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The Role of Holy Spirit in the Christian Believers' Lives

Discuss about the Importance Of The Holy Spirit Of The Christian Theology.

The question that will be focused on in this paper is the fact of the importance of the Holy Spirit of the Christian Theology. The Christian believers must be sure of the fact that the Holy Spirit always tells the words of Jesus Christ to them. The Holy Spirit is the person who leads the human beings to know about the omnipotence of God. One has to know the power of the Holy Spirit to know about God more. The human beings will have to know about the messages of God by the time He is led by God. The God’s commands will have to be obeyed by the human beings through the Spirit.

It has to be understood that the person who has drunk the Spirit must be aware that he will be controlled and consumed by the Spirit itself. The Spirit guides the human beings to the success in their personal lives. It is the perpetual duty of the human beings to pray to the Holy Spirit to lead and guide in a continuous manner. The Holy Spirit helps the human beings to live in a holy manner and salvage the sins. The Holy Spirit has many roles to play in the lives of the human beings. It can be advised that as the Christians, the human beings should let the Holy Spirit take over the control over the different areas of the lives. The Bible reveals that the Holy Spirit always comforts the human beings when they are suffering from any depression or anything like that. The Holy Spirit helps the human beings to do all the things that the God wants them to do or achieve. 

The Spirit always brings the peace in the minds of the followers of God. Jesus himself has said that he will not leave the human beings as the orphans. In order to do that, he has said of the Holy Spirit who will guide us in a continuous manner. Jesus Christ has said that the Holy Spirit always helps the human beings in many ways like it reminds all the things about God that they have learned. When the human beings have the proper faith on God, they will surely be led to the salvation. God wants the human beings to remain in peace and this is the reason He has made some ways by which they can be able to attain that peaceful position. God also wants the human beings to remove the negative things that do not please them. In order to do so, the Holy Spirit comes to the aid of the human beings in all the ways.

The Importance of Knowing about God through the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit takes care of all the things in the lives of the human beings leads them to complete the works as they had left them. When the common people are in distress, the Holy Spirit calms them down and fills in them a kind of peaceful feeling by which they can attain Another important role of the Holy Spirit is the fact that the human beings should always be aware of the sins they have committed. If they do not realize their sins they would not be able to salvage them. The Holy Spirit always makes them aware about their sins in the best ways. When the human beings will be aware of the sins in their lives they will get back their conscience and work accordingly. Thus they will get rid of all the previous sins committed in their early lives. Some Christian followers have also said that they do not have any idea about how to pray to God. 

The Holy Spirit will surely come to help those human beings in those situations. The Holy Spirit will then work to make the people aware about their sins and how they could stop committing them. The Holy Spirit makes the needful things to do the prayers for the human beings. This becomes very effective indeed. However, one thing has toi be remembered. The thing is the Holy Spirit surely will not be able to do all the things for the human beings. Rather, the followers should read the Bible on a regular basis. The followers must be able to get the advice from the Holy Spirit on how to live their lives and learn the basic truths of life. The Holy Spirit will always stop the followers to go against the Scripture. 

Evolution is the biggest truth of the history of the human beings. The relationship between the evolution and Christianity is very close indeed. It has been found that the book by Charles Darwin named On the Origin of Species was from the Angelican priest indeed. This quotation seemed to be very positive to the writer of the book Darwin. The Priest who is being talked about in this section is the Rev. Charles Kingsley. The evolution of the animals can be taken as the primary forms of the self-development. The theory of evolution depicted in the book On the Origin of Species has been a very important thing for the understanding the development of the creatures in this world. The Christian believers were so happy that the theory of evolution had been inserted within the Biblical understanding.

The Holy Spirit as a Guide for a Holy Life and Salvation

However, many protests came in opposing this new theory of evolution by Darwin. It is a part and parcel of every new theory when it is invented. Later it was clear that the priests of the churches were so happy and satisfied with whatever was told in this theory. It is a myth of the church that the theory of evolution was being greeted with horror by the church. Many Christian theology experts have expressed their views about the evolution theory in many ways. As a matter of fact, it can be said that many great people in USA and United Kingdom thought of the impacts of evolution in the best ways. 

