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Good Management Of Operations And Information System Of Zara

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Describe about the Good Management of Operations and Information System of Zara?



Operation management is an area that develops with various designs and controls the production to a good territory of holding business operations. It involves responsibility of the organization to ensure better needs in efficiency of business process (Antai, 2011). The factor can be cumulative on business sectors, but it holds a primary response to make the research evident on Zara. In understanding the management techniques of operational management, business programs have launched to implement a successful strategy on Zara by the researcher. Moreover, the researcher has also varied a good impact on Zara’s background where various trends of clothing produce a diverse economy on the market. To relate the contemporary research further, various ideas acknowledge the research process in developing Zara to a greater complexion. In order with new infrastructures and IT resources, Zara has made a good impact on supply chain management on various culture and ethics (Beckett and Jones, 2012).

Background of Zara

Zara is one of the major clothing industries around the world. It has a Spanish origin, where most of the retailers make a flagship about the products that are launched in the market to be specific (Bisen and Srivastava, 2009). Amancio Ortega in Spain opened the first store of Zara. Coming with a new image in Clothing industry, Zara made a greater impact on the US market and French market. Since, Zara is an integrated retailer, its major distribution in controlled by supply chain management and IT development. The major products converges a vertical change on manufacturing and distribution in the marketing arena. Zara has currently around 1,751 stores around the world and the annual revenue is estimated over 9 billion dollars. Zara’s mission was to contribute a greater sustainability on the development that would lead to society’s good sake. This would however lead to change in environment how others interact in development process. The sources of Zara on sustainability management and IT resources will help to develop an eco-friendly environment (Narasimhan and Narayanan, 2013). Hence, this would make a contrasting change in developing Zara’s resources to a greater level in expanding market territories on innovation and designs.


Operation management of Zara:

Since, Zara is one of the most popular clothing industries around the world. It has wide areas that make the territory distributed around competitive sectors in this global world. Information system has evidenced a greater complexion on major operations of Zara to facilitate development on higher level (Maniar, 2013). Zara has applied continuous development in improving the major change in operation management. It has also focused a greater contrast on motivation of employees on change management and rose in competitive prices. A research is required to conduct a strategy where competition on prices will increase production costs of Zara. Operation management on Zara has a definite link in distribution shares of product, services, and prices (Pollalis, 2012).

However, it has a development in utilizing the resources to deliver goods and services what clients actually want from the company. The survey in this research views the main aspects of Zara to determine the positions of major networks, communication and technology. Moreover, the planning procedure views the resources that would be ideal to ensure major reforms of management (Sadre, 2012). This regards that under operational management of Zara, there are two key indicators evaluated in this chapter. These are Supply chain management and Logistics.

Supply chain management

Supply chain management is the management made on the interconnection of the organizations that makes the process streamline. It also links with the values of customers in terms of products and services (Shimomura and Kimita, 2013). It is seen that at Zara, speed and response makes an even strategy than the costs incurred by the company in terms of revenue. When Zara was originated in Spain, it has its most stores in 86 countries including Europe, America, Asia and Middle East. The brand also has  renowned its ability to deliver new clothes on small territories in making the production rise variably (Zatzman, 2012). However, the contrasting segment has a greater identity on supply chain management to make a competitive advantage on business development. Zara’s growth has an effective strategy, which makes the market deliberate to speed up the pace.

The fashion edge of Zara made a global territory in making the business achievable to expand the market on higher scales. Nevertheless, a factor that made the distinction of Zara possessive was company aroused its major providers to sustain good decision on supply chains. A frequent change was under the treaty, which accounted most of its planning resources to a get quick access of major garments and clothes from the retailers (Sodhi and Tang, 2012). The indicator of supply chain management makes a development on the common lines of Zara that are:

Management of upstream and downstream values flows on the materials, goods, information among the major suppliers, consumers and the companies.

The systematic trance has a coordination that makes the traditional business an eventful area in improving long-term performance in supply chain.

The integration of business holds a key idea on the major change of creating values among the customer and stakeholders (Beckett and Jones, 2012).

Supply chain strategy would link a strategy in making the chain process efficient to create demand among the consumers ideal.

Culture and strategy

 As Zara is one of the widest chain marketers of garments in Spain, it also has some culture associated to it. To make this strategy a possible area through learning outcomes, Zara has subordinated in making a major changes in this modern industry. Through a good strategic resource, the organization may have an impactful program associated on cultural influences and analysis of any major event (Butts and Shenoi, 2012). The idea figures out that if innovation in today’s world brings changes, then what will be the growing impact of new industries to trade and outsource its resources to major countries. Thus, a path dependency would make an early statement to build a career on the major decisions taken towards technology and innovations. The impact of path dependency would bring core capabilities that have successful implementation on the past. In order, there are also path selection criteria that are relevant to build strategies on an even foundation (Calinescu and Garlan, 2012). The outlook from far is seen to be clear but the assumptions held on the major decisions would remain unresponsive. To overcome this, a cultural influence on strategic procedure would be held in managing cultures through major reforms and policies.  

