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Course Code:CJ520
Published on: 30-08-2022

Policies and Laws regarding EEO in the USThe need for Governmental intervention in the issue of poverty race, nationality, and ethnicity by the United States (US) is still considered vital. Since the country is often questioned for the effectiveness of its public policies in maintaining a non-discriminatory stand. United States (US) constitution prohibits discrimination on said grounds. Racial, National Origin, and Ethnic discrimination invo...

Course Code:HCM539
Published on: 26-08-2022

The Importance of HR in the Modern WorkplaceWith rising challenges in the external work environment and also taking into account the changing work trends at the workplace, the role of the Human Resources (HR) department is vital for the organization. They will need to undergo the transformation processes and make sure that they are able to fulfill the expectations of both employers and employees in a given working environment (Alexandru, 201...

Course Code:6N2775
Published on: 25-08-2022

The Definition and Nature of ConflictConflict is referred to the certain formation of discord, friction and disagreement within a particular group when actions or believes of one group member are either unacceptable or resisted by other members of the group. It occurs whenever any form of disagreement is present on issues which generates a friction among the members. Conflict can also be generated from various sources such as goals, personality ...

Course Code:BUSN1001
Published on: 25-08-2022

What is Cultural Intelligence and Its Importance in the WorkplaceCultural intelligence can be determined as a capability to relate and effectively work across different cultures and it has many similarities with the concept of cultural agility (Caputo et al. 2019). This concept is mainly applied in education, academic, government, and business research contexts. Cultural intelligence mainly refers to the skills that help to work in various div...

Course Code:BSBSUS511
Published on: 25-08-2022

The EPBC Act 1999Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act 1999) The EPBC Act 1999: The Environment Protection and biodiversity conservation act 1999 is regarded as the key piece of environmental legislation in Australia play that commenced 16th July 2000. Environment protection and biodiversity conservation act 1999 (link is external) Environment Protection and biodiversity conservation regulations 200...

Course Code:BSBCMM511
Published on: 24-08-2022

1. Consider the following three organisations: i. OzHarvest Marriot Hotels ANZ Bank For each organisation, identify the industry in which they operate, the media and government organisations they may liaise with, and events and communication channels they may use to promote their business. Organisation Industry Media and go...

Course Code:LCBB5004
Published on: 20-08-2022

Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion in WorkplaceThe aim of this report is to know the importance of the promotion of inclusion and diversity in the workplace. The human resources management plays a vital role in building up the inclusion and diversity among the employees in the workplace. The purpose of this report is also to know more about the inequality in the workplace and the different ways by which the human resources management is trying ...

Course Code:MGM2111
Published on: 17-08-2022

Issues with Prohibition of Native Language Use at Ribs and Burgers OutletsStaff at "Ribs and Burgers" outlets are not allowed to speak their native language at work. The entity has also threatened them to face severe disciplinary action if they're caught speaking in their native language at work. This question will critically explore the important issues around discrimination and diversity in the workplace about the entity's decision above. ...

Course Code:BSBXCM401
Published on: 16-08-2022

Introduction and Discussion on Pending Matters(This scene takes place in the company's boardroom. There are several employees in this office. The theme of the discussion is the factors that have caused behavior change in the workplace environment. Bruce is the chairman of the meeting, while Elton, Esther and Richard are his coworkers.) Bruce: Good morning, my coworkers? Everyone: Good morning too. Bruce: I know you are wondering why I calle...

Course Code:BSBCRT611
Published on: 10-08-2022

Establishing Covid19 safe work practices during the pandemic1. Identify relevant legislation and legislative frameworks for the following workplace problems. Fill in the table: Workplace problem Relevant legislation / Legislative framework Reason for your choice Establishing Covid19 safe work practices during the pandemic Work Health and Safety Act 2011 will be the ideal framework in this case The ...

Course Code:BSBMGT605
Published on: 10-08-2022

Ensuring Impartiality and Integrity in the WorkplaceBoutique Build Australia employees should be aware of and avoid circumstances that might endanger their impartiality and integrity, such as receiving excessive rewards or special treatment at work. Consequently, it's conceivable they won't be able to objectively protect the Boutique Build Australia community from conflicts of interest deriving from improper financial involvement or personal t...

Course Code:BSBCRT611
Published on: 08-08-2022

Significance of industrial relations in reducing workplace risks 1. Source of information Obtained by Example Legislation Internet Research and government websites Fair Work Act 2009, Anti Diiscrimination Act 1977, Privacy Act 1988 and Corporations Act 2001 Government Publications Australian Laws, Legislation and vital legal documents, Legal news and press releases or reports. Local, State...

Course Code:EPHUMA120
Published on: 05-08-2022

Focused topic and descriptionCommunication approaches followed by the organizations that can make greater impact on boosting the teamwork, which can indirectly concentrate on leading the better project collaboration. Gerpott et al. (2019, p. 720) stated that Effective communication in the professional field has become necessary management element that concentrates on allowing the leaders to promote collaborative behavior among the team me...