The professor of the natural history in the Harvard University, Asa Gray was a committed Christian. He completely believed in the matter of the Darwin’s theory of Evolution. Many Christian theology experts also believed in the theory that Darwin had come up with. The responses to the evolution have been documented by the theology experts in many ways indeed. The experts like Rev. Aubrey Moore expressed his view that there has been a very close relationship between the Christianity and the theory of evolution that Darwin had invented. He was also of the opinion that the impact of Darwin or the Darwinism had appeared as an enemy but it still worked like a friend indeed. The involvement of Christian theology has been very close in this section since the creation of the universe by God is closely associated with it. 

The theologians believe that the creation of God is very much associated with God and He is present everywhere in this world. This is why the He can be represented through Nature. As the Darwin’s theory tells about the nature as the origin of the universe, God is the person who has created the universe. However, the opposing comments have been driven from the author of the book Charles Darwin himself. He has said that the God began this creation at the very beginning but after that he did not get involved in this process in a direct manner. Darwin himself was a deist. Darwin was never an atheist in his life so during his life he was considered as a theist and evolutionist. During the time this book was published, most of the contemporary Christian theologians had believed in his theory. However, in the current times, most of the Christian theologians in America believe that this theory is no longer connected with the Christian theological beliefs. In this context, it must be said that the matter of evolution is largely accepted by the Christian people in Europe. Darwin himself became associated with several theological and ideological issues all through. 

The Many Roles of the Holy Spirit in the Lives of Christian Believers

It has also been noticed that a clash between science and theology had occurred as a huge number of people began to study the Bible from the literalistic point of view. This is why Bible was interpreted from the literalistic segment as well. Thus the people came to know about the Bible in a scientific way rather than a theological way indeed. This proves the fact that the affinity between the science and theology has been very close just like the Bible and the evolution theory by Charles Darwin. The great theologian like Thomas Aquinas had developed a framework within which the theory of evolution could perfectly fit into. God is considered to be very much creative and it is the God who began this creation of the universe. It has been attempted to showcase God as the creator of this evolution process.

Soteriology is a very integral section of the Christian practice of theology. It deals with the doctrine of salvation for the human body and soul. It is a pity to say that most men in the world are the victims of the grave sins. This is why it is the role of the God to make way for those people to seek the salvation. These people are suffering from a great plight and this has become the most awful thing for their future. The entire mankind has to suffer because of the sins they have committed. The common man in this society always expect to get a better society and this has become one of the biggest issues. 

The new society is expected to bring the prosperity and peace to the society indeed. However, in contrast to the needs and desires of the human beings, the entire world remains the completely broken down with the sins being committed. The sins are committed by the people on the local, national and international basis. However, God has the resolution to solve all the issues that the human beings face in this world. These plans have been discussed and revealed in the Bible itself. This plan for the betterment of the souls is called the salvation or Soteriology. This term has been used widely in the Christian Scripture. It has a deeper meaning that leads the human beings to attain the salvation in the proper methods. The meaning of the word salvation stands for the situation in which the human beings get rid of the sins they have committed. He is saved from the doom or ruin for which he could have been heading for.

The Comfort and Peace that the Holy Spirit Brings

This can be considered as a pure blessing of God indeed. In return of salvaging the human beings of all the sins, God always leads those human beings towards an eternal life. Thus those men can be able to attain the eternal glory and a life where he can rejoice forever. In the first place, it should be clarified that the word salvation comes from the word ‘soteria’ that is derived from the root word ‘soter’. The meaning of this word is the savior. This means the God saves all the human beings from the ruin and doom. Thus it becomes very meaningful when one goes on to preach the Gospel to get rid of his sins and start living a religious life altogether. 

