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Discuss about the ICT301 ATMC Management and Security.

Project Scope

In this report the aim is to discuss about SLE case study and determine the outcomes of the possible ways so that the organization can achieve their strategic goals. The case study discuses about a planned project that is being implemented to help the growth of the SEL (Stored Energy Limited). The later part of the paper will discuss about the project scope and the ain of the project. This report will also give some measures so that the risks that are likely to become along with the implementation of this project can be managed. The report aims at proposing a plan for hardware purchase. This project is planned in order to gain more profit an enables better growth for the SEL. In addition to this a plan for recovering the data and assents in the time of the disaster is also going to be proposed (Kerzner and Kerzner 2017). Finally the report will provide a recommendation in order to enhance the growth and reliability of the propose project.

Stored Energy limited is an organization that is located in North Brisbane suburb Narangba and running their business from last 5 years. The organization has a warehouse and contains several peoples for accounting and managing the official works. The working of the SEL involves in installing solar system within the residential houses and commercial buildings which involves storage of battery, for example Tesla power wall.  The overall business of the SEL is increasing over years. For increasing the growth of the business several measures are been taken by the organization. In addition to this, the organization has provided their installers with phone and tablets per person. Also the organization has hired people, who will supervise and keeps auditing to he places where they are planning to install solar installation. The business aims at becoming the leading installer in Australia (Case et al. 2014). For gaining popularity the SEL has promoted their business with the help of several advertisements and also created a website, so that they can promote their services ad can provide detailed information about their business to their customers. AS with time they are increasing their technologies, thus managing the cost is becoming an issue for the organization. The number of employees are fixed and limited number of stocks are putting them into problem.Thus the organization is facing problem and are not able to provide services on time (Cooner  and Trietsch 2015). Moreover installing the SEL is a difficult task, thus doing it multiple times is creating load over the installers and the situation is becoming complex and hard to handle.

Project Goal

As an information system manager, the duty is to help the organization to achieve their strategic goals. The aim is to maintain their position in the market and to maintain the privacy and security provided towards their customer. The owner has invested in developing the technologies and voiding training towards their staffs. These will help them to achieve their strategic goals. In the project, the owner has invested on a new system that will enhance the working and will also provide a better security. In addition to this the system has some rules and regulations that permits them to maintain their privacy (Case et al. 2013). This way the project will support and bring growth towards the organization, as the new system and the training provided will increase the working power of the employees and also it will provide a better privacy towards the data stored.

Project scope is referred to as the work that is going to be fulfilled so that the organization can deliver the desired product and can achieve their target. This involves implementing special features in the already existing system or a complete new perspective that will enhance the growth of the organization. In this project, the organization is preparing them so that they can maintain their position in the market. In the given study, it is being observed that there are several issues that arises when the organization tries to expand their business and aims at providing service towards more customers (Perlman Kaufman and Speciner 2016). The company faces major delays while fulfilling their customers need and also this creates immense pressure on the installer. Thus the project is being designed so that they can achieve their strategic goals and can manage their organization properly. The owner of the company implemented his project so that they can train their unskilled employees and can improve their security within the organization. As every organization needs to maintain proper security towards their data and privacy towards their customers information. The project aims at providing maximum security and privacy towards their data and increasing the skills of their employee. This will eventually help the organization SEL in future growth. Thus this becomes very much necessary to develop system which will increase the benefit (Wu et al. 2013).

The project goal describes the purpose of the project. Every project is done in order to achieve some goal or to fulfil some need. The goal of this project is to maintain the position of the SEL in the market and enhancing the working so that it will support in the future growth of the SEL (Blumenthal and Wijnen2016). The ain of the project is to increase the growth rate of the SEL and also train the unskilled employees and developing their technical skill, so that they can utilize their way of working and can work efficiently. Their also arises a need to maintain the security and privacy that are associated with the organizations.Thus the main aim is to facilitate the best working of the company, so that they can increase their growth and achieve the target of becoming the leading installer in Australia(NADERI and CAMPANELLA 2016).

