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Strategic Evaluation - Situation Analysis

Describe about the Information Systems Management for Therapeutic Innovative Work.

Samsung Medical Center (SMC) is situated in Seoul, South Korea. SMC was founded on November 9, 1994, for the sole purpose of enhancing the wellbeing of the nation through the best restorative means, the propelled therapeutic innovative work of exceptionally efficient staff. SMC is a scholastic, philanthropic tertiary care health center with roughly 6,500 staff members including approximately 2,000 medical caretakers and more than 1,200 specialists serving 1,951 sickbeds. Samsung Medical Center (SMC) is composed of SSH (Samsung Seoul Hospital), SCH (Samsung Changwon hospital), SLSRC (Samsung Life Sciences Research Center) and KSH (Kangbook Samsung Hospital).  Equipped with the latest medical service frameworks such as the exceptional medicinal staff, SIMS (Samsung Medical Information System), PACS (picture archiving communication framework), CPAS (clinical pathology automation system) and LAS (logistics automation system). SMC (Samsung Medical Center) is leading the new hospital framework in Korea by being the best doctor's facility in cutting edge restorative administrations and delivering the patient-focused medicinal services in the bona fide sense. SMC (Samsung Medical Center) attends approximately 8,500 outpatients on daily basis. SMC has an average of 1,800 inpatients in a day and performs around 160 complex surgical operations daily (according to stats from the year 2011). Samsung Medical Center (SMC) has covered the land area of over 200,000 sq.  meters with a 25 floors building. It consists of 120 special purpose clinics, 40 housing departments and 10 specialist centers.

Strategic management is developing plans for both unfeasible and predictable contingencies. It is pertinent to every small and large organizations. Even the Small organizations face competition in the market and by formulating and implementing suitable strategies, they can achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

Samsung medical center (SMC) is waving his flag high in medical world. The strong management of SMC knows how to formulate effective strategies that can balance the political, social, economic and technological imbalance.

Samsung Medical Center (SMC) is a role model for other companies in tackling the political issues. It has created its own ways of handling political agendas.  During the dark hours, Samsung Medical Center (SMC) using its diplomatic strategies and goodwill managed to haggle with the governing bodies of several countries. This resulted in favoring Samsung Medical Center (SMC) by modifying their rules and regulation.

The economic outbalance exists in health center in Korea yet government reports still show that the expenditure on healthcare per capital continues to increase. The growth of medical centers in Korea clearly demonstrates how medical and nursing services have moved from public sector to the private sector and have become a more of business. In the current situation, Samsung Medical center (SMC) is delivering the best medical services using most advanced technology and methodologies. They have launched numerous welfare programs that tend to serve the poor and create a healthy environment.

Pest Analysis

With the increasing population of South Korea, the health issues are increasing exponentially. With the advancement of medical technologies, new diseases are being discovered simultaneously. In the current situation, Samsung Medical Center (SMC) is delivering the best it could. The patients are becoming more informed and demanding. 

By means of technology, Samsung Medical Center (SMC) is among the world’s leading medical centers. It is well equipped with modern smart devices. The use of SIMS (Samsung Medical Information System), PACS (picture archiving communication framework), CPAS (clinical pathology automation system) and LAS (logistics automation system) have made SMC one of the most advanced medical center enriched with technology. Currently, SMC is working on numerous projects related to health care using modern day technology.

Samsung Medical Center is trying its best to provide adequate medical services to all the patients using modern techniques not only in Korea but across the world. Samsung is not only providing services in Samsung Medical Center but also in innumerate hospitals across the globe. The major reason behind the popularity of Samsung Medical Center is its willingness to deliver best to the customers and embrace its weaknesses.

The backbone of Samsung Medical Center (SMC) is Samsung Group of Companies. The technologies used by SMC have revolutionized the medical world. This is not the end. There are numerous projects under construction to deal with modern diseases. Samsung has an everlasting relationship with USA and Europe that makes its position firmer on the ground. Samsung is quite loaded by means of technology, assets, artifact, infrastructure and manpower.

With all the technology, manpower, and huge structure, Samsung Medical Center is also facing few shortcomings in lieu of treatment. There had been few misdiagnosed cases in the hospital that defamed the medical center. There had been other shortcomings of specialists as compared to the number of patients under treatment.

