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Brief description of the organization

Discuss About The HI5004 Marketing Management Assignment.

This report will entail a detailed analysis of marketing management and strategy of TPG Telecom Company. TPG is famous among the biggest telecommunication service providers in Australia. In particular the report will describe the organization in brief and also discuss marketing orientation of the organization. Additionally, the report will include the situational 5C`s, SWOT and PESTLE analysis. A marketing research to generate solutions for challenges in launching the product will also be analysed by the report. Of course, Telecom Industry is full of competition and the only factor essential for sustainability and development of the industry is implementation of appropriate marketing strategies. The most rampant competition in the Telecom industry concerns gaining the market share. Thus, one technique to assess how the business is carrying on is comparing the market share (Moghaddam and Foroughi, 2012, p. 19-24). At the end, the development of market strategy should rely on the methods to improve the market share.

TPG Telecom organization comes second after Telstra among the biggest Australian telecommunication and IT companies, with its headquarter in Sydney Australia. The company caters for a range of communication services to customers, for instance internet access, network, telephone services and accounting services. When compared with other telecommunication organization, the company has one of the largest fixed broadband customer base and is focused to become the top provider of NBN services and the fastest broadband services. Notably, the company has been generating a lot of revenue and profits in the recent past in its growing phase. As such it is determined to extend its services all over Australia and other countries too like South Africa and Philippines. In a sum, Telecom industries is rapidly growing. Many organization in this sector are striving to acquire more market share using modern technologies. Other companies, like Vodafone pose threat despite the fact that TPG Telecom and Telstra in the front.

TPG Telecom focus is proving communication services that are fast, reliable, efficient and affordable to customers. This implies the company aims at improvising the entire communication and informational and technology services in Australia by issuing reliable communication services at a fair charge for its multiple customers (Australia, 2010).

After Telstra, TPG Telecom organization is second largest in telecommunication services. In incorporates particular marketing strategies that allow it survive in the market and deal with the competitors. Ideally, Marketing strategy encompass the activities carried out by an organization to create awareness of either a service or product to customers (Varadarajan, 2010).  In short, the activities are carried in an orderly manner for purposes of promotion and selling products and services.

Vision statement

One of the company`s strategy is launch NBN services to provide unlimited broadband packages. Besides the company is geared towards a network capacity of its own to limit traffic. Such a step will enhance its operation margin.

The organization provides specifically communication services. These include, fixed-line broadband services, internet & data solutions, fiber optic assets and an increasing network infrastructure.

Telecommunications has been a developing area due to the introduction of new technologies. TPG telecom therefore does its market analysis using SWOT analysis and other related theories.

SWOT analysis


  1. TPG telecom has established a strong base for creating more networks infrastructure by acquiring other networks, PIPE and AAPT. This step will improve the company`s fixed broadband infrastructure within the Australia and other parts of the world.
  2. Incorporating NBN services means a unlimited broadband packages at a fair prices
  3. The company`s services are of quality and efficient and attracts all types of customers, both in the small, medium and large sectors (Gershon, 2009).
  4. By initiating and providing services beyond the country will be an added advantage to compete with rivals.


  1. The marketing of products in TPG telecom is not sufficient. The products of the company are not well positioned despite its success. This means the competitors can easily manoeuvre their way to replace the product.
  2. The company’s financial plan is not done well. According to an audit analysis, the TPG telecom is able to spend funds in a more efficient manner than it does to date.
  3. The ratio of profits and amount of Net contribution of TPG telecom limited is below the industry average.
  4. Investment in research and development areas is low compared to the leading organization in the industry. Ideally, the company has not been able to put up with the top organizations, more so in being innovative regardless of spending above average in research and development (Bocken, 2017, p. 81-96).
  5. The company faces a limited success outside core businesses. Despite its leading position in the industry, TPG telecom encounters hard time in moving to other products.


  1. TPG telecom can increase the need of better network infrastructure, so as to improvise data flow.
  2. The company`s scope has been enhanced due to higher demand for network solutions.
  3. National Broadband Network (NBN) will guarantees TPG telecom wider opportunities and will ensure the sustainable growth of the organization.
  4. Telecommunications and IT services, to other regions like New Zealand, South Africa, will widen the scope.


  1. High competition from other organizations. New technologies initiated by the competitor could be a big threat to the industry (Reidy, 2015, p. 71).
  2. Telstra is still leading amongst telecommunication companies in Australia.
  1. The demand for products that contribute to higher profits is usual to fluctuate and change in season effect on the company’s profitability.
  2. TPG telecom faces fluctuations in currency since it provides its services in different countries, in particular political instability in most of the markets.
  3. Change in consumer buying behaviour from online channel could be a threat to the existing physical infrastructure driven supply chain model.
  4. New rules and regulations on the environment could be a threat to certain existing product categories.