The corporate culture has an incredible change in making the company for long-term success. This will make clear evidence on the major differences on culture and ideas of Zara. However, the relationship made between culture and strategy will link to major development process. Strategy is just the headline of the company whereas culture has a common language in making certain missions, values and expectations (Chadwick, 2012). The relation made on Zara sends a clear message where strategy is about the intent and creativity but culture determines desire on executing a major change. Hence, to send clear information on operations and management in Zara, culture embraces strategy to sustainable management (Kruger, 2013).


Zara has an ethical concept linked on the primary resource learned on political and social systems. This will link on the concepts that are conducted on the contemporary base of the major information systems. The ethical issue that Zara is facing is use of technologies for major communities to strive one-step forward (Ivert, 2012). There might be a change strategy on problems that are specific in making prominent behaviors and ensuring technology to greater levels. However, the ethics are simple, but unconventionally it does not act in making change on ethical judgment in most business decisions (Jaegler and Burlat, 2012). The idea related with IT would raise change issues on the major factors that are social changes, distribution on power, rights and obligations. The key frames where technology has made a greater impact through the ethical barriers are:

Organizations depend on the operations of computer systems.

Organization maintain a database on the change environment of Zara

Networking that has advanced the future generations of operation to a greater territory. This has made access of personal data to remote locators at an easier pace (Kruger, 2013).

The basic concepts of ethics in operational management are responsibility, accountability, and liability. This has a definite prospect in identifying positions that involves major conflicts and dilemmas of the stakeholders.


Planning and control

The idea on planning and control has a great impact on Zara to meet major positions on IT resources and development on infrastructures. Planning formalizes a great impact on a definite position of IT developments that correlate the research further. However, a treaty would change the complexion of research in making various implementations of market research in the contemporary world. This would change expectations of individuals to a greater territory on operational environment in Zara (Kudla and Stölzle, 2011). However, the forecast on this principle will avail sustainability management in attracting the plan on higher scales. The researcher would raise a question in planning idea that how activities on resource correlate new conceptions that would bring new change in Zara. To figure out this strategy on a good note, Zara’s achieve its wide business in distributing its resources worldwide. It also plays a significant position on customer satisfaction and values in clothing industry (Lysons and Farrington, 2012). The major objective in planning is to see how marketing needs increases population to greater territories. It also sends a message that Zara takes most of the market share on growth and development to become an integrated retailer.

Quality management

The researcher has utilized various aspects in this research to make the management system a good area under operational system (Maguire, 2012). The idea evolved in this research makes an evident contribution on customer expectations and perceptions in terms of product and service. Zara has defined its most resources to ensure the product and service that could be consistent in quality control, assurance and improvement on major sectors. The idea will focus not only on product or on service but also it achieves the means of product quality. Therefore, the particular concept makes a treaty in making an assurance or control that could be consistent in delivering the service prominently. The research shows ideal phenomena that supports most of the clients of Zara on quality standards that if a customer purchases a product from a retail store, that product must be of good quality and brand (Maniar, 2013). It also must satisfy customer needs that they can enjoy buying hereafter. The interpretation of learning outcomes makes an ideal strategy on Zara that has improved quality on products to make the system relevant. It also breaks the uneven barrier that supervises major services to enhance the distribution system in recognizing products. Moreover, it comes with a significant change that includes quality culture, role of leadership, importance in management responsibilities and others (Nelson, 2011). The influence of Zara on customer’s role has a great impact that makes an application base on major areas, which includes sales service, marketing and customer service.

The orientation of Zara on major principles would adapt a change environment that organization puts an impact on improved performance, this would however focus on customers, leadership, continual improvement, new approach to a better system correspondingly. It has been seen always that with good use of IT resources and infrastructure, Zara has become a good flagship chain on the Spanish market. Zara developed its prime resources on competitive advantages of the market to expand its territories (Jaegler and Burlat, 2012). This has a made a greater stability in fast production and maximizing the profit to higher levels.

Inventory management

The influence of customers on operation management has a compelling nature that subordinates Zara to deliver most of its products and services through inventory management system. This should replenish a better area in making deliberate connections on a business organization (Sadre, 2012). The key aspects of supply chain management would link a deliberate idea on inventory and logistics. Thus, it becomes a major backbone on business functions. Inventory management determines a major impact on supply chain that has a financial lead with Zara to review planning and control in development process. It also monitors an economic value that organization transforms values to be ethical (Shimomura and Kimita, 2013). Hence, to make the area resourceful under development process, Zara initiates most of its functional change that comes with major changes that are as follows:

Inventory resources have good economic value that can be consideration for organizational control and behavior.

Inventory can also be a complete or an incomplete state

Organization engages value added creation that holds inventory on good production scales (Beckett and Jones, 2012).

