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Social Change Model Of Leadership Management

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Discuss about the Social Change Model of Leadership Management.



This reflection report discusses the leadership journey and also evaluates the leadership concepts, theories and model. It also presents the self-awareness tool to identify the issues. In the last, it assesses the action plan to improve the identified issue.

I have gained my leadership skill from my previous organization where I have worked as a team member. In that organization, I have learned that leader can empower the others by using the motivation and accessing the feasible techniques. I have also gained my knowledge that leaders can also refine a vision that is used by each team member individually or collectively to take possession. In current organization, I am working as a leader in which I have observed my shortcoming. However, by attending the lectures on leadership, I am able to inspire others for performing their act through my words and action. I have constantly got challenges for becoming a leader such as I confront issues to provide support and mobilize others to do their task due to mismatching thoughts. During the lectures, I have learned that leaders can motivate others by giving the example and encourage them. At the same time, I have learned that leaders can inspire other by applying the practices on older adult learner rather than telling than to do task hence they can easily learn.

From the lectures, I have learned that leadership is the command to encourage the team members with respect to attaining the specific goals and objectives. In addition to this, it is analyzed that leadership is a procedure in which an individual holds the authority to control team members for accomplishing the goals and objectives of the company (Bolman and Deal, 2017). This was effective for me to develop my leadership skill as a result; I can use leadership in my personal and professional life. During lecture of leadership, I have increased understanding that a leader is an individual who is followed by another member. It is also evaluated that leaders can influence, and control the attitude and act of others in an organization (Northouse, 2015). Consequently, I am able to develop coordination between team member for accomplishing the predetermined goals and objectives. 

Along with this, these lecturers were beneficial for me to become a good leader because these lectures built my personality traits. It is also analyzed that leadership is a proficiency to persuade others that may be inborn and developed (Komives and Wagner, 2016). Further, I have learned that leader can be born or made. In this way, it is assessed that leader’s traits can exist from born or it can be developed by adequate training and coaching. Moreover, leadership cannot exist without the followers (Nahavandi, 2016). In this way, I have pointed that a leader has a certain source of authority such as resources, formal authority, knowledge, and experience and personality traits. It helps to persuade the activities of followers. Along with this, it is analyzed that appropriate leadership is required within the company as it controls the etiquettes of workforces and stimulates them towards goals and objectives of the company (?erne, et. al., 2013). As a result, this experience is beneficial for me to enhance my personal and professional growth.


Leadership models and theories

From the lecture, I have increased my understanding regarding different theories and models such as transformational and transactional leadership. By developing the understanding, I have used both theories to train the employees within an organization. After the assessment, my leadership weakness and strength are clear and transparent. Consequently, I can grow my learning and can become a good leader in the future. My action plan for attaining my leadership goal in future is realistic, smart, and measurable. As a leader, I will implement my plan to attain the future goals and objectives. Along with, I can persistently assess my growth by outlining plan. It is analyzed that transformational leadership tends to emphasize on the learning experience and culture of people. Moreover, the intention of transforming the values and precedence of followers is to encourage them to act beyond their desire (Goleman, et. al., 2013).

I have also developed my knowledge regarding transactional leadership which was beneficial for me to use it in an organization. It is analyzed that transactional leadership focuses on ‘exchange of rewards for performance’ (Beck and Cowan, 2014). This leadership style is also task-oriented and requirement leaning with rewards (Fairhurst and Connaughton, 2014). It could be used by me to estimate the performance of team members. As a result, it would be beneficial for me to attain the objective of the project. I have learned that leader should expect the same outcome for their followers such as they will be rewarded in the case of success and punishment in the case of unsuccessful. As a result, it can be stated that both of this leadership style is effective for me to enhance my professional and personal skills. During the lecture, I have learned that transformational leaders identify different modes of working. During these last five weeks, I have gained my knowledge about the goal of the practitioner, leadership (SPL) model, and scholarship. As a result, it enables me to focus on my ability towards the lead. This learning experience allows me to make continue development in the field of leadership and facilities me to develop lifelong learning. These leadership styles are also effective for me to work with the community and grow socially by working with my peers. I can also demonstrate the positive impacts that are required for me to maintain within an organization. In working with two different teams, I have learned that leader should allocate, asses, and implement the data to complete the effective presentation regarding the topic on which they do not know anything about it.  By gaining this learning experience, I am able to pool the data regarding global issues which will facilitate me to gain literacy. However, it is required for me to collaborate and give feed forward to demonstrate the liaison with team members. Many feedback that I received was favorable and not very constructive. The only person who realized a need to offer constructive feedback was Cheryl. She said that I have to wait until the last minute to complete the assignment and assess that how this makes feel uncomfortable to others. In future, I will strive to give my best and complete assignment earlier as it would be beneficial to get positive feedback. The self-assessment regarding my conflict, power, and leadership style demonstrates that I am competent to make effective teamwork that aids to accomplish the goals and get the success of the team.

