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Your firm of interaction design consultants is trying to build up a portfolio of impressive work, to enable it to pitch for business convincingly in the future.Your task is to produce a usability evaluation of an interactive system, plus a presentation of your results. You have a completely free choice of what interactive system you evaluate, except that it must not be one that you have evaluated for a previous assignment.

You may get people to help you with tasks that are easier or better done by more than one person, but you need to be very clear about what you did and what others did.

Usability Evaluation

The growth of technology has been reported to be rapidly advancing each and every day. This growth has made the locals or people at their homes to order stuff when still at homes at any time without having to go to the shops. Technology has made interaction very easy especially if the consumers have internet on their phones or their homes. This has led to the growth of many organisations and thus creating job opportunities to others.  The online selling of goods and services has been adopted by many companies and this is because it is giving out good money and much more no need to entirely have a stall.

customers have found themselves downloading some of these applications that sell goods online and comparing them checking which company is offering what they need with a good price.

The adaptation of such technologies in marketing and selling has made many consumers be reluctant and so selective, this is because the provided information in those mobile applications or web browsers makes them to always stay at home and thus leading them to make decisions that are not informed. The good thing about these websites or mobile applications is that one can be able to compare the features of different products and hence make an informed decision with regards to what one needs.

The concept of customers and clients being selective have made them be very keen and more so be very careful when ordering, as they must view on the details of the advertised products or services and if they meet their needs and requirements then they will go ahead and purchase and it will be delivered within the given duration. In the case below the idea will be evaluating the online selling company named Pigiame (UXL, 2018). 

In the report, there is a need to know the meaning of the term interactive system and how it relates to the report. An interactive system can be termed as the way a system “look and feel” appears to the user of the system and in this case, here it will depend on the area of discussion which is the usability testing (Totuox, 2017). The reference points in this concept is the information security that is applied in applications in smartphones or even the web browsers in websites that has been known for allowing the selling parties or companies to perform their operations and functions such as M-commerce, E-commerce, selling games websites like EATM, E-books among others who sell ranges of products mostly used globally (Maish, 2017).

According to Jacob Nielsen, it will be good to follow the ten heuristics principles of usability test when doing a determination if the system has the capability to perform the usability test (Hohns, 2017).  In this report, some considerations have been put across to ensure that all the principles guiding the evaluation of testing the usability of Pigiame Website have been considered (Jakob, 2013). This has been eased by the following research questions which will guide in explaining the evaluations step by step following the Jacob Principles (Jacob, 1999).
Research Questions
•    Is there any consistency of the information with regard to any given image of the product and the details in Pigiame website?
•    Does Pigiame have the look and feel on the frontend side?
•    Are there any difficulties when navigating across Pigiame Online Website?
•    Is there any clarity or visibility with reference to the mobile application or the website of Pigiame (Norman, 2016)?
•    Do the products being sold at Pigiame matches or corresponds to other products in other websites from competitors in terms of description and quality?

Ten Heuristics Principles of Usability Test

•    Is the support team section supportive or responsive when it comes to assisting the customers in need or help?
•    Does the website have the capability of recognizing, diagnosing and recovering errors especially if they happen to occur when the clients are interacting with the system or the application of the website?
•    Does there exist some freedom and control of the user at the backend by the admin?

The main concept of the report with the help of the ten heuristics of usability test of a system is giving a test evaluation of the Human interaction usabilities at Pigiame online website. Pigiame is one of the fast-growing online selling website in Kenya and the continent of Africa which is now extending globally. Pigiame has been well known for selling all types of goods may it be through wholesaling, retailing and doing small-scale retail by offering the home to home delivery where one pay after the good has been delivered.

The same concept as that of eBay is applied here but the only difference is that Pigiame is a growing company and has still not yet gone deeply internationally. In this website or application of Pigiame, the viewers can be able to view the products and services they need, they can also add them to the shopping cart and lastly, they can place an order which will be followed by making the payment for the order for it to be successfully completed. The main aim of the report is to give an analysis that is descriptive with the use of a questionnaire after evaluating the usability test of the Pigiame online website (Janna, 2015). In this concept immediately after the evaluation is done, all the participants explored the website will be used with the experience they gained when interacting with the application or the website of Pigiame. The main reason to use them is to give findings and a detailed analysis of the results that will help in giving recommendations to Pigiame designers on what needs to be changed or added to the website to make it more appealing to the eyes of the viewers (Perlman, 2016).

Use Case of Pigiame
Pigiame online website has dominated the sales of the product in the East and Central part of Africa by engaging itself to sell goods at wholesale and at retails and thus becoming less convenient to buy at the normal shops (Rouse, 2017).  Pigiame has been reported to sell over 500,000 products every day that ranges from making flights, food, housing, party, men and women fashion, TVs audio, cameras computing and the beauty overall (pigiame, 2017). Pigiame has been reported to be amongst the top ten selling online websites in Africa and have some major malls in countries like Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda respectively. In making the interaction with Pigiame easily and closely,

Pigiame has created a frontend website for its customers with good graphics for the user interface with the look of eyes and feel when interacting with it. This has made it easy when interacting with the entire website or the application on the mobile and especially when navigating through the different web pages on the website (Koray, 2013). 
Just like in other selling websites Pigiame website has classified its goods and services with categories that are specific and unique just like it is done in big malls and supermarkets.

