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Incorporating Employee Resourcing Requirements Add in library

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1. Identify the role of a recruitment agency?

2. Discuss the reasons why an employer in this sector would choose to use recruitment agency?

3. Discuss the criteria an employer should use to select an agency to recruit for them . You should refer to any relevant best practices in the sector. For example; Legal implication, cost, trust, expertise, market reputation and so on?

4. Analyse what HR department and agencies can do to build a good relationship between them. In your discussion, you should include equal opportunities, health and safety , data management and related operational issues?



1. Roles of any recruitment agency is very common for all the sectors, let it be social care, or retail, or hospitality sector. In order to be specific, in a social care environment the responsibility of the agencies is to provide the organizations related to social care as well their employers with best suitable candidates that is practically possible who have acquired all the required skills and competencies (Rowley, 2001). The agencies of recruitment acquire the list of all the vacancies from the varying employers and then put up attractive advertisements regarding the job profile over the internet and various other channels. The acceptance of the resumes of various candidates also include their job profile. The edited versions of the resumes of those agencies are sent to the employers. The recruiters in the hospitality agency are very concerned about the suggestions they provide regarding the best abled candidate for vital projects and posts while reducing the stress on the HR department of the respective companies. Some of the important roles that the agencies carry out include a screening process as well as testing process (Parry and Kelliher, 2008). They also test the flexibility of the candidate as well as keep in mind the requisites which have been specified by the client company so that they can provide them with the best employees possible. It is the biggest responsibility for the recruitment companies to provide their clients with the best employees so that the client company bare able to achieve their strategic goals in the social care setting.

2. The recruitment process of any individual I the social care environment requires a huge amount of time and therefore it is almost impossible for the organizations to conduct the effective selection as well as recruitment process (Ogunyomi and Ojikutu, 2014). The employers will have to go through numerous job profiles so that they can select any person for the specified roles in their setting. This will be a bit too impersonal to say, but it is the harsh truth of employment. Therefore the employers in the social care sector approach specific reputed recruitment agencies so that they can carry out the immense task for them effectively and in an unbiased process without delay of expensive time. The agencies are bound to fill up essential space for the needs of the clients. It is very important for the organisations to fill up the right employee for the vacant positions they have but most of the time their lack of time and resources to do so. Therefore they acquire the services of the recruitment agencies so that they can really give more time for the interviews of the candidates (Jones and Jayawarna, 2010). There are a number of important sections of the social care sector which requires very careful observation and attention of the employers. As the process of recruitment is very tedious and time consuming, they are therefore handed over to the recruitment agencies so that they don’t waste time in the initial process and they may continue their important work in the organisation into more pressing issues.

 The use of recruitment agencies are also essential in case of job hunting. As they possess very adequate knowledge about the employers they are able to provide vital information regarding the companies before the interviews (Harris, 2002). Under certain circumstances they also help to setup meetings with the organizations so that they can provide helpful information regarding the culture of the organisation of the recruiting company. These information are sold to the candidates at early stages and can be even negotiable once they have passed from the initial stages of the recruitment exam.

The employers who are involved in the social care settings like to choose from the recruitment agencies so that they can gain access to some vital job hunters, who would be required to occupy short or long term positions in the company so that a lot of resources of the company could be saved in the process of attraction, recruitment and the selection of the candidates (Dainty, Raidén and Neale, 2009). The time on screening tests, testing and accessing expert knowledge such as present salary levels, market trends, and advice on current legislation and immigration regulations, and also benefit packages is saved. The organizational employers also have a belief that if these above mentioned processes are conducted in their own company, then they can lead to unwanted expenditures for their organisation. They are intended towards spending their most time on their own jobs as well as more pressing issues. A huge amount of time, effort and resources are wasted by companies in order to hire eligible employees for their organisations. The recruitment agencies are in the business to eliminate this burden by engaging their own time, effort and cost on the selection of candidates rather than putting up pressure on the HR department of the client company (, 2015). Therefore it becomes the job of the recruitment agencies to screen and then interview the potential candidates for the clients before they can consider them to be employees in their own company. The sparing time of the organisations are greatly reduced due to this benefit of the recruitment companies. As it has been mentioned before, the organisations will be able to reduce costs regarding advertisements by the adoption of global advertisement services provided by the recruitment agencies. It is very common for the agencies to work with all the potential candidates who are eligible to be in the organisation to occupy service. Whatever may be the current market situation all the organisations who are involved in the social care business would like to keep their competitors in the dark and maintain absolute secrecy about the recruitment needs of their company. Therefore the companies prefer to work with reliable agencies who would keep their recruitment process highly confidential. The recruitment of the right kind of persons is very important for the sustenance of the economic and the business environment viable for the company, irrespective of the organizational size, business type or economic environment. Working in collaboration with recruitment agencies would allow the employers to hire the most suitable candidates for the vacant posts and at the same time removing any wastage of time to dedicate the time to more important issue sin their jobs (Capita Specialist Recruitment, 2015). The most important requirement for any organization is the right kind of employee for the exact vacant positions but most of the organisations lack the time required to do so. Therefore the organisations approach the recruitment agencies to do the pre interview essentials so that they can spend and dedicate most of their time in the conduction of the interviews. In the social care environment there are a lot of areas which require the most vital importance to pay attention of the employers.


