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HH1704 Knowledge And Skills For Occupational Therapy

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Assignment Title:

To analyse and justify the application of a chosen approach to a case study, and to consider the appropriateness of a second approach.

On successful completion of the module, you will be able to:

  • Appraise a range of theoretical approaches applicable to occupational therapy.
  • Apply a range of theoretical approaches to occupational therapy practice

Using the case study below, from the perspective of an Occupational Therapist, select an approach which you feel would be appropriate when working with this client, and write a written assignment focusing on the application of the chosen approach, along with your justificationof it.

Assignment Case Study

The following client has been referred to you as the community occupational therapist.

Mr JozefJurik is 51 years old, he moved to England 25 years ago from Slovakia as he had met his English partner Teresa, now his wife of 24 years, at language school.  Jozef is proud of his Slovakian heritage, and Roman Catholic faith, but has always missed his parents and brother, and kept in regular contact with them.  

Jozef is a mechanic by trade and has enjoyed employment at a large Derby based engineering company throughout the time he has been based in England. Jozef has enjoyed updating his skills to use digital technology and enjoys teaching apprentices, junior staff and inducting new team members. His boss has always regarded him as one of the most reliable and hardworking members of company, of which Jozef has been proud.

Jozef and Teresa have two sons, who left home about two years ago; Jozef and Teresa saw this as an opportunity to move to a small quiet village on the outskirts of Derby to enjoy the countryside, have a larger garden with a vegetable plot and spend more time outdoors; their sons remain living in Derby. Unfortunately Teresa’s mother in Devon in the last 6 months has become unwell; hence when Teresa finishes her part time teaching job on Thursday lunchtime, she drives straight to Devon to care for her mother, often only returning on a Sunday night before going to work on Monday morning. Jozef misses Teresa during this time, he feels very guilty as he feels family values are of upmost importance, so he agrees she should be looking after her mother, however due to a flare up of symptoms in his rheumatoid arthritis he has not been able to drive to join her in Devon when he finishes work on a Friday evening. Also there is limited public transport in the village, and no Catholic Church, hence Jozef cannot get into Derby to see his sons, or to attend church, and he finds this upsetting.

Currently Jozef is off long term sick from work, and has been for the last two months.  This is in part due to his rheumatoid arthritis, including early morning stiffness and joint pain within his wrist and ankle joints, and fatigue. Jozef has also been seen by his GP who has prescribed him sertraline to manage the symptoms of depression. Jozef is worried about letting his company down; due to problems with his wrists he feels he would struggle to operate the technology and complete heavy manual tasks at work, he has early morning stiffness, and is concerned that he may struggle to stand due to ankle joint pain.  Jozef is also finding that he has reduced stamina and energy in undertaking day to day tasks, both at home and prior to being off from work, within his work setting. He is concerned he is letting Teresa down, as he is doing little round the house when she is away at her mothers, and he is extremely worried that he might be labelled as a bad employee. He dwells on these negative thoughts and seems to think of little else.

Jozef is normally very particular about his appearance, but Teresa has commented to him that he seems not to be taking as much care of himself and his appearance. Teresa is very concerned about Jozef, she identifies that previously she would have described him as chatty, and always doing something, but in the last few weeks he is very quiet, does very little and at times becomes tearful, seeming very unmotivated, assuming everything will go wrong.

Currently Jozef has few leisure pursuits, but had previously been a keen Derby County football supporter, both attending home games and meeting friends at the pub to watch away matches, neither of which he is currently doing. Previously Jozef had also been a keen gardener, and enjoyed driving, but his recent loss of confidence has impacted on his ability to engage in these occupations.

Jozef’s family in Slovakia  have contacted Teresa to express concern that Jozef has stopped making much contact with them by phone, skype or e mail and that when he does all he talks about is how much of a failure he is as both a husband and employee.

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