Research Questions

The growth of the website and the daily updates have allowed the consumers, viewers, and customers to view goods and services anywhere as far as one has some internet and a gadget that can access the internet (DOD, 2017).In Pigiame it is able to view the products on your phone as far as one has the app or one can be able to access the Pigiame website, select the product and then place it in the shopping cart if one has decided to purchase it. On the backend side, the admin will ask for the location and then make a call and then they will deliver the good or offer the service and one will have to pay after the delivery (NNG, 2015).
The brief illustration below using the Pigiame online website was used to show the interaction of the system on the mobile app and on the websites on the normal browsers after the client selects the products. 
Figure 1 use case of Pigiame Online website
As shown in the diagram above, it will be clear to say that Pigiame Online Website has so many ways in which clients and the websites can interact i.e. when they want to purchase the products online after agreeing to buy the good or be offered the service then they will go ahead and request for it and they pay immediately the good has been delivered at the destination indicated when making the order and after verifying if it is the correct quality as they requested (Lucidchart, 2017).  In understanding such concepts one have to open the website of Pigiame and learn so that he or she gains the experience with what is on the homepage,

this will help one to have some knowledge on what the website is all about. After understanding the website one may be able to navigate across the different web pages. The above use case has been used to explain all the non-functional and the functional requirements of the system and in this case is Pigiame online website which has stated that the usability testing will enhance how the system interacts with the web pages in the website. The usability test was made on the basis of how easy it is when interacting with the website, how consistent the graphical user interface content of Pigiame is, the look and feel, clarity and the visibility of the system on both ends and that is the frontend and backend respectively (UserLytics, 2017).

Evaluation Methodology 
In understanding the evaluation methodology there was a need to do an evaluation test that was to be done on the basis of the application of a case. This will be used to help the customers to participate in the usage of Pigiame online website by doing an analysis of all the information such as the functionalities and the features that are added for the system proposed when doing the testing on the usability (ATSDR, 2016). In the report, there was a need to select five users who had not interacted with the system there before. The five users were selected randomly from a big population where each user was allocated about 15 minutes where they were observed by an instructor as they interacted with the website while others interacted with the mobile application of Pigiame (ufl, 2018).

Use Case of Pigiame

The areas that were targeted in the report by the researcher were many in number but to be specific the participants were supposed to create an account, then log in with Pigiame after they have been verified. After they log in, then they were allowed to view products and select what they think served their needs and adding the products selected to the cart followed by making the order. The evaluation methodology has been explained in details using the following steps as walkthroughs guiding us on what is expected of us in performing such tasks. (APCRC, 2017). 
Step 1
The idea here is the user having a look by paying a lot of attention at the Pigiame homepage which has entailed all the details that clearly shows what is visible on the website. In understanding what the webpage entails then one can navigate across the website clearly viewing all the products offered. It will be wise for the users or viewers to know the products categories and their uniqueness or those similar characteristics that make them be placed in one category. Lastly but not least in the first step is knowing the prices with reference to the content they portray in terms of the descriptions and the price (pigiame, 2018).

Step 2
In step two the main idea is testing how the users could navigate across the Pigiame online website and this will be through going through such websites such as the phone and tablets, fashions, computing, home appliances and other categories offered or available in the website. 
Step 3
In the third step 3, users were required to select at least three items on any specific category and add them to the shopping cart and make an order.
Step 4.
In step four a lot of emphases was put on how the user was able to navigate across the different web pages and how many pages in the website were visited by the user effectively. All the five users were to visit more than 10 web pages and much of the concentration was put on the visibility and clarity of the web pages they visited, the consistency of the content and the context of each and every webpage. In step four all the users were supposed to record all the web pages they had visited and navigated across and indicate whether the content in them was visible and much more what they entailed.

Step 5
In step five the idea was to test user requirements, hence the users were to create a gift card for a friend or a recipient. One had to choose a design from the gift card and send it to the recipient where they were to give information about the recipient .

From the illustrations and step by step instructions from step one to five, all the stated five participants were able to learn and navigate through the Pigiame online website, where they learnt a lot and gained a lot of knowledge even if it was the first time they interacted with pigiame Website. All the focus was on the basis of checking the usability analysis of Pigiame online website and it’s applications on mobile smartphones by checking the consistency of the graphical user interface, the structuring of the content in the web pages that were relevant to the users. Users were also supposed to explain how easy it is to navigate across the Pigiame website. From the illustrations made from the five steps, it will be true to say that all the steps were very clear especially after the user’s login into the account to, selected products and ordered the services or products.