Samsung Medical Center is one of the luckiest medical facility being under the banner of Samsung group of companies. It has a wide range of network spread globally. On a business point of view, Samsung Medical Center is one of the most profitable investments of Samsung group. With the support of Samsung group of companies, SMC aims at leading the medical world nor farther than the year 2020.

As any major organization, Samsung Medical Center is also facing multiple threats from the past decade. There are other medical centers those are dominating over SMC. It is also one of the most expensive hospitals in the region that make it only reachable by upper middle class and elites. So, a number of patients avoid being treated there. The growing population is another major threat to SMC as it’s unable to provide adequate treatment to all the patients.

Political Strategy

Due to the Samsung Group of Companies, SMC has emerged as a global hospital working with numerous countries. Samsung Medical Center (SMC) possesses the largest cancer center in Asia consisting of 655 beds. It has provided the medical aid to the victims of Taiwan Earthquake, 2006, Kobe Earthquake, 1995 and Tsunami in South East Asia in 2004. SMC is emerging as a global medical center which promotes active communication with numerous globally recognized medical institutes such as Mayo Center (US), MD Anderson Growth Center (US) and Beijing College Clinic. Due to its restless and devoted management and staff, SMC has been able to attract a large number of foreign patients which is helping it in gaining sustainability and global recognition. The major achievement by SMC is the inauguration of the first Korean medical center in Dubai, UAE. SMC is the first Korean medical facility that has landed in Middle East through Dubai. Recently, due to the tireless efforts of the management and staff, the Hospital received an award from Ministry of health and welfare as SMC (Samsung Medical Center) is attracting the most foreign patients in the region.


E-trade is the selling and buying of merchandise and services, or the transmitting and transferring assets or information over an electronic system, essentially the web. These business exchanges happen either as business-to-business, business-to-buyer, buyer-to-buyer or customer-to-business.

SMC (Samsung Medical Center) has built up four key goals in data innovation and technology. They include

  1. Film-less by PACS used commonly in healthcare industry
  2. Chart less by virtue of EMR (Electronic Medical Record)
  3. Paper-less HIS (Hospital information system)
  4. The last one "weightless" is, exceptionally remarkable and seldom found anywhere. (James & Matthew 2012)

The above mentioned points can be easily achieved by the Samsung Medical Center by following some simple steps. Each and every individual needs to perform his/her duties quite efficiently in order to make sure that they want to achieve the target goals. The duties should be properly allocated especially to those who are looking after the eBusiness side of the Samsung Medical Center.

A cell phone application developed by SMC named "Dr. Smart S," is conveyed in the clinical environment of the medical center. SMC has stepped in the future by introducing a whole new dimension in medical world through Dr. Smart S. Dr. Smart S was introduced by SMC in August, 2003. Around then, it was uncommon for a medical center to present "Zone service" through cell phones as a feature of FMC (Fixed mobile Coverage). The first application was developed to run on Palm OS (an old operating system), the then mobile operating system as adopted by Samsung. "SCH-M3300." Since then the application has been modified and updated 3 times. The first update was a change of platform from Palm OS to windows operating system. The latest update has been made by restructuring the application for Android smartphones. Samsung medical center (SMC) named the application as Dr. Smart S. The application contains all the information such as data of inpatient, outpatient, a patient at operation room and patient at the emergency room, patients list waiting to admit and consultation notes. This is all the information Doctors want to know and for which they have to visit each room and each operation center.

Economic Environment

The three major components of Dr. Smart S are

  1. Terminal
  2. Network infrastructure
  3. Server group

A terminal is a sort of smart phone which can run the downloaded applications on OS. SMC (Samsung Medical Center) has used Samsung Galaxy S as terminal that loads Dr. Smart S to run on Google Android. (Salehi et al. 2012) The application was developed using “Eclipse IDE”. SMC is taking advantage from both wireless and wired systems as network framework. The end point connected cordlessly by the terminal is Aruba Access Point (AP-70, IEEE 802.11 a/b/g). The wired is made out of backbone switch (10 Gb/s) at computer room, distribution switch (1 Gb/s) from the computer room to each floor, and workgroup switch (100 Mb/s) at each floor. The major component of a server group is a mobile server which recovers information from the legacy (Barati et al. 2016) framework and gives them to the terminal. The legacy system stores all the result of transactions using SIMS by responding mobile server's request. OS and database management system (DBMS) on the mobile server are Windows Server 2003 and MySQL 5 respectively. The development tool used for mobile server software module was NetBeans 6.0. The legacy system uses HP (Hewlett-Packard) integrity Superdome as hardware, HP-Unix 11.23 as Operating system, middleware is TMAX 4.0 and for Database management system it is Oracle 10g respectively.  

