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Background information of the chosen company

Discuss about the Environment management system supply chain.

Sustainability is important for attaining the growth in an adequate manner. The report will describe the sustainability management of the chosen company - Intrepid travel. The background of the company will be reflected in this report and evaluation will be made regarding the level of competition within the industry in which Intrepid company operates. The discussion of sustainability strategies will be defined in order to planning, human resource management, leadership and controlling the value chain and technology.

Intrepid travel is the world’s largest small group adventure travel company and offers1500 itineraries in 120 countries. There are some attractive destinations which attract number of tourists towards it such as North America, The Middle East, Europe and Antarctica. The major aim of this company is to promote the adventurous tourism in all over the world. Intrepid travel has invested in welfare program and it has been analyzed that in 2016, it invested $5 million from its fund for improving the condition of the healthcare facilities, child welfare and many more. This company was introduced in 1988 which Headquarter is situated in Melbourne, Australia. Intrepid travel got awarded of the Young Enterpreneur of the year award, 2002 and was the winner of the PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) Gold Award for Corporate Environmental Programme in 2007; these are some of the biggest accomplishments of Intrepid Travel (Intrepid, 2011). Terrorism attack, warfare and violence are the major factor of political threats that can have impact on the intrepid travel (Darnall, Jolley and Handfield, 2008). In the context of economical factors, the growth of the Company is increased due interest of travellers in tour of different destinations. The company is prepared in legal term to exchange the currency of one country into another if someone wants to travel foreign countries. The travel company is able to maintain the decorum within an organization and provide efficient services to its employee as well as customers. It is the largest company that has provided employment to more than1600 people across the world (Intrepid Travel Group, 2017). 

The section of planning will be helpful to analyze the vision, mission and values of Intrepid Company.  Information about the planning of the organization will be mentioned in this section.

Intrepid travel is connected with the adventurous tourism industry at small level and well known travel company to offer the efficient services to customers. The organization has espoused responsibility and the accountability from the very first day on its initiate level in order to protect the number of rights of human along with that to serve them in a sophisticated manner. To attain the sustainable growth, company has adopted number of strategies for maintaining the growth of the company (Intrepid Travel Group, 2017).

Research, analysis and discussion of sustainability

The mission of the Intrepid travel is to serve the most effective and advanced services such as sky mountaineering, caving, snowboarding, mountain biking, sky-diving, white water rafting, skiing, and many more. The primary motive of the traveller in the context of adventurous travelling is to gain the experience of adventurous thing. The mission statement of the company is based on the expectations of the travellers. The mission statement of the Company will be facilitated to the organization to ascertain the opportunities to grab the sustainable growth and development in the industry of global tourism (Intrepid Travel Group, 2017).

It has been analyzed that the company does not implement its functionalities to earn income and growth only rather it has evaluated and assumed 9 out of 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for the purpose of increasing the value of the global tourism industry. These values are effective to attain the competitive advantage and high positions in the adventurous tourism industry of the world.

The goal of the Intrepid Travel is set for achieving the desired position in potential growth. The organization is attaining the competitive advantages during peak season in the adventurous tourism industry; therefore, the group of the company has maintained their goals so as to achieve the sustainable growth in the dynamic business environment. The requirement of the sustainable tourism is recognized by the company and believe of the company is strong in the principles of the respecting the people, different cultures, in the distribution of wealth and balanced environment. The major objective of this organization is to expand its business for providing the different experience to the customers regarding adventurous tourism.

Plans of the organization are made to accomplish the desire of the customers and follow the different policies such as sustainable development policy, responsible travel policy, carbon management plan and purchasing policy for the purpose of sustained growth. It is the plan of the company to prevent and respect the human rights within the environment of operations and supply chain as mentioned in the guiding principles of United Nations on Business and Human Rights such as The “Protect, Respect and Remedy”.

Modern and innovative approach has been adapted by intrepid travel company for planning their functionalities. The effective plan has been made by the organization to provide the finest level of satisfaction to the customers from the adventurous travelling experience. The services of an organization are more advanced to attract the customers towards the adventurous travelling. The digital media promotional techniques are executed by the company for increasing the demand for their services (Schaltegger, Lüdeke-Freund and Hansen, 2012).

Planning and strategy

There are so many organizations that adopted the sustainability approaches into their functionalities to attain the attention of the customers. The sustainability objectives of the company are United National Global Compact and Sustainable Development Policy. It focuses on the human rights, labour standards, and environment and anti corruption (Pearlson, Saunders and Galletta, 2016). It make ensures that the company should not be involved in the complicit in human rights abuses. The environment responsibility of Intrepid is to ensure that it is working towards preventing the resources and the environment in an effective and an adequate manner. The trip of the company is designed in a different manner that limits the impact of physical on the destinations so that visitors enjoy by many generations to come. Intrepid Travel recently equalize the carbon by funding in internationally accredited Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS) projects that are stood in the major destinations such as Bargaran Mini Hydro project, INDIA, Macahoe Hydro project, CHINA and Rice Husk Biomass project, THAILAND.

The services of intrepid travel are well known and it is done due to effective staff of the company. There are various strategies has been adopted by the company to attain the competitive advantages and these strategies are employee relations and performance management. Employee relations are necessary for developing the growth of the Company and Travel Company focus on the needs of the employee and fulfil them in a perfect manner. The company take care of the employee and conduct the program time to time for making better relationship between employees (Adams and Frost, 2008). Along with that performance management strategy is implemented by the company in the form of training and developments which will be helpful to attain the target in easiest manner and bring the confidence in the employees towards achieve the target (Riordan and Fairbrass, 2014).

