public network. In the above report the working procedure of the VPN is described that how the VPN works. The VPN provides many benefits to the companies and the contemporary organizations. The vpn make sure that the network gets secures while the communication is made using the network connections. Though it also stated that the VPN does not totally hides the network but it only provides privacy to the computer networks [10]. Many alternatives are there in the market but they cannot provide the same privacy or the security to the computer networks like the VPN. In the above report it also shows that with the benefits there are many issues that are associated with VPN. Solutions of the issues are also discussed with the problems. Techniques that are used by the VPN to secure the connection are also discussed in the above report. The VPN basically use two different procedures one is by tunnelling protocol and another is by the encryption technique. VPN mainly converts the public network to act as private network. To access the VPN a proper password, identification and authentication required without these one cannot use the virtual private network.

The template will number citations consecutively within brackets [1]. The sentence punctuation follows the bracket [2]. Refer simply to the reference number, as in [3]—do not use “Ref. [3]” or “reference [3]” except at the beginning of a sentence: “Reference [3] was the first ...”

Number footnotes separately in superscripts. Place the actual footnote at the bottom of the column in which it was cited. Do not put footnotes in the abstract or reference list. Use letters for table footnotes.

Unless there are six authors or more give all authors’ names; do not use “et al.”. Papers that have not been published, even if they have been submitted for publication, should be cited as “unpublished” [4]. Papers that have been accepted for publication should be cited as “in press” [5]. Capitalize only the first word in a paper title, except for proper nouns and element symbols.

For papers published in translation journals, please give the English citation first, followed by the original foreign-language citation [6].

Over the last decade the services of VPN has emerged a lot. From the simple applications to essential the growth of the VPN is happening rapidly. In future it has the potential to grow as the technology is helping the organization to secure the internet connections. Though there is still some issues with the use of VPN but it can be surely addressed by the developers of the VPN sooner than later. In the future VPN van be emerged as the much needed applications for the individuals and for the organizations who uses the computer networks for communication purpose.


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[10]Sultan, N., 2014. Making use of cloud computing for healthcare provision: Opportunities and challenges. International Journal of Information Management, 34(2), pp.177-184.

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