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Course Code:FIN3CFI
Published on: 18-08-2022

Retail SegmentWesfarmers Ltd is a multinational company which owns a diversified portfolio of business including hardware, department stores, processing and energy distribution. The company also produces chemicals, fertilizer and industrial and safety product industries (, 2022). The company operates under two segments which are retail and industrials. The following section represents the business segments of the company in deta...

Course Code:ACC706
Published on: 11-07-2022

What is a General Purpose Financial Report?The name GPFR or general purpose financial report indicates a report that highlights the information pertaining to the financial part of the business. It is needed to be adhered by every firm as directed by the government or professional accountants. The firms that meet the criteria of the reporting entity, the entity where the users depend on the report decision making process.  Hence, GPFR is a...

Course Code:BLO2205
Published on: 05-10-2021

Issue and Answers related to Bonus SharesThe board of Waldmart have the power to issue bonus shares and now the shareholders can legally compel the board not to issue the share at the upcoming AGM. According to the Corporation Act 2001 of Australia the sec 254T and 254A are establish the facts of the issue of share the bonus and debenture and the bonus of shares by the directors of the company. As per the Corporation Amendment Bill 2011 sho...

Course Code:IRHR3540
Published on: 14-09-2021

Preparing for International ExpansionInternational expansions are the objective of every business making it important for businesses to prepare for the challenges linked to international expansion.  There are many elements linked to international expansion businesses must consider but in most situations, the business must first take into consideration placing experience and high performing staff at strategic positions so as to maximize th...

Course Code:IPC102
Published on: 04-09-2021

Sectors in Culinary ArtsThe most expected path that can be taken after graduating from the culinary arts is working with the commercial kitchen. Small restaurants generally have only three or four food prepares for the kitchen, while the bigger restaurants have bigger teams. The main chef is in the charge of the kitchen, however, the soups chef, pastry chef, saucier and other members of the team also play crucial role in kitchen (Mitchell ...

Course Code:MGT254
Published on: 24-08-2021

Understanding the Cost-as-an-Independent-Variable PerspectiveQ1. A significant objective of the cost-as-an-independent-variable (CAIV) perspective is to: reduce the total operating cost (TOC) associated with programs Q2. What is the purpose of the bidders' conference? To enable the buyer to meet with prospective sellers prior to preparation of a proposal to ensure that all prospective sellers have a clear, common understanding of the ...

Course Code:BFA714
Published on: 20-08-2021

Fringe Benefit tax (FBT) consequences of a remuneration package provided by an employer1. Fringe Benefit tax (FBT) is paid when the employer provides the employees certain benefits that are over and above the normal salary or wages. Further, the payment does not relate to salaries hence FBT will not be computed on  the salary component that is $300000. When it comes to the fringe benefit tax, the category comprises of various fringe benef...

Course Code:IRHR3510
Published on: 12-08-2021

Human Resource DevelopmentThe current situation at O’Meara Electronics, as pointed out by James, one of the staff members, is ad hoc and as such, there is the need to rationalize various aspects particularly remuneration administration strategies as well as performance management. This paper provides an in-depth explanation and analysis of the elements of two major compensation schemes at the disposal of the organization. These include b...

Course Code:ACC702
Published on: 06-08-2021

Literature ReviewThe report aims to analyse the various types of the concepts which is seen to be related to addressing the various types research articles to state and analyse the roles of the cost management system with the use of specific tools. The various type scope of the study has been seen to include the various types of the concepts of the report which has been seen to be report on the exiting issues of the financial and the non-finan...

Course Code:MGT5IER
Published on: 06-08-2021

Human Resource Systems and Employee Relations in France, China, and USADifferent countries of the world have differences in their employee relations aspect. These differences demand change in how the human resource of the multinational companies is carried out. Some of these factors include the human resource systems, the employment relations aspects, the employee values and the remuneration systems among many other factors. Therefore, underst...

Course Code:MGT2012
Published on: 03-08-2021

Understanding Personal Selling in Marketing Strategy1.The personal selling of Johannes brother in order to promote promotional activities must follow the following marketing framework. Personal Selling: Johannes Brother’s company can also opt for the personal selling provision other than advertising and public relations. It fits to be more convenient for the company to promote its product. Personal selling allows direct communication of...

Course Code:BUS340
Published on: 20-07-2021

Basic remunerationRemuneration is regarded as the compensation for employment services and it takes into consideration salary compensation, fringe benefits, hourly wages and other sort of benefits. Remuneration strategies differ from across firms and industries. The concept of remuneration strategy is very broad and its key elements involve basic remuneration, performance based incentives, profit sharing policy, non financial incentives, sales...