From the lectures, I have also gained my knowledge that accommodation, motivation and communication are significant for me to do transformational leadership activities. My strength directs to the rational character of leadership and my concern for individual demonstrates an effective transformational leadership style. It is analyzed that under this leadership model, leaders facilitate inspirational motivation, influence (charisma), individual consideration and intellectual stimulation (Ward, 2016).

When I have assessed my leadership style, I tended to overcome conflict by interacting with others that were also effective for me to understand the objective as a team member. I have avoided the conflict by compromising and accommodating. Further, I have sacrificed the task to complete the goal effectively and efficiently. Since, in the initial time of the lecture, I have enhanced my competencies to resolve the conflicts and also not compromise and accommodate unless the condition demands it. I have a strong issue for team members who have performed the tasks. However, I have made an equal balance between two tasks by working on it. From the starting to end, I have used a balanced approach to take care of people and emphasized on tasks. As a result, I am competent to convenience the people to attain their project objectives by encouraging them through relationship and charisma.


From the lecture, I have learned that leaders need team building skills to perform each activity within an organization. I strive to comprehend and develop the ability to instruct teams and individuals for their goal of attaining the task at hand. In an organization, the goal is to learn the resources which are made by standard (Chemers, 2014). I have analyzed that I need more time and resources in a controlled atmosphere to attain the goals and objectives. As a result, I can attain this by gaining the understanding about leadership and apply my efforts within the team. 

As a leader, I try hard to bring people together and build the cohesiveness among team members but, they have right to determine their personal goals. The success of organization and team relied on the ability to lead the members effectively (Antonakis, 2017). For managing the team members, I have learned that leaders should lead the group by focusing on their beliefs and desires to attain the same task. In this way, I set the example to grow my learning and myself and to attain the goals and objectives. However, as a leader, I still struggle due to lack of organizational skills and confidence. My key concern is my routine plan which keeps me focused on the task. I take my more time for granted and do not determine the vision for long-term. In the past five weeks, I have gained my understanding regarding leadership style as I have realized that my leadership style contains values. Further, this learning also enables me to organize the resources effectively.  I have analyzed that I cannot think from the other perspectives in the world. To get continued growth, I will set the mindset and principles and coordinate the team members in accordance with these principles. During the lectures, it is analyzed that brain is like a muscle that can be established by working hard (Tourish, 2014). Consequently, I can continue to grow my personal as well as my professional careers due to the capability of leadership.

From the lecture, it is analyzed that Myers-Brigs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a type of self-assessment which is relied on four perspectives such as feeling, sensation, thoughts, and intuition (DuBrin, 2015). The below test was conducted by me to assess my personality traits. This tool is effective for me to understand how people perceive to others and create their opinion.


Current strengths and areas for development

By attending the lecture of self-awareness, I have gained understanding about myself. During these weeks, I gained my more learning regarding myself. During this week, it is analyzed that self-awareness discusses the recognition of our personality, dislikes and likes, and weakness as well as strength (Renz, 2016). As a result, I am competent to develop my self-awareness as it aids me to recognize where I can under-pressure and stress. Self-awareness leads the effective leadership and built empathy towards others.

There is two leadership issue is identified in myself such as enhancing though articulation procedure, emotional intelligence. These issues can be improved by self-analysis tool.

From the lectures, I have analyzed that team members should understand the different family, religious, and cultural background to enhance the co-operation. It is also evaluated that there are different aspects of social and cultural background which leads to developing understanding like leadership style, modes of communication, manners and respects (Johnston and Marshall, 2016). This learning experience was beneficial for me to develop my personal and professional skills.


During the lectures, I have also gained my understanding that team members can complete the tasks at hand by knowing the social and cultural background. It is also analyzed that people create distinct leadership style due to their genetic personality traits, upbringings and education (Priest and Gass, 2017). It is also effective for me to develop my leadership skills. I have also learned that developing a hierarchy position within a working culture can be detrimental to make an effective group. In this way, I have observed that leaders are one who keeps the position within working culture by giving respect to team members. As a result, I can be a good leader in future and can enhance my personal and professional growth.

From the discussion, it can be concluded that five-week lectures on leadership were effective for me to develop the leadership skills. Further, it can be summarised that I have developed my knowledge regarding self-awareness by using the personality MBTI tool and SWOT analysis. I have also assessed my shortcomings such as articulation of thought and emotional intelligence. In the last, an action plan is made to improve my shortcomings.



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