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Green Building as a global sustainability issue

Describe about the Report for Ethical and Sustainability Issues in Green Building.

Identified issue: Construction issue in Green Building

Green building offers an important comprehensive set of efficient construction of healthy and beneficial homes. The relevant elements are as followed:

Planning of sites and designing: The planning and designing related to green building needs an efficient and designing approach that is beneficial to the environmental aspect (Vatalis et al. 2013). Technically trained and educated civil engineers are required to make the planning and designing. The platform required to build the green building should be situated in an nice environment.

Quality of indoor air: The indoor air quality is required to be very healthy as well as comfortable (Raslan & Mavrogianni 2013). In order to achieve a high quality indoor environment careful construction, designing, material choices and string coordination among the team members is required.

Community: The green building construction and development support a very strong and efficient community among the neighborhood and the building community (Huang et al. 2015). At the same time maintenance of the green buildings are also very important.

Energy: Green buildings are cost and energy consuming buildings. During building period all the elements and materials required to build the buildings are sources from the nature. Energy efficiency is the key to make finely tuned and green machine building.

Water: Green building reduces the amount of wasting of natural resources from all the environmental aspects. It helps to store the rain water in reservoirs and conserve different resources of fresh water. In addition to this, drought resisting plants and other water efficient devices are installed in the green buildings.

Material: All the required materials in order to build the green building are coming from natural resources (Raslan & Mavrogianni 2013). The quality improves the indoor air quality and increase the usability of other natural resources. Apart from this, recycling contents are also used in the green building.

Marketability: The marketability of the Green buildings is not very high throughout the world. The architects use only natural resources for the execution of the green building planning. Due to increasing population the rate of deforestation is also increasing (Vatalis et al. 2013). Thus, for the sake of the nature green energy consuming building construction is very important.

Commissioning: In order to measure, the working ability of a green building commissioning is done.  The commissioning agents are always a third party. The agents give different technical advices to the architects to test the construction and the maintenance of the building including the staffs.

Environmental element of Green Building

Several significant social elements of green buildings are there for global sustainability issues (Huang et al. 2015). From the social perspective it can be said that the architects hired for the building are needed to be well trained and skilled as this energy consuming technology is very recent in the market and not used in a large scale (Aliagha et al. 2013). The architects get benefitted due to the planning of the rare planning and designing. The natural resources are another element of green building.

The basic economic elements of green building are related to the cost. During green building construction the energy is always consumed (Zuo & Zhao 2014). Electricity charge is always less in case of green building as they use natural resources for the construction.  Solar power and thermal power are used for light and other electronic devices.

Green building and sustainability are interrelated and complimentary to each other (Darko & Chan 2016). All the elements required for green building are economically expensive and the entire system building need an extra charge for the maintenance.

Efficiency management for energy consumption and water resources

Management efficiency of energy consumption and resources of water

Efficiency management for material resource and waste management

For restoration and environmental quality management monitoring and control is important

Indoor quality protection of the green buildings for healthy and fresh air production

Efficient building making by using different natural resources

Feasibility and cost management before implementation of the planning and designing of the green buildings.

The innovation and execution of different additional planning made by the top-level managerial team and decision making team

BuildGreen and LEED are some well known organizations those measured the metrics related to the green building and its relevant benefits. These benefit articulation are made by these well known organizations (Abrams et al. 2012). There are certain benchmarks or standards those help to measure the entire calculation for the quality of the green buildings. The analytical factors relevant to the green building are discriminated with proper reason and emphasized well (Singh et al. 2016). There are some factors such as living building; star efficient energy, building guidelines and green globes are included in the green building standard measurement.

Several issues can be rose during the execution of the green building planning. The issues are as followed: Location issues, construction issues, availability issue and material issues. These issues have unethical impact on the green building projects (Eichholtz, Kok & Quigley 2013). The major issues relevant to these are construction level issues and material issue.

