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Methods and Techniques for Data Validation in Linux

  1. Draw backs of accessing data through a network once the once digital evidence has been acquired. Discuss and explain the methods and how to validate those data into Linux window

Data validation in Linux Window has many challenges as the software that is compatible with Linux fail most compatibility tests on Linux as compared to modern generation windows. Linux despite being stable fails in updating for compatibility so as to allow for the specific validation technique.

The following are the methods and the validation required:

Download the ISO file for Linux from the website. Then download the checksum in collaboration with its digital signature since they need to come in together as one package. They should not always occur as an entity, they may be separate files. What follows should be the PGP key for the Linux distribution, it is also found on the website. The key would help in the validation of the validation and allow for single usage which should the point of focus as brought out from the distributor and for safety of the data to be shared for the cloud computing. The downloaded TXT file is helps in matching with the ISO file that is also downloaded .The matching of the two files is enough prove that the ISO file is not tempered with and that the validation process for Linux window was correctly done. The window can take any validation techniques depending on the specifications of the system unit in place.

  1. Questions one must ask when using the digital forensic software and methods for reconstruction in the digital investigation

The following are the questions to use in the digital forensic software methods for the digital reconstruction investigation.

What is the best software for mobile forensic investigation and the encryption required for the same in order to avoid intrusion by non-users.

What are the advantages of using the digital forensic soft wares in the wake of carrying out forensic investigation?

Which is the validation techniques required for different generics of windows apart from that of Linux Window?

What makes Linux Window the Most stable Window for use in the cyber security and what are the associated challenges?

What is the importance of using the mobile forensic technology in the coverage of the security issues in the cyber security?  

  1. Procedures for mobile and name of a mobile vendor whose name is used in the mobile investigation

The procedures used for the mobile security in the coverage of the forensic investigation in relation to the digital forensics in the current technology are the use of the digital token for the security. The token is designed to last for a stipulated short time and is meant to function for a specific device. The mobile vendor that has made the best progress in the industry of forensic coverage and security footage is the iPhone. The iPhone technology is proving its worth through a number of issues. The following are the reasons why the mobile forensic digital security is proving to be the most secure and most reliable form of trapping those involved in cyber related crimes. The mobile phones are used to store the data for transmission in either personal or corporate use provided it touches on the cloud computation. Mobile phone is used in the online transactions and in the enforcement processes for the mobile devices as well as the criminal projection of ideas.

  1. Importance of validation, definition of data hiding and the techniques for data

Digital Forensic Software Methods for Investigation

Validation in cloud computing is a process that takes a number of sequences of activities for demonstration of the available data or say a given document in a manner that the targeted information is accessible to the rightful users. It is way a process used for authentication of the rightful users of the available data of focus. The data validation process is important is the cloud computing especially during the inputting of data. It helps check for the data integrity before the data is send to different soft wares of the computing world and its constituents. The data validation process is significant  for ensuring that the data in question and that targeting to be sent to different sites bearing different software for different needs specific information. Validation calls for effective as well as clarity of work in different ways as per the intention of the data. It also ensures that data is compiled and meets the requirements for benchmark.

Data hiding on the other hand is a software knowhow in the software development life cycles that employs use of the object oriented programming which helps in the hiding of the finer internal details, also referred to as the (data members).It is essential in the cloud computing for it helps in the access of the class members by the required  exclusive data and primarily works on prevention or say the protection of the item in question integrity and also prevents any unwanted changes to the data as presented initially to the cloud computing world.  There are a number of data hiding techniques available in the cloud computing world. They come in categories; they include the common copyright making, the anonymity and the Steganography. The techniques all aim at the protection of the information or say data from the unnecessary interruption. Copyright making is the most common; it only requires the liaising with the copyright firms. Other forms of data hiding techniques are based on (OOP) which involves coding for the algorithms that protect the date from intrusion. The following forms a pictorial representation of the data hiding techniques. 

