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Liberal Government And Colonial System

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Discuss about the Liberal Government and Colonial System.



Joseph hamper was born in April 30, 1959 and was the first prime minister to be in the conservative party of Canada and its first leader. The conservative party was formed by the merging of two political parties which included the Canadian alliance and the progressive conservative party. (Cawdell, 1984) The Canadian government was a multi party country since 1920.  Hamper had a background in politics back in his high school days and later he joined politics as an opposition opposing the national energy program implemented by Pierre Trudeau who was the leader of the liberal government. He was appointed as the chief aide of the progressive conservative, but later disagreed with Brian Mulroney’s government management. Hamper joined the opposition and served the government as the opposition leader always against the liberal government and campaigning for the conservative party. However, in the year 2004 Hamper resigned as the opposition leader and participated in the running of the conservative party in Canada where he won against his opposes. Hamper as the new conservative party leader led the party into the 2004 federal election which he was competing with Paul Martin who was ahead of him, but with the infighting and the scandals happening Martin began losing to Hamper. The weakness in the leaders’ debate also gave the conservatives a short win before been defeated due to the low turnout of voters from Quebec, a province which he had not campaigned well. The liberal government won against the conservative with Hamper loosing. (Kondro, 2007)  Afterwards Joseph Hamper met with leaders from Quebec and they formed an agreement where they were to overthrow the government by giving claims such as the parliament should not have the rights to run the country and that one person from the majority should not rule the republic of Canada. The conservatives came with the idea of making Hamper the prime minister without elections.

The first conservative party led by Joseph Hamper was held in March 2005, in Montreal whereby hamper received an 84% endorsement from the delegates in leadership due to his policy on restricting abortion. Hamper was also against the same sex marriages and was criticized by a group of law professors who argued that the government could not rule without using the notwithstanding clause which was in the Canada’s charter of rights and freedom. (Kondro, 2007)  Opinion polls were made and the outcome was that the conservative was ahead of the liberals hence giving Hamper the hope of winning his motion in the house of common. Hamper tried his best to remove the liberal party in power by filing law suits in the House of Commons against the liberal government which was readily rejected by the liberal government who claimed that Hamper was involved in a criminal act but was unable to prove. Hamper brought a motion of no confidence to the house of common which was considered and the rule was made to his favor hence making the liberal government lose power. (Meisel, 1960)


The conservatives won the 2006 federal election. The conservatives started by implementing a per day strategy which was different which was against the liberal government of announcing major announcements after Christmas holiday, in the first weeks of governing he appeared many times on the social media implementing policies and agendas of his movements. The liberal government tried to attack him through negative advertisement but could not make it since the people had a different opinion on the rule of Joseph Hamper making him a more suitable prime minister than Martin. After the election the conservative party was blamed of overspending and misuse of the government’s money inappropriate. In the year 2008 they did a repeat in polls where the voters turn was minimal but Stephen Hamper won the polls and requested the parliament to be dissolved and he came with more seats that is 144 from the 127 seat formed before by the liberal government. Hamper requested the governor to prologue the parliament which received with critics and different ideological ideas from different people. Many people saw this as a shutdown of democracy by the conservative leadership while Hamper saw it as a way of helping the Canadian economy. On March 2011, Hamper’s cabinet was defeated with a no confidence vote in which he requested the general to call for an election in which he took the victory for the third time. But with the various scandals attached to him, on 2015 he lost his victory to Justin Trudeau who was a leader of the liberal movement management.

The hampers’ rule was criticized by many scholars and scientist who saw their rights been revoked. His ten year term was termed as the most horrific since the rights of the researchers were taken away. The senior scientists Steven Campana and his colleagues could not be allowed to speak about their research for the fear that their point of argument and logistics would get in to the ideological agenda of the Tories. Steven complained that the policy of banning the scientists was unfair and wrong since the scientists were very cautious in criticizing the policies of the government. With the end of the Hamper era and the born of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau liberal government, he gave the permission of the scientists to freely talk to the media. Though the Hampers era was over he stated that the government officials were used to his systems of administering and doing specific things thus disagreeing with the scientists. The hampers era also sacked the scientist workers, destroyed the researches by the scientists and also the library information hence a great loss to the public since such information could not be recovered. The hampers regime was said to be anti science, anti evidence and anti informed in the decision making process. (Kondro, 2007) 

According to Dr Peter Wells, the workers laid off resulted to a great loss of knowledge, skills and capacity that could have been used positively to serve the general public. Wells claimed that the liberal government of Justin Trudeau would be fairer and open, and far much less in controlling and even more positive. In spite of the dead end of the Hamper’s regime, people claimed that Canada would take a longer time to regain itself from the conservative government. The hamper’s era also affected the public service workers since the conservative government scrutinized them making them deliver poor services to the public which led to the country’s economy decrease at a high rate. According to the president of professional institute of the public service of Canada (PIPSC), Debi Daviau he commented that Justin Trudeau government’s will be able to stop privatization and restore science based policies which will also ensure that the public service are well catered for. ("12. Pierre Trudeau and a New Style of Governing, 1968-1970," 2000) 