Social element of Green Building

Construction issues: Major ethical issues occur during the construction of the green building (Darko & Chan 2016). The construction of this sort of building is not very easy. First of all the buildings must be located in such an area where the resources are easy available. Secondly the architects hired for the building are not enough technically trained and educated. Therefore, they required much time for the planning and designing of the building. Apart from this, as the general architects are unable to meet all the appropriate requirements they are getting terminated from their job without any pre information. Sudden termination from the job is an unethical issue.

Material issues: The materials required for the construction of green building are all natural resources (Dall'O 2013). Special care and in a parallel manner maintenance of those materials are also required. The building cannot be situated in any place.  Wherever the resources are easy available only in those areas the building can be constructed. As all the materials come from different natural resources thus, the availability of those is not easy all time.

The major ethical issue during green building is identified as the architect or civil engineer related issues. The method is very new and the architects are not that much technically skilled to make the planning successful. Certain devices are introduced that are useful for green building. Thus, it can be said that if the hired engineers are not certified for the purpose then, it will be loss for them which is unethical (Darko & Chan 2016). Apart from this the total process is costly than the normal building construction. Thus, the materials required are also rare and expensive from the environmental aspect. This affects the normal environmental structure. Thus, this is another ethical issue relevant to green building.

The threats and opportunities are complementary to each other and these are as followed:



The green building gives different opportunities to the business and government areas (Kibert 2016). The cost relevant to the green building is sometimes high and sometimes lower than the normal building. It is found that the natural resources required for the green buildings are costly and the maintenance charge for the building is again very high. But after entire formation of these buildings it does not require any maintenance charge.

The green buildings should be located in such an area where all the resources are easily available. The natural resources such as wind, water, and green materials are needed in order to build the green building. Apart from this, it can be said that if the requirements are not easy available then it will be a threat to the sustainability of green building.

According to Bennett (2013), Green building is an energy efficient process where the term waste is not found. It is a recycling method. All the decayed and wastes are recycled and used for the building process. Misra et al. (2016) opined that, recycling of the wastes reduces the pollution level in the environment. Thus, it can be concluded that, the waste or hazard management for green building gives an environmental opportunity.

Eichholtz Kok & Quigley (2013) opined that in rural or urban areas the availability of all the natural resources is not possible. This is another major threat to the green building. The materials are not available all over and also the import and export of the materials are very costly (Darko & Chan 2016). Thus, on order to overcome this issue an appropriate location selection id very important.

Green building needs a large amount of investment because this method acquires some of the advance technologies. Zuo & Zhao (2014) stated that, during green building he rte of ROI is very high. This gives major opportunities to the environment.

Green building construction can be done with the help of certain natural resources (Aliagha et al. 2013). Again it can be said that in hot areas and ventilation free areas the availability of the resources are easy to avail. This is another threat to the green buildings.

 Opportunity and Threat

Figure 1: Opportunity and Threat

(Source: Darko & Chan 2016, pp-472)

The architects are not technically trained. Thus, they are unable to build the green buildings in a proper manner. The green buildings are made from different natural resources. Therefore, the maintenance of these buildings is also very important.  The buildings are not reliable and flexible from the user aspect and cannot stand more than forty years. Thus the buildings needed to get replaced by new one (GhaffarianHoseini et al. 2013).  The general architects do not have the proper technical knowledge that is required for the construction of the green buildings. As a result, before the construction, the engineers are needed to provide special training so that they would be able to give their best for the building. During the building any of the issue occurred then the total effort will be in vain. The process is very time taken. Therefore, in the daily basis the architect engineers are needed to provide technical training so that they would be able to give their best for the construction process.

Economic element of Green Building

Apart from this, the materials needed to build the buildings are available all over. Thus, during the designing phase they should think about some of the new and easy available material resources (Raslan & Mavrogianni 2013). Investment related issue is another threat to the green building. A proper cost management study and feasibility study is needed to be done (Vatalis et al, 2013). Certain natural calamities like earthquake, flood, and draught may affect the green building. Thus, these buildings should be located in such place where these natural disasters take fewer places.

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