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Course Code:HLSU195
Published on: 30-08-2022

Complications of Diabetes in Elderly PopulationDiabetes mellitus, also widely recognized almost as diabetes, would be a metabolic disease characterized by an insistently high blood glucose level. Frequent urination, extreme thirst, as well as increased appetite are classic symptoms. Diabetes, if remain unattended, could also lead to even more health conditions (International Diabetes Federation, 2020). Diabetic ketoacidosis, hyperosmolar hypergl...

Course Code:NN2G
Published on: 24-08-2022

Responsibilities of Different ManagersEvent Manager: Hello everyone we are here to discuss the event that will take place on 7th-8th of July. We have to ensure that the guests do not face any issues associated with the event. Do any of you have plans for what they want to do for the event? Exhibitions Manager: I have come up with the plan of arranging for a welcome program for the guests on the stage. The cultural event will be related to...

Course Code:NSG3NCR
Published on: 27-07-2022

Background and Relevance of the TopicFalls are considered a major cause of disability as well as morbidity in aged individuals. More than one in three elderlies aged more than 65 years’ experience fall every year (Alghnam et al., 2020). Gap in understanding and evidence-based knowledge is considered one of the major barriers of meeting patient’s requirement. Some of the evidence-based interventions that enrolled nurse or nurse pr...

Course Code:3007130
Published on: 02-07-2022

MethodologyThe city chosen for the conferences in this report is Melbourne in Australia. Melbourne is the center for diverse business events, conferences and seminars, widely eminent and popular among the masses for the vibrancy it displays as a city ( 2017). Organizing any conference is itself a difficult job, which becomes manageable as soon as the venue for the conferences is decided (Müller 2015). The objectiv...

Course Code:MKTG240
Published on: 21-06-2022

Course Code:PEV202
Published on: 10-08-2021

Task A: Selection of LocationEvent operations management is a discipline of the project management and focuses on the creation and the development of large events such as festivals, conferences, formal parties or concerts. There are several aspects of the event planning such as identification of the target audience, development of the event concept, studying the brand and strategically determining the technical aspects of the brand management be...

Course Code:C04285
Published on: 29-07-2021

Explanation of Chosen Venue and Critical AnalysisThe chosen location for this report is Melbourne, Australia. Melbourne is the hub for business events, seminars and conferences, and one of the most eminent and popular locations in Australia ( 2017). Organization of conferences is a daunting task, but as soon as the venue has been decided, the other things fall in place naturally (Yeoman et al. 2012). This report would ...

Course Code:BSBSUS401
Published on: 18-06-2021

Water Regulation and Management Instruction for assessment Part A requires you to identify and analyse legal requirements and initiatives that relate to your industry and workplace. You are required to measure current resource usage, analyse purchasing strategies and current work practices in order to identify opportunities for improvement of resource usage and set new targets. Part B requires  you to implement resource efficiency impro...

Course Code:EVNT1009
Published on: 02-06-2021

Section 1: Hazard identification and risk assessmentThe aim of the paper is to create an event environment that will be free from hazards. The secure environment is referred to the one that is protected from future harm. This is the responsibility of the event planner to construct an environment that will be free from hazards. This is the responsibility to develop a plan that will be legally and ethically responsible and will contain a secur...

Course Code:TOUR2201
Published on: 13-05-2021

Function Room ChoiceThis project is about a Halloween themed event that will be hosted in the Evergreen Theatre and Community Spaces, Calgary, Canada. The client, Calgary Institute of IT Services,   has decided to host a party event for its employees and the managers and since the party date coincides with Halloween day, the theme of the event has been decided to be Halloween (Binder, 2016). The event will be hosted on 31st Octobe...

Course Code:EVE605
Published on: 14-04-2021

Objective of the ReportEvents management I think the purpose of this report is to act as an overview to preparation of events safety that will be showcase at the Technology showcase event. The event will be held at or showcased at the Angliss Institute and organized by the conference management students. These report covers various aspects in events management including evacuation procedures, safety precautions, risk assessment and safety ana...

Course Code:NURSING784
Published on: 13-01-2021

Physiological Processes and Functional ChangesMr. Ferguson, being 76 years old. He has a heavy chest and presents signs of high blood pressure and his heart rate is abnormal. Ferguson has history of Angina, Non ST Elevated Myocardial Infarction, hypertension, and hypercholesterolemia. He has sprayed x2 sprays of his glyceryl trinitrate pump spray totaling 800mcg for his heavy chest but without help.  Other medications for the condition ar...

Course Code:NURS2006
Published on: 10-12-2020

Summary tableThe purpose of the assignment is to research about a nursing issue that is associated with the fact of safety of the patients and quality of service of health care organizations. In this regards the study has chosen fall prevention as the research topic. It has been found that risk of fall in older people has become one of the major concern for the nursing care as it has strong impact on the health and well-being of older people. ...