It is crucial for expanding the growth to find the right people and for finding them (Jones & Robinson, 2012). Intrepid travels apply the approach of recruitment and selection which is handled by the human resource department of the company. Travel Company publish the requirement of the vacant profile through digital media platforms, print mediums, and the company's official websites. Moreover, the company conduct the interview session for them who short listed from applications. Most suitable candidate is being selected for performing the required functionalities to attain the goals and the objectives for the organization (Kang and Motohashi, 2015).

Value of Intrepid Travel

After getting effective workforce, training and development program is adopted by the company to develop the effective workforce. It facilitates employee to get better understanding about the criteria of working which increase the efficiency of the employees (LawTearcher., 2017).

As per changes in the functions of the company, training and development program of the company is going on constant manner. Evaluation of the performance is being done by the company to know the level of performance of the employee.

Various HRM strategies has been executed by intrepid travel and the primary strategy of HRM is training and development and reward program which can be deemed under the sustainability practices to achieve the target market. These practices are helpful for the company to attain the desired goals and objectives (Lin, Li & You, 2012).

The role of the leader in this company is to motivate the staff for making satisfy to the customer towards the services. The leader is liable person to guide them for preventing from any hazardous situation because intrepid travel offers the adventurous travel and the main concern of this organization is to enhance the tour experience of the travel.

 Travel experts are considered as the leader of the intrepid travel company and they are lead to guide the travellers in different way by keeping them in their comfort zone. Along with that the leaders of the travel company also act as the teacher, travel guru, and enthusiastic purveyor of grassroots experiences. To provide the experience of different locations by describing the specialities of particular destination to the customers, it can be said that the leadership of the Intrepid is quiet effective and satisfied (Tyssen, Wald and Spieth, 2013).

Coaching leadership and strategic leadership styles are adopted by Intrepid Travel Company to increase the organizational performance by providing them to real life experiences. Coaching leadership styles are innovative style in which the leaders find out the different way to perform and fulfilling the travel requirements (Noland and Phillips, 2010). On the other hand, the strategic leadership style defines that the leaders of the company act like the boss to handle the groups of the company as well as the travellers’ group.

The major leadership tactics and traits used by the Intrepid Travel’s leaders for influencing the target audience are

  • Intrepid travel company is responsible company towards their performance and attain the advantages by keeping fulfil the requirements of the travellers.
  • The leaders of the company are appointed on the basis of local regions so that effective services can be provided to the customers with full knowledge.

Innovative and advanced strategies are implemented by the companies to being uplifted by adapting the transformational and charismatic leadership styles. The role of transformational leadership strategy is effective in term of making changes in the workplace for improving the productivity of the employees. While, charismatic leadership style defines the process to apply the strategies through needs of the consumers could be fulfilled easily and effectively.

Approaches of Intrepid Travel

Leadership style has been adopted by the Company to improve the efficiency of the company as well as the employees and it can be mould as per the requirement of the organization behaviour and external environments. Company is analyzed the performance of the leaders to evaluate the right adaption of leadership styles. 

Intrepid travel is well known company in term of providing the sustainable adventurous tourism experience. The number of passengers of the Company has reached at the mark of 300,000 in a year. It has been found that it also known for providing more than 1600 itineraries on every continent. Along with that, Intrepid Travel is famed for offering the facilities of catering for all ages and provides the services as per the basis of the budget of the individual.

There are various measures has been adopted by the company to make the safe, risk free and secure trip (Lovelock, 2011). The company arranged in adequate manner of leaders, travel experts and other necessary departments. The company is committed with valuing the destinations in which they operates Valuing local audience and preventing environment (Mithas, Ramasubbu and Sambamurthy, 2011).

Management of the intrepid travel company ahs implemented the various strategies to increase the performance of the company. The vision of the company is made by the company itself to change the way people see the world.

The travel company has put lot of efforts to make the vision into reality and diversified their network by employed more than 1600 employees in 100 countries. The primary objective of the company is to provide the efficient services to the travellers so that they can experience real adventurous trip. Management of the organization has adopted strategies by taking into consideration of objectives and management. Organization has adopted innovative practices, integrity and passion to deliver right things for making memorable trip for travellers.

  • A promotional technique is the effective strategies to attract the potential customers and make them aware about the features of the company. It would be helpful for enhancing the customer base in the global market.
  • Pricing strategies should be implemented by the company as per analyzing the demand of the travel and for this company should adopt the cost leadership with the innovative strategy for increasing the demand of the customers towards adventurous trip (Mundy, 2010).
  • Customer feedback and review strategy could also be adopted by the organization and it would be helpful for getting the reviews of the customers so that condition of the company can be provided.

Conclusion and recommendations

In the limelight of above discussion, it has been concluded that that Intrepid Travel is the world’s largest adventurous tour operator company. The vision of the company is change the way of viewing to people and make efforts to convert the vision in to reality. The mission statement of the Company will be facilitated to the organization to ascertain the opportunities to grab the sustainable growth and development in the industry of global tourism.

It has been recommended to the company for adapting the pricing, promotional techniques and customer reviews and feedbacks strategies to foster growth. Cost leadership strategies should be executed by the company for maintaining the peak position of the company. Innovation should be initiated by taking consideration of the latest technologies.


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