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Introduction: Computing and storage

Impacts of cloud in IT sectors

Benefits of Cloud storage devices

Infrastructure design :Application/service

Integration Information:Integration Demo

Architecture and Design for Service-Based Companies

The meaning of the architecture is designing the structures for specific criteria. The system can be represented by using the architecture and the design details are also specified. The service based company take more advantages by using the service centered architecture design. And that type of architecture satisfies the company needs. The services are provided by the company that gives details about the company. The process of updating services are helpful to acquire it. While creating the service the designer need to concentrate on the different platform and latest technology. And the requirements from the users are need to satisfy by the company which are providing the services. All the needs can’t be satisfied by the single technology, so the designer choose some current trending technology. Now the cloud services has many benefits. So the user need to consider this criteria when using cloud services, whether the cloud is public, private or hybrid. And payment for the cloud service.

While implementing the cloud technology the company need to spend some money for renting the space to grab the cloud storage facility. And the purpose of the storage space need to utilize efficiently. The cloud storage is the very popular and highly usable facility in the cloud computing technology. The service provider and service user can store and retrieve the data effectively, without interfering with each other, by managing the storage space. The storage space can be parted to provide different space for different service. And the data in the cloud storage are stored in the encrypted format. This technology provides many benefits to its user.

This computing environment contain many users and all are get many benefits and high utilization on the cloud computing. The main features is storage and services which not depend on the platform. Here the minimum storage space can be available for cost free, if need for storage space increases then the user need to pay money based on the storage needed. And there is no need to have any super computer or some electronics devices to acquire cloud services. The user can remotely use the services.

In this field there are higher number of consumer using the cloud services for playing games, storing some data, watching movies, etc. The main benefits of the cloud is available to all at any place and any phase. And the IT field get concurrent development by using cloud services and its technology. It creates an image in the information technology field.

Utilizing Cloud Storage and Cloud Technology

The function of service integration is used to describe it function and management methods. The main function of the process was to join services and relevant data on the final output required by the customer. These are not going to interrupt the user while using the services, all are performed behind the process. If the user wants to know the information then he/she can allowed to see the information. The application and its integration process are listed below. It provides facility for older system with new integration without degradation in performance. And the user can know about the service provider and what is the service. And further information about the service. Here the user data are accessible remotely, the user allowed to manipulate the data. Hereafter this technology become familiar and all the user can use this service for free and highly available to users. The details about the legacy system need to integrate the applications and service, And this legacy system are not useful for architecture design, for managing the architecture and platform design need know the information about legacy system is must. And the flow of data need to managed or it lead to congestion or traffic on the communication system. To analyze various process in the system, a perfect design and architecture is needed. The application integration contains many stages like access, design, create and support. In access phase, it describe the flow of integration whether it is good or bad. And design phase some of the patterns are used to describe the technical architecture. While creating technology decision about the architecture is must.

The Information Integration gives the detailed description of the function of the process. The data should be combined as the complete solution. They are mainly used for the business part. Even it is costlier that is really worth for it. That brings the required service of the customer. By implementing these techniques we can make the clear organizational structure. For the required results we need to combine the both old information and new information. During this process we have to face some difficulties. Because it need huge amount of information integration. These technologies are used in the examination purpose. In this technology the source must have some specifications like all the relevant data, dissimilar ID, etc. These integration works was carries out by the business sectors. During these process lots of technical issues are arisen. To solve those problems we need to follow those set of constraints. Similar interface for all users – Which scheme allows to get the relevant information available in the different sources and combine those information. Integration based on the application – Here the standard integration method was developed by collecting all available relevant information and specific information. Integration of middle ware data – This is the typical conversion process, where specific data was converted as a middle ware information. Virtual incorporation techniques – Which gives the characteristic opinion of the various peoples involved in the business. Public Data storage technique – This all about the process of creation of new system by using the base system. So we can requested to work separately. Because work interaction leads to problems like disturbance for the actual system. Information integration that name brings the clear description about the functionality of the process. Here the final services (Desired output) was created by the combination process. All the data required are joined as the complete solution required.

Advantages of Information Integration and Virtual Incorporation Techniques

Demonstration of Information:

The two files are combined to join the required output files.

Code explanation:

The python program that is “” is used to merge given content and the files are imported by using the keyword “import” and every attributes in the codes are used to form the tree and the web service side the python program that is “” used to search and locate the address in the nearest tab.

Merging the two file:

 We are going to combine the .xml file and .csv file for making the required output by the customer (WU and WANG, 2015). The below figure shows the details about the data integration. Thus the merging are important to analyze the data easily and finding the exact error .It is mainly used to collaborate the function.

Code Explain:

 The conversion of delivered file into the .xml format. Both the information are needed, so we need to use the python file to integrate the both files as a single useful file. To analyze and identified .xml format we need we need excel. For recover the information “for Child Root” command was used. For identification purpose we use “If attr.tag = = Name” command. For giving the result “searchingprint attr.text” command line was used. By these method the data integration was carried out. The code are mainly used to execute the python program easily

Restful web service:

Explain Code:

We  carried out to the execution of python files and save the location on .csv files. For viewed  the results of the operation “import csv” is used. For opening the information “storeopen()” is used. To read the file we need to identify the file   “StoreFileReader()”is  used. If number of  length checking purpose we need to use the “If(len !=row)”. To increase the no of rows we need to use “ScoreList[]=ScoreList[]+row”. For exiting from the file we need to use “ScoreFile.close”.

To search for the location:

User easily to identified the exact location of the store are put into the below figure are used :

Location displayed in next tab:

To see the exact location of  the store in the Google Map are give below:

The html file used to show the geolocation position of the store wants to know exactly. We are easily able to see the Google MAP, which contains the direction of the exact position for the store. It Can be easily identified and retire the position exactly.


By performing the integration of various data the final required data was recovered. Scalability of the system was ensured by the virtualizing techniques. And finally the integrating the information, demonstrations also performed. The position of the stores in the MAP was identified. It gives the feature to connect with the devices which may use dissimilar platforms. To monitor and perform controlling of the devices also achieved. So the accessibility was given to both public users as well as private users. For satisfy the given needs we develop the required operations. The different no of instruments which uses the different platforms can be used by the implementation of adaptive reuse method.


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