After a successful test on the interaction with Pigiame website, all the five users were to fill a questionnaire that acted as the written document entailing what was the experience during interaction with the system. Questionnaire meant making the users understand all the general views of Pigiame online website by explaining the learnt skills in all the participated process as they were navigating across the Pigiame online website. The interaction rate was supposed to be rated or given a score of five which was supposed to clearly indicates if the experience was good or bad (Explorable, 2017).

Some of the methods that were to be applied during evaluation were good and the users were made to feel the gesture to be very overwhelming especially when interacting and observing the system. The questionnaire was meant in helping us in knowing what the user felt when they interacted with the website. The user was to explain if the steps were easy and if it was hard when interacting with the system. The methods above were considered to be very effective as they gave results that were really helped.

Evaluation Results
On the basis of the overlooked discussion, there are some major concepts that have been looked upon the realization from the questionnaire. All the participants were supposed to perform all the instructions as they were indicated step by step so that the major objective could be achieved.

Step 1 Results
The main aim in step one was navigating through the Pigiame online website webpages where all the users were to create an account with the system and login into the system. The first step case was done easily and the users did not experience any problems when they were doing the navigation, however about 4 of the 5 said that the case task was not necessary as it was direct and straight to the point terming as wastage of time The figure below has been used to shows how the homepage of Pigiame online Website look like.
Figure 2 the homepage of Pigiame
From the five participant’s response, it was noticed that not all the users were satisfied the way the homepage of Pigiame was designed and many of them concluded that the design was detailed and it was not appealing to the eyes of the viewers as there were too many images which were not detailed well. The table below has been used to explain the four features in the design as they were observed and explained.
User    Navigation process    Necessary Process    The quality of content    Webpage Design
1    4    0    4    4
2    5    1    3    5
3    4    0    4    5
4    5    1    3    4
5    5    0    3    4
Table 1 step one results of the homepage

Testing the navigation capabilities is the main idea in this feature. In checking whether it is easy or hard when navigating across the website of Pigiame much of the considerations have been concentrated on the statements made by Nielsen in his 10 heuristics usability principles. The principles majored were describing the product images and check if they match with products in other markets. The other idea was the consistency of the design and how it favoured the users when navigating or interacting with it (Vescoir, 2011). It was a success when navigating across the home and garden webpage as shown in the given below screenshots in home and garden category webpage.

The five participants had almost similar comments with reference to how the navigation process was, as they all agreed that it was very appealing and that it met their expectations.
Step 3 results
The idea here is checking the easiest way of searching the products or services offered by selecting the specific category. The same results like those achieved in navigation were recorded that is 4 out of the 5 points declaring that they were able to add items to the shopping cart without a problem. The procedure below shows how to place the items and select them from the given categories.
Step 4 results
The main idea is testing if the website is clear and if the information given with reference to a specific product is clear and much more relevant. The idea is analyzing all the additional features that have helped us in defining all the products needed. The procedure below has highlighted some of the additional features that can help in locating a product showing some clarity and relevancy.

Figure 16 this the sort-by features
The sort-by feature is done using.
     New products
     Used goods
Step 5 results
The main idea, in this case, is sending a gift that has been created by the user and meant to be sent to a friend. Only two of the five users were able to complete step five.

Figure 17 generic gift for a happy valentine card

Overall Results
About 90 percentage from the five steps, it will be true to say that all the tasks were performed successfully with no problem arising which matched to four of the five participants doing the whole process without major issues. This idea helped in rating the website of Pigiame and we give it a rating of about four points out of five as shown in the graph below.
Figure 18 graph of the overall results

Findings and Recommendations.
From the discussion and recordings from all the five-step results, it will be wise to say that the usability rating of Pigiame website evaluation has clearly shown all the factors that related to human-computer interactions. Some of these factors are the visibility, consistency, clarity and the ease of navigations.

Design and alignment of Pigiame have been rated to be four out of the five rating points. The reason for the missing point is that there are i cases where the images have not explained the exact details of the product and sometimes not clear (Ms, 2001). The proposed recommendation is labelling its product images with names that are clear and give exact details of the labelled product (Nielsen, 2015).

Visibility and Clarity
The content from the website was recommended to be necessary and it made sense to the users. Some of the additional features such as the price setting range and sorting by feature were well aligned and that they were the satisfying the need and requirements of the users making it easy to locate the given products. (istqb, 2012).

The only recommendation to be made on the Pigiame website will be to align the web pages where they can consider the use of alignment features like the slide sorter. Lastly is that a live chat feature should be put into place enabling fast response when the customer or the client need some assistance from the admin.


From the above discussion, all the information provided are with reference to the Pigiame website quality test. Human-computer interaction is a very wide topic, but with the help of the ten heuristic principles of usability testing have helped us in knowing what is needed in this report. The research questions such as the consistency, clarity, visibility and the content alignment have really helped in performing the five steps in the evaluation methodology section and giving the evaluation results which in turn has helped in giving the above recommendations. In conclusion, it will be wise to say that Pigiame website will need to put into considerations all the above recommendations for it to be a successful website and that has the best look and feel when the customers are interacting with it.

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