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Assignment 2 should include a mission of vision statement so the implementation in Assignment 3 will align with the overall vision of the company.

A feasibility study is to be included in Assignment 2, a cost benefit analysis of tangible and intangible costs The project management plan does not need to use scientific software a simple gantt chart details timelines is sufficient.

Introduction to CRM and its Importance

A CRM system can be define as a software tool that assist to manage interactions with customers. An effective CRM software system must able to report and track valuable information associates with the people organization engage.  For this specific reasons, the identification of an effective CRM suite is essential which must suite the workflow process of the certain organization. TPG telecom is associates with telecom and net connection services. As the completion is increasing day by day, it has been hard to maintain a loyalty based consumer field and attract new customers.  After analyzing the company’s existing facilities and gaining insights of different CRM suites, ORCALE CRM suite has been identifies as an appropriate system as it provides some optimal solution in marketing, sales and commerce as well.  Before switching to a new CRM system certain factors needs to be considered as CRM review and selection, Software license, CRM system customization, data migration and support related training. Many expert believes that during implementation of a CRM suite in an organization does not needs the organizations involvement. A common assumption that organizations must leave the implementation process to technical experts. There are several factors which are essential for an effective CRM implementation and technology is just one of the critical part of the CRM implementation (Reid and Catterall 2015). Organization’s involvement and technology for managing information is essential in order to support those rules. Only the organization knows their business strategies well. So, organizations also must involve in the implementing process with technical experts as well.

They have been engaging themselves with digital transformation to large enterprises and mid-sized in Banking, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Insurance, Finance and Retail. Their key fields contain, e-commerce, enterprise software, Big Data, BI, e-learning and IOT. The eliNext customer relationship management suite provides organizations the integration and functionality which is essential to deal with demands of the customer and market satisfaction (Kale 2014). It can increase the growth rate of any company and transform it into a truly customer-centric enterprise. Benefits of the eliNext into telecommunication industry.

  • It can ensure full integration for solid customer data within the organization.
  • Organizations can also gain sustainable competitive advantages.
  • uncover emerging customer needs, Identify trends and vigorously modify development resources
  • Alter hurled campaigns into more productive and effective ones, thus, transforming them to a much more profitable enterprise.
  • It can assist the organization to identify trends, dynamically reallocate development resources and uncover emerging customer needs.
  • Enable organization’s personnel to answer inquiries and take immediate action.

The CRM implementation process is very critical and needs high level of efforts for a successful development. CRM implementation process can be divided into smaller task as follows:

  1. Creation of implementation team

Before start implementing the CRM suite into the organization, a dedicated team must be constructed with different expertise fields such as sales, management, and marketing and customer service representatives. Advocates, specialists and workhouse also essential to make a successful implementation team (Gulliver, joshi and Michell 2013). The planning process must be carried out by the specialists as they have good understanding of the existing CRM system which can play a vital role for set up new CRM suite and data migration process.

  1. Create a change management plan:

Factors to Consider Before Implementing a CRM Suite

A change management process is essential in order to implement a new CRM suite, TPG must consult with the data experts before start implementing the new CRM suite (Haerkens et al. 2015). This critical process involves many key milestones as

  • User training and engagement
  • Data migration
  • Testing
  • Go-live

The whole process also needs to be tracked and have regular check-ins. The members must be familiar with the changes. The clarity must be achievable although often this is delivered abysmally.

  1. CRM implementation budget

For implementing an effective CRM system a huge amount of investment is essential. TPG needs to plan for everything including the reduced productivity during the go live period (Dubihlela and Molise-Khosa 2014). The cost analysis must be conducted while analyzing the technical and management risk as well. The risk assessment will assist TPG to develop a realistic budget.

  1. Rolling out the CRM

A successful CRM roll out is a broad topic in itself. It consist of several important factor as training, data migration, speed and messaging. Before migrating, it is good practice to clean the existing valuable data of any out-of-date information. Think of it as a sort of ‘spring cleaning’ exercise – it is better to declutter and start afresh. User training is also needs to be delivered in order to familiarized them about the new CRM suite (Dubihlela and Molise-Khosa 2014). The trainings can be conducted through online or face to face. 

