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Setup a pure IPv6 network

Setup a VTP v3 Domain

Create and maintain VLANs

Configure 802.1Q Trunking

Configure Layer 2 Etherchannels

Configure inter-VLAN routing with HSRP for IPv6 to provide redundant, fault-tolerant routing to the internal network

Configure HSRP object tracking

Adjust HSRP times for optimization

Configure both stateful and stateless DHCP for IPv6

Acme is company that is investigating the possibility of converting to a pure IPv6 environment, without having to renew any of its routers and switches. They have just upgraded the test bed devices to IOS version 15. The test bed consists of 2811 routers with IOS version c2800nm-adventerprisek9-mz.151-

4.M10, 3560v2 Switches with IOS version c3560-ipservicesk9-mz.150-2.SE9, and 2960 Switches with IOS version c2960-lanbasek9-mz.150-2.SE9.

They want you to do a comparison of the ipv4 protocols with their equivalent ipv6 protocols, the benefits and any problems with going to a pure ipv6 environment, and to test the feasibility of converting to pure IPv6 by building a prototype using the topology above.

You must produce a report that includes a discussion on the differences if any on the present ipv4 protocols used and on any new ipv6 versions of the protocols that need to be used.

You need to discuss what changes have to incorporated to make the switch to a fully IPv6 environment, the commands that need to be configured on the devices to achieve the IPv6 environment, the testing and confirmation regime that is used verify that Acme can use the current devices in an IPv6 only environment.

Discussion on Protocols

Acme have the requirement to upgrade the current network for supporting the IPv6 environment and without incurring extra cost for the organization. The organization currently runs cisco 2811 series router and the version of the IOS running on the router is upgraded for supporting the IPv6 configuration and connect with the new devices in the network. The old network device are configured with Ipv4 addressing scheme but it cannot communicate with the new devices that are configured with IPv6 address and thus there is a requirement to configure the router with dual stack that is with IPv6 and IPv4 such that it can establish connection between the IPv4 and the Ipv6 network or vice versa. The current network is configured with the IPv6 addressing scheme and tested for verification of the transfer of packets.

The changes in the organizational network can be accommodated using the initial function and implementation of the IPv6 address in the routers installed in the network. The different risk associated with the implementation of the dual stack network is analyzed and an addressing scheme is created for the connecting the Ipv6 address. VLAN s are created for connecting the different department of the organization and improvement of the efficiency and performance of the network. The VLANs secure the network from external agents and makes the network flexible. The VTPv3 convention is utilized for the settlement of the adjustments in the present system and introducing the underlying capacity and it enables the switches to refresh the other gadget associated in the system. With the usage of the convention the threat of changes in the system can be wiped out and the execution of the system can be made strides. The VLAN secure the transmission of the information bundles in the system and expanding the adaptability of the system. The traversing tree convention is utilized for sending of an intelligent circle in the system and give reinforcement connects to empowering adaptation to non-critical failure in the system. The Ethernet channels are designed with trunk convention for empowering the VTP area and empowering the other space to convey utilizing the safe channel. The switches are designed utilizing double stacking i.e. with IPv4 and IPv6 tending to such an extent that it can speak with the IPv4 and the IPv6 arrange productively. DHCP arrangement is done on the switch for consequently apportioning the IP deliver to the gadget associated in the system. Inter vlan steering is arranged in the system utilizing the ip directing charge and empowering the made VLAN to speak with each other. HSRP is utilized for the design of the system and increment the accessibility by empowering the switches to show up as a solitary interface.

System Testing and Verification Strategy

A model of the system is made and is tried before execution in the organizational network solution. For the arrangement of the system solution for Acme the comparable system is designed in and the router and the switch are installed and configured with spanning for checking the accessibility of the system gadgets. A nodes connected in the network are pinged with the interface of the router and the switch for testing the connection between the hosts. The VLANs made are likewise pinged for testing the availability of the VLAN and the arrangement of the entomb vlan routing in the system. The switch is likewise designed with routing for permitting the focal switch arranged with DHCP to give IP address to the gadgets used for the development of the prototype network model. The topology of the IPv6 organize is made and practicality of the arrangement is investigated for the advancement of the system. The testing is performed and reproduction is done on parcel tracer for testing the system of the association.


Figure 1: Network Design of Acme

(Source: Created by author)

While configuration of the network the different problems are faced by the network administrator and they are troubleshoot for verification of the connectivity between the devices connected in the network. IPv6 address are used for configuration of the network and the VLANs are configured and pinged for testing the efficiency of the network. The layer 3 switch installed in the network is configured with DHCP such that it can allocate IP address to the different device in different VLAN in the network. The routers connected in the network are configured with EIGRP and problem was faced during mapping of the Ipv4 address into IPv6 address. The VLAN should be managed and issues was also faced during implementation of the HSRP protocol in the network because a virtual MAC address should be created. The network load should be shared in the network for increasing the efficiency and reducing the waiting time for the improvement of the operation of the network. The classification of the stateful and stateless IPv6 address also needs research and different IPv6 addresses are analyzed for application in the current network solution of the organization.

The current requirement of the organization is analyzed for the preparation of the current network solution for the organization and configuration of the network devices with IPv6 address scheme. The device configured with Ipv4 address is evaluated and the corresponding IPv6 address is used for configuring the network with dual stack methodology. For the configuration of the device with Ipv6 the software version of the routers and the switch is upgraded and the cost for deployment of new device for configuration with Ipv6 address is saved.

Network Design

The following functionality are added in the network for increasing the efficiency of the proposed solution such as:

Forwarding- IP routing and EIGRP is used in the router for enabling forwarding if the data packets to the other routers and the end nodes connected in the network securely.

Logical Addressing- Logical addressing is used for the configuration of the network such that the network is partitioned using VLANs according to the business rules of the organization.

Routing- For successfully transfer the data packets in the network the routers are configured with different routing protocols and addressing schemes for enabling a host configured with IPv6 address to connect with the network of the organization. The layer three switch is also configured with routing to allocate the DHCP address to the VLANs connected with it.

Positioning of the network layer- The device connected in the network should be positioned according to the floor plan and the physical access of the core network component is restricted to make the network more secure.

Router 2 

Router 1 

Router 3


Changing the present system structure of Acme and implementation of IPv6 address policy in the organizational network would increase the efficiency of the network and help to communicate with the network configured with IPv6 address. A tending to design is required for doling out IPv6 address in the device installed in the network. The gadgets are additionally overhauled with the most recent programming adaptation for permitting the reconfiguration with the new innovation and lessening the cost of the system up degree. The system is applied double stack for communicating with the old gadget designed with IPv4 address. Diverse VLANs are made for various branches and inter vlan directing is utilized for interfacing with the vlans and increment the proficiency and security of the system. The three switches associated in the system are arranged with HSRP such a virtual switch is made and accessibility of the system is expanded.

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