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  1. List each question asked and then summarise the answers given (quote if not too long. Otherwise paraphrase)
  2. Discuss each question and answer with respect to your own career aspirations
  3. Discuss any surprising answers or information you gained

My Experience with the MBTI

It is no doubt that reflection forms a critical part of social work and education. Apparently, reflection is regarded as an important practice especially for those workers who are in the place settings or rather in newly qualified social workers. In simple terms, reflection set aside an opportunity of reviewing our decision as well as decision-making processes regarding a certain profession. This paper proposes to discuss in details a reflection of my own experience through an online interview test also known as the MBTI (Curbano, 2018, pp.301). While many people may assume various aspects regarding their personal traits and their overall association with others, such virtues shape personal career towards a certain professional. In this light, taking an online MBTI interview is that big step that one may be yearning for in shaping one’s career development.   Primarily, I have always assumed myself to be a person who sets personal bar and directions, however, I would not like to be challenged in any particular matter especially those that I am confident in. nonetheless, I found the interview

I had previously managed to have done my placement with the human resource department in one of the leading food retailing firm in Australia, and they had a system of bringing in various new recruits to perform duties and responsibilities that always made the company be in the forefront. Apart from performing our daily duties the company insisted on the ethical culture of the whole institution and had good relations with the executives, managers, and all the employees. Apparently, employees selection is no doubt one of the most essential processes human resource managers have to go through given they have to look for a rather qualified set of employees who presumably can meet and fulfill the firm’s goals. Besides, qualified employees are likely to make an organization successfully and ensure that it withstands s the overall competitiveness of the global market. Notably, the human resource managers act as the bridge between an organization and potential employees.

In essence, I currently work with Wal-Mart which is as well regarded to be a leading food retailing company in Australia.  During my first application for a position as an intern was through the internet. Primarily, the company has had huge changes particularly in transforming its operation to a digital experience. Additionally, the company uses the same technology particularly in recruiting its workers (Lussier, 2018). This means that any person that intends to apply for a job in Wal-Mart has to use online platform. During my time as an intern, I realized that the company used various personal skills in form of communication where the firm hugely advocated the use of personal referrals.

The Importance of Professional Ethics

During recruitment session in the online platform, the company used a sort of interview that interacts with an individual on various personal aspects needed for a successful appointment. Notably, there was an apparent application of the Myers-Briggs type indicator (MBTI) as a form of personal inventory (Üsdiken, 2018, pp.171). Primarily, the overall purpose of this personal inventory is to ensure that the theory of psychological types is simplified and used appropriately in people’s lives. This is viable since people are known to be different and therefore are likely to differ correspondingly.  Noteworthy, this kind of test interview uses the four dichotomies in dividing people. These dichotomies include introvert versus extrovert, intuitive versus sensory, thinking versus feeling, and judging versus perceiving. In this light, the test tends to ultimately divide people into 16 types based on the set of traits that they fall in.  The main basis of this system especially when used by companies is that it asks the users various general questions in which it will then define the personality of the end user.

I am not certainly new to MBTI test as I have done it over years and always found myself coming out the same person. However, during my intern interview, I found out something about myself. After doing the test, I was told that I was an INTJ (Truong, Laura, Shaw, 2018, pp.32). To my understanding, this was only one letter off from the rather INFJ. I had to admit that I was such a person given my judging nature and always preferred my live structured. This was somehow true as most people of this nature were relative quite (introverted) and sometimes focused to dig into various theories (intuitive) (Lesiuk, 2018).  While these assumptions might sometimes be true, I disagree with it in a substantive degree given that one just answers random questions where some might be answered for the sake and not genuine.  

Throughout my education, I have tried to be that person that stands out particularly in as far as education is concerned. Having studied hospitality at Melbourne University in my undergraduate degree, I had the ambition of doing my postgraduate in the same field (Azevedo & Hawranik, 2018, pp. 265). Apparently, I am glad to have studied post graduate in the same field and certainly appear among the best in our year. In essence, my international experience has been fantastic having traveled in various countries such as England for delegation meetings during my initial days at Wal-Mart. Primarily, this has shaped the destiny of my career has it gifted me with a chance of meeting different people know how to interact with them (Ivana & Ivan,  2018). This is useful in my career given that it involves meeting people each and every day and therefore knowing how to interact with them provides the best chance of showing others what I can deliver.  
Analysis of 'Why Ethics Are Important For Professionals in Your Discipline Area’

Action Plan for Professional Development

Professional ethics consist of the personal as well as the overall corporate standards of behaviors by a given set of professionals in a certain firm.  Given the type of customers involvement that is considered in my profession, it is no doubt that professional ethics would be something very important (Khan, 2018). Additionally, professional ethics are important in my field as it provides room for teamwork, therefore, the customer is served in the shortest time possible yet they receive high-quality services (Potgieter & Ferreira, 2018). Noteworthy, professional ethics is important as it provides a rational pathway to decision making, therefore, our company is always in tabs with the expected ethical standards required in any business organization. Behaving ethically is an important part of maintaining the overall reputation of a business. In case a business violates any of the ethical standards then it is likely to have a bad reputation and therefore loses its customers. In this light, in case a worker fails to work ethically in a business, he or she faces a chance of being fired for the interest of maintaining the reputation of the job he or she operates for.


