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Discuss about the Human Resource Management and Personnel Management Strategy.

Job Analysis

This report explains the personnel management strategy of the AIBI international company. AIBI International Company is a worldwide organization operating in the health industry. The company produces and conveys excellence, wellbeing and wellness items such as Trademills, elliptical trainers and inversion machines to its customers. AIBI International Company initially established in 1985 in Singapore. The organization brands such as Adidas, Life fitness, Reebok, and Slendertone. AIBI main aim is to become the world’s leading innovator and pioneer for wellness, health, and beauty plus empowering people to play out their own best also, live without bounds. The generals plans of AIBI international company is to bring the best and the creative range of fitness, health, beauty equipment to people as the method for enhancing their prosperity. The report explains all the management strategy of Company which includes job analysis and job design, recruitment and selection strategies for the fulfilling the position of assistant manager that can be adopted by the company to fulfill its staffing needs.

According to Bamberger et al. (2014), job analysis refers to the process of identifying and determining in details the specific job tasks and responsibilities for a specific position. The administrator of AIBI is enlisting the contender for the position of aide supervisor in the Company. The employment investigation is a first instrument for gathering work related data. The strategy brings about social occasion and recording two data sets including expected set of responsibilities and employment detail and the two sets are vital parts of the occupation examination data. The occupation examination structure of delegating a collaborator administrator in the AIBI Company incorporates the set of working responsibilities and employment determination for a given position which is described as follows (Berman et al., 2012):

According to Bessant et al. (2012), job description consists the work related data that is significant keeping in mind the end goal to advance a particular business and pull in a pool of talent. The job description of appointing an assistant manager in AIBI Company includes the following information which is required to fulfill a particular position. The basic elements of the job description are described below:

Job title: Supervisor of AIBI Company hiring candidates to fulfill the position of Assistant Manager in the organization.

Job location: Company appoints an assistant manager for the location in Singapore.  

Job summary: According to Bolweg (2012), assistant manager has a lot of obligations in the organization and this job demands good leadership and managerial skills. AIBI Company is looking for a responsible Assistant Manager to fulfill their duties and task in a proper manner. The job summary of Assistant Manager is to supervise and train employees convey customer benefits and must be known with all the aspects of a manager’s job and duties.

Job Description

Job duties: According to Boxall & Purcell (2011), the job duties of Assistant Manager are updates work knowledge by involving in educational opportunities, pursuing proficient distributions, maintaining personal networks, taking an interest in professional organizations, accomplishes organization objectives by accepting possession for achieving new and diverse requests and add value to job accomplishments.

According to Carrie et al. (2012), work determination is an announcement of instructive capacities, particular qualities, level of understanding, physical, passionate, and relational abilities which are required to perform a job, duties engaged with a job. The job specification of fulfilling a position of the Assistant Manager is described as follows:

Qualification: The qualification required for fulfilling a position of Assistant Manager must be post-graduate and well experienced in managing and fulfilling their roles and responsibilities in the organization.

Training: Assistant Manager is normally the ones who are responsible for enlisting and interviewing quality individual to staff company area as well as ensuring these new employees progress as easily as possible into their employments (Grandey & Diamond, 2010). The Assistant Manager must be able to help employees who are facing problems grabbing new abilities.

Skills: Assistant Manager must have strong communication, interpersonal and decision making skills. They should have the ability of good leaders and team players with excellent customer service skills. The two main skills required for appointing the Assistant Manager are core skills which focus on the employee performance, connecting with management and customer services problems, advertise company product and understanding employee needs (Morrison et al., 2010). The other skill is advanced skills which consist the ability to do multi-task and understand building team concept.

According to Saaty & Vargas (2013), job design is a focus limit of human asset administration and it is identified with the details of contents, strategies, and relationship of employments to fulfill technological and authoritative necessities and also the social and individual requirements of the job. In other words, it is the procedure of modification aimed at lessening or overcoming work dissatisfaction and worker alienation emerging from monotonous and mechanistic tasks. Through job design, the organization tries to raise profitability levels by offering non-monetary related rewards such as more prominent fulfillment from a feeling of individual accomplishment in addressing the expanded difficulties and duty of individual work, job enlargement, job recruitment, employment rearrangements are the different methods used as a part of a job design exercise. The job design of the Assistant Manager in the Company is based on the following factors:

Job Design

Design for efficiency: To make the organizational performance effective in achieving the business objectives, the manager must design the business efficiency in such a way which will improve services delivery or business process. According to Sadler et al. (2010), the following factors must be involved by Assistant Manager in design the efficiency for company structure which is as follows:

Understand the importance of change and the atmosphere

Understanding the business forms, work processes, roles and obligations, volumes of work,

Planning and testing new models or structures

Implementing and monitor the change

Motivation: Motivation helps the employees to act or behave in a particular way. Assistant Manager should motivate their employees in order to bring the effective outcomes. They should formulate some programs and involves the employees in the culture activities of the organization which motivates the employees to perform their best. This will help the Company to retain the employees, improves the performance level and improves the overall productivity.

