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Research and present a menu document with four (4) entrees, four (4) mains and four (4) desserts. Include all methods of cookery and presentation. The menu is to be from a fine dining restaurant - no cafes, burgers.

Present a document outlining the mise en place of each dish.The mise en place will include all equipment used the correct culinary terms associated with each and why its used and a work flow for each dish.

Provide a detailed reference from where you researched each dish. Do not make this up yourself - journals, books websites can all be used (see rules below). 

From your menu, itemise each area of produce that you will be using (i.e. seafood, game) and locate reputable Sydney suppliers.

List their trading names as well as any relevant contact details that they have, website, contact numbers, only use suppliers that have a food safety authority stamp of approval, HACCP certification or any other food safety approval qualifications.

Discuss in detail the cycle from when you order goods to the transportation, delivery, how you will receive these goods, check for quality and how best to store these goods in the correct manner. Include all relevant temperatures.

Ingredients for Each Recipe

Ingredients: 1 cup tomatoes, 100gm peas, 1 eggplant, trimmed horizontally, 2 tablespoon olive oil, 1 cup minced cilantro, 1/4 cup cheese, 100ml water, salt, spices.

Directions: To a blender, add tomatoes, water, peas and spices. Blend until smooth. Take a medium heated pan and add oil to it. Further, add trimmed eggplant. Fry until the texture turns brown. Now add tomato puree, cilantro and garnished cheese (Martins, Abbots, Carvajal, Charalambidou and Toner, 2015).

Ingredients: 100gm sun dried tomatoes, ground spices, salt, 150gm spaghetti pasta, cheese.

Directions: Take a medium pan and boil pasta until softens. To a mixer, add tomatoes, spices and salt. Pour the mixture in pasta and stir with spatula. Grate cheese and serve hot.

Ingredients: Fillet, 50gm almonds, whisked cream, oil.

Directions: In a pan, fry the fish until brown. Take a grinder, add almonds and cream. Pour the mixture on fillet and press with a masher. Serve hot.

Ingredients: Pho, cream, herbs, spices, water.

Directions: Boil pho in a pan and stir with a spoon. Mix cream and spices in a bowl. Once softened, add dressing to pho. Serve post garnishing.

Ingredients: 250gm vegetables, pie sheets, salt, oil.

Directions: In a pan, heat oil and add vegetables. Once softened, stuff in pie sheets. Pre-heat oven till 200C. Let the pie puff. Serve hot (Martins and et al., 2015).

Ingredients: 100gm red rice, 15gm herbs, 15gm diced onion, 15gm cheese, olive oil, 20gm sweetcorn.

Directions: Boil the rice and add herbs, salt, onion, sweetcorn and oil. Now grate cheese with help of a grater and serve cold.

Ingredients: 20gm sweetcorn, 20gm onion, 2 cloves garlic, mint leaves, cheese, 1/2 butternut squash.

Directions: dice down onions. In a pan, fry onions with spatula. Add garlic and sweetcorn. Once it turns brown, add squash. Grate cheese and garnish with mint leaves. Serve with soy sauce

Ingredients: 4 onions, cheddar cheese, oil, 1 cup tomatoes, herbs.

Directions: Scoop out onions with a peeler. Stuff in cheese and diced tomatoes. Heat in oven for 25 minutes Let them turn golden brown. Garnish with herbs.

Ingredients: 1 chocolate pudding mix, 100gm cream, marshmallows, chocolate chips

Directions: Mix pudding and cream with a whisker and add marshmallows. Garnish with chips and serve cold (de Vires and Go, 2017).

Ingredients: Waffle cones, 2 bananas, chocolate bar, 1 sundae

Directions: Take a scoop of ice cream and fill in waffle cone. Grind banana and chocolate bars. Pour the mixture with help of cream cone. Serve cold.

Distributors of Ingredients

Ingredients: 100gm whipped cream, brandy, chocolate 

Directions: Pour brandy in a mixture and add cream. Stir with a spatula and garnish with chocolates. Serve when cold (Ahvenainen, Franzon, Hämäläinen, Koho, Malvela, Ollikainen, and Pieviläinen, 2015).

Ingredients: 50gm red tarts, 50gm strawberries, 100ml milk, 50gm yogurt.

Directions: With help of mixing cup, add tart, milk and yogurt. In separate container grate strawberries. Garnish and serve.

