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Qube Logistic

Discuss about the Leading Logistic Sector of Australia for Qube.

Qube is one the leading logistic sector of the Australia. It operates its service in the road and the rail transport. The Qube brief an immense intermodal terminal at the Moorebank in the New West Wales. The project will connect the Port Botany with the joint venture of the State government and the Aurizon. The main goal of the project enables to involve 3,000 trucks off the road and it will cut 40,000 tones of the greenhouse in a year. It delivers an average cost of the reduction for the importers as well as the exporters for near about 20%- 25%. There were many issues related in the logistic network of the NSW. The issues related to it could hamper the growth of the Qube. It affects the logistic sector of the Qube to a great extent. The main issue of the Qube is in the network owners of the NSW alone. Though, there is an opportunity for the freight which is industry specific for example Intermodal by Interstate, Port Services and aggregates etc (“qube”. 2016).

The Moorebank project main concentration is on the risk that going to associated with it. The warehouse tenants will involves the demand for the rail. The most important factors that the efficiency of the rail network and the Australian Rail Track Corporation. The Governments of the NSW need to put target which is around 28% of the volume through the Port Botany to be on the rail. There will also be a risk on the potentiality on the bottleneck on the line in and out of Port botany ("Qube's Moorebank intermodal hub a major infrastructure boost". 2015).

The logistic of Qube is the one of the largest port logistic provider which is expanding ina fast pace. Qube logistic operates all the services which are related to road and rail transport. It also operates warehousing and distribution of the products and the perks of the container and related services. It also involves into the intermodal logistic hub which includes all the terminals of the rail and the international forwarding of the freight.  It became Australia’s biggest logistic service provider ("freight and rail-access-review-qube-logistics". 2016).

The main motto of Qube is to show further growth and expansion to develop the infrastructure. The focus of the company also includes indulging in establishment of the additional logistic hub in the locations of port and island. The company has the vision to provide and allow rail as an alternative mode of transport. The company also focuses to give its attention in the development of the cutting-edge and its applications to provide to the clients with the solution in the field of supply chain (“qube”. 2016).

Main problems with the current logistic network in NSW

Qube port and the Bulk Operations consist of On-Wharf and the port of area facilities in all the major cities of Australia. It also provides dry volume of supplies and broad cargo services in a additional twenty-four local port location. The company has experienced management team along with the regional state management structure of the industry. It has proficiency and backed by the professional workforce. They use the most specialized and efficient eq2uipment and the lifting gear along with safe vessel operations. It provides the highest among of cargo care (“qube”. 2016).

The main issues of Qube, in mostly with the network owners in NSW alone. In the services of the port there are many competitors which dwell in the market. The cost of each of the operator is increasing in a huge basis. The system for the assessment in the road and in the rail is totally different. Rail is one the most difficult industry for operation. The paths for the rails always expect to provide quick service. The capacity always acts an adverse effect for the short notice paths. There is another point which is vital that the new and developed rail safety regulation does not include ‘Fatigue’. For example a rail journey from any two locations of Australia could take the time of 12 hours to travel in shipment. But, the time when it gets alignment with the 3 network owners then this 12 hours trip transfers into the journey of 22 hours. Again it does not consist any regime does not include any test for the determination of facilities of rail infrastructure facilities. Fatigue can lead to make several injuries and can even cause death. Driver’s sometimes consumes drugs to stay awake so to deal with the pressure of their job. Driver’s sometimes even breaks speed limits so to cover the long journey and deliver the goods on time. The distance creates a lot of tension for the drivers ("Extended interview with Maurice James". 2016).

The fuel price in NSW is also very high comparing wit other countries of the world. The, regulatory trouble to the business have augmented and state and national regimes extend beyond, as do the scopes of diverse regulatory group, generating costly repetition and uncertainty ("Stewart_Neil.Pdf.Sequence”. 2016). The funds of the Government are constrained and insufficient so to finance the optimum investment in the infrastructure. The growth of container freight is expected to be double in the next few years. Though the economic growth which is subjected to remain constraint for the next few years (“institutions, Qube”. 2016).

Recommendation for the issues

The operators of the Qube are facing a lot more challenges in the issues related to interface. The main issue that they are facing is that there are many interfaces with different parties. It makes the plan along with the live run is also deadly. The governments of NSW most of the time has funding disagreements with the Qube. The reason of such disagreements made to arise of the problems of building of roads and railways. They are not built in time as a result of it. Qube also face a major problem in the areas of Transport Regulations "Break fee not an issue: Asciano". 2015.

The major infrastructure of NSW is already placed most often they are mostly underutilized.  New South Wales Government covers wide range of distance between cities. Rail journeys take a considerable amount of time to cover. The geographical location of the NSW makes a challenge for the logistic providers. Mining sites especially in the remote areas the goods enter through a process which is complex, NSW need to plan the transportation more cautiously. Kangaroos are great hazard for the all the logistic sectors of the New South Wales.

It also becomes threaten for the life of the suppliers. Mainly the life of the drivers is at risk. Even in terms of cost the accident which happens can involve a high cost. Another issue which Qube face at NSW is that of the natural disaster which prevails throughout the country. The disaster like bushfires, cyclones and floods are common occurrence which dominates not only the New South Wales but also the whole Australian region. It is very difficult for the logistic sectors to provide goods at that time to the particular destinations. Cost and time delays make the major issue because of the problem (“”. 2016).

