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Customer experience journey map

The business and its operational activities which are concerned and are operated through the internet or the online channels is known as the concept of internet marketing. This type of marketing activities and the operations are executed by making use of the varied web-based channels. Banner advertisements, PPC (pay per click), and targeted emails are some of the mediums which are to be adopted by the business organizations whose business operations are web-based or online. Internet marketing has emerged as a revolution in the world of business and trade and has provided a rapid boom to the business entities. The concept is a growing business as more and more people are making use of internet every-day and there are number of popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo which has made the business corporations able to capitalize on this new wave advertising. The below presented report has been focused the Aristocrat Leisure Limited which is an Australian gaming manufacturing corporation. The company specializes in gambling systems which is a computerized network mechanism which manages slot machines, computerized card game simulations, electrical table games and linked jackpot systems. An exclusive Reel Power system has been developed by the business corporation, in which the players are required to buy reels instead of lines and they win combinations in the standard configuration. However, linked jackpot themes have been considered as the key revenue driver for the company, such as the Cash Express or Jackpot Carnival hyperlink themes.  This concept places the large progressive jackpots over a number of machines, usually between 4 and 12, but theoretically up to 256 machines can be linked under one jackpot system. As the company is totally into the business of various types of gaming systems, the targeted customers of the company will be the individuals from the teen age groups. As these are the customers who are found most interested in the gaming systems.

Journey mapping is the tool or mechanism which Is adopted by the Aristocrat Leisure Limited for making or creating awareness regarding what the customers really want, their needs and requirmemts and also the real moments of truth and the ways in which customers go about achieving their needs. According to Walkerinfo, 2017 it has been believed it has been a critical concept of understanding the experiences of the customers throughout the full cycle of communications with the company. The concept of customer journey mapping aids the business organization with the intelligence and this will help the company in forming and establishing a company’s customer strategy foundation. A journey map enables and provides a complete picture of the customer experience and by investing time in understanding the way by which the customer takes, the people and functions they interact in the procedure and other enablers and obstacles to doing business with. While the customer journey map should be designed and developed on the base of the needs and the perception of the customer. It is of very much important for the company to understand experience that has been aligned with internal organizational structures, service delivery models, and metrics. The below mentioned is the explanation of the above presented experience diagram: 

Critical evaluation of E-marketing tools


Figure 1 Customer Experience Map

(Source: Customer experience model, 2017)

  • Awareness and information gathering:The point is concerned with gathering the information and details which are related to the product. In this I inquired on the online portal of the company for the product. All the basic details and the specifications of the product were provided on the website. I inquired for the computerized card game.
  • Purchase experience:The purchasing experience was good. As I have played the games earlier with one of my friend and that’s-why had a desire to buy one for myself. As the purchase was done by online mode so I choose to pay the amount on the delivery of the product.
  • Received the product: Delivery boy was the guy who helped me in installing the system, this showed that the company has been providing proper training to the employees for each and every relevant aspect. The game was very much interesting and playing the same was very much fun.
  • Review, understand and payment:After receiving the product the installation process was done by the delivery boy, he was very much helpful and polite by nature. He stayed a while for noting down my reviews. The ratings were required to be given on the first experience of playing the game and also about the service provided by the delivery person. After that the payment was done by me.
  • Contact care and identification of problem:The delivery boy provided with some contact details, which were required to be used in case of any problem or issue. But as the experience was good overall, there was no need to contact the helpline team.
  • Service experience:As recommended and mentioned in the manual book I called the technical team for servicing the gaming system. The response was very quick and the servicing guy took no charges as mentioned in the manual that servicing  the
  • Continued support:It has been 1 year since I am using the gaming system and there have been no such big issues in the product. And the company and the concerned teams are still co-operative and supportive in case of any problems.

E-marketing tools are being used by the business organizations for making the promotion and advertising the products and services in contemporary ways. The below presentation is the critical evaluation of the methods during the customer experience map:

  • Infusion Soft: This marketing tools can be adopted by Aristocrat Leisure Limited r promoting and advertising the products and services. This tool helps the customer by providing the necessary details regarding the products which are required by them. Getting the details is the basic step in the journey of the customer while purchasing the products and this tool plays an essential role in this process. If the software is not working properly or does not have relevant source of information about the company can miss-lead the customers.
  • Canva: As the business organization is involved in the business of designing of games simulations, Canva is the software which will be aiding the entity in designing the games and make it available on the web-portal. The presentation and the graphics of the game on the website will attract more customers and which develop a desire to buy the product.
  • Pingdom website speed test:  This system improves and enhances the speed of the websites. This will aid the customers as they will have a speedy transaction and which is a and this proves beneficial for the business organization. As if the  time is saved the consumer will be more comfortable for making a will to visit the website again.