  1. Eggplant on braised chickpeas
  • Ladle-To mix all ingredients
  • Slotted spoon-To help pouring ingredients
  • Measuring cup- To measure exact amounts
  • Paring knife- To slit eggplants 
  1. Sun dried tomato pasta
  • Rubber spatula- To stir all items
  • Locking tongs- For a firm grip
  • Grater- To grate cheese 
  1. Almond crusted sole
  • Measuring cup-For measuring almonds
  • Measuring spoon- For measuring oil
  • Garlic press- To crush herbs
  • Grater- For grating cheese
  • Metal spatula- For mixing items 
  1. Pho salad
  • Kitchen shear-To take hold of bowls
  • Microplane grater- For fine grating
  • Locking tongs- To hold grip of bowl 
  1. Korma Pie
  • Garlic press- To press ground spices
  • Grater-To grate cilantro and cheese
  • Tongs-To hold grip of utensils
  • Spatula-For fine mixing 
  1. Autumn Succotash
  • Chef’s knife- For fine chopping
  • Spatula-To stir well
  • Measuring spoon-To accurately measure
  • Garlic press-To crush cloves 
  1. Red onions
  • Scoop-To scoop out onion
  • Paring knife-To dice down tomatoes
  • Ladle-To mix items
  • Grater-Fine grating of cheese 
  1. Rocky road parfaits
  • Scoop-To scoop chocolate mousse
  • Whisker-To whisk the cream 
  1. Ice cream waffles
  • Scoop-To scoop the ice cream
  • Measuring spoon-For measuring quantity 
  1. Chocolate fundue
  • Corkscrew-For brandy bottle opening
  • Measuring cup-To measure quantity 
  1. Cherry berry smoothie
  • Mixing cup-To mix ingredients
  • Scoop-To scoop berry tarts 
  1. Sweetcorn and herb grain
  • Ladle-To mix items
  • Tongs-To take grip
  • Spatula-For fine stirring


Harris Farm Markets

24-30 Springfield Ave, Potts point, NSW 2011, Sydney, Australia



Sanwa suppliers

201/100 New South Head Road, NSW 2027, Sydney


Olive oil

Olive Co.

15/37A King Rd, Hornsby NSW 2077, Australia

+61 2 9476 3844

2. Sun dried tomato pasta 

Sun-dried tomatoes

Sandhurst Fine foods

6 Kiama St, Miranda NSW 2228, Australia

+61 2 9522 4522

Spaghetti pasta

The Pasta Factory

17 Buckley St, Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia

+61 2 9519 3666

3. Almond crusted sole 


Almondco Australia Ltd

19895 Sturt Hwy, Renmark SA 5341, Australia

+61 8 8586 8800

Fillet fish

Manettas seafood market

Pyrmont NSW, Australia

+61 1300 095 746

4. Pho salad 

Pho rise

Pho Gia Hoi

711 George St, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia

 +61 2 9211 0221

5. Korma Pie

Pie sheets

Antoniou Fillo Pastry

7/9 Yulong Cl, Moorebank NSW 2170, Australia

+61 2 9602 4688

6. Sweetcorn and herb grain 


Sunland Seeds

3 Macquarie St, Coopernook NSW 2426, Australia

+61 2 6556 3234

7. Autumn succotash 

Butternut squash

Simon George & Sons

Unit 12 19/17 Unwins Bridge Rd, St Peters NSW 2044, Australia

+61 2 9551 2700

8. Red onions 

Cheddar cheese

Pinnacle foods

16 Sheridan Cl, Milperra NSW 2214, Australia

+61 2 9772 4999

9. Rocky road parfaits 


Black Pantry

The Essential Ingredient

731-735 Darling Street, Rozelle

Every single item takes birth somewhere. These products customers use in daily lifestyle, begins its origin from a certain place. Raw materials serve as building blocks for a product. An idea for making any product starts with research and development. Once a blueprint is created, these raw materials are applied for product invention (Lin and Baum, 2016). Post creation of the item, it is tested for durability. It is tested several times before finally reaching the hands of consumers. A revenue for each product is created to demonstrate its cost in market. All the ingredients will be stored in cold storage by ensuring stable temperature except dry spices and oil.

These items are transported to trusted distributors after undergoing successful testing. Furthermore, they sell them to retailers at wholesale rates (Burrow, Smith and Yakinthou, 2015). Hence, these retailers become the mode of communication to the consumers. As a consumer management will buy these products from retailers.

The product’s life ends in the comfort of kitchen. They undergo entire procedure of research and development, making, processing, testing and distributing before finally reaching to customer. Every product utilized has been passes all these processes successfully (Gersh, 2016).


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Burrow, R., Smith, J., & Yakinthou, C. (2015). ‘Yes Chef’: life at the vanguard of culinary excellence. Work, employment and society, 29(4), 673-681.

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Gersh, I. (2016). Culinary Industry Practitioners’ and Educators’ Perceptions of Core Competencies for a 4-Year Bachelor’s Degree in the Culinary Arts. Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Education, 28(1), 32-43.

Lin, P. M., & Baum, T. (2016). The meaning of applied creativity in the culinary industry. International Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Administration, 17(4), 429-448.

Martins, A. M. D., Abbots, E. J., Carvajal, R., Charalambidou, A., & Toner, D. (2015). Authentic recipes from around the world.

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