The word salvation brings to the mind the concepts of the preservation, healing of the sins and restoration. Thus the human beings who preach the Gospel get back to a life where he or she can attain the ultimate peace of mind. If the persons committing the sin later achieve the faith in Gospel, they will surely get the redemption and reconciliation from all the sins indeed. His repentance for committing the sins will lead him to the safe abode of God himself. The salvation of the human beings denotes the purity and holiness of God Himself.

The salvation is received by the human beings through the grace of Jesus Christ. God will provide the salvation to the human beings by the non-meritorious nature of his. God has always provided the boon of salvation through the works of the person indeed. The God is holy and he vows to spread this holiness among the human beings as well. The rebellious and violent nature of the human beings has always created a barrier between the man and the God. The holiness of God and His son Jesus Christ is infinite. 

This is why the people are cured of their sins in all the ways. In other religions except for Christianity, all the people would have to work with peace and purity in mind to work properly. God has showed the holiness and love for the people in distress. His holiness has always inspired the human beings in the best ways indeed. The fellowship to God has been a much discussed issue in this context. When the sinners get rid of their sins they achieve the abode of God and they can very easily restore their fellowship to God.  The Scripture has showed the ways to salvage the persons from their sins. The persons whom God salvage are safe from all the harms.

The Holy Spirit's Help in Prayer and Removing Sins

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a very inspiring chapter of the Bible. The factor of eschatology is very important since it gives the hope to the minds of the human beings. If the world eschatology can be divided two different words can be derived. These words are ‘eschatos’ and ‘logia’. The first word means ‘last’ and the later one means ‘collection of the teachings’. Thus the word eschatology means the doctrines of the later or last days of the Christ. The meaning and purpose of the word eschatology is the way to which the human life is directed indeed. Thus the human beings who serve and have faith in God can be motivated in large ways. 

It is also a fact that the human beings will look to be rebellious against God when they come to know of their final judgment or the impending end. The two most states of the mind and soul are hope and fear. These two states of the soul always control the action of the human beings. The resurrection of God or Jesus Christ is kind of symbolic for the resurrection of the mankind as well. This inspires a kind of faith in the minds of the human beings. The concept of resurrection can be found in the two sections- the resurrection of the body and the resurrection of the soul. In order to understand the concept of the resurrection of the spirit of the dead, one first must be able to understand the death of the spirit. The death of the human beings depicts the separation between the body and the soul. These things are revealed in the Scripture. 

It has been said when the God had created human beings out of the dust, he did not possess the life like now. God had created the human beings from the dust of the earth and he gave them the breath of life through their nostrils. Thus man became full of life and he possessed a living soul. The death clearly expresses the view of the separation of the soul from the body. This is why it is extremely important to understand the need to relevance of the spirit. The soul or spirit is the gift of God to the human beings. When the human beings will die, the body will mix with the dust where it came from. However, the spirit will go back to the God Himself where it came from. The new resurrected body and souls of the human beings will still be theirs but it will completely be transformed indeed. 

Jesus had declared in the Bible that he had paid the penalty for the sins committed by the human beings. Jesus had been the most perfect son of the God. He took the responsibility of all the sins upon his shoulder. The power and grace of the God is eternal. This is why the God will like to plan the salvation for the human beings in all the cases. The punishment of all the sins was bestowed upon Him indeed. God had already planned the salvation for all the beings indeed. This is why the God will surely help His son to come back again and direct His followers towards a better future. On the third day after the Crucifixion, Jesus had arisen from the dead and it was discovered in the cave where is dead body was being kept. It was a clear indication that Christ had risen from his grave and He was there again to show the light of hope to the human beings. The human beings should always believe in this truth and this truth is of utmost importance to everyone.

It has been a clear idea of providing the hope to all the human beings to defeat the death as their idol and the person to worship Jesus Christ had defeated it. This will boost up the confidence of the human beings. It will be clear that Jesus Christ had been successful in backing up His promise to come back and serve the mankind to save them from all the sins. Thus the fact of eschatology has been implemented in a better way on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This has proved that Jesus Christ possessed the power of defeating the death in the best ways. As the Christ was able to rise from the death, the feat of death can be overcome indeed. 


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