Strategic Alignment of the Project

Several other measures are also taken by the organization, this includes providing personalise tablets for each employee, each location was allocated with a store manager a sales consultant and 2 staffs that will handle the stock and shares at the counter., desktop were allocated so that the employees can handle the sale transaction within the organization (Laudon and Laudon 2016). The office of the Narangba contained specialised as account clerk, four person was allocated for maintain and developing the software department, and this people had rights to choose their favourable machines for performing their task. Special accountant were being allocated whenever there is a need of managing the important projects (Riemer and Klein 2016). The owner has invested in new deal so that they can earn huge profit in return of the investment made. Thus, with implementation of new system will enhance the growth of the organization and will also improves the privacy maintained within the organization.

Strategic alignment of the project determines the benefits that will come along with the implementation of this project. The benefits that will come with implementation of this project will help to improve and enhance the organizations capability. With implementation of technically skilled workers, services provided towards their customer will increase. This will help in growth of the company. As the services received from the organization is sufficient, the customer will stick by this organization only. Moreover, with implementation of new system that will increase the security and privacy of customers information will attract more customer ( Case et al. 2015). This will help the customer to choose a better installer organization and also will help to maintain the confidentiality of their information. Thus this will help bot the organization and customer. The strategy of developing the technical skills will be helpful for growth of the organization. This will be beneficial for both the parties and SEL will gain huge reputation and profit in the market.

SEL is an installer company which deals with installing solar system in rural areas and in commercial buildings. There are several risks that are likely to be faced by the organization. As this is a leading installer organization, there are possible treats from their competitors. In order to be the best among all the business in this field,several changes have been implemented. Irrespective of these, there are several risks that are needed to be mitigated so that the organization can achieve huge profit. The first issue that arises is the security and privacy maintained by the organization (Jajodia et al. 2015). There always remains a chance of system is getting hacked by other competitors or by some unknown person. In such cases, the data and the important facts that are being stored within the systems gets breached. This turns to be a huge threat for the organization, as this data contains facts regarding to the balance sheet and new planning for the business and needs highest security. Moreover, the customers associated with this organization shares some crucial and confidential data with the organization and the contents in the database needs to be protected. Serious damages will cause in case this information’s get hacked or leaked (Felemban2013). Thus this becomes necessary to mitigate the risk by incorporating best ways of providing privacy and securing the system with data encryption and setting passwords for each system. Also moving to cloud based system will increase the security and privacy. Apart from this, there arises an issue with employees. This means, it becomes very much necessary to have technically skilled workers so that they can work efficiently and effectively to meet the requirements of the organization. As the company has a set of employees, providing them with frequent trainings can help them to improve their working and will enhance their skills (Kurt and Oktay 2015).

Risks and Solutions

Every organization needs to plan out the hardware’s that will be required for maintain and frequent updating the software. The needed plan for this project is the hardware’s that will help in improving the efficiency and privacy of the software. The organization needs to implement laptops with better and improved facilities (Hill 2017). Also the system that will help in developing the software better is needed to be incorporated. The hardware that are going to be purchased is based on the service that it is providing. The main hardware’s that are needed for the SLE organisation is related to the solar system setup. The organization should provide a plan that will include the detailed costing of all the needed software, this includes roof mount, unistrut rails, panel mounting brackets ad combiner box. The smooth working of the system can be implemented with implementing new components within the system. Apart from this, the computer systems are required so that the office can maintain the data. These organization has total four centres with certain set of hardware’s. The naranbana location is having 2 warehouse machine and 3 laptops and one machine each for accounts and IT. In the location sunshine coast, 4 warehouse and 1 management desktop is being allocated. The price needs to be kept low, so that the profit margin can be increased(Doppler et al. 2014).