Course Code:PI 100
Published on: 06-11-2020

Importance of Cleaning and Disinfecting Supplies for Infection Control A).   1). Infection control can be considered as one of the key strategies that can be facilitated in order to prevent hospital acquired infections and safeguard the wellbeing and health of the rest of the staff ( Bok & Green, 2012). According to the guidelines of the Centre for disease control, there are various infection control measures that can be empl...

Course Code:HAT301
Published on: 30-10-2020

Overview of Pyeongchang 2018 Winter OlympicsThe winter Olympics 2018, also known as PyeongChang 2018, is referred to an international winter multi-sport event which was held between 9 the February an 25 the February 2018. The event was held in Pyeongchang Country, Gangwon Province, South Korea. The vision of the mentioned event was to offer the Olympic movement a new horizon, a new growth that has not been seen before. The mission ...

Course Code:5475
Published on: 19-09-2020

Mission and vision of the organization1).The Australian Athletics Federation is focused towards the selection and training of athletes from different disciplines. The objective of the federation if to select and train the best athletes which results in Australia having among the strongest athletics teams globally. Australian athletes are well recognized globally for their performance but this is only achievable by managing the following factor...

Course Code:ECO 220
Published on: 18-09-2020

Internal ControlAlthough there are several methods to ensure effective fraud prevention but the most effective method to ensure a company is prevented from being defrauded is strong internal controls. However, apart from string internal controls, the attitude of a company towards fraud and an ethical organizational culture is equally important to ensure fraud prevention (Petra?cu & Tieanu, 2014). While an ethical culture within an organiza...

Course Code:SNPG 956
Published on: 10-02-2020

BackgroundPressure injury is defined as a confined injury to the skin which may involve the deeper tissue and is frequently found over a bony prominence due to pressure, shear and/or friction singly or a combination of these reasons (Australian Wound Management Association, 2014). It is a common hospital-acquired problem which affects between 9.5 to 17.6% of individuals in hospital at any given point (Nguyen, Chaboyer, & Whitty, ...

Course Code:HRES2303
Published on: 26-11-2019

CategoryThe XYZ Company based in Canada has some serious safety and return to work related issues. The company has several faults regarding the disability management of the company. The company’s management treats the employees are a safety risk and has several safety related procedures to avoid accidents. The company does not have any proper return to work policy. There are several risks related to return to work policy as the policy is...

Published on: 28-08-2019

Stakeholders of the EventEvent management refers to the application in relation to project management that can help in the creation of large events like that of festivals, concerts and conventions. It revolves around studying of the brand, identification of the target audience and devising that of the event concept. Noosa Food and Wine Festival provides opportunity of celebration of great Australian food, wine along with lifestyle. This essay ...

Published on: 23-08-2019

BackgroundThe topic presents brief explanation about the preventive alcohol checks and its impacts on the people who drive vehicles after drinking. Based on the evidences related to the increased numbers of accidents in the past few years, the major cause had been drinking and driving. The topic will illustrate about the various aspects related to the control checks’ impact on the people who drive after drinking. The various questions wi...

Published on: 29-06-2019

Barrier to QualityDiscuss About The Fall Prevention System Harm Minimization. According to World Health Organization, falls is a serious problem faced by people in old age. Research shows that people who are above 65 years and a tendency of frequent fall leading to serious damages such as head injuries, dislocation as well as fractures (Gelbard  et al., 2014). Fall represents the most severe type of accidents among people who are a...

Published on: 30-05-2019

Quality challenges in event logs and process modelsIn Log and Model We Trust? Discuss. While models and event logs are promptly accessible in current Organizations, their quality would seldom be able to be trusted. Crude event accounts are frequently uproarious, deficient, and contain wrong recordings. The mentioned quality issues are considered as a challenge and depends on quality issues, parameters, which can shape the models like a ...

Published on: 25-08-2018

Background information of the event Discuss about the Event Management Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The chosen comedy festival is a historical event not only in the history of Melbourne but also in the entire world. The event is celebrated every year in Melbourne with enormous joys from irrespective of the age groups. The annual comedy festival accommodates different types of exemplary such as stand-up comedy, street performance, te...

Published on: 09-03-2018

Evolution and Growth of Australian Grand PrixDiscuss about the Festival and Event Management. The event of Australian Grand Prix is the event of motor racing that is mostly being held once in a year in Australia. The event is proposing to have an idea of hosting Formula One until 2023. It is one of the oldest surviving motor racing competition prevalent in Australia. Its first run occurred at the Phillip Island in the year of 1928, but ...

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