The main customers that provide market to TPG telecom limited are residential customers, small and medium businesses, large corporate enterprise and wholesale customers. Generally, the organization is working towards satisfying the needs and demands of every customer (Jaroszewicz, 2008, p. 52-59).

The collaborators necessary for implementing the process are retailers and suppliers. These groups in the supply chain completes the chain and fulfils the demands of the customer. More so, retailers are in charge of selling the connections to customers. Thus generating additional revenues for the company.

Telecommunications & IT are almost authentic demand by people in the modern society. Therefore, the industry has been acknowledged by many people due to the high levels of technology and revenue flow. The key competitors of TPG telecom are Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone, Amaysim among other telecommunication organization.

While TPG telecom plans to provide the fastest fixed broad band, a different mobile service provider, Amaysim, also plans to take part in the fixed broadband sector. Which means the entrance of Amaysim will be a challenge to the existing broadband connections of TPG telecom sector. Apparently, the industry is very competitive but again favours the emergence of new organizations since the demand is extremely high. The high capital costs to and risk inquired are the only reason why the entrance of newcomers is made difficult creating a stiff competition for the currently existing organizations. An increasing rate of competition threatens the organization. The need to offer affordable products or services, good quality, better network services are the few areas which need to be looked upon.

Technology impacts on telecommunication in different ways. Ideally, it new technologies emerge everyday leading to frequent change on the technological methods used in the organization. In this context, TPG telecom uses better optic fiber to facilitate a fast transfer of data and reduce traffic in network and also uses better mobile service quality. Telecommunication industry keeps change considering it is a dynamic field (Venkatram & Zhu, 2012).

Marketing strategy

The ultimate determinants of the performance of an organization are consumers. The change in social preference and demands result to change in supply mechanism. Hence, in telecom industry, the most essential requirements of customers are commination services that are fast, reliable internet services. All in all affordable.

Market research for an organization is a set of activities carried out to acquire adequate information concerning the demand of a product or identifying opportunities for a given brand. The base line for many successful businesses is the accuracy and vigorous research which provide a sufficient information about customers, competitors and the whole organization (Doole, Isobel and Lowe, 2008). The management in this case is able to predict the success of a business before allocating resources in place.

Primary survey

Primary research encompass four stages which are planning, collecting, analysing, and writing (Driscoll, 2011). The methods are observation, interviews, and surveys. The process of conducting any primary survey must be formal and ethical (Brace, 2018). TPG telecom organization carried out n primary research that its main objective was to establish the extent in which the company is known in the market and also identify the current changes in the industry. In addition, the study sought to know changing preferences of customers in the telecommunications and IT services. The group included in the survey were, business customers, whose primary requirements are of fixed broadband connections.

Customer needs

  The survey showed that the customer mainly requires high internet speed, at an affordable cost. Internet fixed broadband connections are mainly required for the business processes and there is quite substantial emerging requirement for faster internet connections for the smooth working of the business.

Potential threat

According to the outcome in the survey, the potential threat for TPG telecom is Telstra, which has largest market share. Telstra Corporation Limited is also a telecommunication organisation and technology as well. Just like TPG telecom, its main activity concerns the provision of telecommunication and information services in Australia and other areas in the world.  The company conducts its business through different segments. These are, Retail segment which provides telecommunication products, services and solutions across mobiles, fixed and mobile broadband, telephony and Pay television or Internet Protocol and digital content. The Global Enterprise and Services segment issues sales and contract management for business and customers within government. The Telstra Operations segment provides overall planning, design, engineering and architecture and construction of Telstra networks, technology and information technology solution (Rahman and Areni, 2009). Therefore to handle such a threat, TPG telecom must implement marketing strategies successfully.

Analysing each 5C’s of organization

The survey has also shown the changing trend among the business pattern. Customers had to shift from Telstra to fixed connection and to other connections that are providing better speed at lower cost.

Collaborators include retail supplier of fixed connections, those play a key role in the supplying process of the broadband connections. The survey showed that the importance of collaborating services for the customers. Organizations whose retailers provides best services in lining and fixing up the broadband connections are most preferred by the customers. Telstra and Vodafone emerged top in regards to collaboration services as per the research.

Customers showed their continued need of internet connections that are fast and reliable so as to solve their business commitments through the study. It was analysed that there are ample of opportunities for cheap and effective broadband connections. However, with a number of competitive organizations, the attraction of competitive customer seems to be a great threat for TPG.

Market segmentation is an essential area in the marketing strategies for achievement of goals by a business (Obaga et al., 2013, p. 2278-5612).  It works such that, it allows for the identification of esteemed customers from the overall population. The marketing strategy is planned so as to keep market segment in mind (Tynan & Drayton, 2010, p. 303). The best method to implement for successful marketing strategy is Segmentation, targeting and Positioning (STP), which imply modern marketing methods and direct marketing (Lynn, 2011).

Companies acknowledge is not easy to appeal to a whole population due to different taste and preferences (Yabs 2014). Marketing strategies must implement marketing strategy needs that identify the need for appropriate customer. An assessment of a buyer who buys what product and why the product is purchased is looked at in this segment.