Disaster recovery plan is an important part for the organization as it describes the strategies that will be implemented so the working of the organization can be done even after the interruptions caused by disasters. This helps to recover from the disaster quickly.  Several plans are there that will help the organization in recovering the data. The feature offered is that, the time involved in data is recovered quickly. There are several plan that can be implemented by the organization for data recovery, this includes recovery point objective and recovery time objective. These parameter helps to protect data in case of disaster and also helps in quick recovery of data. Thus the organization can choose among the strategies. Implementation of each company needs to have some plan that will help them to overcome in case of any disaster occurs. There are different types of disasters that can be faced by an organization this includes, natural disaster like earthquakes, tornados, and man-made disasters such as oil spills, nuclear explosions and many more. To overcome tis disasters there are three strategies that helps in all type of disaster recovery plan, this includes: preventive measures, detective measures and corrective measures. The business of SEL deals with installation of solar system, thus this becomes very much necessary to keep stock of all the required materials. Moreover, tin case of the disaster data loss becomes the biggest problem which needs to be overcome (Bieszczad, Pagurek and White 2015). Thus shifting all the data in to the cloud server will help in overcoming such situations. As the data stored in the cloud server, gets updated with time and disaster does not put any effect on their storage. The benefits that are achieved with the implementation of disaster recovery plan are:

  • This provides a sense of security towards the data stored in the databases.
  • This minimizes the risks and ensures the safety.
  • Provides guarantee for the reliability of the system
  • The need of decision making during the disaster gets reduced.

Business continuity is the process in which an organization maintains to work even after the company has faced disaster. The process that involves creation of system will eventually help the organization in preventing and recovering information and assets whenever there arises chance of threat towards the organization. All the types of event that can affect the operation of an organization in a negative way is included  in this plan , this includes damages to the infrastructure, loss of information or interruption within the supply chain (Gavalas et al. 2015). The phases involved in business continuity plan are analysis, solution design, implementation, testing and acceptance and maintenance. The SEL organisation is needed to understand the issues that are likely to arise and needs to prepare a strategy accordingly. The business continuity strategy must have the following components:

  • Personnel
  • Communication
  • Technology issues
  • Facilities
  • Electronic payment system
  • Liquidity concern
  • Financial disbursement
  • Manual operations

The proposed project has analysed the issues and has created a system that will help them to mitigate the problems. Moreover business continuity involves frequent maintenance so that the growth of the organization can be maintained (Lee et al. 2016). The aim of business continuity plan is to prepare the organization so that they can overcome the upcoming problems. This is a way of managing the risks. A business continuity plan requires some information’s o that they can operate easily. This includes:

  1. Purpose and scope
  2. Information regarding the policy
  3. Step by step following the plan
  4. Flow charts and checklists
  5. Important data
  6. Schedule for testing reviewing and proper maintenance at times.

As an information system manager, I will recommend the SEL organization to shift all the important and necessary data to a secured platform like cloud server. Cloud server provides better security and easy recovery in case of disasters. This is very much necessary for the organization to appoint those employees which have a better knowledge in the technical fields, as these will help them in the time of installation process. Thus, it is necessary to hire those employees who can work efficiently and can fulfil the company’s requirement. Moreover, frequent trainings and skill development process are needed so that one can develop and upgrade their knowledge with time. Each employee can maintain personal computers and tablets with specific password and should not share the details with other employees. This will help them to maintain the security. Also there is a need to maintain the privacy costumer’s information. This recommendation will help the organization in future growth.


From the above report, it can be concluded that SEL is an organization that aims at providing best services towards their customer Moreover the aim of the SEL is to be leading installer in the Australia. This works at providing solar systems for the commercial buildings and rural homes. Several issues are being faced by the organization, thus it becomes necessary to plan strategies that will help them to overcome this problems. This project includes, training towards their employees so that they can enhance their technical skills and can work efficiently Moreover, there is a need to manage the privacy of the organization and maintain the security towards the data that are stored within the systems. The report also discusses about the business continuity and discusses different types of disaster recovery plan. Thus, from the report it can be said that for future growth and achieving huge profits, the project needs to be implemented accurately and long with this the business continuity plan is also needed to be prepared.


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