Course Code:HI6026
Published on: 17-02-2021

Analysis of the Auditors’ Independence Report of AGLThe Discussion deals with the various issues that are connected with auditing. The process of auditing refers to the analysis of the various financial statements of the companies and verifies its compliance with the standards of the accounting. It si also a process to detect the several errors and material misstatements in the accounting statements made by the accountants of the firm. T...

Course Code:HI6026
Published on: 12-02-2021

Auditor Independence and Non-Audit ServicesEnhanced Audit reporting refers to increasing the overall transparency of the audited financial statements through better reporting by the auditors in their audit report. It is important that companies should see that all the key matters that affects the company in any way are properly stated and taken care of. Other important matters like auditor’s independence and his state in the company sh...

Course Code:MGT3RPM
Published on: 14-01-2021

Overview of the OrganizationThis research report aims to prepare a comprehensive employee performance and development review. The performance review and development framework for employees provides the basis for a manager and organizational member to work together in assessing as well as developing employees’ performance to guide the achievement of individual, weak work areas and organizational objectives (Dusterhoff, Cunningham and MacG...

Course Code:HA3021
Published on: 06-01-2021

Overview of ASICIn present market economies, the desirability of appropriate governance id usually promoted. Moreover, the variant which is not encouraged is that governance which is required for public interest can be developed only in the required form of market economy which is not present in the free market. As free-market represent specific interest group, who aim for their own objective even though other organizations resist there. Howev...

Course Code:HI6025
Published on: 21-12-2020

Company ProfileThe main objective of this report lies in the analysis and evaluation of the compliance of different standards of accounting conceptual framework and general purpose financial reporting by one Australian company. For the progress of this report, Sonic Healthcare Limited (Sonic Healthcare) is taken into consideration for the purpose of analysis and evaluation. On a broader note, the report aims at the analysis of the importa...

Course Code:MAA250
Published on: 04-12-2020

Corporate governance and its influence on operations of big businessThe present study is to provide an overview of the Australian royal commission into the financial and banking sector. Financial system of Australia has experienced a trend of broader implications of corporate governance in recent years. Corporate governance is the practices, rules and process that help in controlling, administering and directing any corporation (Tricker and Tr...

Course Code:LAWS5065
Published on: 31-10-2020

Legal Consequences of Mischaracterizing Employees and Relationships of Independent ContractorsLegal framework differentiating employees from Independent Contractors: The recent cases bought forward in Australian judges and court of law have in the last years handed huge penalties and compensations against those individuals that are caught in act of mischaracterising employees and relationships of independent contract. Such cases reflects the ...

Course Code:CAR20001
Published on: 27-04-2020

Growth of Accounting Industry in AustraliaThe book keeping and accounting industry is a key sector and is associated closely to the various business sectors. The profession of accounting has the liability of reporting in accordance to their financial performance to the common investors and the stakeholders. Hence, it can be stated that the profession of accounting has an essential role within the economy and even towards the other industries t...

Course Code:CAR20001
Published on: 06-04-2020

Introduction to Accounting and Service IndustryThe main concern of this assessment is to analyse the role of accounting service industry in relation to other businesses which are operating in Australia. The accounting service industry has received immense recognition in the wake of scandals and growth of different businesses in the market. The main products which are offered by accounting service industry to different businesses are bookke...

Course Code:ACC702
Published on: 19-02-2020

Factors influencing executive compensation calculationIn this assignment the overall methods by which a company can decide what is the remuneration by which they need to be paid off is discussed. Every public listed company needs to have a remuneration committee and that decides the overall remuneration structure that needs to be paid off. Remuneration forms one of the major part of the financials of the company and the shareholders depends on...

Course Code:ACCT20080
Published on: 01-01-2020

Overview of Navigator Global InvestmentsThis capstone is developed with the aim of carrying out an analysis and examination of the voluntary disclosures of a public listed company for determining its governance and ethical outlook. This is mainly carried out for the purpose of depicting the true value of the company to the business specialists such as corporate governance practitioners, corporate accountants, investors and others. In this cont...

Course Code:HRMT20024
Published on: 05-11-2019

Employee Attraction IssuesThe management of the human resources within the organization refers to the strategic approaches that are implemented in order to manage the activities of the various workers who have been serving at the various hierarchical levels within the organization. The proper management of the human resources within the organization might help in the matters related to the overall management of the organizational performance a...

Published on: 18-09-2019

Compliance with Independence RequirementsAudit reports generally must give an assurance to the managers and directors of a company a clear view of the financial position of such a fimr.There are therefore certain aspects which have to be taken into considerations such as the audit procedures, various audit opinions, existence of audit committee and factors which makes an audit report to be effective. Audit assurance focuses on evaluating finan...

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