3. The organisational agencies have to understand well and keep in mind that the recruitment agencies, however successful or unsuccessful they may be are always very effective. They should investigate before employing them that whether they are members of the recruitment and employment confederation or not (Capita Specialist Recruitment, 2015). The before mentioned agency is the only recognized trade body in the industry which is used for the recruitment of the recruiting agencies. The organisation which is about to hire the recruitment agency should recognise the feedback of the general people on the agencies earlier ventures. This would give the employers and premonition about the effective ability of the recruitment agency. From the viewpoint of employers, they usually do not favour agencies who refer them unsuitable applications of applicants (Boella and Goss-Turner, 2013). On one occasion an agency does this with the resume, it becomes quite problematic for the employers to check those resumes as they have not approved upon payment terms with the agency, and evades misperception of agencies that try to invoice for money not settled to be paid by the employers.

 Before engaging with any form of recruitment agency, the organisations should be very specific in the preparation of the roles that are to be played by the hired employees in the organisation. This would make a clear understanding of the candidates that are to be selected for the organization. They would be more abled in understanding the roles that are to be played by them in the company and may also provide the necessary information to the company (Anon, 2015). If an ineffectual briefing is conducted which would involve the technical specifications, organisational background and personal profile of the candidate for the employers, it would be very helpful for the employers.       

It is very decisive to make the superlative miscellany of the recruitment agency because engrossing the wrong ones would mean consumption of precious time, funds, and also it would be exasperating for the employers to employ personnel on a persistent basis (Anon, 2015). It is imperative for the employers to evaluate their aptness in connotation with roles involving recruitment. The questions which would be most relevant under such circumstances are

  • Do the recruitment agency have any specialisation in the respective market of the organisation?
  • Does it have capacity to recruit the specific disciplines?
  • For how long has the agency been effective in the business?
  • What is the past recruitment history of the companies?
  • Is the approach of the company consultative?
  • How will it be beneficial for the company hiring them?
  • Does the company have enough evidence to provide its past success?
  • Is the company reliable enough to share confidential information with them?

4. From the study it can be clear that what will be the current relationship that the recruiters and the employers need to share so that they can co-ordinate with each other in an effective way. It can be through mere telephonic communication or through internet connectivity of the online recruitment marketplace. Even though the goals of the recruiter and the employer differ vastly from each other, still they need the help of each other to accomplish their tasks (Anon, 2015). The aim of the recruitment agency is to generate revenue while that of the employer is to reduce its waste of time in recruitment process, but they have the common goal of placing the right person at the right roles in the job. If the efforts of the companies can be combined they can be able to reduce the administrative and effective target (Anon, 2015). If both sides are true to their job, it would definitely improve the reputation of the companies in their respective sector, increase the quality of service, enhance their relationship as well as increase the business gain.

Therefore it is very important to keep themselves informed about the activities of the HR department which will help to improve their relationship. Human resource department is accountable to classify and exercise diverse ways of refining employee job consummation and also so that minimum number of employees depart the corporate door. There must be tactics to augment the work life equilibrium of the staffs, such as enlightening professional trails, presenting talent development programs, etc.

Organizational human resource should keep the agencies well conversant about organizational expansions, recruitment requests, and every altering strategy (Anon, 2015). They must pursue to aid the agencies become supporter for respective trade by delivering them the obligatory vital knowledge and statistics. On the other hand, it is significant for the agencies to demonstrate some sincere attention within the employers, the business and the encounters that they confront and this would empower a great deal to boost the association. Numerous organizations are said to appraise distinct forms of communications as well as networking beyond the practice. Conventionally employers often feel involved within the pertinent new service developments as well as information about open market that may bring about reimbursements to businesses. In order to augment the bond between the two organisations it is valuable to inspire honesty as well as morality (Anon, 2015). These two elements are most vital for any sort of association. On the part of the organizational human resource department, it is significant to have under surveillance some strategies. These are

  • Be appreciative of each other to facilitate mutual admiration
  • Taking a broader viewpoint of organizational welfares since this in turn reimburses both the organisations
  • Being pragmatist and authentic is significant to improve the pleasant relationship
  • Being adaptable feeds increased prospects to direct the duties successfully
  • Upholding excellence is indispensable since this makes the job of both the participants easier
  • Supervising functioning gives chances to advance on the frailer allocates
  • Postulating all quintessence data to the agencies intensifies the relationship between the agency and the employer.


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