Health: The health of employees in the Company should be considered by the Assistant manager. They must formulate some policies regarding the health of employees as if in case, there is some emergency related to the health of an employee, there should be some health policies which help them (Samad, 2011).

According to Zheng et al. (2011), there are various recruitment strategies used by the organizations in order to advertise their vacant positions. The following recruitment strategies can be adopted by the manager of a company which is described as follows:

Determine and nurture top performers: An ideal approach to filling vacant positions is to keep them from being vacant in any case. The company can identify the top performers in the organization who perform their best in meeting the business objectives. The company can initiate the activity want to those representatives cheerful and remain with them with the organization (Parker, 2014). The director of AIBI Company can make an activity design in recognizing the contender for the position of aide administrator. This arrangement will help in deciding the proficient applicants for the given position. This recruiting strategy attracts the pool of candidates related regarding the vacant position.

Drive referrals as a Company-wide initiative: Referrals are one of the slightest requesting ways to deal with source obligation. Utilize the referrals arrangement of the association instead of just those of procuring group will really bolster the results. Make the referral action a subject based, time bound program, with prizes for specialists who make a particular number of referrals and a major prize for the representative with the most referrals. To get the most out of the program, the organization need to run all around made and very much bolstered program. The manager of AIBI Company can use this recruitment strategy for hiring the candidates for assistant manager. This strategy can be implemented for the appointing the Assistant manager in the organization. The company can use the employee referrals for giving the candidates for a given position which results in keeping the open scorecard with the ongoing results and rewards.

Recruitment Strategies

Be mindful of how to use words and get right people: For recruiting the right candidate for the right position, the organization must be careful in using the words for the vacant job position. The manager must create and innovative templates in order to attract the candidates for the job position. They must art the employment title and portrayal to offer specifically to the competitor (Kilduff and Brass, 2010). The director must give the pertinent data about the employment position and give legitimate data for the potential hopefuls which are having good knowledge about the job. This recruitment strategy can be adopted by the manger of AIBI Company to find out the suitable applicants for the given position. The manager must provide the correct information regarding the job position of Assistant manager in order to identify the potential candidate to fulfill the particular position.

Build a connection with every candidate and outreach: Every representative is a potential laborer or referral source. Business must make the association with the candidate and get associated with it. Building this relationship requires confide in, shared regard and direct correspondence with the candidate and effort. Business has a capacity or referral source. Associations must catch up with the possibility to disclose to them where they stand and regardless of whether they got the position. This recruitment strategy helps in maintaining the relation between the organization and the applicants. The manager of AIBI Company can use this recruitment strategy in order to build the relationship with the applicants and clients. It helps the manager to get the clear picture as for where a candidate stands and on the basis of this strategy, they decide whether the applicant is suitable for the given position or not.

According to Snell et al. (2010), the selection strategies help the manager to select the best candidate for the particular position. There are some selection strategies which can be adopted by the manager of AIBI Company in selecting the suitable candidate for the position of assistant manager in the organization. The following selection strategies are described as:

Identify the requirements KSA: In order to select the best candidate for the particular position, the manager must determine the requirements for applicants that are candidate learning, aptitudes, and capacities. They ought to be exceptionally cautious that appropriate capabilities and experience profile in connection as far as anyone is concerned, aptitudes, and capacities are asked for any job post. This selection strategy can be adopted by the manager of AIBI Company in selecting the desirable candidate for the post of assistant manager in the Company. This selection strategy helps the manager to find out the KSA of applicants for which he or she is applied.

Plan how to assess KSA: According to Zhao & Liden (2011), the other selection strategy which a manger can receive in enlisting and choosing the correct possibility for the right position is to create a plan regarding the recognizable proof of information, aptitudes, and capacities of the candidate. When the manager finds out the KSA, then they need to plan the several methods of selection in order to judge the accurate level of the candidate KSA. The selection methods must be correct and made according to the requirements of the job offered. The manager of AIBI Company can implement this strategy by using various processes in order to assess the applicant KSA such as applicant background checking, taking interviews, personality testing and aptitude test, a cognitive assessment which helps them to find out the suitable candidate for the given position.

Take a decision on overall performance: On the basis of the following selection strategies, the manager may be able to take the decision on the overall execution of the competitor in the meetings. The administrator can see the general execution of the candidate altogether the rounds. This selection strategy process gets the suitable applicant for the desired profile position. The other advantage of this selection strategy results in taking the right decision by the manager in selecting the applicant for the organization. The applicant performance in all rounds gives an idea that how candidate will perform their roles and responsibilities for the particular position. Thus, all these recruitment and selection strategies and its implementation help the manager to identify the suitable candidate for the given position in AIBI Company.


This report has been concluded the job analysis structure for appointing the assistant manager in the AIBI Company. The human resource manager of Company is hiring the candidates for the position of assistant manager in the organization. The manager formulates the job analysis which mention the job description and job specification of the particular position, job design, recruitment and selection strategies which can be implemented by the manager in selecting the right candidate for the particular position.


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