There are two political parties which have dominated the Canadian government for a very long time. They consist of the liberal government and the conservative government. Over the past thirty years the Canadian government has been on exchange of powers from the conservatives to the liberal government. In 1984, Brian Mulroney defeated the liberals and secured his two terms before losing in 1993 to Kim Campbell who was a leader of the liberation government. The liberals led the government till 2004 with different officials coming to power from the liberation side. (Mulroney, n.d) This was brought to a halt by the conservative leader Stephen Joseph Hamper who took power from Paul Martin. He runs the government till 2015 where he lost to Justin Trudeau who was from the liberation side due to his bad governance. For the last thirty years the two parties have been dominating the currently in severe competitions whereby if one side is defeated the next automatically becomes the opposition government. With leaders such as Hamper whose main focus was to change the policies of the country to suit his political needs and that of his party has greatly led to the loss of the value of the economy and also his obnoxious rules which included the banning of the scientists has led to the fall of the conservation party giving way to the liberal government management. After his defeat, Stephen Hamper resigned as the opposition leader. (Kondro, 2007) 

The current government of Canada is led by Justin Trudeau who is also the leader of the liberal party and one of the youngest prime ministers of Canada. ("Justin Trudeau Sworn in as Canadian Prime Minister: November 4, 2015," n.d.) He’s father was also the prime minister of Canada in the past year. Trudeau started his political career in 1999 and was in the liberal government till 2006 where the conservative took over making him be on the opposition side. In 2008 he was requested to head the liberal party but declined, in 2012 he was also asked to stand with the liberal government and again he refused claiming he had a young family. But after much persuasion from his voters he agreed to lead the liberal party which had garnered support from the public. In 2015, he took over the prime minister seat from Hamper who had lost his support. After Trudeau victory, he promised to create a relationship with the indigenous people and also run a very smooth and a transparent government. In reference to infrastructure the government has resulted in providing affordable housing and modern public transport as well as infrastructure in the rural areas. Trudeau also mentioned on legalizing cannabis sativa to the people of Canada as way to defend the young so that they cannot see it as a method of making money but as a normal drug which should be avoided, the motion has not yet been approved but it’s likely to commence on January 2018. In relation to women rights, the prime minister of Canada declared he was a feminist and took keen while choosing his cabinet making sure the rule of gender do apply.  (Richter, 2013)


Trudeau also agreed to help the indigenous people be able to have their rights and to have government policies which support their rights. He pointed out that he will invest in education programs and increase the general funding and start a campaign on the lost and murdered indigenous women. He also agreed to reform the electoral process affirming that there will be no other election which will pass through that body.

 After the death of Fidel Castor, Trudeau described him as a remarkable leader and an eligible leader who served his people. This was met by critics from some of the prominent people who saw Trudeau as a person who appreciate the ruling of the Cuban government under Fidel Castor.

The United States senator termed the news as shameless and embarrassing as he was seen as reputable leader but after the statements people began doubting his credibility. The Canadian president had different views on the foreign policy attacking the president of United States for the banning of the Muslims from the different countries. He was seen to sympathize with the refugees on the social media. (Richter, 2013)



The reign of Hamper was both appreciated and also faced criticism from the people of the republic of Canada. At first they thought that the election and choosing of the conservative party would change the country in a better way and a positive way but they were in for a shock when they discovered that Steven Hamper was not the leader they thought he was. He would change and implement rules which favored his party and himself in a personal way. He also changed rules that govern the scientists blocking them and not allowing them to carry on with their research or even speak about, he literally disposed of all the library information in fear that it may affect the ideology of his party proving it unsuitable. Hamper as the leader of the majority made the country’s economy go down and this greatly affected the position of the country. Even after his unsuccessful attempt to retain himself in government, the people could not allow since it risked the economy of the country deteriorate. The day he was defeated is the day he resigned from politics. The victory was won by Trudeau who the people saw as the right person to solve the issues. He was determined to set the path straight as a liberal leader and he set up policies which he was determined to achieve. He was able to plan on how the average people will have access to cheap houses and infrastructure in the rural areas. He also allowed the scientists to speak freely to the media with no limitation attached to them. The government of Justin Trudeau is going on well with a few critics but with good work and good plans ahead for the country of Canada.

The conservative government has been on the lead since the 1800s with a few setbacks of losing to the rebel government but after the rule of Harper, the people will decide on continuing with the rebel government for good since it provides for the republic without choosing whether it’s he or she is from a minority group or not.



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