New South Wales need to emphasize on the locations which would make a major contribution in the present as well as in the future growth. Botany yard is a superior example prearranged to estimate of the export and import expansion necessities and the requirement for close incorporation with the stevedore terminals. The most competing commodities which exist are the interstate freights, Passengers and the port freight. All these need to manage and prioritized in a more efficient manner ("Pairwise Learning In Recommendation". 2016). It needs to provide with intense focus is that they cater the needs of the future growth. One of the main issues that Qube is facing is in transport management in NSW. They need to adopt the theory of System. Qube need to apply the theory so to adopt a process of managing their supply chain activities. The theory if used in Qube will help to observe the effectiveness of product and the service leading logics of replace. To boost vitality and accuracy in the research, faculty and industry experts of Qube in the area of systems theory and supply chain management will guest lecturer and lead to the seminar discussions ("Logistic Regression Using SAS”. 2012).

The given study further recommended that the single party should have total commitment in the growth and effective management in the freight logistical. It does not only lead to the commercial return as it makes a shift from the road to the rail on a competition basis. It is further noted that consideration are not given to the supply chain as a whole. Mainly it does not give any consideration on the origination parties i.e. stevedores and the empty container perks and along with network transit and the constraints through to the sites of the customer ("UBS, Jpmorgan Underwrite Qube's Potential Rights Issue", 2016). Though, it is observed that most of the corridors are congested and passenger peak curfews make a huge constraint to the freight mostly competing import and the export customers. So the responsibility of inbuilt into the network system is needed to be installed. They need to understand the safety impact. In short they need to strengthen the performance network and it incorporate with the entire future rail access regime.

NSW need to implement a single party management on the network access and the process of the service management. A swift response and action is required at the time of shifting it from the road to rail. They should allow fair and reasonable access to the freight allowing for growth strategy and opportunities of the freight. Conclusion requires being complete intelligently in the safety and benefit of freight (“”. 2016). The earlier ownership is given to prioritize freight against the competing passenger marketplace, freight enlargement will be reserved. NSW need to subject a price regulation in the Country Rail Network so to form a regulation which is appropriate and gives a wide variety of traffic on the network. Pricing of the commodity need to be based and considered on the need to shift the freight from the road to the rail so that pricing allow could provide a opportunity to be competitive. It is believed that the administration should be flexible to provide accommodation in modeling of the business for modal shift to arrange the accomplish rail freight development necessities and at the same time decrease the need for trucks to transfer freight on previously busy networks of roads (“WSJ”. 2016).

They need to include the system for improving the access and the path of the management for the access of fair. The improvement of the access should make to improvement. It need to make a process which is a simple process and which is understand and interpret the consistent between the stakeholders in the reality which should include the legal policies and actions. Again, these should to be fair and fair with concern of freight growth and with ease of explanation to make certain steadiness between the stakeholders ("Quantitative Models For Closed-Loop Supply Chains". 2016).

The plan of NSW needs to implement the change of the way in which it advocates the logistic industry of the freight through the efficiency in chain. The government can achieve it through implementing through more proactive approach in the government’s advocacy and the engagement of the industry. They need to address the critical issues of the Qube facing in the logistic and the supply chain industry. They need to collaborate with the members and other stakeholders to promote as well as to encourage the better recognition. It needs to indulge the importance of the freight logistic industry and its contribution in the economy of the nation. It should make plans so that it believes the requirements of freight logistics in it speculation and policy choice in order to enlarge competent supply chains of the nation and to maximize their remuneration to the economy of the nation ("Supply Chain Management. Cengage Learning"2016).

The government needs to produce policy which is safe and a productive and efficient freight logistic industry which is important for the people of the country. They need to involve in the traditions of the excellence in the advocacy and collaborate to ensure That Qube has secure, safe, reliable sustainable and internationally competitive supply chain. It should make plans so that Qube along with other logistic sectors enjoys appropriate and national regulation along with excellence in the infrastructure so that they enjoy benefits from the policy of the government in terms of logistics development and reform ("New Challenges In The Retail Supply Chain". 2016).

Government of NSW needs to address the increasing of the depth of the transport and logistics company through the efficiency in the supply chain as a whole. They need to develop national laws and regulations for the safety of the workplace and they should cater the health of the employees. The provision of the ownership should be in the reduction cost of the transport and logistics cost. They need to develop a pricing strategy where the commodity is going to be based on the growth of the freight ("Vision To Implementation". 2014).

The rail freight should keep in low in proportion to the road. The Government needs to develop a simple process and allow the operators of the rail freight to make a quick process. The Government need to introduce the Regulation in the environment to allow the growth as it should be their fundamental of the basis. It should also include need for the care should be involved to protect the commodity and the interest of the freight ("Journal Of Cleaner Production" 2016). The cost of the growth need to be low and the volume growth need to boost enabling the reinvestment into the network. They need to regulate law and order in the issue of the third party investment which can make a risk regarding the investment return. It also needs to regulate law regarding the protection of the rail freight validity and to keep the cost low so to enable the growth at present as well as in future ("Developments And Directions".2016).

The Government of NSW in the field of logistic need to provide a comprehensive report for the description and in the assessment of the company Qube. They need to project the demand of the logistic company classifying all the company of the logistic sectors. The report will also focus on the infrastructure of the in significance to transport and the logistic company. It should influence the development of the law in the national basis so that it will help to minimize the conflict with the regulated framework (“Headlines News”. 2016).


Qube is the leader in the logistic sector. The company has the major network that carries through in NSW. The company’s Moorebank intermodal hub is the major infrastructure boost of the country. Though the company has some issues related to it. The issues are large. Some of they can be addressed with effective plan but others are difficult to address. The company needs to plan effective policies so to solve the issues. They can apply the theory of System to solve the issues that arise. Moreover Government of NSW needs to initiate more plans and policies so to solve the issues.

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