  1. Questions used by the opposing attorneys and errors to avoid for future liability

 The opposing attorneys need to be clear on the argument and each of the attorneys in defense of their clients’ is to ensure that every of their case is fault in a way. It defeats logic on the part of the partner or the institution that may be in focus as the attorney’s client. The common mistakes made by the attorney that is to be avoided for future liability is the repetition of the statements in the process of arguing out in the court of law. The presentation in court should be clear and in line with the posed questions by the jury in the court of law. It is in the best interest of the client to be aided in the court proceedings by the attorney and all in all win the case. The case in getting in favor with the client calls for reference in future and another calling for help from the attorney. For matters of forensic security it is wise that the attorney gets the whole footage of information concerning the matter in court. It is also advisable for the attorney to avoid conflicting information in regard to the case in question that is before the court. The attorney should also seek to be on the defensive about the case in point. It is also in the best interest of the court that cases before are presented by the plaintiff and the accused by the lawyers who have the right information so that they are able to be answerable to any arising questions.

Mobile Forensic Technology

The attorney for instance if they take the case of felony as the case in question then, the following can hold in stating the stipulations of felony activities that had been ongoing in the state. Felony had initially been given less strict penalties. The state government and the house committee presented the bill in the house for discussion for the first time but the bill did not get passed the house. Less than two thirds of the majority voted for the bill making it to fail to get to the next stage. The governor did not sign the bill at first time of presentation of the bill for at first it lacked enough evidence in terms of proposals. It worked out for the worst of it because according to the national constitution in regard to making of the bill before it makes to the next stage. The sponsors of the event were the .The speaker of the house recalled the motion latter on to gather a new house support equal to the required number. Vetoes later took the stage until the bill gained enough support of two thirds of the majority to make the bill go through till it was signed by governor John Pete Ricketts for approval to the law. The law states the following:

  • Additional jail terms on victims of felony according to sections stipulated by the federal law in accordance to crime of felony committed.
  • A higher penalty in terms of court fines to ensure that victims of felony shy away from the commission of the crimes. This was approved in the second passage of the bill when the human rights community who were the quest sponsors presented their findings on the matter at hand.
  • This bill attempts to root out these bad actors so opiate abusers do not utilize suboxone to continue their life of addiction.  It helps to ensure that these centers are using a multi-disciplinary approach in aiding patients to overcome their addiction and become productive members of society.

The upholding of the new law that was enacted by the state will ensure that the felony as a heinous crime that rose up according to the criminal tallies of the cybercrime is dealt with accordingly. The law will discourage felony as a criminal act since initially attracted less fine and less jail term. People committed it and asked for bond which according to the law was granted easily and in many cases presented in the federal courts, offenders managed to get away with it by a simple argument that tied the jury from extending the punishment in accordance to the law

It was also revised to help avoid pending cases in the residential courts concerning law- breaking as they were many and most of which were common offense that needed the attention of the supreme courts and high courts.

The first step to take in the attempt to save the situation is to get the friend pestering Anderson on the mail as not to commit suicide as I carry on the tracking. It is also important for the friend to ask the culprit the reasons for getting into such trap for through such, the rescue team may find time to get to the victim before serious injuries takes place.

Data Hiding Techniques

As forensic expert I would call for the utmost knowledge of forensic accounting investigation I line with mail tracing. I would call for Anderson’s friend to provide the mail so as to do the mail search as I put him in the rescue team to go around and search the possible places that Anderson may be committing the suicide from. It is also important to locate the most common place that Anderson hangs out starting from his home to other places. As I locate the possible places that may be the hideouts for Anderson, I should also be mailing Anderson like a good friend enticing him so as to keep the true fact on the ground, I may decide to engage him from a different knowledge way ward from the suicide attempts so as to get him busy at one point as the team of experts goes round in search of the same culprit to offer rescue services before completion of the mission by Anderson.

 It is also wise to involve the other people who may be close confidants of Anderson or common friends so as to avoid cases of carrying out the footage without informing others around. If the forensic mails track for location works out, which I am sure it would, then it calls upon the rescue team to be send in that region and carry out the physical search for Anderson so as to get him before he finally commits the suicide in whatever form. 


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