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Course Code:COMMGMT3502
Published on: 20-07-2022

Advantages of Temporary and Casual Employees Human resource management or HRM is the process of conducting activities such as recruitment, selection and training for managing the human resources. The human resource strategies are concerned with improving performance of the employees. The HRM desires to have skilled employees to enhance organizational performance and overall productivity. The HRM is responsible for tracking the systems that ar...

Course Code:EECT109
Published on: 27-06-2022

Literature ReviewTelecommuting is a work arrangement where the employee works outside the office, and instead, working from home, coffee shops, etc. This form of work/employment has gained popularity and received high commendations since the beginning of the internet era. Employees who applaud it claim that their best ideas always arise from working away from the impromptu meetings, colleague’s phone messages and small talks, among other...

Course Code:EMPL4001
Published on: 22-09-2021

Identifying development needsPersonal development is a lifelong process. It is a continuous process that runs through one's lifetime. It is the way by which people learn or identify the skills and qualities they possess. Upon identifying qualities and competencies, then people can set their goals in life and maximize their full potential (Jim 2017). Throughout an individual’s life, they have to improve on themselves to be better persons,...

Course Code:BUS040X631Y
Published on: 29-07-2021

The Evolution of Work-Life Balance (WLB) and Its ImportanceThe objective of the research is to determine how the employee engagement makes animpact on theorganizational performance of Tesco Plc. As opined by Sonis and Kodali (2012), employee engagement is an important strategy in the present competitive market. Tesco is renowned retailing organization operating from United Kingdom, having both online as well as physical stores (, 2017...

Course Code:NSB305
Published on: 10-02-2021

Definition of Mentorship for GRNNewly graduated nurses usually have no experience at all concerning the workplace environment. During their transition to practice as GRN, they encounter several challenges such as occupational stress, overwhelming workload, lack of interpersonal relationships, transition shock, and inadequacy. The transition period is a critical period whereby the graduate nurses require to consolidate their necessary skills an...

Course Code:ACCT1046
Published on: 28-08-2020

Balance Scorecard for improving performance of a corporation 1.In a bid to augment performance of a corporation, the CEO believes that it might be insufficient to utilize profits as a performance indicator. Also, the CEO also believes considering utilization of a wide range of important performance indicators to handle the business.   Balance scorecard (BSC) was generated during the early 1990s by the proponents Robert S. Kapla...

Course Code:ORG20003
Published on: 13-07-2020

Importance of Work-Life BalanceWork-life balance is the most important part of an individual’s life as it helps an individual to align is personal and professional goals in the effective manner.  The work-life balance if manage effectively could led to high level of satisfaction among the individuals. In today’s world of busy life, it has become highly difficult to manage the work and home in the best manner (Anacleto, 20...

Course Code:NSB305
Published on: 27-11-2019

Significance of mentoring for GRN’sMentoring can be understood as a form of professional relationship between an experienced professional (called the mentor) and an inexperienced or less experienced professional (called the mentee) in which the mentor assists the mentee to develop specific skills, competencies and knowledge which helps them to engage in their work in a more effective manner (Brody et al., 2016). For graduate registered n...

Published on: 08-08-2019

Types of Human Resource PracticesDiscuss about the International Differences in Adoption and Impact of Information. The different four kinds of Human Resource practices are termed as the bureaucratic, professional, market and flexibility package. All these practices are connected to organisational structures. These human resource practices make a difference in the human resource Strategies and goals (Renckly, 2011). The key 4 HR practices...

Published on: 13-06-2019

Importance of Work-Life Balance in OrganizationsDiscuss About The Management Preferences Boundary Control. Human resource management refers to the management that combines all the activities of the organization and increase the satisfaction level of most important asset of the organization that are the employees of the company. An organization can never build a good team of good professionals without having an efficient human resource m...

Published on: 13-05-2019

Problem StatementDiscuss about the Effect of Work-Life-Balance on women employees. Work life balance is considered as a vital component not even in professional business practice but also in personal business practice. This research represents the work life balance by taking it as central issues that affect well being, as family and work are vital components of everyone’s life. Due to increase competition people are bringing more ...

Published on: 28-12-2018

DBS Group: An Overview Question: Discuss about the Implementation of the Talent Management in DBS Group. Talent management signifies the capability and commitments of the company to recruit the people. According to Church et al. (2016), the talent management process is associated with the method of developing the superior and most talented people in the organisation as per the suitability of the job role. The human resource management is respo...

Published on: 06-08-2018

Work-Life Flexibility vs. Work-Life BalanceQuestion:Explain Of The Implications For The Managers And Leaders? Work-life flexibility is becoming more and more common these days as some employees, especially millennials and other younger workers, prefer work-life flexibility and not work-life balance. In the years to come, it is projected that more employees would continue to seek workplaces that offer work-life flexibility (Leslie et al., 2012)....

Published on: 25-07-2018

Importance of Employee Satisfaction in CorporationsQuestion:Discuss about the Employee Happiness and Corporate Financial Performance.To start with, there is no doubt in the fact that no corporation could accomplish its objectives in case if it doesn’t hold the suitable set of staff members (Bhatti and Qureshi, 2007). The staff members within an organization greatly decide the company’s success. This is the chief reason as to why corp...

Course Code:MGMT7063
Published on: 31-03-2018

Theories of Work Life ScholarshipDiscuss about the Whether Flexibility in Work Life. Work life flexibility is important to have an effective and productive work at the workplace. It is seen that there are various advantages on having flexibility in work life (Sharma and Nayak 2016). Having an appropriate work life balance is also essential to have a healthy lifestyle and a successful career. Research had shown that work life flexibility...

Published on: 21-02-2017

Discussion Discuss about the Case Study for Expatriate Management at AstraZeneca? This assignment deals with a case study that analyzes the expatriate management issues that can occur in an organizational structure. This assignment focuses on a pharmaceutical company namely AstraZeneca. It is the fifth largest pharmaceutical organization in the world with revenues of US$ 31.6 billion and around 66,000 employees across the world. Over the years,...

Published on: 09-11-2016

Literature Review: Work-Life BalanceGive the literature review on awareness campaign This is where you will critically evaluate the area of diversity to inform your awareness campaign. Awareness Campaign Material: Supporting Material which can include: poster design, or flyers? The most widely recognized explanations behind meeting expectations late are workload weight, discovering time to do fitting work arranging and considering (54%)...

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