The methods and the mechanisms which have been adapted and use by the business organization for executing the business through internet are to be known as the e-marketing tools. For doing marketing in an appropriate manner the business corporations are required to make use of right tools. A variety of specifications have been found in these tools, some of them are free for use, while some are very much expensive, some are found too much simple for use and others are every much complicated. There are number of mechanisms which can boost the growth and productivity of Aristocrat Leisure Limited if adopted by the business organization. The below mentioned are some of them which can be put to use by the business entity:

Email marketing (Infusion Soft)

  • What it does: Infusion soft is one of the most expensive tool and also considered as one of the top powerful tool. The tool can be proven insanely effective for the marketing campaigns of the business organization due to its best feature and that is the automation feature.
  • How much it costs: This tool has been considered as the most expensive yet powerful from the marketing tools. On the basis of the research the approx. cost or the expenses incurred for setting up Infusion soft is $2,000 and the further usage fees will range from $199 to $599 per month.
  • Benefits: This tool is very good time saver. The only time required will be in setting up and once the setup is completed then the working of the software is pretty smooth sailing and it also provides a high deliverability ratesand the ability to scale.
  • What it does it do: This system will allow the business organization in searching the most searched and top viewed contenton various topics or websites. Also the data can be filtered in the basis of the requirements such as infographics, blogs. There are various advanced features in the system which is “influencers” and “monitoring,” Adaption of this system can keep the business organization a step ahead in this competitive environment.
  • How much it costs: The system has been considered as an expensive medium or tool and the below presented is the approx. estimate of the expenses incurred in setting up or while using the system.
  • Used for limited results: Free of cost
  • Pro: The starter plan has been ideally developed for bloggers and small teams and which will cost approx. $99 per month.
  • Agency: If used by the agency teams, with all Pro features, API access it can cost up-to $299 per month.
  • Enterprise: This has been developed for brands and publishers with some of the advanced functionalities for large teams it will cost $999 per month
  • Benefits: This will be proven most beneficial in case when the marketers are looking or searching for trending subjects, analyzing effective headlines or trying to develop understanding for creating the next viral topic.
  • What it does it do: It is not possible every time that a professional graphic designer can be hired, but the basics can be learnt easily. Canva is the tool which makes the task of designing easy and fast. The tagline for this system used is, “Amazingly simple graphic design software,” is spot-on. The optimization of the templates has been done for social media, and they are stunning.
  • How much it costs: The system is free or it charges nothing for using the cloud-based software and if the user is a “premium elements” (certain images, etc.),So payment can be done on the basis of the usage.Canva is an advanced feature of the tool for which a payment of $12.95 for monthly subscription is to be done.
  • Benefits: The great visual designs provided by the software have a highly influence on how people perceive the company’s brand and interact with the content.
  • What does it do: Understanding SEO has become a necessity for any of the marketers and business organizations and Ahref is the system which has made this job simple and straight-forward. Tracking keyword performance, measuring the firm’s social metrics, perform backlink analysis, analysis of the content, exploring the trending content, measuring the keyword positions and do keyword research are the tasks which can be performed by making use of this system. Ahrefs is a robust all-in-one SEO tool which will keep the organization on the path to outrank the rivals.
  • How much it costs: This software can range from $79 to $2,500 per month.
  • Benefits: There are number of free SEO tools but very few of them provide fullbreadth of reliable information and this is the best feature of this tool. Quality data and reliable results are the most essential part of dominating SEO which is done by Ahrefs’s.
  • What does it do: This tool is a social media tool and the updates can schedule the updates for the social media websites such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn. With a handy browser extension and by clicking to schedule for updating the mobile apps, calendar, link shortening, optimal timing and social analytics can be done easily.
  • How much it costs: This tool provide a free plan with limited range of features, while its additionalplans costs from $10 to $250 per month.
  • Benefits: Time saving has been considered as a significant concept when it comes to social media as in business time saved is money saved. And this exactly is done by this tool. The marketers can fully automate the social media posting and also the setting can be done additionally for an ideal posting schedule in 
  • What does it do: Most of the consumers are in search of the websites and portals which are working fast and are less time consuming and Pingdom’s website speed test is the solution for the problem. By enhancing and improving the speed of the website the business corporations can bring an improvement in the SEO and conversion rates.Pingdom’s website speed test is the exact solution which helps the entity and also that of the consumers as they will be experiencing a fast transaction. A speedy transaction will save time and in business time saved is equal to the money saved. The free reports provided by the system will also provide an instant analysis, plus tips on improving the site speed.
  • How much it costs: The system provide free of cost services for the speed test for the websites. And if the business organization wishes to monitor full website then many cost from $13.95 to $454 per month.
  • Benefits: Full time monitoring concept plays a vital role and has also been considered significant for those web-based business corporations whose portals are huge and receive lot of traffic. Just minutes of downtime can cost the business corporation traffic and revenue. The system is most beneficial for huge web-based entities as by paying a monthly charges for Pingdom, for monitoring or checking the website’s status, speed and alerts. This will aid the business organization in saving the money for the future or longer run.


In the limelight of the above carried out analysis it has been inferred that internet marketing has become one of the fastest growing medium or channel through which the business operations and other associated activities can be executed. E-marketing provides a number of benefits and platforms to the business corporations for carrying out the business. Aristocrat Leisure Limited is one of the top leading brand name in the technology sector and provides gaming services and has been making use of different e-marketing tools for promotion of the products and services. The customer experience model has also been explained for describing the over-all experience of the consumer while purchasing the product from the company.

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