Course Code:5CO03
Published on: 02-08-2022

Professional Definition Professional Definition   The term professional refers to an individual who earns their living through a specialized activity that they have achieved through training, education, practice and skill building. Thus, a professional is a person who has pursued education on a particular area of study, developed practical skills and knowledge about that area and has the ability to apply them in their work practice...

Course Code:BSBITU402
Published on: 01-08-2022

Ergonomic Strategies for Workplace PrepTo demonstrate your knowledge of the foundation skills, knowledge evidence and performance evidence, answer each question in as much detail as possible. Unless asked to ‘list’ where bullet points can be used, write your answers in complete sentences. Please ensure your responses sufficiently answer the question.  Note where another simulated workplace or your own workplace is chosen, then...

Course Code:BBDH2033
Published on: 28-07-2022

Physical ConditionRahim et al. (2014) state that there are several physical conditions, which degrades the standards and quality of employee performance. These physical conditions are related to health issues on spinal cord problems, neck pain, shoulder pain, thoracic, and others. These physical conditions contradict the safety climate created by the workplace, under the safe working practices, guided by the Occupational Health and Safety regu...

Course Code:RBP020L073A
Published on: 27-07-2022

Personal ExperienceDiversity plays an extremely important role in our lives. It is the basis of every existing culture on this planet. Cultural diversity essentially refers to a vibrant array of cultures all around the globe. It is imperative to note that cultural diversity plays an extremely vital role in the functioning of society. This is because diversity educates people about the different cultures prevalent around the world and helps the...

Course Code:3822ICT
Published on: 25-07-2022

Your responsibilities in the WorkplaceThe report is a placement plan that describes my personal goals and objectives as well as expectations and responsibilities that I will be fulfilling in my host organization. This is a document that outlines your placement's responsibilities, expectations, and assessment processes. My placement started on 28th February with Australian centre for pacific island research (ACPIR). I am currently working with...

Course Code:MHR001
Published on: 22-07-2022

HRM Issue IdentificationThe Eastern Garden is a high-end busy restaurant, that is located and operating in Melbourne. Although the restaurant is quite famous and had a good business flow, the pandemic Covid-19 created havoc in the normal business process. The success of the organization is largely dependent on its ability to effectively manage the HRM activities. The workplace management process is attributed to the effective management of the...

Course Code:BSBLDR523
Published on: 21-07-2022

Describe the organisation you are basing this assessment on. Provide an overview of the organisation and product/services/programs. What are the values and goals of the organisation? Describe your job role. Explain how your job role takes responsibility for formulating, organising and implementing plans, processes and strategies. Explain how your job role applies the values and goals of your organisation. Note: Your job rol...

Course Code:CHC52015
Published on: 21-07-2022

How are systems to protect client information built into this policy and procedure? It should cover high-level principles and norms, as well as some of the principles and methods that employees should adhere to. The policies discussed should be appropriate for the size, attitude, and activities of your company. Consumer privacy protection necessitates cybercrime managerial skills.  How are person/roles specified? ...

Course Code:HC1052
Published on: 14-07-2022

Overview of Inception MovieI have recently watched the movie Inception, which is a movie released in the year 2010 is a science fiction movie. It is a movie that is written, directed and co-produced by Christopher Nolan along with Emma Thomas, co-producer. Leonardo DiCarpio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and other stars, plays the film. I enjoyed the movie extremely as it is completely different compared to traditional Hollywood movies....

Course Code:MBA6140
Published on: 13-07-2022

Do Leadership Traits Matter?What comes into your mind the term leadership is mentioned? Well, leadership is the process of by which leaders implement the leadership qualities at the work place. Do leadership traits matter (Kirkpatic & Locke 1991)? Yes they do matter in that it is a must for a person inspiring to become a leader to have the identified traits of a leader such as honesty, courage, discipline and humility. Without these qual...

Course Code:B2026
Published on: 04-07-2022

Negativity in Workplaces and Its Effects on Organizational DevelopmentWorkplace aggression and negativity is not a new phenomenon (Hemmings, 2013; Abbas, 2014). There is a plethora of literature that shows how negativity in a workplace hampers organizational goals. Workplace negativity often leads to low productivity and lack of job satisfaction among employees (Membere et al., 2015; Samnani, Salamon, and Singh, 2014). It is imperative that th...

Course Code:MAN3655
Published on: 28-06-2022

Part 1: Job MarketThe report discusses the present and the future scenario of the job market in Australia and in the global context as well. The term job market entails the conception of the competition among the various labor force present in a country. The job market is not a physical place, but a conceptualization of the various and trending jobs in the market of a particular country or sometime in the global context. The growth of the job ...

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