Lean Synchronization

Resources are one of the most important assets in the organization. On the other hand, resources of the organization are limited. The job of an effective leader and effective manager is to ensure in the achievement of the common managerial goals and objectives of the organization with the help of the limited resources. The present company in the study is Zara. Zara is one of the most popular and common brand in Spain. This particular company operates its business across the top cities of the world. The objective of the study is to focus on different kinds of operational management of the selected company. This part of the study will reflect the concept of the lean Synchronization in the operational management of the selected organization.

. Zara adopts the concept of the lean production system in order to make sure in the smooth flow of production by ensuring the concept of the optimum utilization of resources.


Capacity Management of Zara

In modern generation, the concept of internet and application of Emails has provided one of the major breakthroughs. The concept of information technology in the applications of marketing has changed the entire concept and trend of marketing.

Zara maintains a proper capacity management by ensuring some of the most vital factors in the operations of the business.  Monitoring the regular performance, performance analysis of measurement data, performance analysis of data measurement, which includes huge impact existing infrastructure and capacity planning of storage, are the key factors in the entire capacity management of the Zara.  The concept of capacity management interacts with the discipline of the Performance Engineering   of the company.

IT infrastructure and technologies

In this area, the researcher has taken ideas that evolve IT and infrastructure to good priorities on Zara. Zara has evolved a great change since technology and good infrastructure came to effect on major stores. This has changed the reflection of this clothing industry. With technology, Zara has come with newer dimensions that have made company to greater instincts (Homann, Koslowski and Lütge, 2011). To get a clear idea in this research, IT infrastructure makes use of tangible resources like software, networks, hardware and data centre facilities. These resources makes the basic functioning requirements that are budgeting, organization control, network planning, technical support, etc.

A contrasting segment depicted in operation behavior would lead to change management in Zara. This would reflect to the general behavior on major business strategies to raise awareness among people (Ivert, 2012). It also aligns a perspective that enhances business on major management systems. The idea reflected on technology and infrastructure would support major decision-making process. Since, IT management refers to the activities related on origination’s behavior. This has a prominent factor that adds a value on the major business aspects. The major creation would hence primarily focus on IT management linked with technology and innovation that would add a great value on Zara to increase customer value. However, increase in business requirements would make a change territory in maintaining network relationships between internal and external environments (Jaegler and Burlat, 2012). Hence, this would increase business requirements to make a change perspective on mechanism and control.

IT infrastructure on Zara has a collaborate change that begins with newer technologies and developments. This has made a greater prospect that combines on technology infrastructure library through hardware, networks, software, etc. This library has defined most practices that are accepted in private and public sectors (Kruger, 2013). Hence, it ensures accuracy on the technological advancement to provide benefits on operation and service provision that are:

Improved customer satisfaction through a professional approach

Reduced IT costs

Improved delivery on the major third party services

Improved IT services that prove best effects on knowledge and skills

IT has a great impact on fashion industry that most of its abundant resources form an integral value. Zara’s variety is linked with new trends and sources that make the organization develop with new strategies. The prime aspect in this module helps to expand business on communication and network topology (Kudla and Stölzle, 2011). The IT infrastructure has sensed that Zara’s business enables garments that are shipped on major distribution outlets. This is hence transferred to major stores and centers. The strategy makes a balanced position by collecting vital information that would assess how Zara would make appropriate use of these designs to make newer change and producing other designs. This will increase the market growth relatively that will add customer value to a great scale (Maguire, 2012). The IT advantage has shortened time interval on major design concepts that would make an arrival of major decisions to put stocks on relative stores of Zara. Hence, this has made to think that thousand of fabrics, design specifications and inventory outputs would make production quickly and raise awareness among people (Maniar, 2013). However, technology has particularly made an eventful factor in expanding major stores that transform production level to greater extent.


Product service design

Planning to produce a new product means a key factor involved on product and service design. This has specifically made to design products and services of Zara in increasing awareness among people (Nelson, 2011). There are various designs implemented on successful strategy that are:

Refining existing products and services

Formulating quality goals

Development of new products and services

Formulating cost targets

The design procedure has included motivation, organization capabilities, forecasting change, research development and innovations, which will play a significant role in Zara. The influence of key aspects on product and design will make the organization’s procedure develop through major considerations. These are technological change, competitive market, demographic change, and the major marketing opportunities (Shimomura and Kimita, 2013). To make an effective plan on service designs, Zara has made an inventory output on the tangible product accessories. This would vary on the service quality maintained on growth and development for the company. However, this would make the process adjacent on sustainability and development process of Zara (Zatzman, 2012).


In this research, the researcher has made through various aspects that make the ideas clear on operation management of Zara. Zara has a wide link in outsourcing its resources to major countries to access good response from this field. The primary response of this clothing industry has correlated a good response on supply chain management. This has also contributed sustainability resources to make greater impact on infrastructure and IT resources. Moreover, the change has seen a good sequence in holding culture and strategy to make innovation to a new level in foundation of Zara. However, ethics and planning has also led to a great impact in making new change on IT and infrastructure of Zara towards operational behavior in management system.


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