In a nutshell, it is evident that reflection of a particular experience is an essential part of making sure that one progresses in a career. Apparently, in any business organization, there are various techniques that are used in assessing recruits in a company. One of the most celebrated methods used especially in the wake of technological advancement and internet usage is the MBTI method. In essence, this strategy is used to determine the personal attribute of people and has proven useful especially in knowing those workers that are employed in a business operation.

Appendix - Action Plan for Professional Development (Prepared According To the Template Provided)

  • Expand my overall understanding of the profession and application of IT in human resource management.
  • Makes sure I assist the stakeholders as well as staff in having a thorough knowledge of the service agreement.
  • Become one of the proficient in my profession through adhering to ethical best practices.

Holding an interview is an essential part of getting to know the person one is dealing with it in the case is in organizational settings. Apparently, every interview has got its own unique style and focus of the main view despite some question being asked more often in various firms in the world market. It, therefore, makes sense in case one intends to prepare for a particular interview the level of preparation that would come along (Hurst, Azevedo, & Hawranik, 2018). In this light, it is in the best interest for someone who prepares for an interview to make sure that he or she has a clear glimpse of the background that is going to convince an interviewer that they deserve a particular position in a business (Kumar & Natarajan, 2018).  

It is no doubt that no doubt that landing a dream job is the intention of any job seeker. Nonetheless, many individuals fail to prepare for an interview sufficiently (Smith & van, 2018). Most job seekers in many occasions fail to work on career development skills even after graduating from college. Most of this people hope to transit directly from college to employment or from one particular career stage to another one (Layne, 018). Nonetheless, natural career development remains a dream to many people. The main aim of this interview is to demystify other interviews (Theodore et al., 2018, pp.207). Additionally, this interview is planned to enumerate on performance and where needs to be fixed for.

Although it was not the first time I experienced what an interview was all about, I was a little bit nervous given that this time I was going to interview a human resource manager of Quay restaurant in Australia (RIYADH,  2018). Her name was Shirley Johnson. The main reason I chose her was the fact that my interest was to understand the whole concept that revolves around hiring procedure and best practices in a certain firm. The designed place where the interview was to take place was in their very restaurant for her convenience given that most of the time she is very busy with her daily routine. Meeting her was not hard as I was provided her contact with one of my colleague in our firm. Essentially I talked to her and informed her of my intention and deciding the venue was not hard since I was the one in more need of the data so I had to make a follow-up. Although I had not anticipated the time framework, I made an assumption which was at least one hour and we took no more than that.

What are some of your expectations from a manager?

  • “I acknowledge a working environment where all the supervisors are at the forefront of creating good connections with all their employees in a certain business. For instance, in my last job, I was impressed with that overall fact that management never favored any employee but treated them equally. This one of the key virtue that I would require from a manager.” Favor

How best do you manage a problem related to your employees?

  • “It is certainly not an easy task solving a problem regarding a particular employee. However, throughout my career, I have learned the aspect of being patient and listening to what others have in their thoughts. In this case, I always listened to both sides carefully and come up with a solution that would not affect any side of the party involved.”

How well can you enumerate the level of success?

  • “In most cases, I try to view success in a different way altogether. In this light then I am in a position to outline the level of success based on the initial set objectives. After that, I always like recognizing and rewarding hard work. This gives room for not only to those that have been rewarded but also to give those that would want to deliver quality an improvement.”

It is normal practice to be criticized, what is that particular thing that people keeps on criticizing you about?

-“To be honest I do get criticized each and every day for different issues but how I approach these criticisms. Nonetheless, I try to listen to their complaints and implement the changes if they are viable. Some workers criticize me on the way I recruit workers but I believe in the best clients out there.”

It is evident that performing a certain interview is important in understanding how well a company relates to its works and executes it work on the shortage time possible (Jadhav, ). Additionally, it is important to trace the level of operation that is why it is advisable to check the level of improvement based on the type of work produced by the writers. A good manager is expressed as those who would like to have a good rapport with their customers on daily perspectives. To be honest, I have not experienced any orders of school deadlines. (Romanova, 2018) A good manager is the one who solves a problem, one that makes sure there is the aspect of the collaboration of both workers and the administrator to no avail. These are things that I want to see and doctors doing in the best interest of a company (Khan 018, pp.1143).

For many years my dream has been to improve my career and make sure I apply all the necessary ethical approaches my professional journey. Having gone through the interview, I have learned that there is need to makes sure there is a good rapport between the business structures and the client. I, therefore, intend to increase my knowledge the line of information technology as well as providing support to my fellow workers.


In a nutshell, the above interview has been helpful as I have studied the way a manager is supposed to define success and finally rewarding the efforts of the workers. It is as well important to be in a position of understanding the process involved in settling a dispute among workers and make sure that the dispute is completely solved.


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