  1. Testing

System test is an important factor in the implementing process. System test must be conducted by IT staff as they have background knowledge of the implementation process. Several testing needs to be conduct before going live which are followed:

  • System testing
  • Stress testing
  • Acceptance testing
  • Usability testing
  • Performance testing
  • Integration testing
  • Functional testing



CRM won't integrate with ecommerce platform

Scheduled downtime to fix integration problems

Users aren’t using the system and reverting to the old system

Closure of old system, retraining, interviews to understand reluctance

Users don't understand the new system.

Additional training by super users

The Use of CRM system software within the telecommunication companies plays a major role and has certain supplementary functions within the industry (Chuang and Lin 2013). The Telecom CRM Systems would help in assisting the gathering and study of the data that are gathered from several sources. The use of EliNext Systems within TPG Telecom industry would play a great role for understanding of the behavior of the customers and thus would assist for the recognition and restraining of the churn of customers.

The various advantages of the implementation of EliNext Systems within the industry of TPG Telecom are:

Maintaining of the Customer Database – The maintenance of the customer database would allow the rendering of exchange of the data due to explicit customer based profiles, which would provide the needed data that would include e-mails, phone calls, letters and many other services (Šebjan, Bobek and Tominc 2014). Additionally, the CRM system would enhance the ease of usability for the fast accomplishing of the maintenance of data.

Benefits of EliNext for TPG Telecom

High performance within Customer Care and Billing System – The use of EliNext helps in the easy process of billing of information. The customer service within the system would help in ease of observation of the histories of customer invoices, histories of their call records and checking of account balances (Chuang and Lin 2013). The EliNext System would accepts payments from the customers, help in the proper credit based advices and reconnecting with various form of online telecom related services.

Problem Solving System – The efficient problem solving system within EliNext is extremely helpful for solving the various issues related to services of TPG Telecom industry (Shaon and Rahman 2015). The system would be extremely helpful for reviewing the trouble based tickets and escalating serious problems related to the connection within the sector.  

Handling Dispute System – This system within the EliNext would be helpful for the creation of a single complaint with a guided manner (Cheng and Yang 2013). This case system would contain information about the relevant information that would include the details of the person who would be involved, the entire links within the transaction procedure and access to the history of the disputes.

Contract and Sales Management – This form of management supplies with several functionality that would be highly required for shortening of the sales cycle. The management of sales within the telecom industry would be helpful in increasing the revenue, maximize the productivity and thus would be able to optimize the online channels. The EliNext systems would also be helpful for planning and forecasting of the sales activities with proper and great level of accuracy.

Analytics – This feature provides a window within each of the aspects of the strategies related to customers. It helps in detailing of the works done by the CRM (Ali et al. 2013). The EliNext Systems would also help in identifying and thus targeting the groups of profitable customers, gauge the level of customer satisfaction and loyalty, track the requests of customers and thus predict the customer behaviors.

Partner Relationship Management – This systems within the EliNext would make it possible for the partners within the company to help in sharing of critical information based on the forecast of sales, flow of orders and delivering of schedules. This management system would also be able to ensure that the CRM System would be working towards the satisfaction of customers and following a particular strategy of market.


Thus concluding the topic it can be said that the CRM software is one of the must need software for the organization for the betterment of the business in the upcoming times. An effective CRM platform not only assist the organization to maintain relationship with customers, it also assist organization to automate maintain heavy-process tasks. However, one of the challenges in today's highly competitive environment is that the organizations fulfill the mission of responding to customers in the shortest time and with the best quality and the lowest cost. The CRM practices has become highly applicable for providing higher customer satisfaction and gain loyalty.  However, the implementation process is very critical and needs valuable insights in order to conduct a suitable relationship with customers and compete with other companies. Organization’s involvement and technology for managing information is essential in order to implement a successful CRM suite. Only the organization knows their business strategies well. So, organizations also must involve in the implementing process with technical experts as well. TPG must consider these approaches before implementing the CRM Suite. TPG can also gain many advantages over their competitor in terms of customer satisfaction and automation.

Maintenance of Customer Database


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