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Identified Event: Project Add in library

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Task 1

1. Write a report on the benefits of carrying out an identified event or project within an agreed time scale in order to meet the need of the project

2. List all the documents that are required for such an event using your experience as an event planner to evaluate and analyse the importance of these documents

3. In your report you must ensure that resources that are required for this event are listed and their benefits to the project/event are discussed and documented within your report

4. The final part of your report should give a critical analysis of how reviews and evaluations including the methods and resources were carried out
Task 2

Your Report has been successful and you have convinced the Director and Board members to put on the event/project. Your next task is to present to the board your plan of action.

1. In your report you will document how you will Set up the Project, choose the completion date and allocate responsibilities

2. Detail within your report what leadership, effective time management skills will be necessary to pull such an event /project off

3. Assess and document the significance of stakeholder analysis when formulating new strategy

4. Take corrective action if necessary to keep the project on schedule and document this in your report

Task 3

When working on putting on a project, it can never be successful without a team, whom manage different parts of the project for it to come together as a whole successfully. Therefore you are also required to document the following:

1. Choose the Appropriate size team and document each person’s role writing down what skills this person has in adding value to the project, and hence why you choose that person to play that role

2. Document within your report what types of team building and conflict management skills are required when diffusing anger

3. Detail methods of co-ordination and communication used, and why you believe they were the most appropriate methods. Do not forget to include documents i.e. minutes of meeting, emails, telephone call logs etc.

4.    What, why and how are resources going to be used in order to ensure the project is a success?

Task 4

1.    Create clear records of communication both internally, externally and of team meetings.

2.    Document where use of information technology has been used

3.    Produce information clearly, regularly and on time documenting when and what was produced.



Task 1

1) Benefits of carrying out the identified event within the agreed time for meeting the needs of the project

According to the outlook and opinion of Sadgrove (2015), the benefits of the event project focuses towards the completion of the project work within specified period. It focuses on the completion of the careers fair as well as the satisfaction of the students for whom the event will organize. The better the project will provide services to the customers, the more they will be satisfied. So, the better will be the publicity of the organization for managing the events in future. It will, therefore, increase the reputation of the organization along with the profits. The employees will retain to the maximum extent.

2) Documents required for such events as event planner along with analyzing the documents

Conger (2015) commented that documentation of the essentialities and requirements are essential for the event manager to know from the clients. It is due to that the better the event manager will be working on the client’s demand and making it fulfilled, the more the proportion of satisfaction will increase. The documents essential are for making the entire organization work based on it. The reasons behind the occurrence of the event are the type of decorations; the companies invited, the students those are enrolling their names are all included in the documentation. Moreover, the time of completion of the event also specifies for a good organization of the event (Reijers et al. 2015).

3) Resources that required for the event

There are certain reasons for making the entire organization work accordingly for organizing a good event for the satisfaction of the customers. From the outlook and opinion of Carroll and Buchholtz (2014), the team members required for the event are the managers for overall monitoring of the entire event. The companies is therefore contacted and invited for joining the careers fair for providing advice to the students like Joe for choosing the correct career path.

4) Critical analysis of the reviews

As commented by Hart (2015), the event organizer analyzes the reports as well as evaluations those carried out in the career fair. The companies dealing with marketing, legal, financial and operations called for the students like Joe seeking for career guidance. Other than this, the student’s names along with their skills and qualifications enrolled to see which company and job profile will be matching with them.


Task 2

1) Documentation of the plan and allocation of responsibilities

From the outlook and opinion of Meyr et al. (2015), the careers fair is held in the city of Leeds and the companies related to several occupations invited. The students are also invited from every corner of UK to join the careers fair. Moreover, for setting up the careers fair at the University of Leeds, the companies and enrollment of the students necessary. Other than this, the careers fair is to e held for four days from morning 8 am to evening 5 pm. It will be held from 5th November 2015 to 9th November 2015. As commented by Jennings et al. (2015), the staff members of the organization have to enroll the names of the students along with their skills and specializations. Then, accordingly, the students are sent to the companies that go best with their skills.