To use Dr. Smart S. on a smartphone, the app has to be downloaded from Play Store. After downloading the app, you have to register yourself with authentic information. The encrypted user ID and Password are then transferred to the mobile server using wireless connectivity. The user will be connected to the mobile server even if the user doesn’t know network preferences. The authentication process consists of two levels using MAC address of terminals as compared with information provided by the legacy system with user’s ID and password check. The two level authentication processes are specially designed for confidentiality of patient’s data even if the phone is lost. A further added feature is the limited access to the users according to their designation. According to the SMC (Samsung medical Center) policy, the user will automatically be disconnected from the server if the system detects no user activity for some time.  SMC (Samsung Medical Center) has installed cordless network AP at each floor, cafeteria, lobby and other places which doctors usually visit.

In the past few years, Internet marketing has emerged drastically. Organizations are now able to communicate with more people, monitor their competitors, and get feedback from clients. Both online and offline marketing have advantages and disadvantages. As a business owner, it is necessary to figure out how to balance both online and offline promotion methods. For an organization, it’s difficult to manage both online and offline promotion methods. Both the methods should be connected directly in order to maximize productivity. It is necessary to combine your online and offline promotion strategies. SMC is concentrating on building a solid online presence. It has developed an efficient network of contacts. SMC uses both online and offline marketing strategies so when one fails the other can compensate the loopholes.  


SMC is making sure that every penny spent is advertisement counts. SMC is also taking full benefit of TV commercials to bring individuals to their website. SMC is using offline techniques to promote online promotion methods and online techniques to promote offline promotions. The site URL is available on every brochure and awareness paper published by SMC.

In spite of the experience, it is conceivable to convert procedures and strategies into individual activities, for an effective business performance. But it is not easy to achieve. Many organizations over and again neglect to motivate its employees and clients to work with enthusiasm, all together, for the prosperity of the organization. (Habibi et al. 2015) Most organizations and associations know their business, and the techniques required for the achievement.

The essential elements to draw a strategy are:

  1. Motivational leadership:

Solely focuses on achieving sustained performance through value-based leadership, personal growth, and planning by efficiently recognizing human dynamics. People look towards their leader for guidance. Leadership is the core element in transforming strategy into results. Effective leadership always makes a difference in determining the path of an organization. The productivity of a company is dependent on the internal infrastructure which includes every aspect like ethical and moral behavior, working standards and environment.

  1. Strategy into Action:

Strategy in action planning is a staged methodology highlighting the performance, connecting strategic measures to the departmental, project and singular action. (Forro et al. 2015) The main objective is to empower the organization to adequately decipher strategies through to results carried under a clear and effective process. Including the right individuals is fundamental to make right choices on priorities, and making action plans that are aligned and clear.

  1. Performance Management:

Performance management is the development of hierarchical procedures and abilities important to accomplish results through individuals delivering adequate results. To draw an efficient strategy in papers is quite ravishing but implementing those strategies in real time is often hectic. (Malmstrom et al. 2013) Most of the organizations have excellent strategies but poor implementation.

Performance Management is a key component in getting the entire association adjusted and assembled to achieve goals and work cooperatively together to deliver expected results. The increase in performance management is empowered utilizing IT system.

Health care is an unpredictable domain where the health experts work with numerous regulations, laws and standards of practice. Doctors have to make difficult choices keeping both ethical and moral aspects in mind.  Numerous moral situations emerge when a choice must be made to kill life-support machines and permit death to occur to a patient. Other common moral and ethical issues, a health care expert may face, are privacy, matters related to consent of the patient and relationships with patients, particularly while treating the minors. (Chaffey et al. 2012)


Confidentiality is both, a lawful and a moral issue. Keeping data around a patient confidential is a way of showing regard for the self-respect of patients, while disclosing patient's data can affect the patient. There are specific laws related to the the release of patient's data under the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). The laws characterize precisely what data can be discharged and to whom under what circumstances. As the Insurance policy might not be allowed to view patient’s data while a person that have direct impact of patient’s health might be allowed to have direct access of data. If there's some risk to a third party involved, a moral and ethical medical professional might have to break the confidentiality to prevent any harm.