The main goal of TPF telecom is to provide the best network solution to business and boost its shares in the fixed broadband services to customers. As a result, the organization targets customers in small and medium business activities, large companies and residential users. The main focus however of the company is business clients. Otherwise, other customers, premium assist in improving the business and raise revenue for the company.

In the competitive scenario, it is appropriate to know the value statement of the customer towards a product (Hassan, 2012). Decision pertaining investment and production services are relied on by the customer change in demand and preferences. A valuable feature of a given brand is the value proposition that an organization assures its clients.

TPG telecom after acquiring two networks, AAPT & PIPE, network cable infrastructure of the organization has been able to grow. Moreover, it has achieved high-class quality in terms of providing services. The world-class quality of the optic fibers, massive network infrastructure, and cost-effective models for execution of various services are the few extra-ordinary things. The organization has thousands of employees, about 6000 in the technical team that assist in handling business demands in offering network solutions. All these are the valuable features offered by the organization to its customers.

Brand positioning refers to seeing if the customers will prefer a brand over another (Manhas, 2010). There are several methods to position a brand by offering a specific benefit to a specific target segment at a specific price. Effective positioning strategy attracts enough market.

TPG telecom has differentiated its brand by proving better optic fibers and large scale fiber network. The services of the fixed broadband will be provided with the better quality of cables and wires. Immense network cable structure with the high quality of fiber network will reduce the traffic flow and ensure faster internet connection. The fixed broadband connections are provided at the affordable pricing. This brand positioning will be used more often as a way to persuade the customers.

STP marketing strategy in simply modern marketing tool for differentiating brands by different companies (Janiszewska and Insch, 2012, p. 9-19). The organization has clearly identified a particular market segment, that is, business clients, cross checked the value of customers, which is high internet speed at an affordable cost and advanced infrastructure as a tool for positioning its brand in the market.

It is in order to plan a proper marketing strategies and techniques for acquiring competitive advantage in a business environment (Pour et. al, 2012, p. 3275). The elements in marketing mix thus are a tools that are directed in a manner to achieve the ultimate goal, with the most priority satisfying the needs of a customer (Dereje et. al., 2014). TPG telecom strives to plan its, an organization strives to plan its product, pricing, place, promotion, process, physical evidence, and people using the 7P’s marketing mix strategy in accordance with the needs of customers. Below is the marketing mix strategy for the TPG telecom limited for successful execution of its product, say fixed broadband product-

TPG plans to provide unlimited fixed internet broadband connections. The quality of the fixed broadband services provided by the organization will be highly developed with the use of high optic fibers, massive network infrastructure etc. will increase the quality of the product. Creation of massive network infrastructure of

The immediate plan of the organization is first to increase the fixed broadband connection within Australia. Further, extend its activities in other regions like South Africa and New Zealand.

TPG telecom has always used the effective cost model for its network planning, infrastructure and other services. As such, the pricing will be very affordable and convenient for the organization.

The promotional activities by the company will include large scale advertisements. Some of the advertising channels are newspaper, video advertisements on television and radio (Romaniuk, J., 2009, p. 147).

Physical evidence

Making the position of the brand of network stronger position and excellent customer services and complaints centre will be used as a strategy to attract customers.

The process is basically an advancement of internet connection development. It is a cost effective process, for providing high-quality internet speed with affordable

The organization has best technical expertise in the field of management for promoting the fixed internet broadband connections. A good group of people is an important part of execution and implementation of the marketing strategy.

Marketing mix strategy for the successful launch of the new product of the organization has been made in accordance with the market research and market opportunities (Fatma, 2014).  The strategy includes the brand positioning of the product and differentiating it from the existing products. The organization has highly relied on its massive network cable infrastructure for high network speed and reduction of traffic congestion. This project has made the connections highly cost effective & faster and reliable.

Promotions indeed plays important role in spreading information & knowledge about the product (Frolova 2014). As it makes the product familiar with the prospective customers. In context to our organization, it has chosen the large scale promotional activities through advertisements, both video, audio and newspaper advertisement. The organization has also implemented world-class processes for providing superior quality services to customers. The personnel of the organization is also highly expert and technically sound.


TPG telecom limited is the second largest telecommunication services in Australia. This report is the marketing strategy of one of its product, for instance fixed internet broadband connection. The report has a brief description of the organization and description of its products. Marketing strategy has covered various aspects such as 5 C’s analysis such as SWOT analysis, customer analysis, collaborators, and context about changing business world. The marketing strategy includes target segmentation, value proposition and brand positioning statement for the organization. A marketing research is conducted for knowing the market before launching the fixed internet broadband connection. And the result of it showed that preferences and needs of the customers, potential threat for TPG, role of collaboration, and upcoming opportunities for the product for the organization. The overall marketing plan suggested an outline for the product and methods to make it a successful launch.


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