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Just-in-Time Delivery

Answer 1:

Just-in-Time Delivery;

It includes the inventory strategy to employ increased efficiency and decreased waste with receiving the goods and setting the production process, with reduced inventory costs.

• E-Commerce;

The e-commerce is the buying and the selling of the goods and the services which is for the transmission of the funds or the data. It is mainly over the electronic network, with the internet settings. The business transactions occurs with the business-to-business with the consumer-to-consumer.

• SaaS;

It works on including the delivery models with basis of the subscription and then referred to as the on-demand subscription basis which is centrally hosted. It includes the accessing by the users using the thin clients via the web browser.

• Strategic Planning;

It is for the organization development with proper strategy, direction and making the decisions based on allocating the resources. The controlled mechanisms are for implementing the changes with strengthening the operations, ensuring the employees and stakeholders are working towards the common goals. (Hofmann & Rusch, 2017).

• Supply Chain systems;

This includes the organization system, people, activities, information and the resources. It involves the product moving or the services that are from the supplier to customer.

• DSS;

The decision support system is based on handling the organizational decisions for the management of operations and working towards making all the important decisions which are specific in advance.

• Cloud infrastructure;

It is the hardware and the software component which is the server, storage or the network that is used for the virtualization software. They are also needed for the proper support with the computing requirements based on cloud model.(Korolev et al., 2016).

• Web 2

It is the world-wide website that is for the generation of the user content, usability that is set with the interoperability. They allow the user to interact and collaborate with the other social media with the user generated content.

• Extranet;

This holds the possibility to access the authorized users with enabling the change of the information on the Internet in a proper and a secured manner.

• Big data analysis

They are for the examination of the large and the varied sets of the data which is based on uncovering any of the hidden patterns, with certain unknown correlations and the marketing trends. They are also for improving the customer preferences with other useful information for better business decisions.

Answer 2:

The increased quantity of the data, providing any of the incomplete data, or the complicated form of the data structure. The information is also for the understanding and determination of the mining of the complicated data structures. (Coto, 2016). The data mining examples are: the categorization of the items which are for the e-commerce site which is considered important for the user. The credit care or the store loyalty card, maintaining the customer relationship management, with business employing the data mining with return on investment.

Answer 3:


The ERP functions are based on handling the data of the WMS, with focusing on the update of the other systems as well. The changes tend to propagate with the delay where one need to minimize the delay with stock inaccuracy. The delays are related to the technical and the organizational constraints. The synchronized requests to WMS includes the integration of the inventory events, with the stock information that makes use of the reserved, available, overselling and the preorders as well. (D’Silva et al., 2016).

Answer 4:
  • What business risks had Liberty Wines faced?

The issues and the risks are related to how the company faces the increase of the size with the IT facilities that are getting primarily more data which is not being handled in a proper manner. The system, therefore, slow down with the greater maintenance. Hence, there are different employee productivity with the manpower based on using the scaling up of the company. The core processes of the business are significant to handle the effects by growth. The order processing and the inventory management functions are found to have negatively affected as well. 

  • How does Liberty Wines’ IT infrastructure impact its competitive advantage?

The reduced costs with the power, air conditioning and the hardware replacement has been considered the best options for the improvement of resilience and the stability which is set through the backup system. The speeding up the processes with the enabling of the applications is mainly to run fast with the improved bottom line that has been set with better customer service and improved productivity as well. (Mullan, 2016). One can easily reach to the contribution of the advantage over the competitors by reducing the costs, and then improving the services with better growth of future.  

  • How did server virtualization benefit Liberty Wines and the environment?

The reduced number of the servers come from 10 to 4 where there is a backup system that leads to the cut in the power use and the AC costs is mainly for 60%. Here, the improvement of the bottom line is to reduce the carbon footprint with the applications based running faster through the utilization process. This includes the customer services with the inventory management, where the hardware replacement costs are cut with the $69500 and the servers are able to add in the quick and easy manner.

Answer 5:
  • What data and IT problems were limiting FinCEN’s ability to fight financial crime?

The issues are related to how the financial institutions are working on the reports to FinCEN where the sufferings are mainly from the inconsistency of the quality and the lack in the validation of the data. Here, the analysis is based on working over the limited or the small data sets and the simple routines. The bureau could not work on conducting the analysis with the massive datasets that are for the proactive analysis. (Hofmann et al., 2017). The trend applications and predictions are for the reporting of the data to the agencies which is done in the different manner in the offline system. The combinations are also found difficult to handle the new and the emerging threats that tend to aid the disruption of the criminal enterprise.  

  • Describe the IT upgrades and capabilities needed by FinCEN in order to achieve its mission.


It includes the analytical capability, IT infrastructure and the database. Here, there is a need to use the collection with the proper information related to the different sources and then work on the federal, state and the local law enforcements. The databases, here, are upgraded with the conversions of 11 years of the data from the legacy system. (Coto, 2016). The upgradation of the IT is also based on receiving, processing and then storing the reports where the new tool is accessed to work on the FinCEN analysts, law enforcement and the intelligence. The regulatory users also try to provide with the real-time access over the time of 11 years under the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) data.

  • On what does financial intelligence depend?

This depends mainly on the data which is effective for the analytics and for identification of the different patterns and the relationship. It is also important for the revealing of the potential and the illicit activities as well.  

  • Why is the ability to identify patterns and relationships critical to national security?

The increased speed and the detecting ability for the money launderers is to work on terrorist financiers and then disrupt the criminal activities as well.

  • Research recent financial crimes that FinCEN has detected and disrupted. Explain the role of data analytics in crime detection.

They are related to how the FinCEN is involved in handling the roles of the countering of terrorism. With this, there are different threats, risks and the vulnerabilities which needs to be handled. (Becker et al., 2016). The approach to the financial intelligence also include the safeguard of the financial system from the illicit use and then promoting the national security through the proper collection, analysis and the strategic use of the financial authorities. The organizations work on the effort against ISIL by identifying the resources of revenue for the organizations with the attempts made to access the financial system.


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