Relationship with any patient, especially sexual connection, are categorized illegal by both the medical and nursing code of morals. (Simmons & Conlon 2013) Such activities are viewed as unhealthy and misconduct that might bring about suspension from the institution and lose the license to practice medicine. A sexual relationship with any under treatment patient thought to be a misuse of force with respect to the doctor or medical attendant, as patients are reliant and helpless. (Foerster 2015) A sexual association with a patient can be exceptionally unsafe, and a moral specialist will stay away from the patient even in the presence of sexual enthusiasm for a patient.

Many health care professionals face the risk of being suspended for malpractice. A claim might be damage from a damage identified with surgery, defective equipment or use of inadequate medical products. (Schilsky 2013) The danger of lawsuit is the end goal that numerous social insurance experts practice defensive medicine such as requesting a test or performing a procedure to guarantee that the patient can't allege carelessness.

An informed consent must be provided by the patient for treatment to be lawful. Any operation performed by doctors without legitimate consent is categorized as assault. When treating an adolescent, the medical proficient faces a clash of morals and ethics under specific circumstances. (Eid & El-Gohary 2013) The expert may trust that guardians ought to be kept informed of their child's health issue.


Strategy Evaluation is as significant as the formulation of strategy since it defines the proficiency and adequacy of the comprehensive plans to achieve the expected outputs. The authorities can also survey suitability of the current procedure in dynamic world with political, financial and technological advancements. Strategic evaluation is the last step of strategic administration. (Michael 2014)

SWOT Analysis

The importance of strategic assessment is its ability to coordinate the tasks done by managers, departments, groups etc. through control of execution. Strategic evaluation is noteworthy on while considering numerous elements, such as creating contributions for a new strategic planning, an urge to review, appraisal and reward, judging the legitimacy of the strategic decision and so forth. It is a direction in which the strategy makers set the goals and numerous ways to accomplishing them. It deals with making decisions about the future bearing of an association and implementing them. It helps us in determining the path of an organization on which direction it is moving. Without any prior set of instructions to implement the strategy, a company cannot survive. Moreover, strategy evaluation is far better for running an error free operation. In fact, it is much better if the set of instructions are initially formulated. However, the strategy should be in accordance with the evaluation method. This is how we strategy evaluation is performed. One way or the other, such planning always helps the company to improve its operations.

Strategic management is a continuous process of assessing and controlling the business and the industries of an organization. It assesses its competitors and sets different objectives and strategies to meet all the current and potential contenders, and then reevaluate strategies to decide how it has been implemented in the system and whether it was effective and efficient or does it needs any sort of substitution.  

Strategic Management gives a detailed viewpoint to the workers of an organization and allow them to judge so they can better access how their job fits into the whole hierarchical organization and how it is co-identified with other authoritative individuals. (Cascino et al. 2014) Strategic management is the art of overseeing workers such that it increases the overall capacity of achieving business targets. The workers can comprehend the response of ecological changes on the association. One of the significant parts of the strategic management is to incorporate numerous functional areas of the organization and to guarantee the practical regions blending together. Another part of strategic management is to watch out for the objectives and goals of the organization.  

In the modern world, for the survival of an organization, it is necessary to plan the future of the organization than working on today. (Hamdan 2012) Companies like Nokia, Kodak etc. were busy in serving their clients that they forgot to formulate their future. Samsung is making sure of not becoming one of them. The sustainability Samsung Medical center (SMC) is best example to see how successfully Samsung has implemented the management strategies and set their future goals.


Strategic management is an independent department where the strategies have to be formulated keeping in view the limitations of the company. In some scenarios, the management needs to be very careful about the legal and ethical obligations. In short, the strategic management is responsible to make the operations successful and it plays a very important role for the development and growth of a company. If the strategy evaluation process is properly defined then, it is easier to achieve the desired goals and objectives. In fact, the company finds the right direction and starts making progress rapidly.

The importance of strategic evaluation can be assessed by looking at the infrastructure of the company. Strategies need to be formulated in a very timely manner with respect to all the legal and ethical values. Therefore, the significance of the strategic evaluation process can be explained and defined as one of the major pillars of the company. The case study above explained how scenarios vary and how they can be handled with an effective strategic evaluation process. The success and failure of a strategy is determined by the process of strategic evaluation.


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