2)  Essentiality in the project

The overall time management is necessary that helps in the completion of the project within specified period. The effective time management helps in the overall management of event within specified period and with effectiveness in time (Webster, 2015). A good leadership is necessary for the conduction of the event in time. Necessary supply of water, cleanliness of toiletries, etc. helps in the completion of the project.

3) Assessing and documentation the significance of the analysis of the stakeholder

For formulating the new strategies, the stakeholder analysis helps necessary that helps in understanding the need and requirements of the careers fair. Other than this, it also helps members in the management of the team along with its staff members for completion of the project in specified period (Hatten, 2015). The new strategies help in the utmost completion of the project in time and with fruitful results.

4) Corrective action for documentation of the project

The project helps in scheduling the overall activities of the project in time. It also fully documents the students involved along with the organizations those have taken part in the project completion (Strumickas and Valanciene, 2015). It also helps in taking the overall project completion in time along with the essential requirements and resources for completing it.


Task 3

1) Documentation of the team along with the roles

The stem size for organizing the event is of twenty people along with the manager. The five members of the team engage them in enrolling the organization’s name along with the members coming for representing the organization. These people have the skills of marketing (Sadgrove, 2015). Other than this, the other five people specializing in operations take care of the computers and laptops provided to the students as well as the organizations. The next five people from the financial department responsible for enrolling the student names and the money provided for joining the event. The last four people and the manager overall check the event planning and also do the monitoring (Ceponiene et al. 2015).

2) Documentation of the types of team building and conflict management skills

The team members should have excellent communications within the team along with the excellent management skills. Taking care of huge organizations along with the overall management of the skills also help in effective building of the team (Conger, 2015). Other than this, the anger entering in the teamwork can ruin the entire work. So, the anger management is essential within the team for the effective operation of the event.

3) Methods of coordination and communication

Communication being one of the best parts of the organization that helps in the overall management of the system. The communication media are the telephone, emails, calls logs, etc. that helps in the effective documentation as well as communication in the team. It also includes the time allocated for each of the students for having the face to face interaction with the organization (Reijers et al. 2015). It also includes the stipulated time of having breaks between the interviews. Other than this, the emails help in the documentation of the entire project that helps in entire project scheduling and timing.

4) Resources for ensuring the success of project

The resources those sending ensure the success of the project as because it will be methodical in nature. Other than this, the resources also help in making the entire project work in the most stipulated way that ensures success. The overall event scheduling and implementation in stipulated time help in the accomplishment of the work in time. Moreover, the human resources of the team that is the team members handle overall monitoring of the event (Carroll and Buchholtz, 2014). It therefore, helps in the overall completion of the work methodically as well as in stipulated time.


Task 4

1) Requirement of communication

The communication is essential for managing the event. Both internal, as well as external communication with the team members, should be present that helps in making the work methodical in nature. Hart (2015) commented on the essential fact that the internal, as well as external communication, also helps in team meetings to organize the task more beautifully. The communication also helps in understanding the event and the reason behind the organizing it. It also helps in communicating the requirements of clients to all the team members to work accordingly.


2) Usage of the information technology

From the outlook and opinion of Slack (2015), the information technology plays an important role in the organizing the entire event successfully. The information technologies such as phones are necessary for calling and messaging the team members for doing the work accordingly. Other than this, it also includes the use of emails where the event manager receives the requirements of the clients. From the event manager, the tasks are segregated among the staff members based on their specialization. So, it is seen that in every step of the organization, the information technology is essential.

3) Documentation of the entire event

According to the outlook and opinion of Ceponiene et al. (2015), the information received from the clients is essential and need to be circulated to the team members. The better the circulation, as well as documentation, will be, the more the event will be organized in the better way. The documentation also focuses towards the completion the event management at the time that the client has specified. The documentation also includes the time of completion, the materials required as well as resources that help in organizing the entire work within time. The overall management also included the food items and drinks that will serve at the time.



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